November 6, 2008
Alexander Settee

Monday Night Raw, November 3, 2008, St. Pete Times Forum, Tampa, FL
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry ďThe KingĒ Lawler

In my Cyber Sunday review I went off on how badly both the buildup and the execution of the Jericho/Batista Title match was handled. While the result of the rematch on Raw somewhat negates those issues, it also just exposes the lack of a real long term plan. I suppose that they didnít want Austin raising Jerichoís hand, so they felt they had no other choice but to go the way they did, but if they werenít booking on the fly, they could have come up with a better way around that, like having Austin ref a different match, or using him in a different role. Instead they put random elements together and just kinda hope it all works out. They want to get from point A to point B, but they have no idea where point B actually is, so they end up making detours to points C, D, E, and F along the way, and sometimes get so lost that they end up right back at point A like in this case. If this were an isolated occurrence, that would be one thing, but it seems like everything is just thrown out there now with no rhyme or reason. Itís really frustrating as a viewer to continually have my intelligence insulted like this.

Anyways, all annoyances aside for a moment, with this being a World Title change, and the first one on TV in a long while, I thought that it would be appropriate to throw out a match review. Here we go.

World Heavyweight Championship, Cage Match: Dave Batista vs. Chris Jericho

Pin, submission, and escape are announced as they ways to win this match. They lockup, with Batista shoving Jericho down a couple of times, so Jericho comes back with a slap. This angers Batista, who runs him to the corner and nails some shoulderblocks. He whips Jericho across, but Jericho leaps up and starts climbing out, but Batista catches him and brings him down with a powerslam. He follows that with a clothesline for 1. He then rams Jericho to the buckle and chokes him with the boot. Jericho gets sent off the ropes, but Batista puts the head down and gets kicked. Now Jericho charges, but Batista moves and sends him to the cage. He does that a couple more times as we go to commercial. Back from the break with Jericho having worked over the knee while we were gone and he is now putting on the Walls. He holds this for a bit, and also asks for the door to be opened. Batista powers out, but ends up kicking Jericho off, right towards the door. Jericho actually comes really close to falling out of the cage for real, but manages to hang on long enough for Batista to make it over and pull him back in. He keeps trying to get out, but Batista has a good grip. Batista makes it to the apron, so Jericho reaches for the door, and slams it on the injured leg. He then does it a second time for good measure, and keeps working it over as hey get back to the middle. Batista fights back, nailing a side slam for 2, followed by a clothesline. He puts the head down again on an Irish whip and gets kicked. Jericho charges, and runs right into a spinebuster, but Batista doesnít get all of it due to the injured leg. Jericho takes advantage and covers for 2. Codebreaker is blocked, and Jericho gets sent to the cage again. Now Batista tries a spear, but Jericho moves and he goes crashing to the cage. Jericho climbs over, right where the door is, so Batista opens the door and grabs him on the way down. Thatís a pretty cool spot, I have to admit. Now Batista gets the spinebuster, followed by an attempt at the Batista Bomb, but Jericho grabs the cage and starts pulling himself over. Batista pulls him back, and even looks to be setting up a Batista Bomb from the top rope, but Jericho grabs a piece of the cage and nails him in the head. Batista is busted open from that, so I guess that the new no blood policy is gone already. Jericho has made it over the cage, but Batista reaches through and grabs him by the throat. Jericho tries to get away, and ends up kicking at the injured leg through the cage. Batista falls back and Jericho falls to the floor to regain the World Heavyweight Title at 10:54 (shown). Going in to the show I gave Jericho zero chance of winning, but they really managed to surprise me. Iím happy to see the belt back where it should be right now, but as I said earlier, Iím not impressed with the route they took to get here. The match was short, which is understandable for being on TV, and while it was good enough for a TV main event, I donít think it was even as good as their disappointing Cyber Sunday match. **

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