September 24, 2011
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

TNA World Champion Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe Cage Match (TNA Lockdown, 4/13/08)

This is that match all the cool kids were talking about. Angle isnt wearing any wrestling tights or boots hes wearing MMA shorts and has his feet taped up like an MMA fighter. Welterweight cage fighter Frank Trigg joins Tenay & West on commentary. Loser must retire, winner gets the title. Very MMA-like start as both guys acting real tentative to hook up. Both guys exchange kicks to the knees. Being the expert amateur wrestler, Angle manages to ground and pound Joe. Off a lockup, Angle explodes on Joe with a back suplex to take him to the mat. Angle grabs a choke, but fails to turn his body to put Joe to sleep. Joe breaks out of a front headlock, but runs into an overhead suplex Joe avoids a cross armbreaker by hooking his hands, but cant help but take the figure-four. He reverses out, but Angle stays on the knee. Joe earclaps out of another overhead suplex and DRILLS Angle with a standing Kobashi clothesline. I mean, dang. Burning Lariat anyone? Joe hits a running knee strike in the corner and goes for the MUSCLE BUSTER, but Angle sunset flips out into the ANKLELOCK! Joe kicks him off and catches Angle with STJoe for 1-2-NO! Powerbomb floats over into a NASTY Boston crab, which transitions over into the STF, then into the Crossface! Angle frees his arm and applies an ANKLELOCK. Looks like the pain from the Anklelock makes Joe release the Crossface. Somehow, Joe pulls Angle down to the mat and were back into the Crossface! Angle turns over in the hold and stands up and delivers an ANGLE SLAM out of it for 1-2-NO! Holy crap. Back to the ANKLELOCK, Joe transitions around and pulls Angle down into the COQUINA CLUTCH! Angle grabs the refs shirt and as the ref pulls away, Angle gets pulled closer to the ropes for the break. While Joe argues with the ref, Angle comes up from behind for an ANGLE SLAM. Joe slips out and sends Angle face-first into the cage! Superkick sets up a MUSCLE BUSTER for the 1-2-3! (17:35) It took Samoa Joe three years too long to become the world champion in TNA, but he finally did it here. TNAs booking has suffered greatly ever since Angle arrived, but this was actually a really good idea on TNAs part to capitalize on the UFC boom by incorporating more of that style into this match. As of right now, this is the best TNA match Ive seen from 2007 onward. ****

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