December 22, 2012
JJ Flamingo

WWF At MSG, August 30, 1982

Commentator: Vince McMahon

Over 19,000 pack The Garden to see a Backlund Title Defense, a big six man tag, and one other thing of note!


Note: Matches held on this card but not on this release include:

Tony Garea over Charlie Fulton via pinfall at 6:39
Killer Khan over Steve Travis via pinfall at 5:31
Bob Orton over Pat Patterson via countout at 9:28
WWF Jr. Heavyweight Champion Tiger Mask over Dynamite Kid via pinfall at 6:34 (Retains Title)
Tiger Jackson and Little Beaver over Sky Low Low and Sonny Boy via 2 Falls To 0 at 6:03
Tatsumi Fujinami over WWF International Champion Gino Brito via pinfall at 11:34 (NEW WWF International Champion)
Salvatore Bellomo over Swede Hanson via pinfall at 3:26
WWF Womenís Champion Fabulous Moolah over Penny Mitchell via pinfall at 4:49 (Retains Title)

Match 1: Pedro Morales vs Jimmy Snuka (WWF Intercontinental Title Match With Ivan Putski As Guest Referee)

Setup: The private little war between Pedro and Superfly continues with a Putski-reffed rematch.

Match: Iím sure the fans were hoping to get their moneyís worth with these two guys out there. What they got was seeing the participants (including Putski) working as if they were on Quaaludes. The fans pick up on this energy, or lack thereof, and proceed to sit on their hands and hardly get into the match at all, save a bit of cheer whenever Snuka does a diving move. What is clear is that Pedro as a worker has gone way past the point of no return, so much so that he literally drags the hottest star in the company down into his morass of mediocrity. Finish comes when both men pretend to choke each other, and Putski tells them to break and they donít, leading to the bell being called.

Result: Double DQ at 17:55 (Morales Retains Title)

Score: 1 (Okay) Would someone please get Don Muraco on the phone?

Match 2: Bob Backlund vs Buddy Rose (WWF World Title Match)

Setup: The pudgy Playboy is the number one contender. Why, I donít know, but he is the number one contender.

Match: A young Sherri Martel can be seen as one of Playboyís two female valets. Rose certainly doesnít evoke the memories of past great Backlund opponents like Valentine or Hogan. In fact, he canít even keep up with Bob properly, being outwrestled and outworked in every aspect of the game. Finish comes when Rose botches a move and Backlund locks in a cross face chicken wing for a quick submission.

Result: Backlund via submission at 20:24 (Retains Title)

Score: 1 (Okay) A sad day when Backlund gets stuck with an opponent even he canít carry.

Match 3: Andre The Giant, Chief Jay and Jules Strongbow vs Blackjack Mulligan, Mr. Fuji, and Mr. Saito (2/3 Falls)

Setup: The Andre-Mulligan and Strongbows-Fuji / Saito feuds are in the forefront of this six man tag.

Match: I donít know about you, but if Andre The Giant were MY tag team partner, Iíd get me a bunch of hot dogs and marshmallows and just camp out in the corner all match. No need to tag in. Unfortunately the Strongbows arenít that bright, and thus Chief Jay and his food baby fall prey to a double chop from Fuji and Saito to lose the First Fall. Second Fall sees Jay tag Jules, who bumbles around for a couple before getting a hot tag back to Jay, who does his no-sell Indian wardance and hits Fuji with a chop to the throat for the pin. Third Fall sees Andre get in on the action, chasing Mulligan around since Blackjack wants nothing to do with him, meanwhile Saito gets locked in a sleeper and then pounded down for the final pin. Afterwards Andre (who wore a nifty Mulligan style black glove to the ring) locks Blackjack in his own patented clawhold to get his own measure of revenge and let the fans go home happy.

Result: Andre and Strongbows via 2 Falls To 1 at 14:03

Score: 2 (Good) At least it was much livelier than the other two matches we got to see.

Overall Score: 1.5 Certainly a show that seems to come during a down period for the company, as one wonders just when Vince Sr. will finally step down.

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