July 4, 2009
Matt Peddycord

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair vs. “Gentleman” Chris Adams (w/Gary Hart) – (WCCW, 11/29/84)
Pretty big match for Chris Adams. He beat Kevin Von Erich for this NWA world title shot back on Thanksgiving, who Flair refused to wrestle anymore. Considering how big of a heel Chris Adams was in World Class at the time, Flair is obviously the favored one here. Real tentative feeling-out process to start. Flair struts and Adams does his trademark forward handspring to work the crowd. You just don’t see two guys do so little and yet still allow the crowd to get their money’s worth. Finally, Adams counters a headlock into a hammerlock down on the mat. Adams chicken wings Flair over and uses the ropes for leverage to try and score a pinfall, but no go. Flair avoids an elbow drop and snapmares Adams for a Jumping Knee Drop for two. Adams counters a front facelock into an armbar. He changes over to a hammerlock and tries to get the pin again with his feet on the ropes as he pulls back on a chicken wing. Adams STILL can’t get the pin. Back to the armbar. After a few minutes fighting over that, Flair chops back with his good arm. Flair escapes a keylock with an airplane spin. Both men are down! Back to their feet, Flair looks to return the favor and do some damage on Adams’ arm. Adams gets dumped out, but the ref keeps Flair at bay while Adams acts all pissed down on the floor. He gets no sympathy from the crowd except for one teenage girl with a ‘We Still <3 Chris’ sign. Flair gives Adams a suplex back inside, but Adams slips out and grabs a sleeper! Oh, but Flair escapes with a back suplex. Adams fires back on Flair and tries a crossbody out of the corner, but Flair ducks causing Adams to wipe out the ref. Adams still counters a slam into a small package for 1-2-NO! Apparently refs were tougher back then. O’Connor roll from Flair gets 1-2-NO! Flair delivers a shinbreaker to prelude into the FIGURE-FOUR, but Adams nails Flair with an ENZIGURI before he falls to the mat. He kicked the shoulder instead of the head, so Flair completely treats the kick like it was nothing. Boston crab by Flair? In comes Gary Hart to whip Flair in the head with his belt. He continues to stomp the life out of Flair for the DQ. (13:14) I’m guessing it’s not over for these two, but was Adams in THAT much trouble to where Gary needed to interject himself to keep Adams from submitting? It’s not like Ric Flair is the master of the Boston crab or something. Anyways, really good match up to the finish. Even though this is probably leading up to something else that I just don’t know about. Maybe somebody who is better educated on World Class than me can answer this question. ***˝

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