November 11, 2012
JJ Flamingo

WWF At MSG, March 14, 1982

Commentator: Vince McMahon

A matinee show at the Garden sees Backlund defend against a Future Hall Of Famer plus more!


Match 1: Steve Travis vs Jose Estrada

Setup: The over the hill Hispanic Jobber faces off against the man without a personality.

Match: Not much to say about this, as Estrada has hardly that much juice left and Travisí ring style, especially his selling, is borderline effeminate especially the way he hugs the ref after a nasty eye rake. Moreso, both men indulge themselves by playing to the crowd, but thereís not much blood to be squeezed out of a tiny pebble. Finish comes with a sunset flip by Travis for the win.

Result: Travis via pinfall at 10:06

Score: 0 (Shit) If it were two guys we could care about, then youíd have something.

Match 2: Wendi Richter & Fabulous Moolah vs Velvet McIntyre & Princess Victoria

Setup: Moolah teams up with her future hated rival to take on her Wrestlemania 2 opponent and a Canadian girl with an Indian gimmick.

Match: Wow, Wendi has got a GREAT ass. Even better, sheís tall, well-built, and dominant, with ďfuture starĒ written all over her. However, she does NOT want the referee touching her for the prematch patdown, and as for Moolah, when he insists, she shoves her old tits in his face and guarantees an instant sterile effect. As for the match, itís more of a drawn out squash than anything, with Wendi being powerful and athletic enough to dominate her two opponents and leaving not much for Moolah to do. In fact, the two opponents are so outmatched that they canít even get a hot tag going, being beaten extensively before tagging out so that the partner walks right into shit city. Sadly, and as usual, it is Moolah and her ego that take the pin in this one, but wow, Wendi has got a GREAT ass.

Result: Moolah and Richter via pinfall at 11:56

Score: 2 (Good) As clearly stated, Richterís charisma made this quite enjoyable.

Match 3: Greg Valentine vs SD Jones

Setup: Itís Hammer Time as Special Delivery is getting something delivered all right.

Match: In a scenario similar to what we saw against Morales, itís Valentine the REAL wrestler against a guy who can do little more than punch, kick, and headbutt. Unfortunately for S.D., what works against a guy like Scicluna does NOT work against Valentine, and The Hammer works over his arms and upper body heavily before hitting him with a clothsline and dropping a big elbow smash for the finish.

Result: Valentine via pinfall at 9:48

Score: 1 (Okay) Went a little longer than expected, but this was little more than a Saturday morning squash match.

Match 4: Mr Fuji & Mr Saito vs Andre The Giant & Rick McGraw (2/3 Falls For The WWF World Tag Team Title)

Setup: The Eighth Wonder Of The World teams up with the drug-addled Quick Draw to challenge the sinister Japanese for the gold.

Match: I didnít realize Andre was into doing charity, but here he is teaming with a guy unworthy to share a corner with him. First Fall sees Fuji and Saito DESTROY McGraw, as you would think heíd get a burst of strength or SOMETHING to tag Andre and get him in there, but nothing. Worse, Fuji and Saito seem to enjoy causing the little squirt some pain, with frequent double teaming. Soon Andre gets frustrated by his partnerís pussitude, and comes in to break up another double team. Pandemonium breaks loose, and even though all four men are in there, the referee disqualifies just Fuji and Saito instead. Second Fall sees more pain for McGraw, until Saito lets up and FINALLY Andre gets the tag. Andre comes in, destroys both men, and hits a sitdown splash on Fuji for the pin.

Result: Andre and McGraw via 2 Falls To 0 (Fuji and Saito Retain Titles due to First Fall being a DQ)

Score: 2 (Good) Best enjoyed by sadistic types who like to see midgets get beaten down.

Match 5: Bob Backlund vs Jessie Ventura (WWF World Title Match With Special Guest Referee Ivan Putski)

Setup: Finally! Jesse The Body gets a shot at the gold, but why is Putski the referee??

Match: I donít know, the idea of having a babyface serve as guest referee, especially in a World Title bout is kind of tiresome. The pattern that starts to develop as the match goes on seems to be, Jesse beats Backlund down, goes for the cover, and then Putski administers a VERY slow count that gives Bob more than enough time to kick out. Surprisngly, Ventura takes it in stride, and doesnít seem too offended by Putskiís incompetence. Eventually Ventura goes for his over the shoulder backbreaker, but Backlund slips out, and rolls Jesse up with a beautiful bridge as Putski hands down a VERY fast three count. Afterwards Ventura attacks Putski, but he and Backlund double team Jesse and drive him out of the ring.

Result: Backlund via pinfall at 9:21 (Retains Title)

Score: 2 (Good) More of a setup to the impending Ventura-Putski superfeud that was coming than a real Backlund title defense.

Match 6: Pedro Morales vs Adrian Adonis (WWF Intercontinental Title Match)

Setup: The punch happy IC Champ gives Adrian a shot in the Garden!

Match: Again, we have a case of a real wrestler (heel) taking on a babyface who can do little more than throw punches and clap his hands. Adonis carries things well though, selling the shit out of quite a few of those punches by bouncing around the ring. The end is a bona fide Moolah Finish, with Adrian hitting a back suplex on Morales but failing to properly bridge out while Pedro lifts his shoulder before the three count.

Result: Morales via pinfall at 10:47 (Retains Title)

Score: 2 (Good) A fine carry job by Adonis.

Match 7: Captain Lou Albano vs Pat Patterson

Setup: Captain Lou gets into the ring for a rare singles match appearance. Why? Why not?

Match: Patterson cheaply attacks Albano from behnd at the bell, and even steals a foreign object from Albano immediately and starts to beat him in the head with it, making the Captain bleed heavily until he can take no more and runs back to the locker room.

Result: Patterson via countout at 1:59

Score: 1 (Okay) Good for what it was: It was short, and we got blood.

Match 8: Tony Garea & Rick Martel vs Charlie Fulton & Masked Executioner

Setup: Garea and Martel are still desperately searching for one last title shot as they face off against a masked Baron Scicluna and the Waingro lookalike.

Match: Amazingly from what I can see, Scicluna shows a little more ring versatility under a mask than as himself. Clearly though, Tony, his perm, and Rick have lost the crowd, as they get little reaction, and, since they have two such lame opponents, call it a night with a Martel punch to Fultonís stomach followed by a Garea sunset flip on Fulton for the pin.

Result: Garea and Martel via pinfall at 7:28

Score: 1 (Okay) Seems to pretty much be the end of the line for this little tandem.

Overall Score: 1.5 Some underwhelming action and no stand out match hurt this a bit, but, if youíre especially a Jesse The Body fan, be sure to get this from your most trusted online retailer.

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