September 8, 2013
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WWF Mania

- Various WWF superstars doing various devastating holds and moves, all set to rockin’ music and hip, new, exciting video effects. Why, it has to be 1993, and it has to be WWF Mania!! The WWF’s new Saturday morning show that featured mostly recap from the week that was in the WWF, hosted by Todd Pettengill. Oftentimes they’d even throw the Saturday morning viewers a bone and give them some exclusive content, whether it was an interview or an exclusive match. It wasn’t too long until the show became just another recap show, just like most every new weekend outing the WWF would put out in the 90‘s. But that’s another story for another time, here’s a look at the very first ever episode of the series!!

- Here’s your host in the WWF control room, Todd Pettengill, making his debut in the WWF. He’s already doing his hip and cool “I’m totally rad and 90‘s” DJ-schtick by slipping in various lingo. He tries to act all comically “in your face” by mentioning how you could be watching Taxi reruns instead, giving us a Reverend Jim impression. Uh, OK. Even for 1993 this was kinda awkward stuff to watch. Todd is a little overly anxious and high energy, which was probably not the most welcome of all sights for most folk who were barely awake at ten in the morning. Todd basically goes over the premise of the show and mentions this week’s exclusives: a match between “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and the Repo Man, as well as an interview with Owen Hart conducted by Ray Rougeau. Well, let’s take a look!!

- We start with a recap of “The Clown’s” antics on recent WWF syndicated programming, including whacking Tatanka with a mop, dousing Marty Jannetty with water, having Bob Backlund slip on a banana peel, and having Big Bossman slip on... uh, nothing in particular. Todd cracks up at all of these antics which is a little off-putting considering he’s supposed to be a babyface, and then rags on an ugly staff member and calls them Beetlejuice, with, you guessed it, a Beetlejuice impression. Todd mentions that one wrestler that has had enough of The Clown’s antics is none other than Crush, and then he introduces us to a segment on the recent episode of WWF Superstars...

- On the latest edition of WWF Superstars, Crush did battle with Dave Sigfrids. While Crush is battling Sigfrids, none other than The Clown is shown fooling around with the fans in the entranceway. After Crush takes down Sigfrids in short order with the head vice, (still one of the dumber finishing moves of the timeframe...) he confronts The Clown in the aisle. The Clown throws a tiny ball in his face, and then throws it at some kids, which Crush takes offense to. Crush gives The Clown some choice words and then returns to the dressing room area.

- Ray Rougeau interviews Crush, mainly about The Clown’s antics. Crush warns The Clown to watch out or else face his wrath, which leads us into our first commercial break.

- We’re back with Todd, who plugs the all-new version of All-American Wrestling as hosted by Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and “Mean” Gene Okerlund, airing tomorrow at Noon on USA Network!! Todd does some kind of impression that I think is supposed to be Marv Albert, since the next episode takes place in New York City, but it’s really bad. Hell, it could be Vince McMahon for all I know. Kind of a letdown after an admittedly OK Christopher Lloyd impression before. Anyway, Todd introduces us to our next segment, it’s time for our WWF Mania exclusive feature match!!

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Repo Man
And the announce team for our WWF Mania exclusive is Sean Mooney and Lord Alfred Hayes, both having freshly been demoted from their job over at Prime Time Wrestling. Both were in the midst of being phased out, though I do believe that Sean had given his notice to Vince McMahon by this point. Hayes is being oddly more heel-ish than usual, which is a little offputting, especially when he complains about Duggan but then a few seconds later is extremely complimentary towards Duggan. Sounds like Hayes is trying to adjust to a role as a new heel announcer. Not sure if I like this. Hacksaw starts a USA chant, while Mooney tries to sell WWF Mania as some sort of majorly new and intriguing show. Repo and Duggan lockup, and Repo starts to hammer away. After, Repo Man is thrown to the ropes and gets nailed with an elbow. Duggan then fires back with multiple clotheslines which throw Repo Man off the game, hence Repo takes a walk outside the ring to regroup. Repo heads back in to get pounded on again and to attempt a sunset flip, which doesn’t work. Duggan nails him with an atomic drop, but a stun gun turns the tide in favor of the Repo Man. Repo Man starts pounding, and then chokes Duggan over the bottom rope. Repo Man keeps working on Duggan and goes for a claw hold which is turned into a chinlock. Duggan begins his comeback, getting slammed into the corner but catching Repo Man with an elbow to the face after Repo charges. Duggan nails with him ten corner punches and a body slam. Duggan goes for the Three Point Stance and nails Repo Man with it for the three count at 3:44. Winner: “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan with the Three Point Stance at 3:44.

- Todd wishes a belated birthday to Elvis Presley and makes fun of another staff member, and then throws it to a commercial. Neat.

- We return to a look back from the most recent episode of WWF Superstars, where Yokozuna took on George Anderson. Yokozuna takes care of the poor guy in short order with a Banzai Drop. We go back to the control center and Todd makes fat jokes towards Yokozuna. Todd then mentions the Headlock on Hunger event to benefit Somalia, promising more details very soon. But first, we go to a promo featuring The Undertaker and Paul Bearer discussing the event. We return to Todd giving us the promised details about the Headlock on Hunger event, saying that any contribution is appreciated. Todd then does a segue into a match that took place on the most recent episode of Wrestling Challenge, featuring Shawn Michaels and Jim Brunzell.

- After Michaels takes care of Brunzell in what was actually a decent and semi-competitive match, we return to Todd in the control center who announces that Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty will be facing each other at the Royal Rumble in only a few weeks!! Todd promises more details at a later date, and throws it to a commercial.

- We’re back, and Todd introduces us to our next segment, another WWF Mania exclusive, featuring Ray Rougeau conducting an interview with “The Rocket” Owen Hart.

- Ray mostly asks Owen the typical softball questions, with Owen talking about High Energy, being brothers with Bret Hart, as well as his wrestling background. Some discussion of Stu Hart and the Dungeon is also featured. The interview is going all right for a minute or two before Razor Ramon, Bret’s opponent at the Royal Rumble, attacks Owen Hart and humiliates him, saying “did your Daddy teach you that one?” and threatening Bret Hart before walking off. We return to a scared Todd who introduces us to a Razor Ramon promo, where Razor tosses more threats at Bret. Bret then responds, calling Ramon a “bully” and promising to pound Ramon into submission.

- It’s time for Gene Okerlund and the Royal Rumble Report, brought to you by IcoPro!! Gene goes over the rules of the Rumble match and mentions that winner gets the title shot at Wrestlemania. Gene mentions some famous names that have signed up for the match itself, which includes “Macho Man” Randy Savage, who proceeds to cut a promo talking about how he will win the Rumble!! Mr. Perfect, another participant in the Rumble match, also cuts a promo about the match.

- We get a WWF Monday Night RAW promo, the show debuting shortly on the USA Network. Todd mentions the main event of the first episode, The Undertaker vs. Damien Demento, and then takes us back to WWF Superstars, where Mr. Perfect battled The Berzerker.

- After Perfect finishes off The Berzerker, we get ourselves, from the pages of the WWF Magazine, as well as IcoPro, here’s update with Gene Okerlund!! Our update this week features Bobby Heenan promising Mr. Perfect that Ric Flair will take him down and tarnish him, as well as promising the debut of “The Narcissus”, the man that he claims is “beyond perfect”. Gene Okerlund reads from the dictionary and throws it back to Todd, who promises next week that we’ll hear from The Clown as well as Kamala. Well, I can’t wait for next week’s show then. Todd waves goodbye on this inaugural episode of WWF Mania, and that wraps up this recap!!

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