February 24, 2007
Frank Koenen

The Colossal Jostle
September 23, 1985

-We go all the way back to 1985 for this show in Madison Square Garden. Andre the Giant, after years of feuding with Big John Studd, over who is the real giant of the WWF, now takes on yet another mastodon in King Kong Bundy. Who is the superior giant, the legendary Andre or the up and coming King Kong Bundy? Plus some intense feuds heat up as The Hart Foundation takes on The British Bulldogs, Ricky Steamboat locks up with Don Muraco, and Terry Funk battles the Junkyard Dog. So let’s go to the Garden.

From the Mecca of Wrestling- Madison Square Garden
Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse “The Body” Ventura

-We start with a jazzy opening for the MSG show.

1) Les Thorton vs. Scott McGee

A couple of failed attempts at a lockup to begin. Thorton locks on an arm-bar, Scott tries to push Thorton off, but to no luck. Scott tries to hip toss out, but Thorton keeps on the arm-bar. Thorton cinches it up, and McGee tries again to hip toss out to no luck. McGee goes up for a head scissors to try and get out, but Thorton isn’t letting go. A couple of cries of “boring” are heard from the crowd. McGee jumps over Thorton and he switches up to a wrist lock with Thorton on his back. Thorton stands up, but McGee still has the hold on his opponent. Thorton tries something to get out, but it doesn’t work and he’s back on his back. The crowd isn’t into this match. They get up and Thorton rams McGee into the turnbuckle, and then delivers a couple of forearms. Thorton applies a headlock, but McGee bridges out, performs a snapmare and applies a headlock of his own. McGee keeps on a headlock and gets several near falls. Thorton gets out and gets a headlock of his own, but McGee bridges out again and snapmares him back into his headlock. Thorton stands up and slips on a full nelson. The crowd isn’t into this match at all as they continue to either boo, show apathy, or shout “boring.” McGee gets back into the headlock. Thorton again tries a headlock, and again McGee bridges up, hits the snapmare, and goes to his own headlock. Both men reverse the top position with a bridges and snapmares. The crowd is booing the two men. The two stand up, but it goes back to McGee holding on the headlock. The crowd boos again. They came see the shitty Andre-Bundy match, not this shitty match! Both men are up and Thorton starts getting some forearms, sending McGee outside. McGee back in gets stomped by Thorton. Thorton grabs McGee by the hair and gives him another forearm for a near fall. McGee hip tosses Thorton, tries an arm-bar, but Thorton gets a head scissors first. McGee is able to stand on the top of his head, and get out of the head scissors. But Thorton goes back into the head scissors, and the crowd boos again. Ventura tells a story Vince McMahon Sr. told him about coming to the Garden. Apparently a guy comes out with a big sequenced robe, but he forgot his trunks and didn’t realize it until he opened his robe. McGee again stands on the top of his head to get out. McGee drops some knees and leg to Thorton. Standing up, McGee is hitting Thorton with uppercuts of his own pushing him into the corner. But Thorton pops out of his own, then another for a one count. Thorton goes into the chin lock. Gorilla says fans buzzing, but it’s not in a good way as they start booing again almost immediately after he says it. Then they start getting into it a little as McGee raises his arm, and the fans start clapping for his comeback. Maybe the just really want the match to be over. McGee gets to his feet, but Thorton pulls him down by the hair. Thorton moves into a crucifix pinning position for a couple of one counts. Then he maneuvers into a half nelson and crucifix, with a handful of tights. Thorton is forced to break the hold once the referee catches him. Thorton is not happy with that and he starts throwing some forearms and knees. McGee with a double leg takedown and then attempts a Boston Crab. Thorton tries with all his might to stop it, but then positions himself to be close enough to the ropes should he get in the hold. McGee does get the crab, but Thorton grabs the ropes immediately. McGee back up gets a few forearms and a knee drop for a near fall. Then he applies a headlock for a few near falls, and there is a murmur of boos, but not as thunderous as before. Thorton makes it to his feet, and suplexes out of the hold for a one count. Thorton drives a knee into the shoulder of McGee for a two count. Thorton rams McGee into the turnbuckle a couple of times. Thorton whips McGee into the opposite turnbuckle, but McGee moves when Thorton goes for a splash or whatever he was trying. McGee gets a standing headlock, Thorton quickly pushes off, both men try a shoulder block and go down. Back up, Thorton hits another forearm. Thorton locks on a pair of wrist locks to keep McGee down for some pin fall attempts. McGee is able to monkey flip Thorton off of him. He follows that a dropkick taking him outside. McGee suplexes Thorton back in. McGee goes up top. Thorton tries a butterfly suplex, McGee backdrops out of it into a pinning combination, but Thorton bridges out of it. They try a backslide, but then McGee gets a double leg take down, and rolls him up for the pin. Scientifically sound, but the MSG crowd was defiantly not into it, and it was a bit too slow for my tastes. An non offensive match for the wrong crowd. **
WINNER: Scott McGee at 18:22

2) Adrian Adonis (w/Bobby “The Brain” Heenan) vs. Rick McGraw

I wasn’t alive at the time (let alone following the storylines at the time), so I’ve very confused about the “Relax with Trudy” briefcase. This is only months before Adonis went to the gay gimmick as by the December MSG show, he was fully faggy. Adonis is somewhat of an underrated worker because of his later years (which is when he was most famous) and his look. However he could really go and had a really good or even great match. Lockup and Adrian backs McGraw up into the corner. Adrian gives McGraw a clean break. Adonis gets an arm-bar, and is able to take McGraw to the ground. Gorilla mentions that Adonis has gained about 25 lbs. in the last few months. Maybe that’s when Vince realized he should punish him with a gay gimmick. McGraw is able to get to his knees, but Adonis still has the hold on as members of the crowd flips Adonis off. McGraw gets the ropes and Adonis breaks the hold. Adonis applies an arm-bar, and takes down McGraw with an arm-drag. McGraw is able to stand up, but Adonis puts him back on his knees. Ironically when Adonis changed gimmicks, getting a guy to his knees...nah, I won’t go there. McGraw back up, gets into the corner, and Adonis starts ramming knees into the mid section. McGraw reveres a whip, but Adonis takes command back and throws McGraw outside. Adonis even though he’s fat is still able to retain his heel heat, as fans throw shit at him. McGraw attempts to get back in, but Adonis is right on him and kicks him back outside. McGraw back on the apron is hit again by Adonis. Adonis brings him back in and puts on an arm-bar, then takes him down with a handful of hair. The referee is distracted by Heenan, as Adonis uses a choke hold. When the referee turns back around, Adonis is using the arm bar. Adonis drops his ass on McGraw to inflict more punishment. Adonis clotheslines McGraw with the bottom rope then throws the youngster outside. Adonis is distracting the referee as Heenan hits McGraw with the Relax with Trudy case. Adonis suplexes McGraw back in. But Adonis is writhing in pain on the mat holding his shoulder. Adonis goes up top but McGraw shakes the ropes, leading to Adonis crotching himself. McGraw gets in some shots and sends Adonis into the steel post. McGraw poorly suplexes Adonis for a two count. McGraw pushes Adonis into the ropes, but Adonis holds on as McGraw falls back. Adonis then hits a DDT for the win. Adonis was a great wrestler, and he really made this match fun. **
WINNER: Adrian Adonis at 10:07

-Backstage Randy Savage is interviewed by Gorilla Monsoon from earlier without Miss Elizabeth in presence. Savage says he’s psyching up for Hogan, and that Paul Roma will be Hogan tonight.

3) Randy “Macho Man” Savage (w/Miss Elizabeth) vs. Paul Roma

Otto Wanz is introduced to the crowd before the match, which is surprising since he was AWA Champion only a few years earlier. I couldn’t find any information on his appearance. Savage the jerk heel that he is forces Elizabeth to hold open the ropes for him, and makes her wait as he prepares to enter the ring. Savage was getting good heat at the time, because much like Ralph Kramden, there was that underlying theme of spousal abuse, except it didn’t endear Savage to the audience instead they hated him. The opening bell rings and then it takes a while for Savage to get out of all his ring gear. I just call it the opening bell, because it was the last bell before Roma and Savage lockup. Savage is freaking out on the ring attendant and Elizabeth. Then the crowd boos when Elizabeth kisses him on the cheek. It’s about two minutes after the opening bell when the two start circling each other. Lock up leads to Roma arm dragging Savage down. Savage in turn arm drags Roma. Roma applies a headlock, but Savage shoves him into the ropes and gives him an elbow to the face. Savage clothesline Roma over the top rope. Savage has wild eyes as he continues to punish Roma. He drops a knee on Roma then gets a two count, but picks Roma up. He then locks on a front face lock, but Roma shoves him into the corner. Savage knocks him down, and another two count where he picks up Roma by the hair. Savage goes for a bodyslam, but Roma rolls him up for a near fall. Savage makes the same mistake twice. Savage is not pleased with that, and knocks Roma down. He goes up top, but Roma catches him coming down. Roma body slams Savage, then hits a sunset flip from the top rope. Roma comes off the ropes, and Savage catches him and throws him outside. Savage follows and attacks him. Savage brings him in only to throw him out again. He goes up top and he drops a double axe handle to the floor. The ropes at MSG tonight seem very loose, so it was gutsy by the Macho Man. Savage throws Roma back in and suplexes Roma. Savage hits the flying elbow, for only two as he pulls him up by the hair. Savage decides it’s not enough, and with a crazed look in his eyes goes back up top to drop another. He keeps on Roma this time and wins the match. Essentially a squash match for Savage, but it was a pretty good one as he was on his game. **
WINNER: Randy Savage at 6:58 (from bell to bell, but there was less than five minutes of action)

4) The Colossal Jostle: King Kong Bundy (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Andre the Giant (w/Lou Albano)

Well I think the decent match streak is about over. This was set up after an attack at the Maple Leaf Gardens where Big John Studd met Andre the Giant. Andre had Studd where he wanted him, and was about to cut Studd’s hair, when King Kong Bundy ran down. Bundy then gave Andre four splashes, as Studd held him. On television they said Andre received a broken sternum. Bundy was going to do another one, but several babyfaces ran down to save the day. I always liked how they sometimes showed wrestlers walking to the ring backstage at MSG like here with Andre, makes it feel more like a sport for some reason, a nice little touch. They lock up near Bundy’s corner to start, and reverse the advantage quickly. Andre finally gets Bundy’s back to a corner and chops and chokes Bundy. He swings his head back and forth with the choke, then delivers a big chop. Bundy goes outside and is not happy, screaming at the fans. Andre in the ring has a smile on his face. Back in Andre goes back to Bundy’s throat, but Bundy goes for Andre’s sternum. Bundy begins to lay in shots, but Andre comes back with chops. Bundy has Andre in the corner though so he gets some shots of his own. Andre head butts Bundy down to the mat. Bundy goes for a kick, but Andre catches it. Andre then kicks Bundy in the back. Bundy hits the sternum a couple of times to get back the advantage. Andre is down and Bundy starts attacking him. Andre ends up rolling outside as some ring attendant is freaking out! He looks scared like he’ll get stuck in one of his rolls! Andre gets back in and shoulder blocks Bundy who was trying to rush him. Andre is now laying in some shots and then goes into an arm-bar, and Bundy is down on one knee. Andre maneuvers Bundy face first to the mat, as Jimmy Hart is yelling from ringside. Andre then transitions into a body scissors. On the outside, Albano and Hart start exchanging words and Hart backs off after saying too much. Andre and Bundy continue laying on the mat, just resting. They look pretty gassed. Even the MSG crowd which was hot for this match to start, has a few small murmurs of disapproval, but not much. Bundy looks like he’s struggling to reach the ropes, as I’m struggling not to not fall asleep. I didn’t know Andre was already this bad in 1985. They’ve been in this hold for hours, and not doing anything with it. Andre rolls Bundy away from the ropes. Finally Bundy breaks and attempts a shot to the sternum but misses. They start trading blows. Andre head butts Bundy sending him outside. Back inside, Andre puts Bundy in a wrist lock. Good god, please not another rest hold. Luckily Bundy gets out fairly quickly (well compared to before). Bundy starts working on the sternum pushing Andre back to the ropes. Andre gets a shot. Andre goes to his corner, and Bundy charges him, but Andre catches him and puts him in a wrist lock. Bundy backs Andre into the ropes, and gets him to break with a handful of hair. Bundy hits the sternum, and then begins to stand on his chest (well not really). The crowd starts chanting for Andre. Bundy stomps away with Andre on the ground and in the ropes. Bundy then digs his shin into Andre’s mid section. The referee is trying to get the guys to break. Andre is trying to fight up, as I fight not to lose my faith in wrestling. Andre gets back up and has Bundy in the corner and drives his shoulder into Bundy. Bundy whips Andre in to the corner, and it takes Andre about a minute to get from turnbuckle to turnbuckle. Bundy charges but Andre gets a big boot. Andre then gets his butt splash on Bundy, and suddenly Big John Studd interferes to cause a disqualification ending the match. Wow, never before did I think I’d be happy to see Big John Studd. Andre head butts Studd, but Bundy gets his second wind and it’s two on one. Albano proves to be useless as he gets knocked down by the Giant Connection. Andre smartly gets out of the ring when he can and gets a steel chair breaking the seat through. Bundy & Studd leave when Andre enters the ring (even they could have gone somewhere to play nine holds, came back to MSG and attack Andre as he was trying to get up and going into the ring). Albano calls for the two to come back out. I was going to go easy on this match, but god they were in that hold forever and I don’t think there was an actual move used once during the thirteen minutes of this match. -***
WINNER: Andre the Giant at 13:50 via disqualification

5) “Cowboy” Bob Orton Jr. vs. S.D. Jones

Looking at the results page, Jones is a replacement for George Wells. Orton has had an injured arm for eight months. Poor guy. Jones starts throwing some jabs that make no contact. Orton applies the headlock goes off the ropes and hits a shoulder block. Jones catches Orton coming off the ropes and body slams the cowboy. Orton kneels in the corner waiting to get up, biding his time. Jones arm drags Orton then goes into an arm-bar on Orton’s perpetually injured arm. Orton goes over the ropes to escape, but Jones keeps the hold applied. Shouldn’t the referee called for the breakup? Orton escapes it anyway, and hits a dropkick. But Jones gets a top wrist lock sending Orton down to the canvas. Orton nips up and back into the ropes to get the break. Orton gets a single leg takedown, but Jones gets a hold of his arm and continues to work over it. Orton sells the arm like he is legitimately injured. Jones then plants a head butt on Orton. Orton bails outside for a little to regain composure. Back in the ring, Jones back Orton into the ropes, referee calls for a break. Jones doesn’t want to do it, because he knows what’s coming. Hey! For once a babyface that ISN’T stupid! Orton does indeed hit him with the cast just as Jones predicted. Orton applies the head scissors on the mat, and Jones is shaking his legs. Jones counters out of it with a leg lock, and then gets back up does another arm drag into an arm-bar. Orton tries a hip toss to escape, but his shoulder goes out on him. So Jones gets another arm-bar. Jones puts his head down too soon, and Orton catches him with a punch knocking him down. Orton follows with an elbow and goes into a reverses chin lock. Orton begins to drive knees into Jones’ back ,and Orton applies a chin lock dangerously close to being a choke. Jones fights his way up with elbows, but Orton yanks him back down by the tights and goes back to the chin lock. Jones gets out of it and Orton catches him with an atomic drop. Orton follows with a fist for a near fall. Orton goes back into the chin lock trying to wear Jones down. The camera is in too close and you can almost hear them call spots. Most probably could I know I have terrible hearing. Jones gets up and backs Orton into the corner. Jones then whips him into the opposite corner. Jones hits a head butt, which knocks Orton down to one knee. Jones does another sending Orton face first into the turnbuckle. Jones does yet another head butt almost sending Orton outside. Orton is spaghetti legged as Jones takes a few shots. Orton is able to gets a head scissors take down on Jones. He tries another but crotches himself on the top rope. Jones suplexes Orton back in for a near fall. Jones does another head butt, and Orton wobbles backwards into the corner. Jones shoulder blocks him, and runs off the ropes, but Orton catches him and rams him into the turnbuckle. Orton then goes up top and hits a bad Vader Bomb for the win. A fairly decent match. *1/2
WINNER: Bob Orton Jr. at 12:09

6) The British Bulldogs vs. The Hart Foundation (w/Jimmy Hart)

Ah, some good wrestling action. These two teams had met previously in Madison Square Garden in July, fighting to a curfew draw in a very good match. It’s on Bret Hart’s DVD and you should give it a look. This would only be the beginnings of their feud as thing heated up once the Bulldogs won the tag-team titles. Dynamite and Bret start, Bret backs off into the corner, and Jimmy Hart tells the referee to make Dynamite go back. The two lockup with Bret being shoved back into the ropes. Another lockup and Dynamite again put him back into the ropes, so Bret and Jimmy complain about hair pulling. Dynamite hits a shoulder block followed by a slingshot into the corner post and Bret bails outside. Bret and Jimmy confer with each other on the outside as Dynamite waits anxiously. Bret back in is on his bicycle but finally locks up with Dynamite leading to the hammerlock by the kid, which Bret counters. However, Dynamite runs then goes belly down which sends Bret outside. Bret tags in Neidhart when he gets back in. Neidhart right away gets a knee lift followed by a bodyslam. Neidhart misses a clothesline and is body slammed by Dynamite. They gets a couple of wrist locks which leads to Jim giving Dynamite another knee lift. Dynamite though catches him with a drop kick and Neidhart bails to the outside. Bret is tagged back in and Smith is in the ring. Smith sneaks into a victory roll for a near fall. Smith gets a headlock, Bret pushes off with a handful of tights. Bret is able to catch Smith with a knee off the ropes followed by some elbow drops. Bret tags in Neidhart and they do some double teaming. Neidhart starts pounding at Smith. Smith is now the face in peril it looks like. Neidhart sends some forearms into the back of Smith’s neck. Bret is back in and hits a drop kick on Smith. Bret hits Smith with a forearm then a stomp to the mid section. Neidhart makes a quick tag back inside and takes his turn beating on Smith. Neidhart then lifts Smith into a bearhug. Smith gets some shots and sneaks under Neidhart to get the hot tag to Dynamite. Dynamite goes nuts on the Hart Foundation. Neidhart misses a clothesline, but Bret gets a knee on Dynamite as he comes off the ropes. Behind the referee’s back Bret drops a forearm from the second rope. Neidhart sends Dynamite through the ropes, and while the referee is distracted again Bret bodyslams Dynamite on the floor. Davey goes to check on Dynamite, and Bret gives him a few kicks to the head. Neidhart puts a chinlock of some kind to Dynamite. Looks like DK is now the face in peril. Neidhart let’s go of it and stomps Dynamite. Neidhart taunts Smith and he tries to enter the ring, this distracts the referee so Hart can get back in the ring. Bret sends Dynamite into the corner which takes him down. Bret goes to the second rope for a forearm smash for a near fall. Bret hits a back breaker for a near fall. Bret can’t believe that Dynamite kicked out and he tags in Neidhart. Bret holds Dynamite so Neidhart can take a shot to the gut. Neidhart puts Dynamite in the front face lock, Dynamite nears closer and closer to Smith. Hart runs across the ring and gives Smith a shot. Smith has had enough and chases after Hart. Neidhart and the referee argue as Hart chokes DK in their corner. Neidhart again puts Dynamite in the front face lock. Dynamite again tries to push his ways towards Smith. Hart goes to attack Smith, but the referee stops him. DK tags Smith, but the referee was with Bret at the time. Bret is in and begins working over DK. Bret throws a forearm, but DK gets a backslide for a nearfall. Bret ties DK in the ropes. Bret goes for something, but DK moves out of the way. Dynamite gets the hot tag to Smith. Smith dropkicks Neidhart and then whips Hart into the turnbuckle. Smith gorilla slams Hart for a nearfall, only saved by Neidhart. Bret gives Smith a back breaker and Neidhart reenters the ring with out a tag. They hit the Hart Attack on Smith, but Dynamite comes off the top rope on Hart and covers him for the win. Dynamite was not the legal man. After the match the Hart Foundation beat up the British Bulldogs. This was tag-team wrestling 101. A very good match, as they would come to have in those months. ****
WINNERS: The British Bulldogs at 18:32

-Looks like it’s intermission time as Jesse Ventura is with Mr. Fuji and Don Muraco backstage. Fuji does a stereotypical evil Japanese interview. Ventura notes he’s flattered by Muraco dedicating his reverse piledriver to him. Muraco sucks up to Ventura. Muraco says he’ll dedicate his piledriver on Ricky Steamboat to Ventura.

-Gorilla is backstage with Terry Funk and Jimmy Hart. Hart says Funk will get revenge on JYD for dumping water on Hart. Gorilla says that Funk has been sideswiping JYD. Funk says he’s the best in his profession and that JYD was beneath him. Funk says JYD is a “jackass,” a little risque for the WWF of the time. Gorilla seems a little shocked at that. Funk says it a few more times, and then it Gorilla seems to cut the interview short.

7) The Missing Link (w/Bobby “The Brain” Heenan) vs. Leaping Lanny Poffo

Heenan makes sure Fink notes he’s manager of the year, and Fink introduces him like he would Harvey Wipplemen. I guess Fink doesn’t like people impeding on his job. The two circle one another, Poffo keeps on his toes and rides his bicycle. Poffo keeps on avoiding the Link. Link is frustrated and headbutts himself on the top turnbuckle. Poffo avoids a headbutts from Link after an Irish whip for the Link. Link bearhugs Poffo, but Poffo gets a punch to get out of it right away. A lockup sees Link pushing Poffo into the corner and getting a headbutt into the sternum. Poffo catches Link with a monkey flip as he’s being distracted by something. Link goes outside to use a steel chair, but Heenan stops him. Link back in the ring rams Poffo into the top turnbuckle. Link tries a headbutt with Poffo on the mat, but he moves much to Link’s frustration. Link gets a full nelson, but Poffo is able to sneak out of it. Link goes outside again to use the chair and Heenan stops him once more. Link back in get some shots on Poffo. He then starts scratching at Poffo. A monster heel who fights like a girl! In the corner Link gives Poffo forearms. Link whips Poffo into the opposite turnbuckle sending him down to the mat. Link slams Poffo, but misses the headbutt. Poffo gets a shot of his own, making Link sway back and forth on his feet. Poffo dropkicks Link into the corner. Poffo tries a monkey flip, but Heenan holds Link’s leg. Link takes advantage with a headbutt from the second rope giving him the win. A match to get Link over, and I guess it did that. ½*
WINNER: The Missing Link at 6:03

8) Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. Don Muraco (w/Mr. Fuji)

This was setup by Muraco attacking Steamboat on TV and choking him with his gi belt. Muraco jumps Steamboat and begins to beat on him. Steamboat though ducks under Mruaco’s right hand and uses KARATE SHOTS! Too bad Muraco doesn’t know Jui Jitsu, Judo, or just about any martial art. Steamboat snapmares Muraco and follows with a knee drop on the head. Steamboat uses his gi belt to choke Muraco. The referee is letting it go. Steamboat goes over the top rope to get even more leverage with the choke. Steamboat hits a KARATE CHOP from the top rope. Steamboat then throws Muraco over the top rope. Steamboat follows Muraco outside and gets in some strikes. Steamboat sends Muraco back in and Steamboat finally has time to get his gi jacket off. Steamboat delivers a knee lift and Muraco is reeling. Steamboat takes his gi jacket to choke Muraco. The referee has to pull Steamboat off of Muraco. The crowd is all for Steamboat. Dragon keeps on Muraco too. Fuji though trips Steamboat. Muraco rakes Steamboat’s eyes. Muraco then throws Steamboat over the top rope. Fuji rams his cane into Steamboat’s mid section. Steamboat goes after Fuji which let’s Muraco come from behind and throw Steamboat into the guard railing. Muraco stomps at Steamboat. Muraco slingshots Steamboat back in and follows with a headbutt. Muraco gets the Nerve Pinch on Kirk...errr, Steamboat. Steamboat fights up from his knees. Muraco pulls him back down by the hair. Steamboat is nearly out, but he still has life in him. The crowd begins to rally for Steamboat, and he starts getting up. Steamboat gets a KARATE SHOT to the forehead, but Muraco just rams Steamboat’s head into the top turnbuckle. I guess Professional Wrestling can beat the style of Karate too. Muraco goes back to the Vulcan Nerve Pinch, proving that even Vulcan’s have a better fighting style. Steamboat is shaking, but he gets a KARATE SHOT to his head to get out. However Muraco gets a couple of his own, showing the greatness of KARATE! Muraco goes for a tombstone piledriver for Jesse, but Steamboat whacks his legs together to get out of it. Muraco is still in control, but as Muraco tries to slam Steambaot, Steamboat ends up sling shotting him into the corner post. Steamboat begins to make his comeback with all sorts of shots, not all Karate this time. Steamboat slingshots Muraco into the corner post, busting open Muraco. WE GOT BLOOD! Steamboat continues his onslaught. Steamboat then begins to work on the cut specifically. Steamboat doesn’t get a splash when Muraco gets his knees up. Muraco sends Steamboat over the top rope, Fuji tries to interfere, but Steamboat kicks him and skins the cat back in. Muraco catches him with a suplex for a near-fall. Fuji gets on the apron, but Steamboat whips Muraco into him sending him down. Steamboat goes up top, but Fuji throws salt in his eyes. The referee calls for a disqualification. The heels then double team Steamboat with Fuji’s cane. ***
WINNER: Ricky Steamboat at 12:45 via disqualification

9) Cpl. Kirchner vs. Moondog Spot

Spot attacks Kirch as he’s getting his gear off. Spot is all over Kirch. Ventura the former Navy Seal takes the time to make jokes about the airborne and army. Kirch is caught in the ropes as Spot works on him. Spot headbutts Kirch as he tries to get back in the ring. Spot decides to help Kirch get back in with a snapmare. Kirch tries a sunset flip, which doesn’t work and Spot hits a right hand. Spot hits a knee from up top for a near-fall. Spot tries a fist drop from the top but Kirch moves. Kirch then starts stomping around, signifying either a comeback or his mom won’t buy him a video game. Kirch with a shot to the midsection then a kneelift. Kirch misses a clothesline and Spot hits a reverse kick. Kirch does an airplane spin into a Samoan drop which gets him the win. This match was nothing. DUD
WINNER: Cpl. Kirchner at 2:45

10) Junkyard Dog vs. Terry Funk

This comes from an infamous angle in which Funk attacked black ring announcer Mel Phillips when Phillips put on Funk’s cowboy hat. JYD always looking to help a brother out, began feuding with Funk over it. Funk jumps JYD and they go outside. JYD backdrops Funk on the outside. Then JYD headbutts him from the ring. JYD goes back out and slams Funk. Finally in the ring, Dog whips Funk into the turnbuckle who does the Flair flip to the outside. Funk climbs onto the apron and JYD rams him into the corner post and Funk goes back onto the floor. JYD suplexes Funk back in the ring for a one count. Funk gets a lowblow on JYD. Funk then twists his boot on JYD’s face and follows with a legdrop. Funk tries some headbutts, but black people have thick heads in the world of wrestling so it has no effect on the Dog. JYD gets some of his own. Hart distracts JYD long enough to let Funk get in some shots. Funk gets a double leg takedown out of the corner and puts his foot on the rope to get leverage. The referee sees it and calls for the break. Funk argues with the referee, and JYD gets a small package for the win. After the match the heels attack JYD with Funk’s branding iron ramming it into JYD. Third time this show a heel is a sore loser after a match. I almost feel like giving it negative stars for having Funk job so quick to JYD. DUD
WINNER: JYD at 3:36

-Gorilla and Jesse wrap it up after the break as the crowd leaves the arena.

Comments: This was a pretty hit or miss show. A couple of three star plus matches help, along with some average matches. There was one terrible match in Andre-Bundy though, but that’s expected. I would say this was a pretty decent show.

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