Jan. 7, 2012
Bob Colling
Wrestling Recaps

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 1/7/2001

1.)K-Kwik & Too Cool defeated Tiger Ali Singh & Lo Down
2.)APA defeated Kaientai
3.)Jacqueline defeated Molly Holly
4.)Tazz defeated WWF Hardcore Champion Raven in a non-title match

Angle Developments/Notes:

1.Steven Richards and Ivory were on the program telling the fans that they wanted to educate the ignorant fans. Richards told the fans that people like Chyna are people who donít follow what they think. Ivory was seen at the merchandise table trying to persuade people to not purchase the items.

2.K-Kwik was able to pin Chaz after a scissors kick. Scotty 2 Hotty hit the Worm on DíLo during the match as well. Obviously that is much more of a note than who won, right?

3.APA squashed Kaientai not once, twice but three times in one night. The APA canít be stop!

4.Jacqueline pinned Molly Holly, but the main focus wasnít the match, but rather how much Ivory hates Chyna. She was on commentary for the contest.

5.Tazz was able to win the non-title match against Raven by forcing him to submit to the Tazzmission. After the match, Crazt Holly came out to attack Tazz, but that didnít work out so well. Tazz was able to take care of Holly.

6.To close the show security escorted Richards and Ivory out the building. The fans loved to see that happen.

Final Thoughts:

Itís Heat, I donít think there is ever much of anything happening on here other than under card wrestlers getting some matches in. The RTC stuff was entertaining and was really the only character advancement or anything taking place on the show.

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