November 25, 2010
Edward Miguez

WCW Main Event

At this time: WCW Clash of the Champions XVIII is just two days away and The Dangerous Alliance continues to grow stronger by the week!

Eric Bischoff welcomes us to the show with the big news being Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton capturing the WCW World Tag Team Titles earlier in the week from Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat & Dustin Rhodes.

Rick & Scott Steiner Vs. Chuck Coates & Zan Panzer
Scott tosses Coates around with an overhead belly to belly suplex, then further dismantles him with a fallaway Samoan Drop from the middle rope. In comes the masked Zan Panzer, who Rick drops with a back breaker. Scott delivers his trademark tilt-a-whirl slam to Panzer and the end is near. Rick hoists Panzer on his shoulders and Scott delivers a DDT off the top rope for the easy win. (3:07, NR)

Now, let's take a look back at how Jushin "Thunder" Liger captured the WCW Light Heavyweight Champion about a month ago.

Flashback: WCW Light Heavyweight Championship Match: Flyin' Brian Pillman Vs. Jushin "Thunder" Liger (12/25/91, The Omni, Atlanta, GA)
We begin with Pillman hitting a tombstone piledriver on Liger for two. Both wrestlers then attempt a leap frog and collide in mid-air! Pillman locks on a sleeper hold, but Liger runs forward and Pillman's face crashes into the top turnbuckle. Liger sets up for a moonsault, but Pillman gets to his feet and meets Liger on the top rope. Pillman delivers a back suplex off the middle rope for the pin...but Liger gets his shoulder up during the three count and Pillman does not! Jushin Liger is crowned the new WCW Light Heavyweight Champion! (1:23 shown, NR)

Harley Race is standing by with Big Van Vader. Race says he's already taken one man (Lex Luger) to the World Title, and now the unstoppable combination of Vader & Mr. Hughes will dominate every tag team en route to the World Tag Team Titles. Vader says it's "Vader Time!"

WCW World Television Championship Match: Stunning Steve Austin (with Madusa) Vs. Todd Champion
Todd Champion has a chance to step out of the tag team ranks here and become Todd "Television" Champion. He grounds Austin with an arm bar and hammer lock for several minutes as the deadly Madusa tells the crowd to pipe down. A hideous backslide goes awry and Champion keeps working on the arm. We're 5 minutes deep here and the biggest move has been an arm drag by Champion. Austin sits on the top rope and uses his momentum to flip himself & Champion to the floor in a scary-looking moment! Austin is now in control and applies a Camel Clutch to Champion, who has a small cut on his head from the fall to the floor. Champion is able to escape and hammers Austin with a clothesline. Austin begs for mercy. Champion delivers a flying back elbow to Austin, but Madusa gets referee Randy Anderson's attention. Bobby Eaton runs into the ring, gets decked by the challenger, but Austin is able to roll Champion up with a handful of tights to retain the title. (8:27, *) Austin & Eaton begin to pummel Champion, but Ricky Steamboat runs out and delivers a series of chops, driving away the Dangerous Alliance members.

Jim Ross is standing by with Cactus Jack, who has recently had some violent brawls with former ally Abdullah the Butcher. Cactus claims he and Abdullah are soul mates, and asks "What good is violence without a friend to share it with?" Cactus says that as long as there's a Sting to cripple, he and Abdullah will remain a team. Jack says Van Hammer shouldn't expect to survive their Falls Count Anywhere Match this Tuesday at the Clash of Champions. Cactus will face Ron Simmons later in the program.

"Heavy Metal" Van Hammer Vs. Rick Thames
Thames annoys Hammer by attacking him before the bell, and "Heavy Metal" hits him with a series of headbutts. Hammer delivers a back body drop and powerslam to Thames. Hammer gets the crowd to do a "STOMP-STOMP-CLAP" and quickly finishes Thames with the Hammer Rocks slingshot suplex. (1:12, NR)

Handicap Match: Mr. Hughes Vs. Rick Ryder & Larry Santo
Hughes clobbers Ryder with a big clothesline and gut wrench suplex. In comes Santo, who Hughes dominates with headbutts and a vertical suplex. Hughes delivers his two-handed chokeslam to both opponents and pins them simultaneously. (2:28, NR)

Cactus Jack Vs. "The All-American" Ron Simmons
This match is from Center Stage in Atlanta. Cactus works over Ron in the corner, ripping at his face and doing his wild scream. Cactus sends Simmons to the floor with two clotheslines. Simmons comes back with a big clothesline on the floor and rolls Jack back in. Cactus regains control with dirty tactics and straddles Ron's neck across the middle rope. Jack with a leg drop and a "Bang Bang!" Simmons tries to fight back but misses a diving shoulder block into the corner and hits hard on the top turnbuckle. Cactus throws Simmons to the floor and comes off the ring apron with a clothesline. Jack has really dominated this match. Jack with a neck breaker and chin lock on Simmons. Cactus throws Ron to the floor again, but this time Simmons is ready and slams Jack off the ring apron onto the concrete! Brutal! Back in the ring, Simmons hits Jack with a spine buster, as the referee SLOWLY counts...and Larry Zbyszko suddenly gets on the ring apron. Jack rolls up Simmons for an incredibly slow (we're talking 6 seconds) two count that is broken up as Abdullah the Butcher hits the ring as attacks Cactus! Ugly ending to a pretty decent match, and for some reason Ron Simmons is announced as the winner by disqualification, despite Abdullah attacking Cactus. I suppose referee Nick Patrick saw Larry Zbyszko holding Ron's leg during the final pin attempt. (9:57, **) Abdullah and Cactus continue to brawl and go backstage.

Paul E. Dangerously introduced "the greatest tag team on the face of this planet and the two greatest athletes in the world" - the new WCW World Tag Team Champions, Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton. Arn says that when they won the titles from Dustin Rhodes & Ricky Steamboat, the match was so incredible that there were no losers, but there could only be two champions. The new champions promise to remain on top with their trump card, Paul E. by their side.

Eric Bischoff signs us off, but tune in next week as we'll see Big Van Vader, Jushin "Thunder" Liger, and a tag team match with Brian Pillman & The Z Man facing Stunning Steve Austin & Bobby Eaton.

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