April 7, 2012
Jay Hinchey

iMPACT 4-5-12

The Impact Wrestling roster is surrounding the ring as we get under way, and Dixie Carter says tonight is an important night. She introduces new general manager Hulk Hogan, and he comes out and poses for the fans then gives Dixie a hug. Hulk says it is nice to be back and he thanks Sting for watching his back, then he says they have alot of business to take care of. He tells Morgan and Crimson they are going to end things in a cage at Lockdown, and he also says there will be a Knockouts Challenge tonight. Hulk says he needs to handle something before they go on, and he calls Eric Bischoff out to the ring but Ric Flair says he isn't here. Flair says Hulk can't tell him what to do, and Hulk tells Flair if he is speaking for Bischoff he should find him and get him here.

Bobby Roode makes his own entrance and Hulk gets on his for being late, but Roode says his watch says he is on time because he does whatever he wants. Roode tells him to ask Sting how things work around here, because there is no one who will stop him from being a dominant champion. He says his only obligation is to defend his title against James Storm at Lockdown, and he is leaving until then, but Hulk stops him and says things changed. Hulk calls Ken Anderson into the ring and he says the fans want to see them fight, and Roode screams no they don't but Hulk says it's happening. Hulk turns his attention to Kurt Angle, and he says Kurt doesn't have to wrestle Jeff Hardy at Lockdown, because the fans want it tonight and he is giving it to them now!

Jeff Hardy vs Kurt Angle
Kurt locks up with Hardy and takes him into the corner, but Hardy comes back with a side headlock and a few shoulder blocks. Hardy puts Kurt in an armbar, but Kurt makes it to his feet and tries to armdrag Hardy, only to have Hardy hold on and keep the armbar in place. Kurt backs him into the corner and rakes his eyes, then he whips him across the ring but Hardy floats over and kicks Kurt out of the ring. Hardy follows with a mule kick through the ropes, then he throws Kurt into the barricade and the steps before he rolls him in. Kurt is busted open but he gets up and tosses Hardy out of the ring, then he drops him with a shoulder block as we go to a break.

When we get back, Hardy drops Kurt with Whisper In The Wind and a flying forearm shot, then he calls for a Twist Of Fate but Kurt counters with three German suplexes. Hardy kicks out of a pin attempt and hits a Twist of Fate, then he goes up top but Kurt jumps up and drops him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Kurt puts him in an ankle lock, but Hardy rolls over and drops Kurt with a spinning heel kick, then he goes back up to the top turnbuckle. Kurt grabs the referee and uses him as a shield, so Hardy goes after him and blocks a low blow then goes for another Twist of Fate. Kurt rolls out of the ring to avoid it and he starts walking to the back, then the ref counts him out at ten but Hulk Hogan is waiting for him backstage. Hulk tells him he can't run anymore, so he is still putting him in a cage with Hardy, then Kurt screams as he walks away.

Winner (by countout) - Jeff Hardy

Ric Flair is shown calling Eric Bischoff, and he says it doesn't matter what he thinks because Hulk is in power and he needs to get back to the building. Eric says he is on his way and Flair tells him it's an emergency so he needs to hurry, but Eric tells him not to worry about it. Elsewhere, Bully Ray tells an interviewer to call him 'Calfzilla', and he says he is the next world champion and he is sick of hearing Roode and Storm's names. He says he is going to the ring to deal with a bigger... smaller problem in Austin Aries, then he tells the cameraman to shoot his calves as he walks away.

Bully Ray heads out to the ring and says Austin Aries has him confused, because he doesn't know why a little boy like Aries would piss off a big bad man like him. Bully says he has taken craps bigger than him, then Aries comes out and quiets everyone, then he hits Bully with the mic and pummels him in the corner. It doesn't last long as Bully picks him up and powerbombs him, then Bully asks him if he knows who he is before dropping Aries' title on him and leaving.

Joseph Park is shown at catering looking into some trays, and the caterer says the food isn't there yet but Joseph says he is looking for Abyss. He says his brother has been missing, but he has a huge appetite so he thought he would check there, and the caterer says he just started working there. Joseph says he will leave his card in case he hears anything, then asks when the food will be ready before leaving. AJ Styles is shown talking about the Lockdown main event when James Storm walks over and thanks him for the kind words. Storm says he needs his help tonight to get ready for Lockdown, and AJ says he can help him out but he warns him that he is faster than Bobby Roode and he might not hit him with a Last Call.

Knockouts Challenge
Mickie James vs Winter vs Tara vs Angelina Love vs Madison Rayne vs Velvet Sky

Winter and Tara start the match off and Winter slams Tara on the mat but Tara comes back with a clothesline and a powerslam. She hits a standing moonsault for two, but the other Knockouts break up the pin, then Angelina tags in and Winter tags Mickie. They lock up and Mickie puts her in a headscissors, then Angelina gets out so Mickie hits a shoulder block and a dropkick. Mickie tries to grab her, but Angelina drops her on the ropes and follows it with a side slam for a two count. Tara breaks up the pin, then Mickie hits a few uppercuts but Velvet blindtags her and hits a dropkick.

Velvet drops Angelina with some clotheslines and shoulder blocks, but Angelina comes back with a front slam and she tags Madison and yells at her to get in. While this is going on, Tara tags in and throws Madison into Velvet, then he hits a spinning fireman's carry side slam but Winter breaks up the pin. Velvet and Mickie are tagged in, and Madison yells at Mickie to get in but she kicks her in the head when she tries to enter the ring. Madison drops Velvet with a clothesline, then we get a finisher fest with everyone taking each other out before Velvet knocks Mickie out with In Yo Face for the win.

Winner - Velvet Sky

Ken Anderson is in his locker room getting ready and he says he's not worried about Bobby Roode at Lockdown because they should worry about Roode tonight. He says Hulk wants to him fight the champion, then Roode walks in and runs his mouth behind his security team, and they tell Anderson to back away before he gets hurt. We go to footage of earlier today where Eric Young is getting his bachelor party ready, and he shows off candy and non alcoholic beer. He says he didn't invite the roster because they would get crazy, and they are going to have a fantasy baseball draft. ODB comes in with beer and chicken wings, and he says he was trying to keep it simple, but ODB says every night will be a party after they marry and she presses his face in her cleavage.

James Storm vs AJ Styles
Storm teases a Last Call and AJ avoids it, then he runs into a shoulderblock but he kicks at Storm's knee and tries to sweep his legs out. Storm hits the ropes but AJ knocks him out of the ring with a dropkick, then AJ goes for a plancha but Storm rolls in the ring and tells him to bring it. AJ tries to kick him but Storm trips him and applies a headlock, then AJ gets out and hits a backbreaker and a bodyslam then follows with a flying kneedrop. He goes after Storm's legs again but Storm crawls away, so AJ puts him in a headlock but Storm elbows his way out and goes for another Last Call.

AJ blocks it and hits him in the corner, then Storm reverses an Irish whip and hits an enziguiri from the apron. Storm goes up top but AJ kicks him in the head, then he sets up for a hurricanrana but Storm drops down and hits the Eye of the Storm. He goes for Closing Time but AJ counters into a Figure Four, then he turns it into a single leg crap and follows it with a Pele kick. AJ goes for a springboard elbow, but Storm ducks and hits a Last Call when AJ lands then he makes the cover. After the bell, Storm checks on AJ and pulls him to his feet, then Storm says he wants a faceoff with Roode next week and tells him sorry about his damn luck.

Winner - James Storm

Mexican America vs Motor City Machine Guns
Anarchia mouths off and shoves Shelley, but Shelley kicks him in the corner and puts him in a front facelock while he tags Sabin. Hernandez comes in and takes a kick from Sabin, then Sabin hits a flying foream and tags Shelley who helps him with an assisted flying forearm in the corner. Shelley goes for Sliced Bread but Hernandez throws him across the ring, then Anarchia tags in but they have a miscommunication and Anarchia lands face first in the corner. Shelley knocks Hernandez with an enziguiri and Sabin hits a dropkick from the tree of woe position, but Hernandez comes in and tries to hit a Gringo Killer. Shelley knocks Hernandez out of the ring then Sabin grabs Anarchia and they hit Skull and Bones for the win. Post match, Sabin grabs a mic and says they are after one thing, and they want the tag titles, then he drops the mic and celebrates with Shelley.

Winners - Motor City Machine Guns

Ric Flair is shown approaching Eric Bischoff, and he says they need to straighten things out now because Hulk is on a tear and things aren't good. Eric says Ric is a two time Hall of Famer and Hulk should know what he is getting into, then he says he will put Hulk into a box that he can't get out of. Hulk Hogan is in the ring and he says he heard Eric is in the arena, and he calls him out but Eric comes to the stage and says he didn't think they would be here. He says he didn't think they would try to undermine each other, but they are on different sides and Hulk isn't someone who can be a leader.

Hulk says he is the leader of blowing hot air, and he wants to take care of more Lockdown business by making him a captain for Lethal Lockdown against his son. Hulk says he is letting Garett pick his own team, and Garett won't wrestle here is he loses, but Eric will be fired if he loses and Hulk asks what he thinks about that. Eric says he has a deal, then he calls Hulk a son of a bitch for putting him in that kind of position.

Ken Anderson vs Bobby Roode
The referee tells Roode his security team is barred from ringside, and he argues about it and gets hits from behind by Anderson. The bell rings and Anderson clotheslines him and runs the ropes, but Roode comes back with a clothesline. He stomps Anderson and hits a suplex, then he chops him in the corner before slamming his head into the turnbuckle. Roode slams him on the mat and gets a near fall, then he paintbrushes Anderson but they end up going punch for punch. Anderson hits a clothesline off the ropes and follows with a backdrop, then he sets up for a Kenton Bomb but Roode counters and goes for a fisherman's suplex.

Anderson counters but Roode pushes him into the referee, and Anderson tries to wake him up while Roode goes outside and takes a beer from a fan. He gets rolled in the ring but Anderson doesn't see it, and Anderson turns him around for a Mic Check but Roode hits him in the face with the bottle. Roode pulls the ref over and he gets him to make the count, then he runs his mouth until Storm and Hulk come out to the ring and chase him off. Hulk says he is reversing the decision, then he tells the ref to raise Anderson's arm while Roode says Hulk can kiss his ass as Impact ends.

Winner (by reverse decision) - Ken Anderson

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