July 4, 2009
Matt Peddycord

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Harley Race vs. Kevin Von Erich – (WCCW, 6/22/83)
Less than two weeks earlier, Harley Race had regained the NWA world title for his seventh title reign to lead into Starrcade 1983 so he can put Flair over the right way. The ‘thrown over the top rope’ DQ rule has been waived because of Flair’s doings even though he’s no longer the champ. Since that stipulation was written into the contract before Race regained the belt, he has to abide by it all the same. Also, Race CAN lose the title if he gets DQ’ed. In other words, Race HAS to beat Kevin Von Erich to hold onto the belt even if that means throwing Von Erich over the top rope until the man can’t move anymore and then putting him back into the ring and pinning him. Kevin stays one step ahead of Race at the beginning of match and even looks to put Race away with a sleeper in the few minutes. Moving on, Race gets dumped over the top rope to enforce the stipulation. Back inside, Von Erich tosses Race shoulder-first into the post and kicks him out to the apron. Atomic drop by Kevin gets two. He goes for a Jumping Body Scissors on Race, but nah bro. That doesn’t stop Von Erich from mounting Race and pummeling him to set up for the CLAW! Race has to dump Von Erich out to break the hold. Back in, Von Erich tries that Jumping Body Scissors again. Race falls into the ropes to escape the hold. This is a great example of the NWA world champ going to a territory and making their star look very tough because Race is so far getting nothing in this match. Race comes back and tosses Von Erich out, who lands his shoulder funny on a table on the way down. In the ring, Von Erich sells the shoulder and Race gets pretty excited because he sees an *injury*. He pounds away on Kevin’s shoulder while the man tries to come back with his good arm. He even tucks his hand in his tights to prevent the momentum from moving his bad arm when he swings at Race with his good hand. Seems weird, but brilliant psychology. Race one-ups the damage with a shoulderbreaker for 1-2-NO! He continues to drop knees on Kevin’s shoulder, but he refuses to give up. Kevin still manages to clasp on the Jumping Body Scissors and this time, he locks it in good on Race. Too bad Race reaches the ropes. Race hits a flying double ax handle on the bad shoulder for two. He tries another and Von Erich catches him on the way down in the CLAW. Oh man. Race trips Kevin up out to the floor to get out of the hold. Here comes David Von Erich to encourage his little bro. Back in, there’s more knee drops delivered to the bad shoulder. David talks to Kevin some more and gets stomped in the face by the champ. OH NO YOU DIDN’T! David hops in the ring and attacks Race for the DQ. (14:48) The Von Erichs were pretty deep into their feud with the Freebirds at the time, so this really didn’t go anywhere between David and Harley. Besides, Race lost the title back to Flair at Starrcade. ***

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