February 21, 2010
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

Rene Goulet vs. Bret Hart- (Madison Square Garden, 1/21/85)
This is Bretís MSG debut Ė a HUGE deal for him at the time. Rene is quite the master of crowd psychology and since weíre in his twilight years here, thatís certainly his strongest point. Everybody hates Goulet and heís a good opponent for an incoming babyface, but Bret is incredibly vanilla and lacking personality here. Nevertheless, Bret takes a beating on the mat. Goulet grabs the CLAWHOLD, but he doesnít have the demon-possessed black glove to make the hold extremely lethal. Bret escapes and sunset flips Goulet, but takes a stomp to the mid-section for his troubles. Back to the CLAWHOLD. Still no evil black glove applied, so itís all futile. Another sunset flip from Bret gets two. An atomic drop fires up Bret. Abdominal stretch! Rene flips him over, but takes a backbreaker followed by a legdrop for two. Rene catches Bret charging in the corner and finds something in his tights. He misses a swing and Bret grabs him for a sleeper! That gets the submission and Bret wins his first match in MSG. (14:32) Solid outing here, but who would ever see Bret as a main event guy here? Thereís just no way. **

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