September 24, 2011
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

The Hurricane (w/Mighty Molly) vs. AJ Styles (WWF Jakked, 1/26/02)

Hurricane is, for you new fans, Gregory Helms as a superhero. This was AJ Styles’ tryout match back when TNA meant something completely different to wrestling fans. Kevin Kelly and Coach are on commentary. Basic stuff to start, but then AJ turns full blown heel and MOCKS Hurricane’s pose. He makes him pay with a clothesline though. Hiptoss and a headscissors gets two. Hurricane hooks on a bowtie clutch on the mat. AJ escapes and hits a brainbuster for 1-2-NO! AJ grabs a chinlock, but Hurricane elbows out. Hurricane ducks a roundhouse kick and goes for the CHOKESLAM, but AJ elbows out of that in return. AJ wants a back suplex, but Hurricane flips out and delivers a running reverse neckbreaker. Backdrop gets two. AJ runs into an elbow in the corner to set up the Overcast! EYE OF THE HURRICANE? No! AJ knees out. Hurricane runs into a boot and gets kicked down for a Shooting Star Press, but Hurricane moves out of the way. AJ’s dazed, and gets caught in the VERTEBREAKER! Cover, 1-2-3! (4:36) Great squash there. **¼

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