January 18, 2005
Graham Cawthon

Summer Slam 95
August 27, 1995
Pittsburgh, PA; Civic Arena

The 1-2-3 Kid vs. Hakushi

As Vince McMahon makes note of this being the largest crowd in the history of the Igloo, the 1-2-3 Kid makes his way down the aisle to begin the 8th annual Summer Slam.

‘The Modern Day Kamikazee’ makes his way out moments later and, during the intro, we see footage from earlier in the day when Hakushi lost to Barry Horowitz during an episode of the Action Zone after Skip’s interference backfired.

The Match:

Hakushi begins with a headlock which is turned into an armbar, quickly reversed by the Kid as he sends his opponent across the ring with an arm drag. Moments later, the Kid hits another hiptoss but is kicked away by Hakushi, with both men then nipping up at the same time as the crowd chants “1-2-3”.

A chop sends the Kid staggering into the corner and Hakushi continues his assault by sending the Kid into the opposite corner. An attempted powerbomb is turned into an arm drag by the Kid but Hakushi counters moments later by hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker across his knee.

Hakushi methodically works away at the Kid before sending him into the corner and connecting with a beautiful hand spring elbow that leaves Sean Waltman down on the mat. Moments later, the White Angel hits what may very well be the first ever Bronko Buster in the WWF as he lands with full force across the Kid’s chest.

Hakushi slowly surveys his opponent and begins work taking the legs out of his opponent following several stiff kicks, finishing with two kicks to the back of the head as the Kid is down on his knees. The assault continues seconds later as the representative from Japan hits a Vader Bomb off the ropes.

With the match seemingly in hand, the Kid is sent to the mat via a high back body drop, with a kick to the face sending him to the floor. After waiting for his opponent to reach his feet, Hakushi connects with a hand spring moonsault that takes him over the top to the floor, crushing the Kid underneath and leaving both men laid out on the floor.

Back inside the ring, Hakushi lands a shoulder block off the top to gain a 2 count and once more heads to the top. At the 8-minute mark, the Kid rolls out of the way of a diving headbutt and finally has a chance to turn the tide. Hakushi attempts a backdrop as the Kid runs the ropes but the future X-Pac counters by hitting a dropkick after already being sent into the air.

Hakushi rolls out to the floor where he is met moments later by a springboard crossbody by the Kid. A springboard leg drop into the ring gains the Kid a 2-count. A bodyslam follows and the Kid heads to the top rope where he lands a splash for one more 2-count.

With Hakushi staggering to his feet, the Kid runs the ropes in hopes of connecting with his trademark spin wheel kick but Hakushi counters the move with a modified powerbomb. 3 seconds later and the White Angel picks up an impressive victory at 9:29.

My View:

I really wish there were more matches like this in 1995. It would have made the year so much easier to suffer through.

I know this is not an opinion shared by most, but this match happens to be my favorite from Summer Slam 95. Yes, I enjoy it even more than the HBK / Razor ladder rematch that everyone raves about but I do agree that this match as well as the ladder match are the only two worthwhile bouts in what was a dismal show.

It’s a simple one-on-one battle. No back story, no feud. Just two guys that go out there and give it their all for 10 minutes to entertain the fans. And I was very entertained. I give it ***˝ .

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