- Quarter-Finals

2/84; Richmond High School
Championship Wrestling - 2/84
- Assassin #2 (w/ Paul Jones) defeated Johnny Weaver at 8:41 when, as Jones distracted the referee, Assassin #1 - who came ringside late in the bout - interfered, hit a headbutt on Weaver, and scored the pin himself

Worldwide - 2/11/84
- Greg Valentine defeated Ernie Ladd

Worldwide - 2/18/84
- NWA US Champion Dick Slater defeated Dory Funk Jr.

- Semi-Finals

Worldwide - 2/25/84:
- NWA US Champion Dick Slater defeated Greg Valentine via disqualification at 7:29 after Valentine shoved the referee while trying to get at Slater; the bell rang moments before, implying Slater had won via count-out, but the referee raised Slater's hand immediately after being shoved

- Mark Youngblood defeated Assassin #1

- Finals

3/7/84; Spartanburg, SC; Memorial Auditorium
Worldwide - 3/10/84
- Mark Youngblood pinned NWA US Champion Dick Slater at around the 7-minute mark by lifting his shoulder out of a back suplex into a bridge; prior to the bout, Slater attacked Youngblood and Youngblood was helped out of the ring by Tim Horner; moments later, Youngblood brushed off the injury and returned to the ring

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