December 22, 2012
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WWF At MSG, June 5, 1982

Commentator: Vince McMahon

Another loaded MSG event sees a big return title match plus more!


Match 1: Jose Estrada vs Laurent Soucie

Setup: The Latino Jobber nobody cares about takes on the biggest sissy in the Fed to jerk the curtain.

Match: Soucie offers up his usual nothing in the ring here, so Estrada takes the cue to put on a bit of a clinic, tying up Laurent in all kinds of submission and power holds, and when Soucie has had more than he can handle, Jose hits a flying back elbow for the finish.

Result: Estrada via pinfall at 10:28

Score: 1 (Okay) A match enjoyed only by the die hard fans of Jose Estrada.

Match 2: Ivan Putski vs Mr. Saito

Setup: It’s time for the Japanese Tag Champ to go to Poland.

Match: Saito smartly doesn’t try to outbrawl Putski but instead tries to outwrestle him, using his considerable mat skills to keep the Polish Power confounded and stave off defeat longer than most Putski opponents. However, he soon makes the mistake of going back and forth on the ropes with Ivan, leaving him very wide open for a Polish Hammer for the pin.

Result: Putski via pinfall at 8:37

Score: 2 (Good) Good display by Saito against a much more powerful opponent.

Match 3: Tony Atlas vs Greg Valentine

Setup: It’s The Hammer vs Mr USA in a battle of Hall Of Famers!

Match: One would think that Valentine wouldn’t last too long against the ultra-powerful Atlas (well…), but The Hammer negates the power advantage by working over Tony’s legs, keeping him on his back and helpless as a turtle. Atlas fights his way to his feet, using punches and headbutts to bring out the famed Valentine flop. Both men go outside and continue to battle as the referee gives them the ten count like he’s handing out candy.

Result: Double Countout at 8:24

Score: 2 (Good) A bad way to end a hotly contested battle, but a fascinating contrast between two greats of the business.

Match 4: Bob Orton vs Steve Travis

Setup: Ace gets the King Of The Pussies en route to what should be a sure thing win.

Match: Early on Travis does his usual avoidance of his opponent’s offense, and that leads Orton to start shooting on him, beating him down and obviously working stiff. Once Travis is more agreeable Ace puts on a nice offensive show, and he must have felt good about it because he lets Travis get a little offensive flurry towards the end, until he climbs the top rope and Orton catches him, using the opening to hit the superplex for the win.

Result: Orton via pinfall at 9:42

Score: 2 (Good) Solid carry job by Ace to show Travis what a badass is all about.

Match 5: Tony Garea vs Swede Hanson

Setup: The Perm meets The Redneck in this showdown that sends most fans to the bathroom.

Match: Hanson utilizes a bearhug early on to wear Garea down, and Tony is none the worse for wear. Surprisingly Hanson doesn’t blow up this time until about five minutes into the match, after which he ties up Garea in the Tree Of Woe and stomps and chokes him until the referee administers a three count(!) and calls for the DQ.

Result: Garea via DQ

Score: 1 (Okay) Accomplished little but to show Hanson as a big dumb guy.

Match 6: Bob Backlund vs Jimmy Snuka (WWF World Title Match)

Setup: Snuka had gotten a controversial win over Backlund last time (and sent him to the hospital to boot) so a rematch was in order.

Match: The MSG crowd seems a bit less receptive to Snuka than the Spectrum fans were. Bob spends the early part of the match with a locked in chicken wing on Superfly, though Snuka manages to get a couple of shots in to Backlund’s “injured” ribs. Things proceed along merrily until Bob avoids a Superfly body press, and Snuka takes a NASTY bump over the top rope to the floor. Back inside Backlund would seem to have the advantage, but Snuka is tough, beating Bob down and then going to the top, but not for his splash. Instead, it’s a forward somersault, but Backlund moves out of the way and Superfly takes ANOTHER nasty bump. Snuka’s conditioning is outstanding though, as he comes back again and beats Bob out of the ring, kicking the shit out of him until Backlund is a bloody mess. Snuka reenters when he thinks Bob has had enough, and Backlund does not beat the count.

Result: Snuka via countout at 20:53 (Backlund Retains Title)

Score: 2 (Good) A bit of a limp noodle finish, but Snuka bumping like there’s no tomorrow made this one fun to watch.

Match 7: Pedro Morales vs Mr. Fuji (WWF Intercontinental Title Match)

Setup: Fuge gets the chance to add the IC title to his collection with the tag belts, but can he chop his way through Pedro’s punches?

Match: Let’s face facts: Fuji was never much of a singles guy, as his one on one bouts were generally comedy matches to put it mildly. Morales is fine with that, making ample use of his big left hand and finally hitting Fuji with his finishing move du jour, a sunset flip out of the corner after a big whip.

Result: Morales via pinfall at 5:39 (Retains Title)

Score: 1 (Okay) Not much to be said about two guys past their prime.

Match 8: The East-West Connection vs Jay and Jules Strongbow

Setup: Ventura and Adonis make a rare WWF tag team appearance as they take on the Indian Brothers.

Match: Something’s not right here: The Strongbows have really little to no appeal, while Ventura and Adonis have them beat on charisma and physical appearance. Nonetheless, The Strongbows dominate here, taking ample cheap shots at both men when they’re on the apron and not really selling much of their offense. Finish comes when Jay hits Adonis with a Thesz press and the referee counts to three even though Adrian’s leg was clearly on the ropes.

Result: Strongbows via pinfall at 11:19

Score: 2 (Good) Despite the match’s flaws, seeing this much talked about team together in a match is an essential treat.

Match 9: Rick McGraw vs Charlie Fulton

Setup: Quick Draw and Waingro take each other on in what more than likely is a revenge match for a drug deal gone bad.

Match: Fulton attacks McGraw at the bell, and it looks like another quick beatdown loss for Quick Draw. Quite the opposite though, as McGraw catches him quickly in a small package, and the referee counts 1, 2…then hesitates (was Fulton supposed to kick out?) before calling for the bell without ever making the final count.

Result: McGraw via pinfall at 2:21

Score: 1 (Okay) Gets a point solely for the novelty of a McGraw win.

Match 10: Fabulous Moolah and Sherri Martel vs Judy Martin and Penny Mitchell

Setup: Moolah teams with the future Sensational One to take on a future Glamour Girl and her partner.

Match: Hm, Sherri certainly had a kicking body even back then, but one wonders when Moolah is even gonna bother defending her title? Nonetheless, Sherri spends most of the match camped out on the apron while Moolah does all the work, beating down and no selling both opponents until she hits Martin with a sloppy sunset press for the rather quick pin.

Result: Moolah and Martel via pinfall at 3:30

Score: 1 (Okay) Worth a look just for the early Sherri appearance.

Match 11: Andre The Giant vs Blackjack Mulligan

Setup: The card closes tonight with the French Giant taking on the Cowboy Giant.

Match: An ugly, wild brawl is what one would expect from these two, and that’s exactly what we get, as Andre tries to remove Mulligan’s black glove, but the distraction allows Blackjack to beat Andre down and try to defeat him with the claw. After some of this both men tumble over the top and continue to battle as Andre bleeds a bit and neither man makes it back in.

Result: Double Countout at 9:34

Score: 2 (Good) Two larger than life superstars, and a little bit of blood, gives this match the benefit of the doubt.

Overall Score: 1.5 Some decent stuff was snuck in there, so if you’re a fan of any of the real legends that competed on this card, you might want to order it from your most trusted online retailer.

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