August 5, 2005
Blackjack Parsons

Monday Night Raw
September 23, 1996
Hershey, PA
Commentators: Kevin Kelly & Jerry "The King" Lawler & Jim Ross

Show kicks off with Mr. Perfect walking towards the ringside area to sit in on commentary. Four people doing commentary is a bit much.

***Tournament Final For The Vacant Intercontinental Championship***
Farooq (w/Sunny) -vs- "Wildman" Marc Mero (w/Sable)

Pat Patterson, the first IC champion, is the special referee for this tournament final. Ahmed Johnson was the previous champion, and suffered a ruptured kidney at the hands of Faaroq.

Farooq gets the early advantage, but Mero quickly turns the tide. After a Merosault and a near-fall, Mero bounces off the ropes, and Farooq back bodydrops Mero to the outside of the ring. Mero makes it back to his feet, and on the ring apron. Farooq spins him around, and delivers a couple of forearm shots to the chest, followed by a run off the ropes, and a shoulderblock that sends Mero crashing to the guardrail. Farooq heads outside the ring, tosses Mero back-first into the apron, then tosses him back inside as Ahmed Johnson calls into the show.

Ahmed wishes Mero the best of luck in this match, and Jerry Lawler asks him if he got a new kidney from Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Heh.

Back to the action, and Farooq continues to work on Mero's back, delivering a vicious powerslam, but only gets a 2-count. Farooq then lifts Mero up on his shoulders, and climbs to the 2nd rope, landing with a Samoan Drop. That's a POWER move, and something you rarely see. Pat Patterson makes the count: 1...........2.........kickout. Patterson's count was very slow for some reason. Looking at the replay, Farooq is so powerfull, that he actually managed to toss Mero a little bit, and he takes the brunt of the landing on his arm rather than the back. Farooq chokes Mero on the bottom rope a bit, ref steps in, and Sunny chokes him some more, until Sable steps in.

As a result of her actions, Patterson sends Sunny to the back, and we go to commercial. Back from the break, and Farooq attempts a backbreaker, but Mero turns it into a backslide, and gets a nearfall. Farooq clubs Mero in the head, goes for a cover, and again, just gets a 2-count. Farooq locks on a chinlock, and Mero elbows out of it, runs off the ropes, and catches a knee to the mid-section. Mero can't catch a break.

Farooq whips Mero into the ropes, and Mero surprises him with a sunset flip for another nearfall. Surprisingly, Farooq is to his feet first, nails Mero with a kick, and goes for the chinlock once again. Both men on their feet, and Farooq Irish-whips Mero, misses a clothesline, and Mero catches him with a leaping clothesline. Farooq is down, and Mero attempts to drop an elbow, but misses.

Farooq is back to his feet, and picks up Mero, where he throws him down to the canvas like a rag doll. He didn't slam him. He threw him. Farooq's pure strength is unreal. Trying to capitalize, Farooq heads to the top rope. What the hell? Mero staggers into the ropes though, and Farooq straddles the turnbuckle.

Mero nails Farooq with a couple of rights, then delivers a sweet hurricanrana for a nearfall. Mero whips Farooq into the ropes, and both men nail each other with a clothesline. Sunny is back out, and she jumps on the apron. Sable pulls her off, and a catfight ensues. Referee Pat Patterson goes to the outside to break it up.

While that's going on, Mero nails Farooq with a couple of rights, then nails him with Sunny's purse. Mero then drags Farooq into position, climbs the top rope, and delivers the "Wild Thing" 450 splash for the victory, and the Intercontinental title.

Mr. Perfect and Sable enter the ring to celebrate with the new champ. As the celebration begins, Sunny is shown at ringside, tossing a brick from her purse to underneath the ring.

Time: 14:50 (including commercials)

Jim Ross is in the ring to talk to the new champ:
"First of all, I owe it all to my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. I want to thank all the fans. I want to thank my inspiration, my motivation, my best friend, my partner in life - in and out of the ring, the lovely Sable."

Jerry Lawler: "He ought to thank that brick in Sunny's purse!"

Mero: "I've got one more special thank you. For his wisdom, all the good advice he's given me, he's brought me the Intercontinental title, Mr. Perfect”.

Jim Ross: "What about me?"

Mero: "Jim, you're a good guy!"

Commercial break. Back from commercial, and Mero is celebrating with his jobbing buddies, Bob Holly, Barry Horowitz, Henry Godwinn, and more!

This match was decent for what it was. It was probably one of Farooq's best WWF matches. Surprisingly, Mero's IC title reign last less than a month, when Mr. Perfect cost him the belt during a match with Hunter Hearst Helmsley. He got a few rematches, then suffered a knee injury, which set him back quite a bit. As a result, his high-flying style was limited, and his gimmick was changed to a boxer, which fell flat after a year or so.

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