August 15, 2009
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

WWF World Tag Team Champions The British Bulldogs vs. The Hart Foundation (w/Jimmy Hart) – (WWF Superstars 11/29/86)
Taped 11/19/86; South Bend, IN
This is non-title. Vince’s reaction to Slick breaking his arm in three places is much more hilarious than Slick breaking his arm because he fell and tripped over a dog. Shades of Grey referee Danny Davis is in charge of this match. Dynamite shows up Bret with an armdrag and tags in Davey Boy. They run the ropes as Davey catches Bret with a monkey flip. This crowd is SO hot for the Bulldogs, it’s ridiculous. Anvil tags in for a shoulderblock battle. Davey Boy suckers Anvil in for a drop toehold. Dynamite tags and delivers a headlock/headscissors takedown on the Harts. Awesome. Bret catches Davey Boy with a knee from the apron right in front of ref Danny Davis. Bret tags in for a backdrop for two. Demolition Decapitation connects and that gets another two-count. Davey Boy flips out of a slam and answers back with a slam of his own before tagging in Dynamite. Good gosh the roof has been blown off and Davey Boy was only in trouble for like a minute tops. Double Noggin Knocker to the Harts. Dynamite buries a knee in Bret and delivers the Snap Suplex. He hits the double-arm clothesline, but Jimmy Hart is on the apron. Anvil wallops Dynamite and throws out Davey Boy Smith. That leaves Dynamite all alone for the HART ATTACK! Bret covers for 1-2-3. (4:15) Great back and forth action with tons of heat. **¾

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