February 2, 2010
Alexander Settee

WWF Championship, Lumberjack Match: Hulk Hogan vs. Macho Man Randy Savage (w/Elizabeth) (February 17, 1986, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY)
I think that this should have been a cage match myself, but I guess they had one of those coming up at Wrestlemania 2 and didnít want to do too many or something. In the time period since their last match at MSG, Savage has won the Intercontinental Title from Tito Santana, which I guess is a tip off that heís not winning the big one here, but thatís all right. Hogan has his ribs all taped up here as a couple of days earlier he was squashed by King Kong Bundy at an SNME taping. It hasnít aired yet, but good for him, keeping up kayfabe and all, and the announcers too for acknowledging what happened. Speaking of Bundy, he just happens to be one of the lumberjacks here tonight with the rest of the guys being just the midcard brigade. Hogan learns from last time and jumps Savage right off the bat this time, hitting a clothesline and then a shot with the belt. Back suplex follows and then he tosses Savage on the face side, but they just form a circle so Hogan can come out as well and deliver more of a beating. Back in, Hogan gets him with a throat toss and then a brief bearhug before he runs him to the corner. He then hits an atomic drop and goes off the ropes, but Bundy trips him up from the outside. Hogan goes right after him and gets some shots in, but when he gets back in, Savage rakes the eyes to take control. He then drops a double ax off the top and tosses Hogan out on the heel side where heís beaten up. Magnificent Muraco actually holds him against the post for a Bundy Avalanche at one point in a preview of what weíll see on SNME in a couple of weeks. They then roll him back in, but Savage just casually puts him right back out for another splash from Bundy. Back in, Savage goes to work on those injured ribs, pulling off the tape and dropping repeated double axhandles off the top. He gets a few 2 counts off of those and then decided to try and finish with the big elbow, but once again Hogan kicks out at 2 and starts Hulking Up. Hogan gets the punches and the big boot, but Savage briefly saves himself by going to the eyes. He comes off the ropes, but George Steele trips him up and Hogan drops the leg for the 3 count at 7:43 to retain and end their first feud of many. The highlight of the postmatch posing routine is when a drunken guy runs in the ring, rips off his shirt, and starts posing right along with Hogan. As for the match, it was another really good performance from both guys as Savage really brought out the best in Hogan. I think this is now my favourite program of Hoganís first Title run. *** for this one and Iím going to retroactively raise the first match from Volume 6 to ***1/4 because I liked that one the best, but I liked this one better than the second one.

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