May 22, 2011
Aaron Smeltzer

"The Masterpiece" Chris Masters vs. Drew McIntyre
WWE Superstars 5/12/10

Lock up with Masters getting the advantaged backing Drew into the corner. Clean break. Lock up again, waist lock by McIntyre, Masters reverses and gets a waist lock of his own. McIntyre fights out of the waist lock with elbows, then he delivers a forearm to the back of Masters. Drew grabs a front facelock on Masters and takes him to the ground. Masters makes his way to his feet as he tosses McIntyre over out of an arm wrench, as Drew is making his way to his feet Masters attempts the Masterlock but McIntyre quickly retreats to the ropes.

Masters starts clapping and gets the crowd even more into, as both men go for in for the lock up McIntyre goes to kick Masters but Masters catches his foot but Drew slaps Masters hard across the face! Forearm to the back, straight right hand to Masters from McIntyre. After 3 swifts kicks to the gut in the corner by Drew he irish whips Masters into the opposite corner but Masters comes out of the corner with 2 vicious (not Sid!) clotheslines of his own. McIntyre retreats once again to the ropes as the ref tells Masters to back off he is in the ropes.

A kick to the gut, two rights hands and a forearm shot to the back of Masters but Masters comes back with two knifedge chops to the chest of McIntyre. Irish whip by Masters, he ducks but Drew kicks him in the chest. McIntyre irish whips Masters, clothesline attempt ducked by Masters, coming back Drew jumps for a Thesz press but Masters catches him an atomic drop followed up with a nice stalling suplex for a quick 2.

After the 2 count, McIntyre rolls out to ringside, Masters reaches over the top rope and grabs him by his hair pulling him up on the apron. Once on the apron McIntyre kicks Masters in the left knee. Drew grabs Masters left leg and while jumping off the apron to the floor slams Masters knee/leg in the ring post. Back in the ring, Drew Mac dropkicks Masters knee and then drops two elbows to the knee for good measure. Masters didn't give him as McIntyre had him in a spinning toehold but focused more on the upper leg/knee. Masters punches Drew in the head but McIntyre stomps his knee to stop the attempted comeback.

On his way to his feet Masters delivers two rights hand to the gut of McIntyre and a knifedge chop to the chest. Masters irish whips McIntyre, attempts a clothesline but Drew delivers a brutal shoulderblock to Masters already injured left knee. McIntyre climbs outside and reaches inside the ring and grabs Masters left leg and pulls him to the corner. McIntyre then applies a ring post figure four to Masters who is then writhing in pain. McIntyre breaks the figure four as he gives sadistic grin going into the commercial break.

As we come back from commercial Drew is kicking Masters in the head. McIntyre stomps Masters in the knee, then lifting him up into the corner and laying his left leg over the second rope. McIntyre proceeds to kick Masters left leg three times until the refs threatens to disqualify him. McIntyre brings Masters to his feet only to give him a leg drag (an arm drag with ya know, the leg.) then he gets a two count while hooking the injured leg of Masters.

McIntyre going back to work by twisting and bending the leg but Masters fights his way out of it. Both men on their feet now, McIntyre goes after Masters but Masters delivers back elbow. Masters lifts up McIntyre for a slam but he can't muscle up the strength due to his knee instead McIntyre slides out of the slam and delivers a INSANE standing dropkick then he nips up and taunts the crowd with his greatness. McIntyre hooks the injured leg and gets another 2 count.

McIntyre removes Masters knee pad in order to open up Masters to continue on the leg. He stomps Masters injured knee/leg two more times then lifts him up to his feet only to deliver a stiff right hand that sends Masters back down to the canvas. McIntyre embraces the taunts from the crowd with a confident smile. McIntyre grabs the left leg again and gives a lasso taunt to the crowd (ala Jeff Jarrett) for the Figure-four. McIntyre does the spinning toehold for the figure-four but Masters shoves him to the outside with his good (right) leg. McIntyre is pissed as he slams his hands on the announcers table and runs back into the ring but he gets hit with a Samoan drop by Masters.

Masters trying to get upon to his legs but he uses the ropes to make his it all the way up in the corner. McIntyre runs in and Masters holds up his right (good) leg for a boot to the face. Masters hops up to the second rope, with one foot and delivers clothesline to McIntyre. He is obviously in tremendous pain, the crowd is right there supporting him,they are giving him that burst of adrenaline that he needs. Irish whip attempt is blocked by McIntyre by knocking Masters hand away. McIntyre goes Masters but Masters hits the Sky-high on McIntyre for 1...2....No! Drew is up at two.

Both men back up and Masters delivers a chop to the chest of McIntyre. Masters irish whips Drew but Drew reverses it and Masters collapses to the mat as his knee is simply shot. McIntyre hooks Masters with for the Future Shock DDT but Masters counters that with a back body drop! Back up, Masters attempts a clothesline but McIntyre ducks and attempts a crucifix pin on Masters. Masters muscles up strictly on adrenaline,the knee is still bothering him. McIntyre flips out of the crucifix and hooks Masters arms for the Future Shock. Masters counters out of that that but McIntyre kicks him in his injured left leg. Very smart by McIntyre. McIntyre shoves Masters into the corner and runs in but Masters moves out of the way as Drew slams his shoulder hard into the ring post. Both men are crawling, trying to make their way onto their feet, Masters HOOKS in the Masterlock, McIntyre is out. Your winner at the 10:34, "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters

My thoughts: Chris Masters and Drew McIntyre are two men on the roster that I absolutely love. This match shows what they can do and it was incredible. I loved it when Masters caught McIntyre's foot and Drew just slapped him off, the frustration from being kicked out of the spinning toehold leading to the Samoan drop, the kick in the leg after the second Future Shock escape. So far, this is my Match of the Year and I'm not talking about just WWE. Simply amazing.

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