May 31, 2006
Matt Peddycord

Judgment Day 2006
May 21, 2006
Phoenix, AZ
US Airways Arena

Your hosts are Michael Cole & Tazz!

WWE Tag Team Champions MNM (w/Melina) vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick

Nitro starts things off with London as they get into a shoving match with each other. MNM decide to take a moment and pose, but Nitro returns to getting serious with London. London trips Nitro up after running off the ropes. London takes Nitro down with an armdrag and tags in Kendrick. They double-team Nitro with STEREO FLYING JALAPENOS for two! Nitro backs Kendrick into his corner and tags in Mercury. Kendrick regains the advantage by avoiding a charge and following up with a pair of armdrags. London tags in for some old school Rockers moves. Just a little tribute to their trainer, I’m sure. As MNM go to regroup out on the floor, London launches Kendrick out on top of them. Kendrick tosses Mercury back in the ring for London, but he crashes and burns from the top rope for MNM to take back control. London plays the face-in-peril for a bit as MNM dominates him. London makes the tag to Kendrick after a double-KO spot to clean house on MNM. The hot streak ends once Kendrick gets a little too excited, so Nitro comes from behind to hotshot him Randy Savage-style on the top rope. SNAPSHOT TIME! It connects! Nitro covers for 1, 2, NO! London breaks up the pin at the last moment. Nitro grounds Kendrick with a chinlock for a while. He fights out and rolls up Nitro, but Mercury comes in to distract the ref. Mercury tags in and delivers a beautiful looking delayed vertical suplex for two! MNM continue to cut Kendrick off from his partner, but after some heel miscommunication, Kendrick makes the HOT tag to London! Tazz pulls out the “HOUSE OF FIRE!” cliché! London nails Nitro in the corner with a running forearm! He runs at Mercury in the far-side corner, but he eats boot. MNM double-whip London into the ropes, but he comes back with a double-clothesline! Oklahoma rollup on Mercury for two! Dropsault off of Nitro onto Mercury gets two after Melina slides into the ring and SCREAMS in the ref’s face! HAHA! London tries to suplex Mercury from the apron back into the ring, but Nitro trips London up for another near-fall! Kendrick saves London from a double-team beatdown and dumps Nitro out to the floor. He tries a pescado, but Melina shoves Nitro out of harm’s way. SPLAT! Nitro grabs London from the apron for Mercury to charge and attack him, but London ducks out of the way for Mercury to nail Nitro. London gets a jackknife rollup on Mercury for 1, 2, and 3!!! We’ve got NEWWWWW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! (13:43) The crowd POPS like crazy! Wow, I see all smiles in that sea of faces! That’s rare these days. Uhh ohh. After the faces exit, Melina chews out Mercury for costing them the tag titles. It starts OUT with yelling, but then Melina slaps him! Melina then starts to walk off, but Mercury grabs her by the hand and that’s when Nitro snaps and begins to beat the ever-loving crap out of Mercury. A bunch of referees and even Teddy Long come down to break up the fight, but Teddy ends up getting knocked down on his keister. Man, NOBODY’S happy!

WWE KotR Classic Crowning moment – Bret Hart pinning Bam Bam Bigelow in ’93; one of my personal favorite WWE shows ever.

Chris Benoit vs. Finlay

This grudge match is a result of Finlay pulling some shenanigans on Benoit to continue in the KotR tournament. It’s all for naught considering Lashley beat Finlay to advance the finals. But in any event, both these guys just love to fight. I mean, Finlay says it at the beginning of his entrance music. “Benoit” chants start up before these guys even lock up with each other. They collar-and-elbow tie up their way out to the floor with INTENSITY! Back in, Benoit goes nose-to-nose with Finlay to bait in the quickest double-leg takedown I’ve ever seen to try for a SHARPSHOOTER. Finlay trips him up before Benoit can lock in the hold. Benoit goes to the mat with a headlock, but a quick rollup by Finlay causes him to break the hold. Finlay complains to the ref that Benoit jabbed him in the eye to slow things down and to get a quick shot in on Benoit. Genius! Finlay takes Benoit back to the mat with a reverse chinlock for a bit, but then wakes Benoit up with a slap to the face. Benoit returns the favor, only 1000x harder! Benoit stiffs Finlay to the other side of the ring and drops him with a textbook backbreaker. Benoit takes Finlay to the mat and tries to maneuver him around for the Crippler Crossface, but instead cradles him over for a near-fall with Finlay’s feet on the ropes. Benoit beats on Finlay in the corner, but then takes a thumb to the eye. Short-arm clothesline sets up a near-fall. Finlay puts Benoit in a hold that is so sick, I don’t even know WHAT to call it where he forces his foot behind Benoit’s head and pulls on both his arms. Let’s call it the IRISH TORTURE DEVICE! Benoit actually powers out of this insane hold, but goes right into a bow-tie chokehold. Benoit fights out and ducks a clothesline to hit the HAT TRICK of Germans. Benoit goes up top for the SWANDIVE HEADBUTT, but Finlay rolls out of the way. Benoit delivers a dragon screw leg whip and tries for the SHARPSHOOTER once more, but Finlay kicks him away. Finlay goes out to bring a chair into the ring, but Benoit baseball-slides the chair into Finlay. Benoit rolls Finlay in and nails the SWANDIVE HEADBUTT! He covers for 1, 2, NO! Finlay reverses a whip for Benoit to run chest-first in the corner, and then follows up with a clothesline from behind for two. Finlay works on the neck for a bit, but then hits a big running butt splash to Benoit’s lower abdomen for two. Finlay locks on a hammerlock/dragon sleeper submission hold! I don’t know why no one has ever thought of that before! Benoit bridges out, but Finlay drops him again with a European uppercut to the back of the head. Finlay just kills Benoit with the forearm shots. Benoit fights back with the same, but then Finlay starts to tear on Benoit’s shoulders. Benoit flips out a slam and puts Finlay down with a German suplex! He hits another suplex! Benoit tries for a third, but Finlay elbows out. Finlay repeatedly headbutts Benoit, but then takes an enziguri that sends him stumbling out of the ring. Benoit follows him out and ducks a swing of the shillelagh to give Finlay a German suplex on the floor! Benoit gets back in the ring at the count of six, Finlay in at eight. Benoit delivers a snap suplex in from the apron and holds on through the Three Amigos of Eddie Guerrero. Benoit takes too much time pounding his chest like Eddie, so Finlay shoves Benoit off the apron into the security wall. Back in, Finlay drives Benoit shoulder-first into the steel ringpost. He brings Benoit to the center of the ring and out of nowhere; Benoit takes Finlay down to the mat to lock in the CRIPPLER CROSSFACE! Once Benoit clasps his hands, Finlay taps immediately! (21:10) If guys like Benoit and Finlay can’t deliver, WWE might as well stop what they’re doing. Keep the memories you have and leave it at that. The match they had that set this one up was really great, but this was just better. Possibly the reason could just be due to the commercial break in the middle of it. You might be able to say that the finish was too quick, but it completely defines what the Crossface is meant to do. It’s meant to be unexpected and quickly executed. No one saw it coming, especially not Finlay. ****

Jillian Hall vs. Melina (w/Nitro)

Nitro gets sent to the back before the bell even rings. Jillian delivers a Louise Thesz press complete with punches off the ropes. Jillian connects with a Curt Hennig neck snap. To the floor they go as Jillian slams Melina’s face into the security wall from the apron. Melina takes over with hair pulling, eye gouging and then some choking and head stomping. Melina gets a spinning faceslam in the ring for two. Jillian gets set up in the corner for Melina to drop down on her with her knees. Melina goes to the second buckle again for an elbow drop, but Jillian gets her legs up to block it. Jillian hits a crossbody block and then a very slowwwww “Jack Brisco” rollup in the corner gets the win. BUT WAIT! Melina grabbed the bottom rope before the three! A shame how no one but the few of us watching at home saw it! Well, pretty much everyone but the ref saw it. Cole didn’t even see it until the replay. Nevertheless, Jillian wins the match. (4:18) Jillian SUCKS. I mean that in a bad way. ½*

Interview skank Kristal meets Melina on the rampway. Kristal makes light that it hasn’t been the best of pay-per-views for her, and that calls for a CATFIGHT! Well, that was pointless.

In the back, JBL talks about how great he is until he spies Chavo Guerrero is standing over to his right. Chavo says he’s here to support Rey, but JBL says he’s here to see Rey get beat for the belt! Chavo states that JBL will not leave Phoenix Arizona with the World Championship.

WWE KotR Classic Crowning moment – Steve Austin delivering a Stunner to Jake Roberts in ’96; where Austin 3:16 was born.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Super Crazy

The champ enters first because he doesn’t drive a lawn mower. Luis Gonzales from the Arizona Diamondbacks is here! Wow! Crazy pisses Helms off to start with several near-falls, causing Helms to toss Crazy out to the floor by his perm. Crazy slips back in and cradles Helms for two. Now Helms is sent out to the floor for Crazy to do his flip dive over the ref’s back. Back in, Crazy covers for two. Helms counters the ten-count corner punch with a hotshot for two. Helms begins to work on the neck for a bit. Crazy fights up, but goes down to a reverse elbow. Helms slapping on a headlock causes the crowd to cheer on Super Crazy. Crazy fights back and counters a suplex. Helms drives his knees into Crazy’s head a few times and returns to a chinlock. Cole and Tazz just can’t get along during this match. It’s not entertaining, it’s just annoying. Crazy slips out of a sleeper into a rollup for two. Helms drives a knee into Crazy’s face and goes up top for something. Crazy blocks it with his boot, but Helms catches himself and misses an elbow drop. Crazy goes crazy on Helms to set up a standing moonsault for two. Crazy goes up top and connects with a missile dropkick for two. Crazy goes up again and tries for the MOONSAULT, but Helms avoids it. Helms tries for the SHINING WIZARD, but Crazy ducks his finisher too. Crazy hits the spinning heel kick for two. Helms hits a reverse neckbreaker, but then misses a charge in the corner. Crazy does as well and gets rolled up for two. Crazy blocks the NIGHTMARE ON HELMS STREET, but runs into a boot in the corner. Helms goes up and puts Crazy down with a swinging neckbreaker for two. Helms blocks a rana with a powerbomb and rolls Crazy up with his feet on the ropes to steal the win. (9:55) The CW division goes from having some of the best matches from the past couple Smackdown PPV’s, to having one of the worst matches on the card. *½

Meanwhile, Melina and Nitro go to complain to GM Teddy Long about their horrible night. Long says he’s not going to do anything for them. Melina has had ENOUGH tonight, so he retaliates by slapping Teddy Long! Long replies by telling Melina that she is FIRED! Nitro gets in Long’s face too, so he gets FIRED as well! Nitro looked so green in front of the camera! He looked as though he needed to see what Melina was doing as to how to react to getting fired.

WWE KotR Classic Crowning moment – Kurt Angle defeating Rikishi in 2000; Kurt looks as though he’s aged ten years since then.

Mark Henry vs. Kurt Angle

Angle attempts to dominate Henry early by using his speed and skill. After Angle rolls away from a standing butt splash, he running kicks Henry in the jaw! Nice! Henry goes to the floor after that to regroup. Angle follows him out and attempts a German suplex through the announce table, but Henry elbows out and tosses Angle back into the ring. Angle takes Henry down and works the leg. Once Angle goes to work on the ankle, Henry kicks him away. Angle runs at Henry, but that proves UNWISE, as he goes down to a clothesline. Now its Henry’s turn to take over the match. Henry works on the ribs and back of Angle, as he get to clearly see what Angle has gel-pinned on his mouthpiece. It reads “REVENGE”. Angle fights up and counters the WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM into a DDT for two! Angle ducks a clothesline and hits a German suplex! Angle pulls down the straps and waits for the ANGLE SLAM! HE GETS IT! 1, 2, NO! Just when it looks Angle is back on top, Henry comes out of nowhere with a clothesline. Henry delivers the WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM! 1, 2, NO! Henry goes for his finisher again, but Angle slips out and down into the ANKLE LOCK! Henry rolls through and sends Angle flying out to the floor. Henry goes out and sets Angle up on the Cole/Tazz announce table and climbs on top of the SAT in order to splash Angle again. But this time, Angle rolls out of the way and Henry is able to catch himself before he leaps off the table. Angle leans up against the ringpost and then WHAM! Henry Avalanche Splashes Angles! Henry gets back in the ring and leaves Angle lying on the floor to get the count-out victory. (9:10) Well, I can at least say that this was WAY better than their Royal Rumble match. Post-match, Henry goes out to get at Angle some more. He starts to put Angle back onto the table, but Angle fights back. He kicks Henry in the balls and then beats him head-to-toe with a steel chair. ANKLELOCK+GRAPEVINE brings out security! It takes about six guys to get him off of Henry! Angle breaks free and delivers an ANGLE SLAM on the Cole/Tazz table! I love PSYCHO ANGLE! **

Booker T (w/Sharmell) vs. Bobby Lashley – 2006 KotR Finals

Lashley looks to try and overpower Booker with clotheslines and such to start off the match. Then, he begins to wear down Booker’s left arm. The tide of the match changes once Lashley misses a charge in the corner and goes shoulder-first into the ringpost. Booker tries for the count-out victory because you can still win the King of the Ring if Lashley gets counted out. Now Booker works the injured shoulder of Lashley for a bit. Lashley fights back with a bunch of clotheslines and an atomic drop that sets up the DOMINATOR! For some reason, Sharmell gets up on the apron to distract the referee while Booker kicks his way out of the Dominator. Booker tries for the BOOK END, but Lashley elbows out and delivers a belly-to-belly suplex. Lashley sets up in the corner for a spear, but Sharmell grabs his leg. That causes Lashley to turn his back on Booker and then turn around into a super kick. Booker nails the BOOK END and covers for 1, 2, NO! Lashley catches Booker off a charge in the corner and connects with a running powerslam! He covers for 1, 2, NO! Lashley charges at Booker in the corner, but runs right into a heel kick. That sets up the SCISSORS KICK for 1, 2, NO! Lashley ducks the heel kick and nails the spear! Sharmell jumps IN the ring to chat with the ref while FINLAY runs down and cracks Lashley in the face with the shillelagh! Booker nails the SCISSORS KICK again and covers for the three-count! (9:15) Booker and Sharmell go over to the throne and puts on the crown and robe. Booker looks just like Flava Flav with all that on. Just so we know he’s still around, Lashley comes by and spears Booker INTO the throne! Wow, that got a great reaction! But about the match, Lashley continues to improve for a big guy. He’s really not bad for a young, big guy. The match was solid enough to give the KotR some credit. **½

Great Khali (w/Daivari) vs. Undertaker

I haven’t seen Khali wrestle yet, so all I have to go by is everyone’s Giant Gonzales comparison and that scares me. Khali no-sells Taker’s blows to start and then tosses him out with one hand. Taker gets back in and tries to chop this tree down again, but Khali isn’t going anywhere. Taker gets dumped out again with one hand. Khali has Taker on the apron and takes forever to nail him, so Taker drops him throat-first on the top rope. Taker tries for Old Skool, but Khali pulls him down. Khali beats on Taker in and out of the ring for a bit. He even puts the brakes on a whip and sends Taker knees-first into the steel steps. Khali hits a slam (a wrestling move!) and then nails Taker with his DEVASTATING CHOP TO THE SKULL! Khali covers for 1, 2, NO! ZOMBIE SITUP! Taker tries the hit-and-run strategy that seems to be working, so he gives Old Skool another try. This time, it connects. Khali STILL on his feet. Taker tries multiple clotheslines, but Khali still won’t go down. Taker ends up making Khali just fall back into the ropes for him to get all tied up. Taker gives him what-for and then Daivari comes in and gets yanked in from the apron to the ring by his throat! The ref tries to stop Taker, so he drops Daivari and chases the ref out of the ring. Daivari un-ties Khali, but he falls into a GOOZLE! Khali elbows out of a Chokeslam and nails Taker with a big boot. Taker sits up again, but goes down to the DEVASTATING CHOP TO THE SKULL! Khali kicks Taker in the head and puts his foot on Taker’s chest to get the three-count. (8:33) This was better than I expected, but still passable. *

World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio vs. WWE U.S. Champion JBL – World Title Match

JBL is also the US Champ here, but only Rey’s title is on the line. As expected, JBL shows Rey no respect at the start. He’s pie-facing and shoving Rey around like he’s nobody. Rey grabs a headlock, but JBL brings Rey over to the corner and places him on the top buckle. Then he looks eye-to-eye and trash talks him some more. JBL wears Rey down in the corner but then takes a drop toe-hold to set up a 619. JBL realizes what’s getting ready to happen and rolls out to the floor. As JBL tries to get back in, Rey speeds over and nails him with a baseball slide. Rey follows up with a seated senton off the apron. Rey gets back in the ring and turns his back on JBL. Then as JBL looks to nail Rey from behind, he connects with a flying body press out of nowhere for two! As JBL tries to get back on his feet, Rey keeps up with the dropkicks for a few near-falls. Rey takes JBL to the corner for all ten corner punches. Rey sets up JBL for a bronco-buster, but changes his mind and baseball slides into JBL’s BALLS! JBL gets sent out to the floor to make sure both of his man jewels are still there. JBL avoids a baseball slide and then drops Rey with a boot to the face. Then he dumps Rey head-first into the steel steps. Rey is BLEEDING through his mask! I’ve never seen Rey blade before. I guess since he’s champion, he has to go all out! JBL slams Rey’s face in the steps once more before returning to the ring. JBL covers for 1, 2, NO! JBL hits the disrespectful Three Amigos of Eddie Guerrero. He drops Rey ribs-first on the top rope before kicking him out to ringside again. Rey’s wife is in the front row, by the way. JBL goes over and threatens her, but she looks less than terrified. Fall-away slam on the floor right in front of his wife! Back in, JBL covers for 1, 2, NO! JBL slaps Rey around in the corner before connecting with several SICK short-arm clotheslines. JBL then treats this like a Last-Man Standing match and lets the ref count to ten before Rey gets up, then just pinning Rey. Rey wobbles up at NINE! BIG BOOT! JBL covers again for a CLOSE two. Rey fights back, but then JBL pokes him in the eye. Even Tazz has given up on Rey here. JBL then goes to a chinlock. Just when it looked like we would get through this whole match without a rest hold. It’s not excessive though, as JBL doesn’t hold on for very long. JBL sets up Rey for a back superplex, but Rey elbows out and connects with a moonsault press. He covers for 1, 2, NO! A quebrada and a hard kick to the head gets two! JBL rolls over to the corner for a bronco buster, but he sticks his foot up right into the Garden of Good and Evil! They look over at Rey’s wife now and she still doesn’t seem to care that much. Rey counters a powerbomb with a rana to set up the 619! Just when it looks like Rey’s going to do it, JBL pulls referee Nick Patrick in the way of a springboard move. JBL nails a GREAT LOOKIN’ powerbomb and calls for another referee. Charles Robinson shoots down and counts another close near-fall. JBL decks Robinson and brings a chair in the ring! Rey kicks it back in JBL’s face to set up another 619. Rey goes up top and nails a FROG-SPLASH! Patrick wakes up and counts three. Rey retains the title! (15:57) Chavo Guerrero comes down to celebrate with the champ. What happened to him being all depressed and stuff? Anyways, it was a good match that everyone in attendance seemed to be digging. That always helps with PPV’s like this one that you’re just not sure if it’s gonna rock or if it’s gonna suck until you see it. ***

Final Thoughts: There was nothing too bad here. Of course, what I expected to be bad with no surprises (Jillian/Melina and Taker/Khali) wasn’t really offensive. Benoit/Finlay and even the main event are worth a look. Something that’s hard to say even about this year’s WrestleMania is that something NEW and somewhat UNEXPECTED happened to a brand, like the breakup of MNM. It made me want to catch the next edition of Smackdown as well. Recommended show!

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