January 26, 2011
Edward Miguez

WCW Main Event (2/29/1992)

*Note: This is the syndicated version which aired in select markets. The TBS airing of this episode was the following day, 3/1/92*

Eric Bischoff welcomes us to the show and hypes the big matches at tonight’s SuperBrawl II PPV.

Flashback: On WCW Pro Wrestling, Vinnie Vegas says it isn’t personal, but “his people” need him to make an example out of someone and it’s Big Josh. Vegas sucker punches Josh and lays in some stomps as Harley Race chokes the logger with his axe handle.

Vinnie Vegas (with Harley Race) Vs. Big Josh
Josh wants some payback and levels Vegas with punches and kicks until he runs into a big boot. Vegas chokes Josh and throws him to the mat. Vegas delivers a big avalanche in the corner for a 2 count. Vegas delivers a nice gut wrench suplex and keeps Josh on the mat with a chin lock. Josh is able to fight back and hit a belly-to-belly suplex but Vegas recovers and lays in a big elbow. Josh struggles to fight back but finally knocks Vegas off his feet with a big clothesline. Josh has some momentum, but Harley Race distracts referee Nick Patrick, allowing Vegas to deck Josh with a roll of quarters and get the pinfall at 6:00. * for a very basic match with no exciting moves whatsoever.

Arn Anderson gives a Public Service Announcement from WCW telling young athletes to stay off steroids.

Eric Bischoff interviews Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat who comments on Paul E. Dangerously being banned from ringside during Steamboat’s U.S. Title Match with Rick Rude at SuperBrawl II. Steamboat thanks the fans for writing in and getting him a fair shot at Rude. Steamboat is fired up!

Jim Ross interviews The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin) who say they deserve to be the World Tag Team Champions. Garvin says the Freebirds are like a disease and don’t feel like going anywhere. Hayes says there’s a conspiracy to make the Freebirds climb back up the ladder and tonight, Richard Morton & Thomas Rich will be defeated.

The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin) Vs. Thomas Rich & Richard Morton
No entrances for either team. Hayes cracks Morton with his deadly left punch right off the bat. Garvin and Rich exchange holds with Garvin getting the better of him. Rich & Morton trap Hayes in their corner but Rich accidently decks Morton! Morton tags in and throws Garvin to the floor, then sends him head-first into the ring post. Rich & Morton use dirty tactics to wear down Garvin as the crowd chants “Freebirds!” and “DDT!” Rich clotheslines Garvin and then applies a chin lock to keep him down. Finally, Garvin is able to boot Rich in the face and make the tag to Hayes. Hayes hangs in there with both Rich & Morton until Garvin takes down both of them with a clothesline. As referee Randy Anderson tries to break it up, Rich rolls up Hayes with an O’Connor Roll, but Garvin plants Rich with the DDT. Hayes gets the pin at 7:53. * for a pretty uneventful and dull match.

The Young Pistols (Tracy Smothers & Steve Armstrong) Vs. Brian Pillman & Tom Zenk
No entrances for either team. Brian Pillman takes down both Pistols with a head lock/head scissors takeover and Z Man comes off the top with a flying cross body, which revs up the crowd! The Pistols go to the floor to regroup. Back in, Z Man hits each Pistol with a dropkick and hip toss, then slingshots Pillman into the ring with a flying clothesline! Some great moves by Pillman & Zenk here. The Pistols go back out to the floor to jaw with the fans and get hit from behind by combo baseball slides from Pillman & Zenk! Zenk hoists Smothers up and Pillman (barely) connects with a big dropkick. The Pistols eventually throw Pillman to the floor and send him into the ring post. Double flying shoulder block by the Pistols to Pillman. The Pistols work over Pillman in the ropes and knock him off the ring apron into the guard rail. Pillman recovers and hits his “Air Pillman” springboard clothesline on Smothers! Nick Patrick doesn’t see Pillman tag Zenk, but Zenk keeps fighting anyway despite the referee’s warning. All four wrestlers in now. Zenk hits Smothers with a superkick and covers, but Armstrong runs in and whacks Zenk in the back with a U.S. Tag Team Title belt. Smothers pins Zenk at 5:58. ** for plenty of energy from Zenk & Pillman here. Kind of embarassing that the Pistols are shown on TV using a title belt that has already passed on to two different teams since this was taped…

Cactus Jack Vs. Dustin Rhodes
Cactus gains the early advantage, kicking & biting Rhodes in the corner. Cactus accidently runs his shoulder into the ring post but is able to shrug it off and boot Rhodes in the face. Rhodes & Cactus fight out on the floor and Dustin shoves Cactus into the ring post. Rhodes wears down Cactus with a hammerlock & arm bar and the two begin slugging it out again. Rhodes lunges at his opponent but Cactus ducks and Rhodes goes flying over the top rope to the arena floor! Cactus with a back breaker on the floor, then comes flying off the ring apron with an elbow smash…but Dustin moves. Dustin then comes flying off the ring apron with a big clothesline! Awesome visual! The bell rings and both wrestlers have been counted out at 5:38. ** for a decent, short little match between the two. After the match, Rhodes takes Cactus back in the ring and decks him. Jack heads to the showers.

Eric Bischoff has an interview with the WCW U.S. Tag Team Champions Greg Valentine & The Taylor-Made Man. Only Valentine has his title belt, which is funny to me because Steve Armstrong used one in the old taped match earlier in the show. Taylor says the other title belt is being “tailor made” to remove the sweat & grease that Ron Simmons left on it. Taylor tells Tom Zenk & Marcus Alexander Bagwell that they have no chance of taking their titles. Greg Valentine tells the fans to get used to them as champions and they’re coming after the World Tag Team Titles next.

Eric Bischoff says to order SuperBrawl II tonight and hypes next week’s show featuring: Ron Simmons Vs. Vinnie Vegas; Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes; P.N. News & El Gigante

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