December 16, 2010
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

The Legion of Doom vs. Shawn Michaels & Triple H – (Raw is War, 12/15/97)
From the Monday Night War DVD. We have Jim Ross and Jim Cornette together on commentary! As expected, neither HBK or HHH can handle LOD to start. Shawn retreats to the floor and he’s met with a clothesline from Hawk. DX regroups on the floor. Back in, Triple H eats a clothesline by Hawk. Cheapshot from HBK on the apron staggers Hawk into a High Knee from HHH. DX concentrates on Hawk in the corner, followed by a drop toehold into an elbow drop. Get excited, Cornette! We see some CLUBBERIN before we go to break. And we’re back! Hawk tosses Shawn away to escape a front headlock. Double KO leads to a HOT TAG TO ANIMAL! Here comes Billy Gunn to distract Hawk. Road Dogg comes in through the crowd and chokes Hawk down with an ETHER RAG! WHAT. Meanwhile, Animal lifts Shawn up for the DOOMSDAY DEVICE, but there’s no Hawk. He boots Hunter away and electric chair drops HBK. DOUBLE NOGGIN KNOCKER! Enough of this, Chyna comes in with the low blow for the DQ. (7:31 shown) Afterwards, Billy Gunn shaves off half of Hawk’s Mohawk while he’s unconscious. Animal takes a FOUR PERSON powerbomb through the announce table. It’s pandemonium, folks. New Age Outlaws leave by themselves while HBK looks on and appears to be quite impressed with the tag team champs. **

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