August 5, 2004
Louis Izzo

This Coliseum Video is a collection of WWF footage taken from their European Tour in April of 1993, taken from England, France, Spain, and Italy respectively. The host of the tape is Jimmy Hart, in his last WWF tape appearance I can guess because the release date of the tape (August 12th, 1993) was about two months AFTER his final Television appearance on WWF broadcasts. Jimmy Hart talks about wrestlers theme music, which he did several of them including Shawn Michaels & Honky Tonk Man's to name a few. We quickly are introduced into the first match...

- WWF-Intercontinental Championship Match:
Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Crush:

From Sheffield, England on the UK Rampage event broadcasted on Sky Sports in the United Kingdom. Jim Ross, Bobby Heenan, and Randy Savage are thankfully the commentators for the match. The crowd here is PUMPED up, which is one of the pluses for the older UK events. The crowds are just super hot. Crush is still good guy from Kona, Hawaii before it became part of Japan (Joke about his heel turn in 1994 when he suddenly was an evil foreigner). Lockup and Crush with the shove off into the corner, and Michaels complains about a hair pull. Michaels attempts a slam but Crush just pie-faces him into the corner. Headlock by Michaels but Crush scoops him up onto the top turnbuckle where Michaels slaps him, then hides. Crush with the side headlock as Heenan says for Crush to win he should use his power, while Savage rebuts that Crush isn't bad in the speed and agility department. Michaels is caught in a bear-hug so he pokes Crush right in the eyes. Michaels with a few shots to the midsection and he rams Crush into the buckle. Irish whip to the corner is reversed and a crisscross leads to a VICIOUS back breaker by Crush to a mega pop. Crush chases Michaels back in the ring where Michaels greets him with a series of rights. Irish whip and Crush no sells a clothesline, and gorilla press slams Michaels for about half a minute. Crush with a clothesline sends Shawn flying over the top rope. Crush with a headbutt and he sends Shawn back into the ring. Crush with the choke lift and toss into the corner. Irish whip to the corner but Crush misses a shoulder dive, allowing Michaels to send him outside with a high knee to the back. Michaels introduces Crush into the security railing and shoves him into the steel ring post. Michaels with a series of boots to the head, keeping him outside the ring. Back in and Michaels with a double axe handle off the second and top ropes respectively. Elbow drop across the back from the second rope and Crush keeps getting back up. Michaels with a DDT on Crush for a two count, as Crush presses Michaels off. Michaels applies a reverse chin lock to the monster Crush. Crush fights free with boots and elbows and he puts Michaels down with a big boot to the face. Delayed vertical suplex by Crush and he connects with an atomic leg drop. Michaels rolls outside the ring to take his title and he is deliberately counted out at 8:51. Boo! *** Hot crowd and overall a good match, but I hate cop out endings like this. Crush won't stand for this and drags Michaels back to the ring area. Crush with an Irish whip and a sickening tilt-o-whirl back breaker! Crush with the Cranium Crunch on Michaels, but the match is already over.

- "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Yokozuna (w/ Mr. Fuji):
From Paris, France, about two weeks after the previous match. Not that it matters, but this is the only time I've ever seen Yokozuna wear black tights with the black sumo bow-thing he wears. Crowd is pretty hot for Jim Duggan, but this isn't England, so the crowd is dead otherwise. Jim Duggan learned from WM VI to NOT carry around the U.S flag in a foreign country and expect a face reaction. Jim Ross mentions the incident from the February 6th, 1993 Superstars of Wrestling when Yokozuna put Jim Duggan out with multiple banzai drops. Duggan attacks Yoko from behind and pounds away with several roundhouse rights and some mounted punches in the corner. Duggan with the 2x4, but the referee prevents him using it, allowing Yokozuna to nail a series of martial art thrusts followed by a choke across the second rope. Duggan comes back with some haymaker rights and staggers the fat-man from the Polonesian Islands. Yokozuna with a double thrust to the face. Irish whip and Yokozuna with a back elbow followed by more choking across the second rope. Duggan with another flurry of rights and lefts but Yokozuna thrusts him again to put him down and nails the super-leg drop of doom. Irish whip and Yokozuna catches Jim Duggan in a Bear-Hug. Duggan fights free again but runs into another elbow. Yokozuna picks Duggan back up and re-applies the hold. Duggan bites the face of Yokozuna to break the hold. Knife-edge chop by Yokozuna and he sends Duggan to the corner. Duggan avoids the butt avalanche in the corner and connects with a series of clotheslines, putting the big man down after a third. Duggan calls for the end, but Yokozuna trips him up of course, allowing Yokozuna to splash him in the corner. Thrust to the throat and Yokozuna with the Banzai Drop for three at 7:33. *1/4 Nothing terrible here, but no one expects anything good from Jim Duggan, or Yokozuna unless in a special situation.

- WWF-Tag Team Championship Match:
Money Inc. (c) vs. The Steiner Brothers:

From Barcelona, Spain, and this match has a Grade A fuck up in the middle of it. The arena is either really bright or they are out-doors, but from the looks of things, it looks like they have giant window openings near the roof all around, so I guess that’s the excuse. I.R.S keeps both Steiners out-side with his briefcase until the referee ORDERS he relinquish it to the ring attendant. Scott nails Irwin with a clothesline and tosses him outside while Rick pounds on Dibiase. The bell never even rang. Rick starts the match out for the Steiners and Dibiase for Money Inc. Lockup and Dibiase hammers on Rick and rams his head into the turnbuckle. Standing Side Headlock by Dibiase followed into a take-over for a series of two counts. Irish whip by Rick and Dibiase with a shoulder block. Crisscross and Rick catches Dibiase in a belly to belly suplex for two. Scott Steiner in with a double axe-handle off the second rope and he applies a wrist lock. Steiner with an arm bar and Rick tags back in to hammer on Dibiase. Fireman's Carry takeover by Rick into an arm bar. Heenan says the Steiners parents never got divorced because neither wanted custody to Rick. Scott works the arm over some more with knees and re-applies the arm bar. Fuck-Up time as the camera man pans the crowd for a full minute, and its the same people!!! Heenan & Savage insult the camera man for this terrible job. Dibiase with an Irish whip and Scott with a shoulder block. Crisscross and Dibiase with a knee to the midsection. IRS misses an elbow drop and the Steiners work the arm over on I.R.S and Rick tags in to apply a short arm scissors. Rick tags his brother back in but Irwin with a knee to the midsection. Irish whip is reversed so I.R.S ducks out through the ropes. Scott chases him back in and I.R.S gloats about blocking a kick, but Scott grabs his tongue and drops him across the top rope for two. Front face lock by Scott turned into a standing side headlock. Irish whip and Dibiase trips up Scott. Irwin with a knee to the back and Dibiase rams Scott Steiner into the ring steps and the security railing. Irwin nails an elbow drop back inside for two. Dibiase in with a double axe-handle followed by a jumping stomp to the face for two. Dibiase with a choke and he continues choking Scott across the top rope. Irwin comes in to cheap shot behind the referee's back and tags in. Elbow to the back of Steiner and they throw Scott back into the corner. Irish whip and Dibiase with a standing clothesline for two again. Dibiase applies a sleeper hold, but not his M$D. Scott rams Dibiase into the top turnbuckle and makes the tag. Rick hammers on Dibiase and nails the Steinerline. Clothesline to I.R.S and slam to Dibiase. Elbow to I.R.S and Scott in with a dropkick. Rick hammers on Dibiase, but I.R.S with a knee to the back. Dibiase clothesline is blocked and Scott with a clothesline for two. Irish whip is reversed but Rick catches Dibiase in a powerslam. Scott tags in and they call for the end. Frankensteiner connects! Irwin breaks the count with the title belt, drawing the DQ at around 10:15. **1/2 Good match, but overall pretty boring thanks to a shitty crowd. The Steiners seem to forget you can't win the titles on a Disqualification win.

- Mr. Perfect vs. Headshrinker Samu (w/ Afa):
Back to Sheffield, England we go for this next encounter. On the same card (but not on this tape) Fatu was also in singles action, making me wonder how depleted the roster was. The crowd again is super crazy for the show. Lockup and Samu shoves Perfect to the corner. Lockup #2 and nothing happens. Perfect with a standing side headlock. Irish whip and Perfect puts Samu down with a shoulder block. Crisscross sequence has Samu misses a cross body press and Perfect nail his own for two. Perfect with an arm drag followed by a dropkick and another arm drag sends Samu outside the ring. Samu calls for a test of strength but Perfect hesitates. Perfect with another side headlock and shoulder block. Crisscross and Samu nails a clothesline and Perfect with the over-sell. Samu pounds on Perfect in the corner with a series of eyes and rake to the chest. Knife-edge chop by Samu followed by an eye rake and headbutt. Perfect is tossed outside the ring where Afa gets in a cheap boot to the midsection. Samu with a double axe-handle off the apron and he rams Perfect face first into the steel steps on several occasions. Back inside the ring and Samu with a nasty knife-edge chop. Irish whip to the corner but Samu misses a high knee. Perfect with a knee buster and spinning toe hold. Samu pokes Perfect in the eyes to break and he sends Perfect back outside again where Afa greets him with a headbutt. Perfect tries mounting a comeback but is put down with a reverse crescent kick for two. Samu with a choke and another eye rake. Perfect with a boot to the midsection and a series of chops and slaps, but a thumb to the eyes stops him again. Samu unloads on Perfect with rights in the corner and tosses him out again. Perfect is sent shoulder first into the ring post before going back in the ring. Headbutts by Samu and a double leg takedown followed by a headbutt to the midsection. Scoop slam by Samu and he nails a falling headbutt for a two count. Samu continues with the chokes on Perfect and bites away at the forehead. Both men exchange rights and Perfect wins the battle putting Samu down on his knees. Samu with a blow to the midsection puts Perfect back down. Samu rams Perfects head into the turnbuckle. Perfect with a small package out of nowhere gets two. Samu tosses Perfect out again momentarily. Perfect scoops the leg from under Samu and rams it into the ring post. Back inside and Samu with a slam and headbutt. Samu goes to the top rope but he misses the diving headbutt. Perfect-Plex out of nowhere gets three at 13:34! ** Match went on WAY too long, but otherwise, it was a decent match. Match could have been a lot better with half the time, due to Samu's VERY limited offense.

- Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Bam Bam Bigelow:
Back to Barcelona, Spain for this contest. I just hope the camera work is better for this match than the Steiners/Money Inc. encounter. Bret has the rarely worn all Pink tights on for this match. Bret plays dodge to start until a lockup as him sent into the corner by Bigelow. Bret with a standing side headlock. Irish whip and Bigelow puts Bret down with a shoulder block, sending Bret to the outside. Rake of the eyes by Bigelow and he pounds on the Hitman with forearms. Irish whip and Bret with a dropkick. Bigelow misses an elbow drop so Bret with a wrist lock and he hammers the elbow of the Beast from the East. Bret takes Bigelow down with a wristlock takedown and he drives the knee into Bigelow’s arm followed by an arm bar. Bigelow rakes the eyes again and sledges Bret across the back. Irish whip and Bigelow with a press slam, but Bret falls on top of Bigelow for a two count. Bret with a series of roundhouse rights and he buts Bigelow out of the ring with a back elbow. Bret off the apron but Bigelow catches him and rams the back of Bret into the steel ring post. Bigelow heads back outside and rams Bret's spine again into the ring post. Bret recovers enough to get back in the ring, but Bigelow just stomps a mud-hole in him. Forearms to the back of Bret by Bigelow. Irish whip to the corner and Bret with an over-sell. Headbutt to the kidneys big Bigelow and he continues the punishment. Irish whip and Bigelow with a Bear-Hug applied in the center of the ring. Bret reverses with a side headlock so Bigelow plants him with a high angle back suplex for 2.999. Bigelow with a headbutt into the lower back again followed by a back breaker submission over the shoulder. Bret breaks free and back suplexes Bigelow! Referee with the ten count going but Bigelow is back up to hammer on the back some more. Double Under-hook back breaker By Bigelow and he heads upstairs. Bret avoids the diving headbutt and hammers away at the big man. Mounted punches in the corner and Bret is going NUTS! Side Russian leg sweep by Bret gets a two count! Bret to the second rope for a clothesline for another two count! Bret back to the second rope with a bulldog headlock and he goes for the end, but Bigelow powers out. Bigelow catches Bret in a Bear-hug but Bret bites free and tries another suplex but Bigelow falls on top for a splash for two! Irish whip and Bret with a boot to the face. Bret with a victory roll for the three at 11:57!! **1/2 Bret would incorporate the same finish for the King of the Ring '93 finals, but this match was lacking a quicker pace. Bigelow kept it slow and methodical, until Bret would go on offense. Definitely not a great match but it was decent overall.

- Crush vs. Doink The Clown:
We're back in Paris, France and Evil Doink so kicked ass. Doink hides under the ring before the match begins. Crush avoids the sneak attack and hammers away on Doink with several headbutts. Shoves into the corner and Crush with a choke lift and slam into the corner followed by some kicks to the midsection. Crush with a double axe-handle off the apron and we get some chasing. Crush no sells Doink's punches and boots and snap mares him out of the corner followed by a foot to the eyes. Crush blocks a kick and connects with an atomic drop followed by a clothesline. Irish whip and Crush with a big back breaker followed by an atomic leg drop. Knee to the face by Crush and he connects with a second followed by a head scissors grape-vine. Crush blocks a slam attempt with a slam of his own followed by another rake of the eyes with his boot. Crush with a belly-to-belly suplex followed by a back breaker. Crush heads to the top rope and misses the knee drop that always misses. Doink with a series of boots to the knee of Crush and he wraps the leg around a steel ring post. Doink hooks Crush's leg around the second rope and kicks away at the inside leg of Crush. Crush fights back with rights but Doink nails an atomic knee drop followed by a scoop slam. Doink heads to the top rope now and eats boot on the way down. Crush with a series of boots to the midsection followed by a big headbutt. Irish whip and Crush with a tilt-o-whirl back breaker. Doink rakes the eyes of Crush and whips him to the ropes. Crush reverses and boots Doink in the face, sending him over and out of the ring. Crush continues hammering on Doink on the apron and Crush with the cranium crunch from the apron! Doink takes a hike, giving Crush the win via Count-Out at 8:14, just like the first match. *1/2 Better than the WrestleMania IX match but still nothing great or anything.

- Scott Steiner vs. Irwin R. Schyster (Tag Team Champion):
At least now I don't have to refer to Steiner as just Scott. This is from Milan, Italy by the way. I.R.S uses Dibiase's theme for one of the rare times he wrestled singles when tagging with him, and even half those times he came out without music. Lockup and Irwin with an arm bar. Steiner reverses with a go-behind hammerlock and I.R.S gets in the ropes. Lockup and Irwin applies an over-head wrist lock. Steiner reverses again to a go-behind and Schyster grabs the ropes. Lockup into the ropes and Scott blocks a cheap shot and Irwin connects with an enzuiguri in those pants!! Schyster hammers on Steiner, sending him outside the ring. Irish whip is reversed and Steiner catches Schyster with a powerslam for two! Front face-lock applied by Steiner followed by a takeover into a pin for two. Schyster continuously reverses into his own pins but Steiner regains control. I.R.S with a knee to the midsection to break but Steiner catches him with a small package for two. Backslide battle is won by Steiner for a two count. Schyster runs to the outside to catch a breather before anymore punishment is dished out. Back in the ring the match goes and Steiner with a standing side headlock followed by a shoulder block. Crisscross and Schyster with a drop toe hold into a headlock but Steiner quickly reverses with a wristlock followed by a series of knees into the elbow. Steiner rams Irwin into the buckle several times and catches Irwin with a Steinerline for two! Irwin finally gets back in the ring after another recovering period. Lockup and Steiner with the headlock. Irish whip and Irwin throws Steiner out of the ring WITH AUTHORITY! Irwin follows suit and rams Steiner face first into the ring apron. Steiner is sent to the ring steps and Irwin heads back into the ring. Irwin nails Steiner across the chest with a forearm, knocking him off the apron again. Elbow across the back of the head by Schyster followed by a scoop slam. Irwin tries a splash but he meets the knees of Steiner. Steiner stomps away at Irwin ahd whips him hard into the turnbuckle. Steiner has I.R.S by the tongue and whips him across the ring, but Irwin nails the big boot for two! Steiner with a big forearm and Irish whip but Schyster reverses. Irwin tries an airplane spin, but Steiner reverses with a sunset flip for three at 10:04! *** Surprisingly decent match from two very accomplished amateur wrestlers in College (Mike Rotundo from Syracuse and Scott Steiner from Michigan). Kept a good pace and most of the match was some nice mat wrestling sequences.

- The Undertaker vs. Yokozuna (w/ Mr. Fuji):
Back to Milan, Italy for the final match on this tape and it's definitely going to be the worst match I can guarantee. It takes Yokozuna FOREVER to complete his pre-match ceremonies, and it's AFTER THE BELL RINGS! Face-to-Face they go, and Undertaker obviously is much taller. Undertaker no sells Yokozuna's blows and nails Yoko with some serious uppercuts and a SWEET DDT puts Yokozuna down. Undertaker misses the elbow drop so Yokozuna clotheslines im out of the ring. Undertaker no sells the flag shot but Yokozuna continues to hurt him and rams his head into the apron. Back in the ring and Yokozuna rams his head into the ring post. Undertaker no-sells and chokes Yokozuna in the corner. Irish whip to the corner by Undertaker but he walks into an elbow. Yokozuna with a scoop slam followed by the fat ass leg drop but Undertaker zombie sits-up. Clothesline by Yokozuna and Undertaker is back up again so Yokozuna hammers him with the salt bucket for the DQ at 5:43. 1/2* Eh is all I can say. Yokozuna continues the punishment and goes for the Banzai Drop, but Undertaker sits up before Yokozuna can nail it. Undertaker with boots to the midsection followed by a big clothesline and a VERY bad chokeslam. Undertaker sends Yokozuna running until Paul Bearer holds him back with the power of the urn.

- Final Thoughts: Overall, this was a very mediocre tape. Only a few matches met the 3-star mark, thanks to good wrestling and a hot crowd, several matches were in the decent range, and only two matches were boring or bad, that being the Yokozuna matches. I can't really say this is a thumbs up, but it's not a thumbs down either, so I'll go for a Push, leaning SLIGHTLY up.

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