June 14, 2009
Mike Abitabile

Monday Nitro
Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota

WCW Nitro comes on the air with a tribute that sends their condolences to the family of Brian Pillman, who passed away the night before. After the theme song plays, Tony welcomes us to the show as the Nitro Girls do their thing. They exit however, when the nWo music hits.

Eric Bischoff and Hollywood Hogan make their way to the ring. Bischoff grabs a sign promoting Hogan’s new TNT movie, Assault on Devil’s Island and holds it up for all to see. It premieres on October 28th at 8PM. Bischoff then wonders where Sting is. Hogan puts over Minnesota then again challenges Sting and points out that he won’t show up again. Hogan claims Sting only showed up last week because he knew Hollywood wasn’t in the building. Bischoff then insists they are going to change the name of CNN to the Hogan News Network once Hollywood takes over the entire Turner organization. Hogan tells us he heard the commissioner, Roddy Piper, is on his way to the arena tonight. So, he will be waiting for him when he does arrive so he can read him the riot act.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Booker T

Queen Debra brings out Jeff Jarrett and Jacqueline is with Booker T. After the bell rings, they tie up and Jarrett takes Book over with an arm drag. Tony drops a bombshell and announces that Ric Flair is in Minneapolis looking for Curt Hennig. Back up and Jarrett takes Booker T over again with a hip toss then gloats. Book responds with some fists and a hip toss of his own as the fans erupt! Jarrett goes for a dropkick but Book moves and hits one of his own, sending Jarrett to the outside. Jarrett, the cagey veteran, grabs Book’s leg and trips him up then goes back in the ring and chokes him over the middle rope. Booker T is able to hit a sunset flip out of nowhere and get a quick two. Tony tells us that it was announced this weekend that Jeff Jarrett will take on Steve McMichael at Halloween Havoc in a grudge match. Don’t count on it, Tony. Jeff goes to drop an elbow but Book moves and hits one of his own and follows with a Harlem Sidekick! Jarrett again goes to the floor, but Book follows as we go to break.

We return with Jarrett coming in off the top rope with a body block that gets two. He then hits a clothesline and a standing dropkick. Jeff stays on Booker T with kicks and fists. Jarrett picks Book up and hits a short clothesline but misses a back elbow so Booker T takes him down with a flying forearm smash. Book has an opening and sends Jarrett to the ropes and hits him with another Harlem Sidekick then slams him. Book gets up and nails a scissor kick and goes for a cover but Jeff puts his foot on the bottom rope. Book then clotheslines Jarrett over the top rope and Debra goes to check on her man. All of a sudden Mongo arrives and starts arguing with Debra. She slaps him! Mongo then takes it out on Jarrett, hitting him with a fist then throwing him back into the ring. Book rolls him up and gets the surprise win! Mongo and Jarrett trade barbs and say they will see each other at Halloween Havoc. Again, I wouldn’t count on that.

Tony, Iron Mike and Larry are at the booth as Tony is hyping the Hogan/Piper cage match. Iron Mike says the future of wrestling will change at Halloween Havoc.

Alex Wright vs. Billy Kidman

Kidman recently had two big upset wins in a row on Saturday Night, so now he gets a chance to showcase his talent on Nitro against one of the people he upset. Iron Mike mentions that Alex Wright has been on a losing streak recently since losing the TV title. They lock up and Kidman puts Wright into the corner then breaks clean. Alex shoves him then backs Kidman into the corner and slaps him instead of breaking clean. Wright follows up with European uppercuts and a head butt to the abdominal region. Kidman is tossed to the floor and we see Raven and “a guy with a hood” as Tony called him. Iron Mike says that is Perry Saturn who has had a long association with Raven in another wrestling organization. Back in and Kidman is on the offense, sending Wright to the floor and following him out with a slingshot over the top. We have dispatched a camera to the back because something is happening. We see Mongo and Debra arguing as Jarrett walks in and tries to get Mongo away from Debra. In a split screen, we see Alex Wright in control. Debra again slaps Mongo who says he has a way to solve the problem. Does it involve Jeff Jarrett leaving WCW and joining the WWF by next Monday night? Back to the action as Wright goes up top and hits his top rope knee drop to the chest. He then dances to the distain of the crowd. Wright sends Kidman into the corner and follows in with a back elbow then suplexes him with a bridge and gets two. Kidman gets a surprise pin attempt that gets two but gets taken down with a clothesline. Alex goes for a German suplex but Kidman reverses it with a modified Stunner. He fights Wright with a flurry of fists then hits a dropkick off the second rope. Alex begs off but Kidman continues the onslaught with a big clothesline. He sends Wright to the ropes and hits a knee to the face and goes for a springboard bulldog off the top rope which gets two when Alex puts his foot on the bottom rope. Kidman goes up top and attempts a 450 splash but it misses. Alex dances some more then hits a bridging German suplex to get the win.

Ernest Miller vs. Mortis

James Vandenberg brings one of his human oddities to the ring. They lock up after the bell rings and Miller takes Mortis down with a neck snap. They lock up a second time and Mortis applies a headlock but gets hiptossed then kicked in the face. This gets two for Miller. He then slams Mortis and goes up top but Vandenberg shakes the ropes causing Ernest to crotch himself. Mortis goes to work with fists and hits a rocker dropper off the top rope on Miller and goes for a pin but Mortis uses the ropes to cheat, so the referee breaks it. Mortis continues to kick Miller in the corner then adds some right hands to the assault. Vandenberg is enjoying this. Mortis hits a fireman’s carry takedown for two as Vandenberg distracts the referee, allowing Mortis the chance to toss Miller over the top rope without getting disqualified. Vandenberg got a few kicks in before Miller is brought back in by a suplex. It gets two as Tony announces Disco Inferno will defend the TV title against Jacqueline at Halloween Havoc. Iron Mike and Larry are stunned. Mortis continues the attack and chokes Miller in the corner. He follows up with a reverse Russian leg sweep for two. Mortis lowers his head and Miller goes for a sunset flip but Mortis doesn’t allow that to happen and punches him in the face. Mortis again slams Miller and goes up top and misses a big splash! Miller is up and kicks Mortis in the back of the head then hits his springboard top rope spin kick to get the win! After the match, Miller chases Vandenberg to the back.

The following announcement has been paid for by the New World Order. The Czar of Madness will remove the luster from the Diamond boy’s career at Halloween Havoc. The preceding announcement has been paid for by the New World Order.

Tag Team Champion Scott Hall vs. Hector Garza

Two weeks ago, Hector Garza scored a major upset on Scott Hall. Tonight, Hall looks to right that wrong. Hall comes to the ring with Syxx and his ribs taped up. Last week he was on crutches, and now this? Tony welcomes Brain to the booth as hour number two unofficially begins. Hall grabs the mic and wants to know if the fans came to see WCW (mild boos) or the nWo (cheers). That’s what he thought. Hall says Nash is missing because he hurt his knee and is at home getting well. Hall says he’s working through his injuries for the sake of the fans. And to the people who want to know how both of them got hurt at the same time, here is what happened. They were at Kev’s house watching old Larry wrestling tapes and Hall was laughing so hard that he threw his back out and Nash fell off his stool and hurt his knee from his laughter. Hall says he will crawl to Vegas to fight Lex Luger if he has to. The fireworks finally explode and hour number two officially starts. We go to break.

We return with Hector in the ring. The referee checks Hall so Hall decides to check the referee. The bell rings and Hall attacks Garza from behind and acts as if he’s in pain. Garza goes for a cross body block but Hall catches him and hits his fall-away slam. Hall pushes the referee and holds him back while Syxx hits the bronco buster but the referee couldn’t see it. Hall sets Garza up for the Outsider’s Edge and easily gets the win with his foot on the chest of Hector. After the match, Syxx hits a spin kick to the referee and Hall puts him in the Torture Rack then spray paints the letter Z on the referee’s back. Tony is disgusted.

The announcers introduce a video looking at the newcomer, Bill Goldberg. It shows footage from his two wins over the past two weeks against Hugh Morrus and Barbarian.

TV Title Match: Champion Disco Inferno vs. Diamond Dallas Page

Tony wonders what will happen if DDP wins the TV title here as it relates to the match signed between Disco and Jacqueline at Halloween Havoc. Kimberly brings Page out then heads to the back. The bell rings and we are under way. They lock up and Disco takes Page down with an arm drag takedown then poses. They lock up again and Page goes to the arm and quickly goes for the Cutter, but Disco bails to the floor. Disco tells the camera he is too smart for that. He heads back in and they lock up once more. Page applies a headlock but Disco breaks it then gets elbowed in the face. Page hits the ropes and Disco hip tosses him. Back up and Page hits a swinging neckbreaker. Disco goes to the floor and Page hits a baseball slide and a cross body block over the top to the floor! He throws Disco back in and sends him to the corner but Inferno gets an elbow up and takes control. He sends Page to the ropes but DDP gets a surprise backslide for two. Both men are back up and are in a fist fight. Page hits a pancake piledriver and calls for the Cutter! He puts Disco on his shoulders and hits the Diamond Cutter from that position! But all of a sudden, Randy Savage comes down the ramp and attacks, causing the DQ!

He throws Page shoulder first into the steel steps then lifts up the protective mats on the floor. He wants to pildrive Page on the concrete! And now Commissioner Piper is here to stop the move from happening! Savage doesn’t like that and shoves him so Piper spits in his face! Now Page is back up and hits the Diamond Cutter on Savage on the concrete floor! Piper grabs Page and they both take off threw the crowd. The nWo comes out to check on Savage and Hogan calls for medical help. It arrives with Miss Elizabeth who is very distraught. Tony says he never wants to see anyone gets hurt, but says that Savage wanted to do this to Page first. Liz is crying and Tony says they don’t feel sorry for her. Savage hasn’t moved since he hit the ground but Tony again says he can’t feel sorry for them because they started this. Hogan tells the camera Piper is going to pay for this and says he won’t be getting out of this building tonight. The crowd breaks out into “Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye!” We go to break as the announcers laugh it off.

We return with Mean Gene in the ring and he brings out Commissioner Roddy Piper. Piper says if Hogan was twins, he’d almost have a full head of hair. He calls Hall a liar and says Hall never beat Piper, regardless of what he tries to tell us. Roddy introduces footage from Slamboree showing Piper beating up Hall. Piper says the Outsiders are crying about injuries. Next week, the Outsiders will defend the tag titles, injured or not, otherwise they will be stripped of the belts. Piper: “Take that!” And he’s not done. At Halloween Havoc, Page/Savage will be Piper Rules, meaning no rules at all. Let them go all night long, the one who can’t get up is the one who loses. Hogan and Bischoff are on their way down the ramp.

They enter the ring and Gene bails. Big stare down as Hogan tells Piper the Icon crap stops right now. He says Piper can’t tell the nWo what to do. Piper isn’t the Icon because Hogan still exists. He says that Piper stood in his shadow for fifteen years and claims everyone is here because of Hollywood Hogan. In Vegas, in the cage, Hogan will prove to Piper’s wife and kids that he is the man, not Piper. He’ll end his career and put him in a wheelchair. Bischoff kicks Piper in the knee and Hogan starts laying it in to Piper! Hogan holds Piper up for Bischoff to hit a kick on him, but Piper ducks and Bisch hits Hogan! Piper goes after Bischoff until Hogan pulls him off, but Piper then goes after Hogan! The nWo arrives to get Hogan out of the ring! Piper grabs the Title belt and spins it above his head to hold the nWo at bay! We go to break.

Tony tells us a stipulation has been added to Mongo vs. Jarrett at Halloween Havoc. Apparently, Debra will leave WCW if Mongo wins. Again, don’t count on it.

Cruiserweight Title Match: Champion Eddie Guerrero vs. Ultimo Dragon

Eddie applies a headlock then drops Dragon. They go for a test of strength and Eddie takes control then rides Dragon’s ribs. Dragon takes him over but Eddie takes him back over and Dragon hits a spinning head scissor takedown followed by Eddie landing a back elbow and a side suplex. Eddie misses his springboard dive into the ring from the paron so Dragon hits some stiff kicks to the back of Eddie and applies a headlock. Guerrero is back up though and takes Dragon down with a clothesline and uses his own kicks. He suplexes Dragon over for two. Back up and Eddie applies an abdominal stretch but gets taken over with a hurricanrana after Dragon breaks it. Eddie remains in control however and goes for a tilt-a-whirl slam but Dragon lands on his feet and uses his own version. Dragon with some sick chops and kicks causes Eddie to go to the floor. Dragon follows out with a suicide dive and both men are down. When they get to their feet, Dragon throws Eddie in and uses a release German suplex to get a two count. Dragon sets up a running Liger power bomb but Eddie escape. Dragon floats over and applies the Dragon sleeper out on nowhere! Eddie gets his feet in the ropes though, so the hold is broken. Dragon puts Eddie on the top rope and goes for his hurricanrana off the shoulders but Eddie shoves him off then hits a tornado DDT off the top rope and follows up with the Frog Splash three quarters the way across the ring for the win!

At this point, we get some creative editing from WWE Classics on Demand. The main event of this episode of Nitro was Curt Hennig taking on Chris Benoit but obviously, that was removed. So we go to break and come back to see the aftermath of that match instead as Ric Flair runs down the aisle to make the save as the nWo is attacking Benoit. Flair chases Hennig all the way out of the arena! Flair is in the parking lot looking for Curt Hennig! Hennig is running down the street to get away from Ric Flair! Flair makes his way back through the backstage area to the arena floor. Mean Gene is being dispatched to meet him in the aisle.

Flair grabs the microphone from Mean Gene and walks to the ring. He says he’s going to talk to us from the center of the building. Tonight, we talk reality. Flair thanks the fans and tells the nWo this is reality. He’s been beaten on his entire career and left for dead but he’s still here, much to the dismay of the nWo. It’s not about politics because they’ve wanted him out for ten years. It’s not about being the best because arguably there’s never been anyone better than Flair. Hennig tried to be a big shot, but now, he’s nWo, not for life, but for three more weeks because, as god as his witness, at Halloween Havoc, whether they book it or not, he’s coming to get him. He’s going to hurt him for real and for a long, long time. Then, OH HOLLYWOOD! If there is anything left of him after Piper gets through with him, he’s coming for him, too. Flair: “I’m Ric Flair, and you’re not!” WOOOOOOOO! Tony couldn’t be happier and we’re…… out of time!

Next week, the road to Halloween Havoc continues and I promise you, Jeff Jarrett won’t be there, regardless of what they told us tonight.

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