October 22, 2007
Mike Abitabile

Monday Nitro
Jacksonville Coliseum, Jacksonville, Florida

No theme song video, just Tony welcoming us to the show. Larry says everyone in the back is hyped up for Nitro.

Cruiserweight Champion Dean Malenko vs. United States Heavyweight Champion Eddie Guerrero

Dean’s got a microphone and calls out Syxx. Dean says he knows Syxx stole his belt last week and is giving Syxx an invitation to wrestle him. Dean will give him a wrestling lesson and a lesson in respect, all Syxx has to do is show up. This is a non-title match. Tony reminds us, in case we forgot, Rowdy Piper will face Hollywood Hogan at Superbrawl for the WCW Title. He tells us Piper is here tonight. They lock up. Eddie goes behind and Dean takes control of the arm. Eddie fights back and snap mares Dean forward. Dean leg sweeps Eddie and they mat wrestle. Tony tells us we don’t know the extent of Lex Luger’s injuries from last week, but he will be competing here tonight. Back to a neutral position and Dean goes back to the arm. Eddie flips out of it and takes down Dean. They trade full nelson standing switches and Eddie rolls off Dean’s shoulders with an arm drag followed by two head scissor takeovers. Eddie chops away in the corner and whips Dean in. Eddie gets kicked in the fact as he charges and Dean follows that up with a power slam for a one count. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker gets a two for Eddie and he applies a headlock with a body scissor. Dean stands up and side suplexes Eddie. Eddie sends Dean to the ropes and wants to apply an abdominal stretch but Dean reverses it and rolls Eddie through for a two count. Dean hits a release German suplex and gets another two count. And here comes Syxx, right as we were starting to have some fun. Syxx hits ring announcer David Penzer and tries to steal the US title belt again. Eddie runs out of the ring, saves his belt and chases Syxx away. As this is happening, the referee is counting and Eddie gets counted out. Malenko isn’t happy to win like that and Dean and Eddie kind of shake hands. Larry calls Syxx a kleptomaniac.

As Dean and Eddie make their way up the ramp, DDP comes to the ring in street clothes and he’s got a chair and a microphone. He takes a seat in the middle of the ring and tells us that he’s got a bulls-eye on his forehead. He’s never been accused of being the smartest guy, and this might be one of the stupidest things he’s ever done. But he says he is tired of running and if something is going to happen, it’s going to happen right now. Sting and Savage, both wearing black and white, come through the stands and make their way to the ring. Sting stands in front of Page and Savage behind him. Sting tosses the bat to Savage and he hits the chair Page is sitting in with it, like Sting did to him a few weeks ago. DDP gets up and Savage kicks the chair away and tosses the bat back to Sting. Sting shoves the bat into Page’s chest and takes a swing at him but stops at the last second. He then hands Page the bat and he and Savage turn around. Page doesn’t swing. Sting takes off, Savage takes the bat back and follows Sting. Weird.

Konnan vs. Bobby Eaton

Tony and Larry are back to the Hogan/Piper situation. Larry says Piper was humiliated. Konnan starts with a dropkick but Bobby pounds away on Konnan in the corner. K-Dawg rolls out and hits his rolling clothesline. Dropkick to the face of a sitting Eaton, and Konnan hits the 187, which Tony called “that move” to quickly get the win.

Lex Luger vs. Ron Powers

We see a clip of Hall and Nash taking Lex Luger out with lead pipes last week. As Luger makes his way into the arena, we see he’s got a cast on his left hand/forearm and the announcers are worried that Lex is not 100%. Eric Bischoff runs out and tells Lex that he can not allow him to wrestle with a broken bone in his hand tonight without a doctor’s note. Lex says Eric can’t do this, so Easy E laughs and says he sure can. Bisch says he’s got a plane to catch in a little while and if he doesn’t get the doctor’s release to him tonight before he leaves, he can’t wrestle at Superbrawl either. Luger says there will be a match tonight, and Bisch says “no there won’t.” Lex heads backstage and Bisch turns to the camera and says one of the hardest things about running a wrestling organization is that he has to protect the athletes from themselves. The crowd erupts and Bisch thanks them for agreeing with him. Unfortunately, that’s not the reason they are cheering. Rather, The Giant has made his way into the arena and when Bischoff realizes it, he runs. He’s going to take Lex Luger’s place tonight.

The Giant vs. Ron Powers

Ron Powers is not happy that he has to face the Giant instead of Lex Luger (as if he had a chance either way). Tony says this is great teamwork between Lex and Giant. They lock up and Giant powers Ron into the corner and misses a big splash. Ron pounds away but nothing is working and Giant hits a huge clothesline. Larry says Lex has to be on the phone right now trying to get a doctor’s note and when Giant looks down on Ron Powers, it’s “like Charles Schwab looking over your savings account.” Ummm… right. Giant follows up with a huge body slam and then wins it with the choke slam. After the match, Mike Tenay comes in to talk to Giant. Giant says he is not a normal man, and he can take Hall and Nash by himself if need be. But, he says Lex is his partner and he owes Lex for trusting him when no one else would. He wants to ask Lex a question, so Lex comes back out. He wants to know if Lex would let anything stop him from a chance at the gold. Lex says he wouldn’t. Giant says he is going to walk away from Superbrawl with both tag titles and he’s giving one to Lex.

As we return from commercial, the nWo has arrived outside the arena. Hall says the working man’s champs are here. Big Bubba wants to fight DDP. Nash wants alcohol in the limo for the ride home.

The Steiner Brothers vs. High Voltage

Tony scoffs at Hall’s “working man’s champs” comment. Tony doesn’t understand how the nWo even has any fans. Earlier tonight, the Steiners give comments. They say they beat the champs but have to be in a four corners match at Superbrawl because they have to start at the bottom. Back in the arena, Tony tells us that The Steiners, Harlem Heat, The Faces of Fear and Public Enemy will be the four teams in the match Scott just referenced. As Scott hiptosses Rage over, we see Harlem Heat and Sister Sherri watching the match from the entranceway. Rage clips Scott in the knew and goes up top, but Scott catches him and hits a release belly to belly suplex and follows it up with a bench press slam. Now the Faces of Fear have made their way into the arena as Rick and Kaos tag in. Public Enemy are out too, discussing strategy. Rick power slams Kaos as he tries a leap frog and applies an arm bar. Tony says they will go over the rules of a four corner match soon because WCW never had one before. He also announces Syxx will face Dean Malenko for the Cruiserweight title at Superbrawl. Rick tags in Scott and he ties Kaos to the tree of woe and chokes him out. He releases him and High Voltage double team Scott, after Rage tags in. Scott hits an atomic drop and tags in Rick who hits a Steiner-line for a two count. Rage slams Rick and goes for a spring board summersault from the outside but Rick catches him and powerbombs him. This gets a two count but Scott and Kaos come back in and Scott dumps Kaos. He puts Rage on his shoulders and Rick hits the bulldog. Scott gets the win, but he wasn’t the legal man. Technicality, I guess.

Tony welcomes us back and puts over the Jacksonville Jaguars. He tells us Piper will be here tonight as the nWo music interrupts. Here comes Hall, Nash, Syxx, Nick Patrick and Eric Bischoff. Tony and Larry aren’t happy. They head for the announce table, so Tony and Larry give it up without a problem. Nash: “I look like Vince Neil over here.” Eric: “You started to say ‘Vince’ and I started to get sick, I wasn’t sure what you were gonna say.” Hall wants to know if anyone else smells anything. That would be them because they are the “stuff.” Bisch says he got a memo from his secretary that Randy Anderson wanted to talk to him.

So here comes Randy with his wife and kids. They are all dressed in formal wear. Eric wants to know if this is the Family Feud. Randy asks for a mic. He says he brought his wife and family out so that Eric can see the pain he has caused. He asks Eric to reconsider and give him his job back. Eric says he should have given it more thought. He wants to know the name of the wife and kids. The little girl is Montana, the little boy is Chase and the wife is Christy. Eric loves the name Montana. He asks them to come closer. Randy is being cautious with his family. Bisch wants to the kids closer. He says “Kids, will you do me a favor? Will you please tell your Daddy that he is still fired? Will you do that for me?” The Outsiders break into hysterical laughter. Montana: “Please, Mr. Bischoff.” Eric: “Move on with your life.” Nash: “Do it for Tiny Tim!” Randy begs again, Bischoff plays the violin and says Randy has to deal with adversity. Bischoff final says he will prove he has a heart. Next week on Nitro, Randy Anderson will fight Nick Patrick and if he can win, he can have his job back. Hall: “He didn’t just say that, did he?” Nash: “He did, I just heard him.” Christy doesn’t want Nick to do it. It’s crazy, he’s not a wrestler, she says. Hall: “We know who wears the pants in that family.” Randy says he is backed into a corner and he has to do it, so he is in. Bischoff tells them to scram. Now, The Outsiders want to wrestle, so one of the toughest teams is here to wrestle them. They are the “Eastern Seaboard Champions” says Bischoff, and that they are from Stamford, which Bisch chuckles about. He is referring to “The Extreme” (that’s great, mocking both your competitors in one fell swoop). They head to the ring and Syxx waits for The Extreme at the entrance ramp. Now that his announcing partners are in the ring, Bischoff doesn’t want to call the action alone, so he asks Larry (who is waiting for them to leave) to join him because he has black on.

Tag Team Champions The Outsiders vs. The Extreme (Ace Darling and Devon Storm)

Turns out The Outsiders weren’t in the ring, but were hiding on the side of the ramp, so while Syxx distracted them, Hall and Nash attack The Extreme from behind. Bisch likes that. They throw Ace into the ring and Devon into the steps. Nash throws Darling and Hall follows that up with his fallaway slam. Nash still has his sunglasses on. Larry says a blind guy could beat these guys up to which Bisch replies, “They are from Stamford.” Larry’s comeback? “Well, then they definitely aren’t worthy.” Larry calls the nWo cowards and Bischoff doesn’t like that. Hall goes for the Outsider Edge on Ace Darling while Nash wants to Jackknife Devon. They decide against this however, and Nash puts Devon in the Torture Rack while Hall choke slam’s Ace. Devon submits, and the ref calls for the bell. Hall pins Ace for good measure. Bischoff says they will beat Lex and The Giant at Superbrawl, but Lex may not even be there. Syxx has a mic and wants a word with the champs. Nash says he looked up the word “Giant” in Webster’s and it said “fool, goof, dork.” You continue being a Giant, they’ll just continue being too sweet. Hall has a lesson in genetics for Giant. Nash is also 7 feet tall. Nash stopped at the cool stage while Giant goes up into the dork zone. He calls Lex and Giant “Clodesdales” but corrects himself and says “Clydesdales” and they can’t run with thoroughbreds like Hall and Nash. Nash says he’s sorry about Lex’s injury, better luck next time. Larry calls them the Three Stooges.

Hour number two begins with Tony back in the booth and he is joined by Mike and Bobby. Tony says they all care about a man’s family and recap hour number one. Tenay thinks Sting and Savage gave DDP a wake up call. Brain knows Bischoff doesn’t care about Luger’s health, he just wants Luger out of the match.

World TV Title Match: Champion Lord Steven Regal vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr.

On his way to the ring, Rey says this is where the big boys play and that’s why he is here. Tony: “You aren’t kidding, Rey.” They discuss Hogan/Piper again and Tenay says Piper reached his breaking point and the old Rowdy Piper is back. Brain makes a good point and says Piper didn’t want the match, Hogan basically forced him into it. They have no idea why Hogan would do that, but are worried the nWo has a plan because they do everything for a reason. Regal taunts the crowd. They lock up and Regal works on the arm. Rey reverses and works on the arm himself. Regal flips Rey over and drives a knee into the elbow. Rey tries to take Regal down but he’s too big for the little guy and Regal picks him up and drops him on his knee. Regal continues to work on the arm. Rey gets a head scissor, but Regal pops up and sends Rey to the ropes. He goes outside and comes back in with a springboard dropkick. Regal is shocked and gets up checking his nose. Regal hits a European uppercut and prances around the ring. He kicks Rey and tells someone in the front row it was for him. He then snap mare’s Rey over. Regal gets on his knees and mock’s Rey. Back to the arm. Rey sends Regal into the corner and outside the ring. Regal drops Rey on the top rope on his way back in. Regal continues flaunting. Regal misses a clothesline and Rey hits a hurricanrana, but Regal goes back on the offense. Rey gets a quick pin and almost gets the three count – the bell even rang one quick time. Rey gets another quick pinfall attempt but the bell rings at two. Regal is freaking out. Rey is celebrating. He wants the belt, but Mark Curtis hands it to Regal and Penzer explains the 10-minute time limit had expired and Regal is still the champ.

We are back and it’s time for Lee Marshall On the Road with 1-800-Collect. He’s in Tampa, Florida, site of next week’s Nitro. He’s at Jessie’s on Highway 60. Lee says that he’s having a special Nitro party in Atlanta at the CNN Center. He’ll be with Atlanta’s best and Tony will be with Atlanta’s worst. He also says Tampa Bay named its new MLB team the Devil Rays because the “Weasels” was already taken. Bobby tells the waitresses serving Lee to remember something – the difference between Lee and a canoe is that a canoe tips.

Kevin Sullivan vs. Maverick Wild

Jacqueline and Jimmy Hart are with Kevin Sullivan. Tony talks about how tough Jackie is. Maverick Wild actually gets an entrance. Tony says this is his debut, but he looks like a regular jobber to me. Sullivan goes to work right away and just beats Wild up and throws him out to the wolf, I mean, Jackie. She throws him into the ring barrier and clotheslines the guy! She throws him back in and Sullivan pounds away some more. Sullivan lays in some STIFF chops. He throws Wild back out and Jackie snap mares him and body slams him this time! The place and the announcers go nuts. She throws him back in. Tony says the WCW Women’s Champion, Akira Hokuto should be scared, back in Japan. Sullivan ties Wild to the tree of woe. Jackie rubs Kevin’s shoulders for added emphasis as he charges. He hits the double stomp for the three count. After the match, Jackie picks up Maverick and knocks him back down with a punch.

We are back and John Jurkovic of the Jacksonville Jaguars is in attendance with his family. We then see clips from last week’s confrontation between Rowdy Piper and Hollywood Hogan. The announcers put over Piper and how he stuck up for his family.

Hugh Morrus vs. Alex Wright

They tie up and Morrus backs Alex into the corner and pounds away. Alex ducks a fist and rolls up Hugh for a two count. Morrus hits a running lariat out of the corner. Alex Wright hits a spin wheel kick and Morrus bails. Alex Wright hits a top right plancha on Morrus on the outside! He throws Hugh back in and hits a few European uppercuts. Tony is surprised at Alex Wright’s aggressiveness. Tenay thinks he has something to prove. Morrus misses a charge in the corner and Alex Wright tries something off the top rope but loses his footing. He even tried to recover with a totally different move but Morrus just shifts out of the way. He then picks up Alex and drops him with a huge power bomb. He follows that up with the “No Laughing Matter” moonsault and gets the three count!

We are back with Roddy Piper’s music playing and Brain calls it “music to my ears.” He’s alone, his son isn’t with his this week, but he does have a mic. Tony says we have Hollywood with us, live via satellite from the nWo Studios in Hollywood. We get a split screen. Piper says he saw what Eric Bischoff did to Randy Anderson and it’s too much for him. He doesn’t want to talk to Hogan via satellite while he hides. He’s here because Hogan said he wanted to fight. The family stuff is too much for Piper because he made a promise to his son that he was quitting. Hogan yawns and the fans chant “Roddy!” He calls Hogan a bald-headed geek and even Brain says “Woah” to that one. He says Hogan made him break his promise to his son. He wants to know if Hogan and Bisch are married. He says last week, he told him son he was sorry for what he was about to do and his son said “Go get them, Daddy.” Hogan interrupts and tells Piper to tell someone who cares, and Piper just tells him to shut up!

This gave Piper a license to kill, and Hogan is the target. Hogan calls Piper pathetic. He wants to know if he told his son he already tried to get Hogan but he couldn’t get the job done. Hogan says Piper is a coward for attacking him and Bisch from behind. He says Piper couldn’t get it done the first time. He’s going to beat Piper in two weeks at the Cow Palace because he can’t hide behind his kids at Superbrawl. Piper: “YOU SHUT YOUR BIG FAT MOUTH!”

Piper: “In the OJ Simpson Trial, some people say ‘guilty’ and some people say ‘not guilty.’ In San Francisco, they are gonna say ‘Piper: guilty, Hogan: finished!’” Hogan snaps at this remark, and calls Piper out of line and nuts. And, we’re out of time!

For clarification purposes, there was a Jeff Jarrett and Chavo Guerrero vs. Steve McMichael and Chris Benoit match that was cut out by WWE, which took place after the Hugh Morrus/Alex Wright match, but before the Piper/Hogan debate. According to the Wrestling Information Archive (here) Benoit and Mongo won.

Next week, it’s the go home show before Superbrawl VII!

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