July 20, 2013
Kevin Hensley

WWE Main Event Review
June 19, 2013 (Taped June 18, 2013)
Dayton, OH at the Hara Arena
Commentators: Josh Matthews, The Miz & Cody Rhodes

-Before the Main Event open, a recap of the Payback PPV airs.

-Main Event open, with full pyro

-As Josh Matthews welcomes us to Main Event, The Shield’s music hits! They head to the ring (through the crowd, of course.) Following them out for a kick-off six-man tag team match are The Usos and Justin Gabriel. That kind of gives away your finish right there, but let’s what they can do with it!

1. The Shield VS The Usos & Justin Gabriel: Six-Man Tag Team Match
-Of note, the pyro from the Main Event open and the entrances have left a HORRIBLE smoke screen around the crowd. You can’t hardly see the low attendance in Dayton! Anyway, not much happening in the first bit of the match, until an Uso whips Seth Rollins in, Dean Ambrose pulls him outside to safety, and we go to break 2:17 into the match.

[Commercial Break]

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-Back inside the Hara Arena, and The Shield have gained control. Frequent tags commence, to help them keep the advantage. The faces regain control, however, as a fresh Uso comes in off a hot tag to face Dean Ambrose. A pier-six brawl ensues, until Gabriel tags himself in, climbs up top to try and hit the 450 SPLASH, but as the brawl continues in and out of the ring, Ambrose gains his composure enough to crotch Justin across the top rope. Dean then nails a STANDING BULLDOG for the 3 count.

Winners: The Shield in 7:42 (shown.) Basic six-man tag, nothing wrong, it was just fine. A great way to continue to establish The Shield as a threat. ** ½.

-After a replay of the finish, The Shield celebrate in the ring.

-Before we go to commercial, a new PSA about not trying wrestling moves at home, airs. WWE has to go into damage control again, as the Louisiana press tried to use the WWE as blame for a tragedy earlier this week. Why can’t the media just leave WWE alone? They do some good things, but it seems the mainstream only picks up on the negative.

[Commercial Break]

-CM Punk highlights from Payback and Raw, all the way up to the Brock Lesnar confrontation.

-Back in the arena, here comes Sin Cara, in the two-hole again this week. He will face Antonio Cesaro…again, here on Main Event. Cesaro comes out with Zeb Colter, a GREAT fit. Too bad Michael Cole isn’t here to make a fool of himself with his burial and incorrect arguments…Colter cuts a promo on Cara and the US in general on the way to the ring.

2. Sin Cara VS Antonio Cesaro
-Cara gets in some limited offense, but Cesaro DOMINATES. Antonio follows Sin to the floor, beats him down out there, yells “We the People” to the crowd, and then climbs back into the ring as we go to break 3:01 into the match.

[Commercial Break]

-Back to the action, and Cesaro continues to OWN Cara. Sin makes a comeback, and this time gets some serious offense in, including several high-flying moves, such as a headscissors and a top-rope plancha to the floor. Antonio takes back over, locks in a reverse chinlock, SWINGS cara around with it ala Ken Patera, drops him, and then picks him up for the NEUTRALIZER. That’s good for the 3.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro in 7:56 (shown.) Great action here, both men were able to shine. **.

-After the replay, the commentators discuss Cesaro, and then tease a replay of the AWESOME Mark Henry/John Cena interaction this past Monday on Raw.

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[Commercial Break]

-Back from break, and the announcers discuss a Bryan/Orton re-match to take place this Friday on Smackdown!

-In the ring…IT’S DIVAS TIME!!! Askana awaits Kaitlyn. She must have a death wish.

3. Aksana VS Kaitlyn
-Aksana dominates the first two minutes of the match, and as expected, it’s SLOW. She’s improved leaps and bounds, nothing wrong with her offense, just slow. Kaitlyn makes her comeback, hits the SPEAR, and gets the duke.

Winner: Kaitlyn in 3:26. Basic match to re-establish Kaitlyn as a threat. The match itself was just fine for what it was. *.

-Next is the Henry/Cena interaction.

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[Commercial Break]

-Back from break, and the Mark Henry/John Cena interaction from Raw Monday takes us home.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Another so-so episode of Main Event. The exclusive matches were just fine, and getting to re-live Henry’s GREAT promo from Raw Monday helped make this episode ** ½.

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