March 21, 2008
Bill Brown

"Inside The Office" With Rene Goulet
Produced By: Kayfabe Commentaries


If you want to know what was it like being an agent in an ever-powerful growing company with a bunch of out of control wrestlers, Rene Goulet will provide you some insight into this scenario. Kayfabe Commentaries strikes back once again with another strong series from a former WWE "head honcho," who was responsible for almost everything in conducting his crew while they toured the wrestling world. Rene provides a knowledge of his position, his job, the responsibilities on all levels as well as comparisons between the '80's (when he was a worker) & the '90's (when he was a boss). Go behind the scenes & listen in to the in-depth investigative journeys within the WWE’s inner workings.


Audio & Video

Everything is crystal clear: The camera work is excellent, and you do feel just like you are sitting side-by-side with a true businessman in the wrestling industry. Professional mastered & titled, Kayfabe Commentaries once again provides a professional approach to their latest release.


What's On The DVD?

Sean Oliver brings you back in time to the days of Rene Goulet, as he finishes his wrestling career in the ring & gets approached into becoming an agent on the road. Back when he took this job, the WWE was sometimes running up to three separate shows on the road every night, and the company needed a man who they could respect getting to the building early, right through the set-up, opening bell, final call, payoffs, & gate receipts, only to get to the next town hours later and do it all over again & again. How do you handle the no-shows, late arrivals, backstage ribbing, & maybe even the wrestlers in no condition to perform? What do you tell Vince every night when you have to phone in the report? What about the hectic job of running a five-hour TV taping sometimes three days in a row? Considering this travel over 200 dates/year, Rene ultimately shares with you his final notice for working with the WWE & how he reacted to Vince McMahon’s decision to release him from his duties.


The Verdict:

Although kind of short, 80 minutes of backstage information & inner-working stories is plenty enough for me to be satisfied. Once again, Kayfabe Commentaries goes outside the box & stirs up the scenarios when providing their latest work. This is a great listen from a former high-ranking WWE official who has seen plenty.


Overall Recommendation:

Without question, a great job by Kayfabe Commentaries. Although not name-calling, Rene was very honest with many of his stories & backstage situations.


Final Thoughts:

Any fan with a taste for the "inside's of the business" should definitely purchase this DVD to take a listen to & watch.

Overall Rating: 9.0

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