September 1, 2009
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

The Rockers vs. The Hart Foundation – (Madison Square Garden, 11/25/89)
The “all-star” duo of Gorilla Monsoon and Hillbilly Jim are on commentary. Bret and Marty start us off. Anytime the Harts battle a team of babyfaces, they seem to revert to their classic heel tactics from the mid-80s. After some back and forth counters, Marty does the spin out of a hiptoss and grabs an armbar. Blind tag to Shawn, they deliver a double-hiptoss to Bret and drop some STEREO ELBOWS only to kip up into a running clothesline from Neidhart. Now Anvil tags in and shoves off a headlock. He REFUSES to go down to a shoulderblock from Shawn, so Michaels suckers into catching a crossbody and countering that when he goes for a slam with an inside cradle for two. Anvil cannot slam Shawn as he slips out of a second attempt and rolls up Neidhart for two. Jannetty tags in and grabs an arm wringer, but gets run down by Neidhart. He slides back in underneath the Anvil and works a front headlock. Tag to Shawn, STEREO CRESCENT KICKS score him a nearfall on Neidhart. Anvil slams Shawn down and tags in Bret. During some rope running, Bret catches Shawn for an inverted atomic drop. Bret works him over and tags Anvil so he can bury the knee into Shawn’s back from the apron. Just for old time’s sake. Backbreaker by Bret sets up a bearhug from Neidhart. Michaels fights out and dropkicks Anvil back into the Rockers corner where Jannetty gets a shot in for what Bret did moments earlier. Turnabouts fair play and all that jazz. Michaels leaps for a hot tag, but Neidhart catches him in mid-air and backs Shawn into the Harts corner. More face-in-peril stuff follows. Bret tries to slingshot Anvil into the ring, but Michaels moves out of the way. Bret manages to pull Shawn back into their corner though. Nice suplex gets two. The Hart Foundation continue to cut the ring off and keep Shawn on their side until Bret misses an elbow drop off the second rope. With nothing in between Shawn and Marty, Shawn seizes the moment and makes the HOT TAG TO JANNETTY! Knee-lift on Bret gets two. Jannetty gets another two off a backslide. Crossbody block gets another two. Jack Brisco rollup scores another nearfall. Bret stomps the groin to take back control. Jannetty tries to roll Bret up off the ropes, but Bret blocks. Jannetty charges for another crossbody block, but Bret ducks and Jannetty goes flying over the top to the floor. NASTY. Back in, Jannetty rolls underneath Anvil off a whip and makes the tag to Michaels. Anvil wipes him out with a jumping shoulderblock. Cover, 1-2-NO! Neidhart gets caught ducking low off a whip and takes a crossbody out of the corner from Shawn for 1-2-NO! Tag to Bret, he rolls through a flying bodypress for 1-2-NO! Now Shawn rolls through an O’Connor roll for 1-2-NO! Michaels blocks a suplex and hits one of his own for two. From there, Shawn counters Bret’s abdominal stretch. Neidhart comes in and breaks it up, causing Jannetty to walk over and shove him around as the 20-minute time limit expires. (19:38) Yeah, close enough. Tito Santana, Paul Roma, and Hercules all come down to break up the confrontation. Seems like the Hart Foundation were involved in more time limit draws than any tag team in MSG. Standard Harts-Rockers stuff that leads to their big match on SNME in April. ***˝

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