May 20, 2010
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

NWA World Tag Team Champions The Freebirds (w/Terry Gordy) vs. The Midnight Express (w/Jim Cornette) – (World Championship Wrestling, 6/24/89)
The Midnight Express have been turned into fan favorites although I don’t think Cornette wanted it that way, but the Midnights went with the flow. The Freebirds cheated to win the NWA world tag belts a few days earlier after Terry Gordy snuck into the ring and gave Bobby Eaton a powerbomb about a month after Gordy had helped the leader of the Freebirds Michael Hayes defeat Lex Luger to secure the NWA US title back at Wrestle War in May. Of course Hayes lost the belt back to Luger in a rematch, but the point is that the Freebirds are running wild over the NWA thanks to Gordy. Jimmy Garvin gets the early advantage as he fights dirty with Stan Lane. Enough of that, Lane goes SLAM CRAZY on the Freebirds. Tag to Eaton, Garvin catches him with a clothesline and that brings in Hayes. Lane tags and goes all ka-ra-te on Hayes. Back to Eaton, Hayes counters a headlock with a headscissors and then decides to dump Eaton out to the floor and into the guardrail. While Hayes is prancing around, Eaton climbs to the top and delivers a missile dropkick. Tag to Lane, Garvin grabs a headlock. Lane fights out into an armbar of his own as we go to commercial. After the break, Hayes tosses out Lane, which just pisses him off as Lane shoots back into the ring and dumps out Hayes for a change. Back in, Lane powerslams Hayes into the Midnights corner and tags in Eaton. Hayes begs off and Eaton punches the crap out of him. Back to Lane, Garvin yanks him down from the apron as Lane comes off the ropes. The Freebirds work him over and a double-KO spot sets up the HOT TAG TO EATON! Swinging neckbreaker to Hayes! The action breaks down with all four men in the ring and the Midnight Express are in total control. Terry Gordy climbs up to the apron, but Eaton decks him on his way to the top rope. Lane grabs Hayes for the VEG-O-MATIC, but Gordy punches Eaton off the top into the guardrail! There’s no way he can continue and the Midnight Express are counted out as the Freebirds retain. (8:16 shown) Once again, the Midnight Express do a bang up job of making their opponents look like a million bucks – especially Terry Gordy. **¾

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