November 23, 2001
Graham Cawthon

Nashville’s Municipal Auditorium was alive and cooking when the WWF came into town on Sunday, July 23, 1995 for the second installment of their new pay-per-view event ‘In Your House’. The shorter (2 hours instead of the normal 3) and cheaper ($14.95 instead of $29.95) pay-per-view quickly became known for producing even better matches than its counterparts – mostly due to this single event. All three major WWF championships would be on the line in bouts where title changes were a definite possibility.

The most notable thing about this event is how hard it is to find on video. It’s a decent show, much better than usual, with some memorable performances but, due to the very small number of videos produced, the price on eBay (which is the only place you can find this as far as I know) can easily get up to $75. The full running time, including the show and bonus matches, is about 2:30 hours.

The opening music video package centers on Nashville and mixes footage from Music City’s most famed landmarks with recent WWF action.

The commentary team: Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler (equipped with their own gawky cowboy hats)

1-2-3 Kid vs. The Roadie

The future DX teammates (later known as X-Pac and Road Dogg) would do battle in this opening grudge match. Roadie was responsible for legitly injuring the Kid’s neck in May, taking him out of action for nearly two months, and the young high-flyer was more than eager to gain revenge inside the ring.

The Roadie had a lot of pride on the line in this bout as a major part of the pay-per-view centered around the live singing performance of Jeff Jarrett, the WWF Intercontinental Champion and the Roadie’s employer.

The match begins on the floor as the Kid attacks his opponent before the Roadie can even get into the ring. The match is very fast-paced with the Kid controlling the opening moments with his high-flying assault and stiff kicks. The Roadie comes back with a big powerslam and a clothesline to the floor before putting the match into the deep freeze with a series of rest holds. During this time, the cameras in Jeff Jarrett’s dressing room catch him preparing for his performance later in the night – rather than paying attention to the match in the ring.

The Kid soon comes back with a spin wheel kick, a dropkick in the corner, followed by a splash off the top, but fails a second dropkick attempt and is hit with a big powerbomb. The Roadie soon hits a piledriver off the top rope – injuring the already hurt neck of the Kid and ending the match. After the match, the Roadie does a mic check at the performance stage.

Winner at 7:25: The Roadie … 3 stars

Razor Ramon & Savio Vega vs. Men on a Mission (King Mabel & Sir Moe)

This match stemmed from the Savio / Mabel bout during the prior month’s King of the Ring tournament finals, in which Mabel won. After the bout, Mabel and his sidekick attacked Vega and Razor, further injuring the ribs of the ‘Bad Guy’. This would be the return to the ring for Razor after originally suffering the rib injury on June 9. Just to play up the injury factor even more, Razor comes to the ring having his ribs wrapped in medical tape.

Razor and Savio use their speed and power on M.O.M but the size and brawling ability of their opponents evens the advantage. The 500lb Mabel easily cleans house throughout the match and keeps a tired Savio in the ring for the majority of the bout. Razor soon gets the hot tag and his adrenaline helps him regain the advantage, powerslamming Mabel from the top rope to the mat. Within moments, the match erupts into a brawl in and out of the floor. In the melee, Mabel squashes Razor in the corner and hits a splash to gain the pinfall.

This was a huge win for M.O.M and an even bigger win for Mabel as he cleanly pinned the first ever 3-time WWF IC Champion. This would continue the big yet short-lived main event push for the 500lber.

Winners at 10:10: Men on a Mission … 2 ½ stars

The Live Performance of ‘Double J’ Jeff Jarrett singing ‘With My Baby Tonight’

The WWF IC Champion and self-proclaimed Nashville’s greatest son would make his live debut behind the microphone. The wannabe country music superstar had entered the WWF in the later part of 1993 with the intentions of becoming the world’s greatest wrestler and singer – and tonight would be his moment to prove to the world just how good he was. Not only did he have a major title defense but he would also show all of Music City that he should rightfully be Nashville’s brightest singing star.

The music video had been shown on WWF TV in the weeks leading to the pay-per-view and the song is actually very good.

Spend my days working hard on the go
But the hands on the clock keep spinning too slow
Cause I can’t wait to be alone with my baby tonight

You know my baby’s got me wrapped around her little finger
Cause she knows that I would walk through hell and back to be with her
Well I can’t wait to be alone with my baby tonight…

After the great performance, Jarrett tells the fans to eat crow for saying he wasn’t the best. To really come out on top on this night, he would have to prove to be the world’s greatest wrestler as he would put his prestigious title on the line against Shawn Michaels later on.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Henry Godwinn

Bigelow was a former member of the Million $ Corporation while Godwinn was trying to get into Ted Dibiase’s group. The first step to joining the corporation would be to take care of their biggest thorn, Bigelow.

The two big tough men make this a very physical battle from the start. There’s not much to this match, just a lot of punching, kicking, slamming, etc. Bigelow tries his diving headbutt, misses it, Godwinn tries a top rope attack, misses, and gets rolled up by Bigelow for the win. The two have an odd little stare down after the match.

Winner at 5:33: Bam Bam Bigelow … 2 stars

WWF Intercontinental Championship – Shawn Michaels vs. Jeff Jarrett © (with The Roadie)

This match had come about due to Michaels interfering in a match between Jarrett and Savio Vega a month prior. Jarrett had already proven himself to be a great singer but he would have to really put on his best performance to date if he expected to leave with the title belt still around his waist. Michaels was already a 2-time IC Champion and was not only a main event caliber wrestler but also the most popular star in the WWF. Going into the match, I assumed it would be entertaining but expected Jarrett to keep the belt by either getting himself disqualified or counted-out.

These two put on a fantastic contest, which shouldn’t be a surprise since both men are superior wrestlers and showmen. They trade momentum by using some great basic moves along with many crowd-pleasing exchanges – with Jarrett on the receiving end. The challenger is forced to wait in the ring while Jarrett gets a second wind on the floor, but eventually drags the champion back in to continue his beating. The champion eventually turns the tide by backdropping Michaels over the top rope and to the cement floor.

Jarrett takes advantage of the opening and immediately tries to get the win. Michaels temporarily regains the advantage, only to find himself once again thrown to the floor. As the challenger gets to his feet on the floor, he’s immediately given a clothesline from the apron by The Roadie. The challenger is down and out and barely climbs back into the ring prior to the 10-count – which Jarrett was counting on to win the match.

The two trade a number of reversals and make some very crisp and exciting exchanges, with Michaels eventually caught in a sleeper. The challenger soon escapes and hits a number of high-risk moves, sending the champion reeling but still in the match. Jarrett regains the momentum, thanks to The Roadie, and within moments the referee is knocked to the mat and taken out of the match.

The Roadie takes his opening and clips Michaels from behind, allowing Jarrett to climb to the top rope and hit a crossbody block for a 2 count. The Roadie accidentally trips his man (thinking it was the challenger), Jarrett falls to the mat, walks into a superkick, and we have a new champion.

Michaels celebrates with the fans as he had regained a title that he basically owned for nearly two years. In a backstage altercation after the bout, Jarrett and The Roadie’s friendship falls to pieces as the two get into a big fight (not shown on camera). This would have led to a big feud between the two, in which it was revealed The Roadie was actually singing for Jarrett during the live performance, but both men left the company following this night.

This match as an overall is great and it’s surprising that more people don’t remember it. I would liken it to the classic Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect @ Summer Slam 91.

Winner and new champion at 19:59: Shawn Michaels … 4 ½ stars

WWF Tag Team Championship – The Allied Powers (Lex Luger and ‘The British Bulldog’ Davey Boy Smith) vs. Yokozuna and Owen Hart © (with Mr. Fuji and Jim Cornette)

Luger and Davey Boy Smith joined forces in the spring and immediately became one of the top teams in the WWF, easily going through all the other duos in the company. Owen and Yokozuna, who had already feuded with their challengers on a one-on-one level (Luger / Yoko throughout 93 and 94; the brothers-in-law Bulldog / Hart in the later part of 94), had something to prove against their powerhouse opponents. The Allied Powers were expected by many to win the belts on this night.

Early in the match, the champions get into a huge confrontation after the 600lb-plus Yoko accidentally falls on Owen’s foot. Owen picks a fight with his much larger partner and gets pushed right to the mat before the two make up. In all the confusion, the challengers easily gain the upper hand and double team Owen.

Yokozuna is soon tagged in and immediately goes to work on the Bulldog, clamping a nerve hold on the smaller wrestler. Bulldog soon comes back but his momentum is stopped as Owen Hart is tagged into the ring. The two brothers-in-law put on a great series of exchanges, eventually seeing Owen crashing groin-first into the turnbuckle. Each wrestler makes the hot tag, with Luger cleaning house and press slamming Owen into his partner.

The challengers destroy the champions and send them reeling. As all four men battle in the ring, Yoko slams into the turnbuckle and walks into a double back suplex by Luger and the Bulldog. Luger attempts a slam but Owen comes off the top with a double axe handle that ends the match.

Owen and Yokozuna had defeated their toughest challenge to date. In the absence of any notable contenders, the new IC Champion Shawn Michaels and the World Champion Diesel would soon be thrown into the tag team scene to give the champions all they can handle.

Winners at 10:50 and still champions: Owen Hart and Yokozuna … 3 ½ stars

WWF World Heavyweight Championship – Psycho Sid (with Ted Dibiase) vs. Diesel © - Lumberjack Match

These men had been feuding since the day after WrestleMania XI when Sid brutally attacked Shawn Michaels, Diesel’s best friend. Throughout the spring and summer they fought on several occasions, with no clear winner being declared. This would end the rivalry, as the two would do battle with many other WWF stars around ringside to keep the battle from going to the floor.

The Lumberjacks include:
Shawn Michaels, Tatanka, Kama the Supreme Fighting Machine, Teckno Team 2000, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Men on a Mission, IRS, the Heavenly Bodies, Skip, Rad Radford, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Mantaur, Jean Pierre Laffiette, Savio Vega, Bam Bam Bigelow, Man Mountain Rock, Razor Ramon, Bob Holly, the Smoking Gunns, Duke Drose, Fatu, the 1-2-3 Kid, King Kong Bundy, Adam Bomb, and the Blu Twins

The match is exciting for the mere fact of all the lumberjacks around ringside. Whenever a participant falls to the floor, a huge moshpit takes place with the good guys and bad guys brawling for supremacy. The two men trade the momentum and use punches, kicks, etc (nothing too complex). Diesel gains the upper hand and leaps over the top rope – crashing into Sid’s men around ringside. The champion nails almost each and every man before rolling back into the ring to continue his assault. Within moments, King Mabel grabs Diesel, pulls him to the floor, and rams him back first into the steel ring post – seriously injuring the champion.

Sid immediately uses the opening to pummel away at the champion. Sid eventually hits his trademark powerbomb but, after taking a time-out to high five all his men around ringside, is unable to keep Diesel’s shoulders to the mat for the 3 count. The move is tried a second time with the champion backdropping Sid to the mat. The challenger is soon thrown to the floor, with Shawn Michaels leaping from the top turnbuckle with a double axe handle onto Sid (and several of the other lumberjacks). This proves to be the fatal blow as the champion gives Sid a big boot to the face moments later to retain the championship.

Diesel and King Mabel have a stare down following the match, before the champion celebrates in the ring alongside his fellow lumberjacks – most notably Shawn Michaels. The unstoppable champion would soon be face-to-face with the 500lb King Mabel as the two would main event the following month’s Summer Slam.

Winner and still champion at 10:33: Diesel … 3 stars

As a home video exclusive, two ‘dark matches’ that took place on this night but never made it on TV are shown. Dark matches are used to get the crowd ready for the real show, but are sometimes pretty entertaining.

Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart vs. Jean Pierre Laffiette

One of the true legends of wrestling would take on the nearly 300lb French Canadian powerhouse in this bout. The two would have a very good 16-minute bout at the September 95 In Your House and this match is almost equally entertaining.

Laffiette controls most of the match with his power, keeping Hart on the mat and leaping off the top rope onto his smaller opponent. At almost 12 minutes into the match, the large French Canadian misses a dive from the top rope – giving Hart the opening he was waiting for. ‘The Hitman’ immediately takes advantage but soon makes the mistake of leaping from the turnbuckle and right into the knees of his opponent – knocking all the breath out of the legend. Laffiette temporarily regains the advantage but falls in defeat following a great roll up by Hart (Laffiette has Hart in a waist lock, Bret rolls forward – hooking his legs around the shoulders of Laffiette, and pins him).

This is a very solid bout that proves that Laffiette is very underrated as a wrestler.

Winner at 13:23: Bret Hart … 3 stars

The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) vs. Kama the Supreme Fighting Machine (with Ted Dibiase) – Casket Match

These two had been feuding since WrestleMania XI when Kama stole the Undertaker’s urn, soon melting it into a necklace. Another casket match would take place a month later during Summer Slam, which would end their feud for good.

The Undertaker immediately takes advantage and begins pounding his opponent before the bell even rings. Kama regains the advantage with kicks and body slams, and on multiple occasions is able to put his opponent inside the casket but can’t shut the lid. Despite Kama’s offense, the Undertaker repeatedly fights back and temporarily regains the momentum many times throughout the match.

Kama eventually attempts a Tombstone piledriver (the Undertaker’s trademark move), the attempt is reversed, the Undertaker chokeslams his opponent, and gives Kama a big boot to the face – sending him right into the casket. The Taker shuts the lid and once again proves his supremacy.

Winner at 14:48: The Undertaker … 2 ½ stars

The video ends with the same music video it started with, only this time featuring action from the pay-per-view itself.

The show as an overall is one of the most entertaining of 1995, which wasn’t a stellar year for pro wrestling. I would definitely recommend this if you can find it (which is the major issue). If you are a wrestling fan, then try to find it for a decent price. If you are a Shawn Michaels or Jeff Jarrett fan, pay more than you should.

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