July 20, 2013
Kevin Hensley

WWE Main Event Review
June 26, 2013 (Taped June 25, 2013)
Columbia, SC at the Colonial Life Arena
Commentators: Josh Matthews and The Miz

-Main Event open, with full pyro

-As Josh Matthews welcomes us to Main Event, Y2J is heading down to ringside! This is Jericho’s Main Event debut by the way. He’ll be facing Cody Rhodes. Wow, two great workers to start off the show!

1. Chris Jericho VS Cody Rhodes
-Some chain-wrestling to start us off. Neither man get a clear-cut advantage, until Rhodes throws Jericho shoulder-first into the ringpost. Man, the agent that is in charge of these Main Event matches LOVES the shoulder-first-into-the-ringpost spot. It’s used every week!!! Anyway, we go to break 2:57 into the match.

[Commercial Break]

-We’re back! Cody has Chris locked in a chinlock (no pun intended.) Rhodes continues to dominate Jericho, hitting a SWEET moonsault for 1, 2, NO! Cody sells frustration over not being able to garner a “W” there. Jericho takes back over, comes off the top with a double axe handle, then tries to lock in the WALLS OF JERICHO, but Rhodes fights out and hits the DISASTER KICK for another LONGGGGGG two count. Cody continues the assault by breaking out the ALABAMA SLAM for 1, 2, nada. Jericho fights back with a northern lights suplex for 2. Rhodes returns the favor with CROSS RHODES for 1, 2, not yet. Chris pulls ahead again with the CODEBREAKER for 1, 2, 2.9999999999999. Jericho and Rhodes can’t put each other away! This is building nicely. Cody rolls Chris up with a schoolboy for 2. Jericho takes back over, locks in the WALLS OF JERICHO, and Rhodes has no choice but to tap!

Winners: Chris Jericho by Submission in 10:07 (shown.) This match started out slow, but built into something special. Hot crowd during the finishing sequence helps give this ***.

-After a replay of the finish, Jericho celebrates in the ring.

-We see the silly Halle Berry/David Otunga/Kane commercial for the DVD “The Call,” available now by the way, at stores everywhere.

-Later tonight on Main Event, Christian battles WWE United States Champion, Dean Ambrose!

[Commercial Break]

-RVD vignette.

-Did You Know?....The WWE has the top 10 best-selling sport DVDs in America…led by…drum roll please…WrestleMania 29 at #1.

-Ah, here comes Zeb Colter and Antonio Cesaro. This promo can actually MEAN something, since Michael Cole isn’t at ringside laughing and making the whole deal looks like a joke. Colter rips on South Carolina, the Dublin Street Fight & Alberto Del Rio Championship Celebration Fiesta on Smackdown! this Friday, actually recognizes the HORRENDOUS character of The Great Khali (!!) and finishes off by throwing off on the USA’s manners. Kudos to Zeb for speaking what we’re all thinking. About Khali. Cesaro closes the promo by claiming he “is all you want to be.” WE THE PEOPLE! Matthews tries the “Cole effect,” but Miz quickly shoots that down. Good. Effective promo to get their issues over, made THAT much better by what I’ll start calling “lack of Cole.”

-Next! Christian/Ambrose. Don’t change that channel!

-AND…be sure to update the “Rockpocalypse” app on your phone, tablet, etc. RIGHT NOW!!! 11 new weapons to help kick some roody-poo cand…you get it.

[Commercial Break]

-Graphic for the WWE Championship (Raw) Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

-Here comes Dean Ambrose, Shield in tow. We see The Shield’s three-on-one assault on Christian this past Friday on Smackdown! And…out comes Captain Charisma himself, to avenge the beatdown.

2. Christian VS Dean Ambrose
-Ambrose controls the entire match, with a great flow, I might add. Christian makes a comeback, climbs to the top, and…gets pushed off by Seth Rollins. Yep, that’s what we call a disqualification.

Winner: Christian by Disqualification in 3:28. Too short to mean much, but the flow was good for three and a half minutes. **.

-The Shield attack, but wait…HERE COMES THE CALVARY!!! Actually, it’s the Usos, but who’s keeping score? They help clear the ring of The Shield, and (***spoiler alert***) this sets up a six-man tag on Smackdown! this Friday.

-Next! How did Paul Heyman respond to the recent Brock Lesnar F5 to his…friend CM Punk? The Raw Rebound awaits…

-Out now on DVD! WCW WarGames DVD!!!! Sweet! That should be good…as long as 1995 isn’t on there…

-AND…watch Main Event, here on ION Television…right now! The place to hear The Miz announce matches. And wrestle on occasion.

[Commercial Break]

-The aforementioned Raw Rebound airs.

-Matthews and Miz discuss the CM Punk interaction from Raw, and Miz plugs MizTV with Curtis Axel…this Friday on Smackdown! Also…Punk/Axel VS The Prime Time Players this Monday on Raw!

-MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!!! MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!!! With limited TV time remaining, here come The Prime Time Players. They get FUNKAY…by facing Tons of Funk, NEXT!

[Commercial Break]

-Plugs for the six-man tag and the Fiesta this Friday on Smackdown!

-Back inside the Colonial Life Arena…time to get FUNKAY! New entrance music brings out Sweet T and Brodus Clay. A re-mix of their old music, but new nonetheless. “Total Diva” JoJo help Cameron and Naomi sing their men to the ring. Quick plug for “Total Divas,” premiering on E! this July, before the bell rings.

3. The Prime Time Players VS Tons of Funk
-Back and forth tag action. Nothing special. PTP gets the “W.”

Winners: The Prime Time Players in 4:01. Basic build for PTP to face Punk/Axel on Raw Monday. No harm done, just basic stuff. *.

-After a replay of the finish, we get a graphic for the aforementioned Raw tag team match. Main Event signs off!

FINAL THOUGHTS: Can you say…plug? This episode was full of them, which I actually prefer over recaps. You have to build for the future! The exclusive action this week…I’m sorry, I like the PTP, but that match should’ve never taken place, much less went LONGER than Christian/Ambrose. We’re talking about two COMPLETELY different storyline elevation, should have gave more time to the Christian/Ambrose match and ended Main Event following the CM Punk Raw Rebound. For that, we go ** ½.

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