December 18, 2010
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

The Hart Foundation (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. The Rougeau Brothers (WWF Prime Time Wrestling 10/9/86)
Taped 9/22/86; Madison Square Garden
Its funny three years later, the Hart Foundation would be good guys and Jimmy Hart would manage the Rougeaus while they mock being American. Wrestling is a wacky world. Anvil and Raymond start the match. Raymond brings Anvil over to his corner and tags in Jacques for a clothesline. Bret tries to save and eats a double dropkick! ROCK AND ROLL! Bret tags and wants a test of strength. Instead of kicking Jacques in the gut, he takes the more noble approach and grabs a wristlock. Jacques rolls out of that and tags Raymond. Bret shoves off a headlock and tries to slam Raymond, but he flips out and dropkicks Bret out to the floor. Back in, Jacques and Anvil tag. Jacques cannot shoulderblock Anvil down. Anvil tries a shoulderblock and comes off the ropes, but Jacques leapfrogs and catches Anvil for a slam. Boston crab is applied, but Bret breaks it up with a kick. The Harts take over with the Demolition Decapitation. Bret dumps Jacques out for a slam on the concrete. Back in, Jacques tries a desperation crossbody out of the corner on Neidhart, but crashes and burns. False tag spot occurs and that allows Bret to whip Anvil into Jacques in the corner. That gets two. Jacques flubs the spot where Bret has him tied up in the ropes and hes supposed to avoid a charge to allow Bret to crotch himself in the ropes. Instead, Bret brings Jacques over to the corner for a backbreaker and he misses a flying elbow drop. Hot tag to Raymond! He unloads on the Harts and whips Anvil into Bret. Raymond grabs a sleeper on Neidhart until Bret breaks it up. Jacques gives chase after Bret and then all of a sudden hops back up on the apron and sunset flips Neidhart out of nowhere for 1-2-3. One of the rare occasions where the sunset flip actually surprises the recipient. Good match with a great finish. ***

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