October 7, 2008
Alexander Settee

The Main Event II, February 3, 1989, Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI
Announcers Vince McMahon & Jesse ďThe BodyĒ Ventura

So, having reviewed Wrestlemania IV this past weekend, it makes sense to follow that up by doing Wrestlemania V this week. Meanwhile, hereís a quick look at the show that setup the main event of Mania V. This angle had been brewing for nearly a year and a half, with Hogan and Savage becoming friends and partners, and Hogan giving Savage the assist in his WWF Title win. Theyíve been teasing dissention for the past few weeks, but Vince McMahon assures us everything is fine, so it must be so, right? Of course everything turns out not to be fine and the result is one of the biggest money matches they would do up to that point.

We open the show with a review of the events leading up to our big tag team match tonight. Thatís followed by a pre-match interview with the Twin Towers and Slick, followed by their introduction. Next, we get a special music video devoted to the Mega Powers. In their interview, Hogan talks the love between him and Elizabeth, and although he likens it to the love between a brother and sister, the subtle ďWhat did you just say?Ē reaction from Savage is great. Little things like that are really missing today because they feel that itís more important to make sure everything is a surprise, but since most stuff ends up leaking on the internet anyways, nothing surprises us anymore unless itís some totally random thing straight outta left field, so I canít understand why they wonít run angles like this anymore. Finally the Mega Powers make their way to the ring (to Hoganís music) so we can get on with the match.

Opening Match, and Main Event: The Twin Towers (w/Slick) vs. The Mega Powers (w/Elizabeth)

We kick things off with some drama over whoís going to start. Boss Man starts for his team. Savage wants to start, and he convinces Hogan to let him, but now Boss Man wants Hogan. Savage reluctantly agrees to switch again, and we finally get going with Hogan and Boss Man. Boss Man rakes the eyes, but Hogan is right back with punches, as well as shots for Slick and Akeem. Atomic drop on Boss Man, and he goes out where the Towers regroup. The crowd is super hot for this match, thatís for sure. Back in, Boss Man gets a knee and tries to ram Hogan to the buckle, but Hogan blocks and rams Boss Man in ten times. Irish whip, but Boss Man holds on to the ropes and slides out so they can regroup again. Tag to Akeem, who gets backed to the Powers corner and nailed by both of them. Hogan gets some chops and tags Savage, who comes in with a double axhandle off the top. Corner whip and elbow hit, followed by ramming him to Hoganís boot. Tag to Hogan, who gets a double ax of his own off the 2nd rope, but Akeem is able to rake the eyes and tag Boss Man. Boss Man gets a clothesline and piledriver before tagging out to Akeem again and they work Hogan over in their corner with Akeem tagging back out quickly. Hogan is able to backdrop Boss Man outside, but then gets dragged out himself. Hogan still manages to run him to the post and get back in. Slick grabs Hoganís leg from the floor, so Savage runs down the apron and nails him, but the distraction still allows Boss Man to take over and nail a spinebuster for 2. Couple more quick tags by the Towers as they control, but soon enough they miss a double team move and Hogan tags Savage. Savage drops Akeem on the top rope and comes off the top with a flying bodypress for 2 as Boss Man saves. Savage goes off the ropes, but Slick nails him in the back with the nightstick, allowing the Towers to control Savage in their corner. More quick tags as they work over Savageís back. Akeem tosses him outside, but Elizabeth is there to help him back in. Once there, Akeem tosses him again, and this time he wipes Liz out on the way down. Nicely done in a way that completely protects her. Hogan comes over to check on both of them. Savage is alright, but Liz is out of it and Hogan is really concerned about her. Akeem grabs Savage by the hair and gets him back in allowing the Towers to go to work, but most of the focus now is on Hogan and Liz. Savage fights back and looks to go check on his manager and partner, but he gets knocked off the apron. Hogan carries Liz to the back where heís met by a stretcher which carries her to the first aid room. Hogan is really overacting here seemingly implying that she may be dead. With that, we go to a commercial. Back now with Savage still getting beat up in the ring, and crawling for the tag that isnít there. So we cut backstage again where Liz has regained consciousness, but Hogan is still hysterical. She asks where Randy is, so Hogan tells her thatís heís getting his ass whipped in the ring. She grants permission for him to return and make the big save, so off he goes. In the ring now, Akeem is choking Savage on the ropes. He tags Boss Man as Hogan makes his way back down the aisle. The Towers hit a double backbreaker. They both come off the ropes, but in a funny moment, Akeem simply falls out of the ring when he hits them. Boss Man misses a splash. Savage goes up and gets a double axhandle on Boss Man, and then he tosses him. Akeem is back, so Savage tosses him as well. Hogan wants the tag, so Savage just smacks him, which also counts as the tag. Boss Man attacks Hogan as Savage looks to be walking off. Double team by the Towers is on, and Savage appears to have a change of heart and returns to ringside, but heís actually just retrieving the WWF Title belt. He leaves for good this time as Akeem nails Hogan with a splash in the corner, and a splash on the mat. That gets 2, and now Hogan Hulks up. 3 punches, Irish whip, big boot, shot for the Boss Man, Legdrop, and Hogan gets the pin on Akeem at 18:11. The Towers try to attack again, but Hogan takes them all on and ends up handcuffing Boss Man and Slick together. No rating as a match because we missed a good chunk of it for the backstage stuff, and really itís irrelevant here because the match is just a backdrop for the angle anyways.

Our story continues as we find Savage in the back with Liz. Hogan is so angry that he doesnít even pose to celebrate his victory, and instead makes his way back there too. It all comes out now as Savage accuses Hogan of being jealous of his status as Champion, as well as of having lust for Elizabeth. Hogan denies everything of course, so Savage cements the turn by nailing Hogan with the belt and punching him repeatedly in the face. Liz tries to intervene, so Savage even shoves her out of the way. Brutus Beefcake is on hand to make the save, after previously missing his cue and coming in too early, but I guess these backstage angles were relatively new to them back in 1989. Savage then leaves, but he makes sure to note that heís doing so only because he wants to. Like I said before, the match itself canít be rated, but as a Sportz Entertainment Extravaganza, it was top notch. ****1/2 for the whole thing, with the only deduction being for Hoganís awful, awful acting job.

Hercules vs. Ted Dibiase (w/Virgil)

If youíve ever wondered what the term ďdeath slotĒ means, this would be the quintessential example right here as these guys have zero chance to do anything meaningful following the previous angle. The crowd remains in shock and they are just as cold for this match as they were hot for the previous one. This is coming off the angle where Dibiase tried to buy Hercules from Heenan so that he could use him as a slave, with Herc saying he was no manís slave and turning face as a result. Herc jumps Dibiase right off the bat, gets an atomic drop, and clotheslines him outside. He slams Virgil off the top, and then whips him into Dibiase on the apron. Virgil gets tossed, and now Dibiase is slingshot back into the ring. Herc gets a press slam and another atomic drop to send Dibiase out again, and to top that off he gets a double noggin knocker on both him and Virgil. Herc tries to pull Dibiase back in, but Dibiase counters and is able to pull Herc out to finally gain control. He works Herc over outside, and then gets him back in where he nails a clothesline. A couple of fistdrops get 2, followed by a kneelift and an elbow to the head from the 2nd rope for another 2. Suplex is blocked, and Herc reverses to one of his own, but Dibiase rakes the eyes to keep control. Corner whip is reversed, but Dibiase gets the boot up on the charge. Backbreaker gets 2, and he tries to ram Herc to the buckle, but itís blocked and Dibiase gets rammed ten times. Irish whip and Herc nails a powerslam. He then charges at Dibiase, who avoids it and sends Herc crashing to the corner. Virgil has grabbed the chain and wrapped it around the opposite buckle, but when Dibiase tries to run Herc in to it, itís blocked and Dibiase tastes it himself. 2 count off of that for Herc so he puts Dibiase in the torture rack. The ref sees the chain, and goes to remove it, but that allows Virgil to come in and break the hold. Herc goes for Virgil, but that allows Dibiase to get a rollup for 3 at 7:13. He tries to get some revenge, but Virgil pulls Dibiase to safety and they make their escape. In spite of the spot they were in, they put in a pretty good effort. **

Mean Gene is in the back to interview Hogan, who is still selling the attack from Savage. Strangely he has nothing to say, but simply charges off in search of Savage. He even threatens fellow babyfaces the Hart Foundation and the Rockers to show us how serious he is. Heís still wandering around looking for Savage as the show comes to an end.

The numbers for Wrestlemania V tell you that this show did its job, no doubt about that. Great angle all the way, and for me the best part of it and what really sets it apart from anything they do in todayís product is this: Looking at everything thatís happened from Savageís point of view, you can see how HE believes heís right, even if YOU donít believe heís right, and as we all know, the best kind of heel is the one who comes across like he believes what heís saying. This isnít some random thing that happened because they needed a main event, itís a perfect storyline with all the little things booked and executed just right. Even though I was planning on doing it anyways, it really makes me want to throw Wrestlemania V on right now. Thumbs up, and it gets a high recommendation, especially if you intend to follow up right after with WMV.

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