September 23, 2012
JJ Flamingo

WWF At MSG, April 6, 1981

Commentator: Vince McMahon

Over 25,000 strong (plus over 3000 in the Felt Forum) pack the house for a big night in MSG!


Match 1: Yoshiaki Yatsu vs Terry Gunn

Setup: The Japanese babyface with no fanbase takes on a flabby Irish bum who looks like he just walked in off the street.

Match: The only notable thing about Gunn is just how much SNUFFLING he does, breathing, groaning, crying through his nose constantly. As usual, Yatsu tries to put on a resthold clinic against a less than world class opponent, but when even he realizes he has nothing to work with, hits a belly to belly suplex for the win.

Result: Yatsu via pinfall at 5:11

Score: 0 (Shit) Nothing here, two blank slates bumping ugly for a bored crowd.

Match 2: Killer Khan vs Dominic DeNucci

Setup: Everyone’s favorite Italian Stepfather takes on the Mongolian Maniac.

Match: DeNucci continues to prove he has nothing left to offer the business, with some punches, kicks, and lame karate chops being his only offense. Admittedly, Khan can only answer back with more of the same, but at least his maniacal screaming fits as he delivers them helps keep the viewer awake. Eventually Dominic can work no more and lays down in the corner as Khan hits a flying kneedrop off the ropes to take it.

Result: Khan via pinfall at 5:19

Score: 1 (Okay) At least Khan is such a psychotic character that he is fun to watch.

Match 3: Pedro Morales vs Moondog Rex (WWF Intercontinental Title Match)

Setup: Rexy gets a rematch for the belt after he and Morales’ wild brawl at the Spectrum.

Match: For those who enjoyed their match in Philly (as did I), one should be forewarned that the MSG version of the bout is a lot more mat-based, with Rex using several resthold armbars to wear Pedro down. The fans love Morales though, and he responds with a big bodyslam and other power moves before getting whipped into the ropes where Rex stupidly puts his head down early and Pedro takes his time to lock on a small package for the pin.

Result: Morales via pinfall at 9:33 (Retains Title)

Score: 2 (Good) Not as much fun as the Spectrum match between the two, but still a strong outing for Pedro.

Match 4: Pat Patterson vs Sgt. Slaughter

Setup: Slaughter had beaten down Patterson at a TV taping, so now Patty Pat is hungry for revenge!

Match: I must say, it looks like Patterson has finally found a rival that he shares a good in-ring chemistry with. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Slaughter brings a ton of heat to the table, with the crowd’s relentless taunts of “Gomer” following him everywhere he goes. What we get here is a spirited brawl, with Pat beating the holy hell out of The Sarge until he takes a nasty spill outside the ring. Slaughter takes over, putting the boots to his nemesis until referee Jack Lotz takes a little too much of a personal interest, leading to both men stopping what they’re doing and throwing him outside. Amazingly, the ref reenters the ring and continues to act like nothing happened, until Slaughter and Patterson take turns shoving him on his ass. Finally the ref has had enough, and calls for the bell. Slaughter leaves ringside quickly, while Patterson loudly proclaims that the decision is “bullshit” before storming off in a huff.

Result: Double DQ at 13:36

Score: 2 (Good) Just goes to show that outside the patriotic act, Slaughter was also truly one of the greatest heels of all time.

Match 5: Mil Mascaras vs Moondog King

Setup: The Mexican Legend comes to MSG to play around with a Moondog.

Match: I don’t know. While it’s nice that Vince McMahon Sr. would bring in international stars for the prestige of competing in the Garden, there’s something about this bout that seems a little overly showy in Mascaras’ favor. Maybe King didn’t work well with him, as his only offense was really a bearhug, but having Mascaras come in and beat a random opponent and then leave doesn’t really mean much in the long run. Flying crossbody off the top ends it.

Result: Mascaras via pinfall at 8:14

Score: 1 (Okay) Yay, Mil got a win to keep his cred in Mexico, now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Match 6: Bob Backlund vs Stan Hansen (Steel Cage Match For The WWF World Title)

Setup: The long running title feud between Bobbsy and the Bad Man From Borger comes to a head inside the cage!

Match: While this had all makings of an epic contest, especially with Hansen going crazy waiting for Backlund to come out, something about it felt rather flat. Sure, Stan did wind up bleeding for us, but the fact that Bob didn’t kind of makes me wonder why Backlund is reluctant to use the blade. It was cool to see both men make various escape attempts and wind up getting thwarted, but the rather short nature of this match makes me wonder if maybe Bob was a little worn down and perhaps didn’t want to go all out here, especially with the VERY anticlimactic finish where Hansen goes into the cage, takes a couple of punches, and then sits there while Backlund quickly walks out for the win.

Result: Backlund via leaving the cage at 8:59 (Retains Title)

Score: 2 (Good) Hansen’s bleeding and craziness made it enjoyable, but it clearly could have been so much more.

Match 7: S.D. Jones vs Baron Mikel Scicluna

Setup: Another repetitive lower card match sees Special Delivery meet the aging Baron, again.

Match: **Sigh** Scicluna looks like he is bored out there, while S.D. looks pumped up like he’s fighting for the World Title. It’s an interesting mix, but clearly The Baron is getting DeNucci Syndrome and doesn’t seem to want to do this any more. Finish comes when S.D.’s leapfrog confuses Scicluna to no end, so Jones capitalizes by hitting a sunset flip for the pin.

Result: Jones via pinfall at 8:53

Score: 1 (Okay) It’s okay, you can put Special Delivery against fresh competition, even if he has to lose.

Match 8: Fabulous Moolah & Lei Lani Kai vs Jill Fontaine & Suzette Ferreira

Setup: It’s lady lesbo time at the Garden again as Moolah has certainly scripted out a women’s tag match we can all enjoy(?)

Match: As you can see, Moolah is teaming with her future World Champion protégé Kai, and as for their opponents, Fontaine is a moderately cute blonde while Ferreira somewhat resembles a waitress you’d find in a greasy spoon diner. The babyface girls have little to offer in offense other than some botched dropkicks. The most interesting event here is when Fontaine hits a badly done splash on Moolah and hits her legit on the bridge of her nose. Now you know that her career is over, but first Moolah gets tagged in against her and unleashes her usual stiff, unprofessional offense, possibly hurting the poor young lady in the process. Finish comes when Moolah and Kai doubleteam Fontaine and hit her with a flapjack, leading to Moolah (of course) getting the pin, afterwards she stomps Jill hard in the tits and proceeds to beat up both opponents while Kai looks on and then struts and poses for the fans like she’s hot shit. Way to put yourself over, Fabulous.

Result: Moolah and Kai via pinfall at 7:08

Score: 1 (Okay) Would have been higher had Moolah actually broken her nose.

Match 9: Tony Garea & Rick Martel vs Johnny Rodz & Larry Sharpe

Setup: The now FORMER tag team champions take on a newly formed heel jobber tag team.

Match: Rodz and Sharpe look to have some continuity here as they trap Garea and his perm in the ring and beat the shit out of him, before Tony gets the hot tag to Martel who proceeds to kick ass. Soon all four men are inside with pandemonium breaking loose, before Martel hits Rodz with a double leg cradle for the win.

Result: Garea and Martel via pinfall at 7:38

Score: 1 (Okay) Little more than a filler tag match, ironic because it’s the last match on the card.

Overall Score: 1 (Okay) A rather disappointing card considering how good it looked on paper, but if you’re a completist for cage matches, be sure to order it from your most trusted online retailer.

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