December 18, 2010
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

WWF World Tag Team Champions The British Bulldogs vs. The Hart Foundation (w/Jimmy Hart) – (WWF Superstars 2/7/87)
Taped 1/26/87; Tampa, FL
With Dynamite Kid legitimately injured leading into this match, it doesn’t end up being the classic title change from a wrestling point of view, but what came as a result catapulted them to whole new level of heel tag teams. Dynamite took a megaphone shot from behind to put him out for the match. Ref Danny Davis “checks” on Dynamite while the Hart Foundation attempt to double-team Davey Boy Smith, but he manages to handle them both for a while. Bret falls out to the floor as DBS delivers the RUNNING POWERSLAM to Neidhart. That should be all. Instead of Davis counting though, he heads back out to the floor to “check” on Dynamite Kid. DBS pulls Davis into the ring by his hair, but Bret makes the save. The Harts finally have DBS at their mercy as they deliver a Double-DDT. HART ATTACK to Davey Boy! Neidhart covers for 1-2-3. (2:57) We’ve got NEW WWF world tag team champions. As a result of this controversial title change, Danny Davis is the only one really punished. He was suspended from being a WWF referee for life plus ten years.

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