December 6, 2009
Josh Powell

WWE Sunday Night Heat
May 25, 2003 (taped May 19)
BI-LO Center in Greenville, SC

Play-by-play man Jonathan Coachman welcomes us to the show. Al Snow is our color commentator.

Match 1: Jacqueline & Ivory def Jazz(w/ Theodore Long) & Molly Holly when Jacqueline pinned Jazz [about 9:20 shown]
Jazz is your WWE Women's champion. Jazz and Jacqueline begin. Some decent back and forth ends up with Jackie applying a side headlock. Jackie gets a few two counts with cradles and such. Jazz's power advantage is neutralized by quickness so she tags in(uh sort of) Molly. The faces clean house and celebrate. Back in and, and the heels take control through some cheap tactics. A Molly backbreaker gets two on Jackie. Al Snow quote, "When I start a fight with a woman I do it in public so security can pull her off me." Another backbreaker attempt is thwarted by a headscissors, and in comes Ivory. Well off the the top comes Ivory with body press for a two count. Ivory hits a side suplex for a two count, and then a GIANT SWING! Elbow drop gets two. Suplex gets two. What is this Savage/Steamboat with the two counts? A whip is reversed into a hot shot by Molly. Jazz delivers a Yakuza kick while the ref is turned, and Ivory is suddenly in deep trouble. Molly covers, gets a two then slams Ivory face first into the mat. Molly then takes over with a series of good moves follwed by a two count. We hit the chinlock as Jazz baits the crowd on the apron. Ivory powers out and almost gets the tag but not quite. Molly brings in Jazz, and they execute a cool double team backbreaker. Coach takes us to commercial. We're back with Jazz beating down Ivory. Jazz controls Ivory for a stretch ending with a beautiful sit out body slam for two. Ivory gets her knees up on an attempted big splash. An enzugiri allows the hot tag to Jackie who cleans house and hits flapjack on Jazz for two when Molly comes in for the save. Ivory attacks her, and it's a catfight! Jazz slaps a STF on Jackie, but Ivory saves. Molly attacks her and throws her outside. Through the chaos Jackie reverses a Jazz waist lock into a rollup for the 1-2-3! Hey I really liked this match! Out of the Diva's tag matches I remember seeing this might very well be my favorite. I can't really recall another one off hand that I might've liked better. I can't really recall any others that I actively liked for that matter. Theodore Long gets on the mic and says Jackie wants to "play whitey's game". Jazz screams "You wanna mess with baddest bitch!?!". Teddy says "It's on!".

An ad promoting Classy Freddie Blassie's autobiography is shown.

Let's go back to Raw two weeks ago when Bill Goldberg was almost run over by a car. This past Monday on Raw "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was intent on finding the guilty party. He interrogated Lance Storm as it was his rental car that almost hit Goldberg. Storm cracks and admits to being the one driving the car but says it was an accident. He says they drive on the other side of the road in the Canada so he was confused! Austin is not buying that explanation. Storm says it wasn't his idea! Austin says go face Goldberg in the ring and think about what you did. Goldberg destroys Storm during the bout, and Storm says Jericho put him up to the attempted murder. We see Jericho admitting that he planned it.

Promo video for the Hell In A Cell match between Triple H and Kevin Nash at Bad Blood is shown.

The WWE Rewind is from Judgment Day when Booker T seemingly won the IC title in a battle royal only to see Christian actually become the last one standing.

Match 2: Goldust def Damien DeNucci via pinfall at 4:11
Goldust grabs a headlock to start. Shoulderblock off a whip gets two for the former IC champ. Goldust continues to control with multiple armdrags into an armbar. DeNucci pushes Goldust into a corner. A hard whip into the opposite corner puts Goldust on the mat. Body slam gets two. DeNucci locks in a surfboard. Goldust powers out a hits a butt bump off the ropes. DeNucci remains in control however. Goldust makes a comeback ended with a clothesline for two. A ten punch count is followed by DeNucci running into a Goldust powerslam for the 1-2-3. Not really a squash, but obviously there was little doubt who was winning.

A promo for the newest Diva DVD is shown.

Let's take another look back at Raw this Monday as Triple H got to pick his opponent as long as he was a former World champ. Triple H picked his good friend Ric Flair expecting him to lay down. Shawn Michaels begged Flair not to do it but to fight. Flair was inspired by Shawn's talk and told Triple H that he was not laying down for anybody. A fun match followed. Flair pulled out all his tricks but came just a bit short of beating the Game. Kevin Nash hits the ring and Triple H runs away. Stone Cold announces Hell In A Cell.

Come see WWE live in Mobile, Portland, Albuquerque, and San Diego!

WWE Burn of the Night is Rico quitting as manager of Three Minute Warning.

Match 3: The Hurricane def Christopher Nowinski(w/ face mask) via pinfall at 3:13
The very promising Nowinski had his career cut short due to post-concussion syndrome and is now an advocate for head inury prevention and care. He gets on the mic and brags about his Harvard degree and says where did Hurricane get his degree, the National Weather Service? Basic stuff to start. Hurricane knocks Nowinski down with a shoulderblock. An arm drag and hip toss follow. Hurricane holds control with an armbar. He goes up for the Overcast, but Nowinski ducks out of the way. The Harvard grad takes over with some brawling and a backbreaker which gets two. We hit the chinlock. Hurricane gets up and rolls through for two. A couple Hurricane clotheslines are followed up by a neckbreaker for two. Cane misses the Shining Wizard but gets a Northern Lights suplex for two. Over to the corner and Nowinski headbutts Hurricane with his face mask. Nowinski tries a pin but Hurricane reverses it into a rollup for the 1-2-3! Really short, but it was alright. Show ends.

Not that impressive of a show after the first bout, but the first bout is very good especially for a Divas type match.

Favorite Match: Jackie & Ivory vs Jazz & Molly for sure

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