June 21, 2009
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdrive Review

WWF World Tag Team Champions The Brainbusters (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. The Hart Foundation Ė (WWF SummerSlam 1989)
The reason this is non-title is because this match was signed prior to the Busters winning the belts, so Bobby Heenan used his brain and got his boys out of a title defense. In case you fail to realize, this is a tag-team DREAM match. Bret starts off working the arm of Tully until he wisely and SLOWLY backs into his corner to tag in Arn. Now if you notice, Tully grabs Bretís foot to try and cut off the tag. Bret breaks loose, but stays and fights instead of tagging out to Anvil. Bret delivers one of Arnís specialties, the hammerlock slam, on him and tags in Neidhart. The only way Neidhart can measure up to the Busters is if Arn and Tully sell everything he does like it has ten times more impact than if it were coming from basically anyone else. It makes sense and it works in this match. The Hart Foundation continue to work on Arnís left arm. Tully tags Arn as he stands on the bottom rope, but the ref doesnít allow that as a legal tag and Arn gets put back in the Harts corner. Arn counters Bret with a leg scissors, but then Bret kips up and Arn decides itís time to tag out. Tully runs into the Harts corner as Anvil gets a tag. They go back to what worked with Tully before, and thatís twisting on the arm. Tully tries to tag Arn with his foot, but that wonít work either. The false tags are going in favor of the FACES here, which is totally against formula. Anvil NO-SELLS Tullyís chops and then Tully does his shoulder-first bump in the corner. Tully comes out of a hammerlock quite nicely into an overhead wristlock for Bret to do the bridge spot. Bret tries to power out of it as Arn comes in to help Tully, but then Bret flips out and gives both champs armdrags. The crowd goes INSANE for this stuff. Bret ends up chasing Tully around and gets clobbered by Arn from behind to turn the tide. Arn heads up for a pump splash, but we all know how that ends. Pier-six brawl erupts, but the Harts get the best of that. Back in, Bret stomps Tully in the ďlower abdominal areaĒ and tags in Neidhart. Tully tries to come back by leaping out of the corner, but Neidhart catches him in a bearhug. Anvil fires away in the corner. The Harts attempt the double-team whip into the corner, but Arn saves Tully at the last second. Arn gets a tag as Bret looks on completely disappointed in his corner. Tully tags in and sits on Neidhart with a reverse chinlock. Anvil stands up out of it and tries to piggy-back Tully into the Harts corner, but Arn gets the GENIUS blind tag and pops Neidhart in the face. Arn DRILLS Neidhart with his shoulder as he comes off the ropes for 1-2-NO! Anvil presses Arn off of him out of the cover and sends him to the other side of the ring. Arn & Anvil work in a double-KO spot, but Arn still is able to cut off the tag to Bret. Arn comes off the ropes, but then Bret catches him in the back with a knee! SHADES OF GRAY! HOT TAG TO BRET! Bret goes SLAM CRAZY on the heels! Bret hits the elbow off the middle rope on Tully and then follows up with a suplex for 1-2-NO! He breaks the pin and squares off with Arn as Neidhart pounds on Tully in a corner. Arn reverses a cross-corner whip, but Tully does not and takes a clothesline from Bret. Anvil goes to the floor with Arn while in the ring, Bret delivers an inverted atomic drop. Anvil posts Arn and then delivers the Slingshot Shoulderblock from the apron into Tully. Anvil slams Bret on Tully for the finish, but Heenan is on the apron with the ref. Neidhart tries to get Heenan off the apron while Arn comes off the middle rope and drops a double-sledge on Bret to knock him out! Arnís not legal, so in order to get the pinfall, Tully rolls out as Arn covers up his head using both his arms AND Bretís arms so the ref will think itís Tully making the cover since they both have the same colored tights! That gets the three-count! (15:58) Fantastic non-formula match with two of the greatest teams ever. ****Ĺ

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