July 20, 2013
Kevin Hensley

WWE Main Event Review
July 3, 2013 (Taped July 2, 2013)
Topeka, KS at the Landon Arena
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Cody Rhodes

-Main Event open

-We go straight to the entrance stage. Tony Chimel introduces Christian for our opening contest! His opponent? Damien Sandow. This should be good. Sandow cuts his usual “run down the crowd” promo on the way to the ring. “You’re welcome.”

1. Christian VS Damien Sandow
-Interesting start to this one. We usually have the obligatory commercial break early in the match, but here, it doesn’t come until the 7:42 mark, when both men tumble over the top rope to the floor. Great sequence to start things here, nice flow.

[Commercial Break]

-Back from commercial, and (surprise no. 2) the face is in control, as Christian gets a near-fall on Sandow. After a brilliant back-and-forth, numerous kickouts, Christian at long last hits the KILLSWITCH for the clean 1-2-3.

Winner: Christian in 17:01 (shown.) That match built nicely, and was given an amazing amount of time. Sandow and Christian made excellent use of the spotlight thrust upon them. *** ½, go find this one!

-After a replay of the finish, Christian celebrates on the ramp, while Rhodes, on commentary, tries to dispel rumors of turmoil in Team Rhodes Scholars.

-Next! Jack Swagger faces Sin Cara.

-Ad for the WCW “WarGames” DVD.

[Commercial Break]

-Did You Know?....The WWE has millions (and millions) of fans on Facebook. 3,126 guesses on who is the number one superstar, in terms of fans, on Facebook. If you guessed John Cena, step up and claim your prize!

-In Topeka, here comes Sin Cara! His opponent, Jack Swagger comes out, which gives us all the pleasure of listening to Zeb Colter teach EVERYONE how to work a crowd and cut a promo. Just great, great stuff as usual, Colter bashes the 4th of July, in case you’re wondering. Swagger ends the promo with his weekly three words, “We the People.”

2. Sin Cara VS “A Real American” Jack Swagger”
-It’s all Jack to start things off here. Sin gets some hope going, until he misses a baseball slide, turns and jumps into the charging arms of Swagger, who promptly runs him HARD into the barricade. I mean, OUCH. Jack climbs back in the ring, places his hand on his heart, and patiently waits out the ten count. Cara makes it back in at 9.999999999, and Swagger looks to capitalize…oh, surprise, surprise, at 2:34, it’s commercial time!

[Commercial Break]

-Download the “Rockpocalypse” app, now!

-Inside the Landon Arena, Jack hits a running Vader bomb on Sin. Swagger continues to dominate, as only he can. Cara makes his usual comeback, but as we’ve all learned here on “Main Event,” it ends up being for naught. PATRIOT LOCK finishes off Sin.

Winner: “A Real American” Jack Swagger by Submission in 6:11 (shown.) Just an extended squash for Swagger, re-establishing him once again. Cara looked fine for what he got in. **.

-The announces discuss Swagger, then transition to a discussion on the Wyatt Family, which promises to OWN Raw this Monday night. A Wyatt Family vignette airs to continue to build the excitement. To quote Wonka, “The suspense is killing me…I hope it lasts.”

-Catch The Miz, on Main Event, on ION Television…RIGHT NOW, on Ion Television. Geez, do they ever run those ads at ANY other time than during the actual airing of the show?

[Commercial Break]

-This Friday on Smackdown! CM Punk makes a “special appearance.” This leads to a graphic about the Henry/Cena match at MITB. Henry’s promo from Raw this past Monday night airs to pad on the hype.

-AJ Lee skips out to lead in Big E. Langston. Lee joins the commentary teams, and Big E. is in action, NEXT!

-Buy “The Call.” It’s on DVD and Blu-Ray combo pack.

[Commercial Break]

-Something special is happening on Raw Monday. It’s…the debut of the Wyatt Family. Yeah, this is going to RULE.

-Back from commercial, and Langston will face off with…Curt Hawkins. Hey, that’s TWO TV matches for the underrated Hawkins this year.

3. Big E. Langston VS Curt Hawkins
-It’s all Langston, as if you expected anything different. Poor Hawkins can’t even get a headlock on without Langston powering out. After a bearhug from Big E., Curt gets in some stick-and-move offense, but it doesn’t…stick (pun intended.) Langston hits the BIG ENDING for the W.

Winner: Big E. Langston in 3:14. This was enjoyable for the 3:14 it lasted. *.

-After a replay of the finish, Langston and AJ celebrate in the ring as Main Event signs off!

FINAL THOUGHTS: Quite the surprising episode here. With the talent on the show, it came off well. Just goes to show how good a WRESTLING show can look when it features…ya know, WRESTLING. *** rating for this episode.

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