June 21, 2009
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdrive Review

WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. IWGP Heavyweight Champion The Great Muta (NJPW Fukuoka Dome 5/3/93)
This was back when Hogan was getting paid ridiculous amounts of money for only a handful of appearances over in Japan, while pretty much ignoring the American fan base despite being the WWF champ. Still though, this is an interesting clash of styles. Hogan does seem to step it up wrestling wise more so in Japan. Hogan keeps Muta on the mat to start with various basic wrestling holds like an armbar or a front headlock. You know, stuff he should be doing in America, but doesnít. Muta comes back with a dropkick and Hogan takes a walk. Back in, Muta goes to the eyes and hits the Power Drive Elbow for two. Hogan grounds Muta again, but Muta makes the ropes and heads outside. He goes underneath the ring to confuse Hogan, but it really doesnít work. Hogan gets chopped out to the floor, but goes to the eyes and hits a suplex. They fight into the front row for a little bit and head back to ringside as Hogan delivers a back suplex. Hogan gets whipped into the ringpost. Muta grabs the ring bell hammer and nails Hulk in the face with it. He takes Hogan out to the platform for a suplex and then runs ALL the way back up the aisle and sprints back to clothesline Hulk into the ring! Oh, Muta. The crowd loves it though. Back in, Hogan starts scratching and clawing to gain the advantage. Muta reverses a cross-corner whip and hits Hulk with the Handspring Elbow. Backbreaker sets up the MOONSAULT! 1-2-NO! If this were Anywhere, USA, Hogan would HULKING UP right about now. Muta and Hogan head out to the floor. Muta swings off a ladder that leads to the rafters from the platform and crashes into Hogan. Back in, Muta and ref Tiger Hatori fight over a chair. Hogan capitalizes with the AXE BOMBER! Hogan takes the chair away, but turns around into some GREEN MIST~! Missile dropkick misses. Hogan hits the LEG DROP for 1-2-NO! Big Boot sets up another AXE BOMBER for 1-2-3. (15:55) Kind of a weird match that didnít really seem to know where it was going. Good enough action to keep me watching though. **

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