November 1, 2007
Mike Abitabile

Monday Nitro
Steinbrenner Entertainment Hall at the Florida State Fairgrounds, Tampa, Florida

Tony welcomes us live to Nitro and we are in the parking lot where the nWo, minus Hollywood and Bischoff, has arrived in two separate limousines. For the NASCAR fans, like me, Vincent is wearing an nWo racing shirt, as they sponsored a car driven by Kyle Petty in the Busch Series during this time. Larry is disgusted by the nWo. He calls them sheep following the checkbook of Ted Dibiase. The camera is zoomed in really close to them, and all of a sudden, Hall turns around and alerts the rest of the guys something is amiss. They head backwards and one of the nWo members has been laid out and is on the concrete. It’s hard to tell which one it is, as we don’t see a close-up of his face. By process of elimination, Tony deducts that it had to be Big Bubba based on who arrived versus who was standing over the man who was down. Syxx tells the cameraman to disappear and we cut into the arena.

Rey Mysterio, Jr. vs. Super Calo

On his way to the ring, Rey looks at the camera and tells Lord Steven Regal he is ready for him and his TV Title, and he will get a shot at Superbrawl, this Sunday night. More on that later. Tony reminds us Randy Anderson will fight Nick Patrick to try and get his job back later tonight, plus, we will go live to Alcatraz, as Roddy Piper is there training and preparing for his title match with Hogan at Superbrawl. Calo goes low and works on the leg. Rey’s back up and Calo locks on a headlock after a snap mare. Rey fights out again and hits a dropkick to the back of the head of Calo. He rallies the crowd and goes to work. He takes Calo down with a clothesline and tries to come in from the apron with a springboard plancha but Calo stops him with a dropkick. Rey gets stuck on the apron and Calo tries a sunset flip over the top to the floor but Rey holds onto Calo’s head and as they land on the ground. Rey flips out of it and lands on his feet, only to be taken down as Calo launched off the top rope to the floor with a dropkick on Rey. Calo back in and launches himself outside again with a swanton over the top onto Rey. Damn. Tony tells those of us who didn’t see Pro this weekend that the Steiners wrestled on Saturday night but were involved in an automobile accident after they left the arena. They are out of the Superbrawl VII four corner’s match, and Tony understands, from his sources, that the nWo was involved in this somehow. Back in the ring and Calo hits a side slam on Rey. We cut to the back and Bubba is being loaded into an ambulance while the nWo looks on. They say they will get redemption. Michael Wallstreet goes with him to the hospital. There’s a big loss for this show. Back to the action, Calo drops Rey’s arm across the top rope and sends Rey to the ropes, but Rey jumps up and hits a spinning splash off the top. He follows this up with a leg drop off the top while Calo was draped over the second rope. This gets a two count as Calo gets his foot on the rope. Rey goes up top but Calo crotches him and hits a top rope head scissor to take Rey down and gets a two. Rey locks on the Gory Special, drops him and hits the West Coast Pop out of nowhere for the three count! Again, he tells the camera he is ready for Regal. Tony tells us that this time, there won’t be a time limit, referring to their match from last week.

Steve “Mongo” McMichael vs. Hugh Morrus

Debra and the Halliburton briefcase are with Mongo but there is no Jimmy Hart with Hugh. Tony reminds us we will go to Alcatraz tonight, so stay tuned for that. Larry offends me by comparing Piper’s trek to Alcatraz to Superman going to the Fortress of Solitude. Tony confirms the four corners match is now a triangle match at Superbrawl because the Steiners were injured, but we don’t know to what extent. Hugh gives the Horsemen sign, but points it upside down. They lock up and Mongo goes to work pounding away. He sends Hugh to the corner and takes him down with a huge clothesline and clips his knee twice. He goes for a leg drop but Hugh moves out of the way and head butt’s Mongo in the lower abdominal region. Larry wants to know who is wearing the pants tonight, Steve or Debra. Debra tells the camera that Hugh Morrus is crazy. Tony concurs. Hugh body slams Mongo and calls for the moonsault. Mongo stops Hugh and puts him on his shoulders and drops back. Mongo is favoring the knee big time. Larry thinks it’s an old football injury. Hugh smarty goes to work on the leg. He yells at Debra as he goes back up for the moonsault, but she slips the briefcase in the ring and the ref tries to keep her out. Mongo puts the case over his chest and when Hugh lands the moonsault, he knocks himself out on it and Mongo gets the win. He’s still favoring the knee though. Debra tells the camera, “Now that was funny.” Tony reminds us Steve McMichael will be fighting Jeff Jarrett this Sunday at Superbrawl and if Jarrett wins, he’s in the Horsemen.

We go to the broadcast booth and Tony tells us Superbrawl is six days away and Piper is crazy. Larry says that, at least he has a plan.

Cruiserweight Champion Dean Malenko vs. Robbie Brookside

Dean doesn’t have his belt as Syxx is still running around with it. Dean has a mic and tells Syxx that 10 minutes up the road from this arena is where his Dad trained Syxx. This Sunday, he’s going to get another lesson from another Malenko and he will find out you don’t mess with other people’s property. Apparently, he’s not down with OPP. Dean takes Robbie down with a drop toe hold and they mat wrestle. Dean trips him up and goes for a cover but doesn’t even get a one count. Back up, they trade arm bars and Dean gains the upper hand. Dean locks on a full nelson, Robbie slips out and Dean puts it on again. Dean sends Robbie to the corner and follows in with a clothesline. Robbie hits a Northern Lights suplex but doesn’t bridge it. Dean goes for the leg and these two trade reversals until Dean hits a brainbuster and follows it the Texas cloverleaf. Brookside tried to reverse it, but it doesn’t happen and Dean gets the win. And here comes Syxx. He calls Dean “Mr. Man of 1,000 Holds” and “Mr. Bland Man.” He says he has no respect anymore for Dean or his Dad because that respect died when Boris Malenko died. He stole the belt so he could get a shot because Dean has been running from him since he got to WCW. Dean chases Syxx out of the arena.

Back to the broadcast location and Tony wants to talk about the tag team triangle match at the pay per view, but Hall, Nash and Syxx are here to interrupt. Hall: “Wow, Larry Zybysko. I thought you’d be bigger.” Hall says they got tired of hearing the gossip and he wants to set the record straight. Yes, there was an automobile accident between The Outsiders and “The Einsteiners.” But you can’t blame it on Hall and Nash. They have a video tape of it and it proves they are innocent. Hall throws his toothpick at Larry and they almost brawl but the nWo takes off. The fans chant for Larry and Tony tells him to calm down because he’s doing exactly what the nWo wants him to do. Tony says they will get the tape to the production truck and they will play it in as soon as possible.

The Amazing French Canadians vs. Public Enemy

Col. Parker is with the Canadians. The Faces of Fear are in the crowd watching, in their wrestling gear. Tony thanks Larry for holding back and Larry says Hall must have stopped working out because Tony’s arms are bigger than Hall’s. Jacques would appreciate if the hillbillies in the crowd would stand up and join them as they sing the Canadian national anthem. Harlem Heat and Sister Sherri are in the crowd watching too, but they are in street clothes. Public Enemy attacks from behind and the match begins. They back the Canadians into opposite corners and send them into each other, but they “do sa do” with each other and take out the PE. Tony begs Larry to leave the arena after hour number one and not to start any trouble in the back. Larry says he’ll go to the casino. They send Johnny out and Parker lays the boots in. Oulette sends Johnny in and Jacques goes to work on Johnny and tags in Oulette. He lays in the boots to Johnny and makes another quick tag back to Jacques. They take down Johnny and Jacques body slams Carl on top of Johnny. Another quick tag and they drop Johnny on the top rope. Good tag team wrestling from the Canadians. Carl puts on a headlock. Tony says the tape has arrived to the truck and, hopefully, they will be played at the conclusion of this match. Johnny throws Carl into Jacques and Carl backs up into Johnny and they butt heads. Johnny makes a tag but the ref didn’t see it because he was with Parker so he won’t allow it. Rocco fights with the ref while the Canadians go for their top rope double team move but Johnny moves and finally makes the hot tag. Carl also makes a tag and Rocco takes out everyone. He back drops Carl and the Canadians try to bail. Johnny throws Carl into the steps and puts him on the table. He escapes, but Jacques accidentally hits Carl and he lands back on the table. Rocco hits a top rope flip to put Carl through the table! They roll him back in and pin him for the three count. Tony and Larry think this gives PE the advantage going into the pay per view, but the Faces and the Heat both tell the camera they are going to win.

We are at the entrance way with Mean Gene and he is joined by DDP. Mean Gene asks Page if he knows who took Bubba out earlier tonight. Page says he just walked in 10 minutes ago, and says he doesn’t even know what Gene is talking about. Page says he wouldn’t want to see anything serious happen to a competitor. Gene wants to know if Page is putting him on. Page wants to know if Gene is trying to blame him and Gene says no one would be mad if he did it. He says he didn’t do it and came to see Randy Anderson vs. Nick Patrick.

Don’t miss WCW Saturday Night on…. well, Saturday night (even though Tony accidentally says Sunday before correcting himself). Jeff Jarrett vs. Konnan, Rey Mysterio vs. Villano IV and Ice Train vs. Super Calo highlight the show.

World Television Title Match: Champion Lord Steven Regal vs. Prince Iaukea

Tony is going on about Piper and how he cares about his kids and has to do this for them. Tony mentions he has four kids at home. On his way to the ring, Mean Gene grabs Regal and asks him if he is going to make an example of the Prince to show the world what he is going to do to Rey Sunday at Superbrawl. He calls Rey a dwarf, more specifically Dopey, and he says he will stretch Rey and make him a few inches taller this Sunday. Now Tony is on to Bubba going down and he says Gene was so accusative towards DDP because Page was supposed to fight Bubba at the PPV, however, he feels if Page took someone down from behind, he’d admit to it. Director Craig Leathers tells Tony that the reason they haven’t shown the tape yet is because it is a VHS-C tape, so they have to find an adapter before they can play it. Regal starts yelling at fans at ringside and Larry calls him cocky. They lock up and Regal goes to work on the arm on Iaukea. He reverses it and Regal rolls out. Regal flexes for the crowd. They lock up again and the Prince takes down Regal with a shoulderblock. They go to lock up and Regal hits an open hand palm thrust to take control. Huge European uppercuts and a stiff kick right in the mouth. Regal goes to put the Prince on the top rope but drops him so he does it again and he hits a double underhook suplex from the top. Now he gets on his knees and begs the “bloody midget” to come down, and right on cue, here comes Rey. Regal drops a knee and an elbow on Iaukea. He nonchalantly lies on top of the Prince, so Iaukea rolls him backwards and gets the three count! Tony is amazed and wants to see if again. Regal is pissed off and starts yelling at referee Mark Curtis, so Mark shoves him down. Teddy Long, Public Enemy and Eddie Guerrero come out to celebrate with Prince Iaukea. We see the replay and Tony wonders if the Prince will fight Rey Sunday at the pay per view. Tony calls it the biggest upset in the history of our sport. However, we’d just seen a pompous, arrogant aristocrat lose his secondary title to an underdog who comes from an island four days earlier.

Hour number two is underway. Tony is now joined by “Iron” Mike Tenay and Bobby Heenan. Mike is happy for Prince Iaukea and puts over the unpredictability of Nitro. Through the “Weasel” chants, Bobby discusses the attack on Bubba and tells us the nWo is wounded and they know it. Tenay says they got a taste of their own medicine.

Randy Anderson’s Job is on the Line: Randy “Pee Wee” Anderson vs. Nick Patrick

Nick Patrick gloats on the way to the ring and Tenay tells us Randy has an impressive amateur background. He was All-State in Georgia and was never pinned in five years of competition. Heenan says there is a difference between amateur and professional wrestling. Both men are in their referee attire. Jimmy Jett is the referee for this contest. He checks Nick Patrick for illegal objects. He checks Pee Wee, and hands him brass knuckles and pats him on the shoulders. Nick Patrick jukes and jives but pulls back. The crowd is chanting for Randy. Nick winds up and goes for the knockout punch, but Randy nails him with the knucks and Patrick goes down like a sack of potatoes! Randy covers him and Jimmy Jett makes the three count! The place explodes and Randy Anderson has his job back! Uh-oh. Easy E is on his way to the ring and he is not happy. Eric grabs the knucks and tells Randy the decision doesn’t count. He’s still fired and then he fires Jimmy Jett, too! Nick Patrick is still out cold and Eric goes over and raises his hand, then drags his limp body out of the ring.

Lee Marshall joins us On the Road with 1-800-Collect. He’s in San Francisco, site of Superbrawl VII and can see Alcatraz from where he is, but can’t specifically see Piper. One week from tonight, he’ll be in Atlanta hosting a Nitro party in preparation for Nitro’s return to Braves country in two weeks. He says Tony and Mike can go on the new ride in San Fran, “Weaselmann’s Warf” and they can have Chef Larry cook up some “Weasel-roni, the new San Francisco treat.” No comeback from Bobby this week! Booooo. However, the tape is now ready and they play it for us.

We are in the car with Nash driving, Hall in the passenger seat and Syxx controlling the camera. Syxx: “Here’s Luger’s place up on the left here.” They show a run down old house. Nash: “Looks like he’s doing good for himself!” They decide to stop at a gas station and get something to drink. Low and behold, the Steiners are also at the gas station and are walking back to their car, which looks to be a 90’s Ford Taurus. Syxx: “Who’s getting paid around here?” Nash: “Not the Steiners.” They decide to mess with the Steiners instead of getting those drinks. They follow them out onto the main road and mock them for not making complete stops. Nash speeds up and taps them from behind! Scott pops his head out of the passenger window, which means Rick is driving. They both pick up speed now and the Wolfpac pulls up next to the Steiners on the driver’s side and Rick takes his attention off the road and starts yelling at Hall. Everything gets all jumpy (which I assume is when the cut took place) and we see the Steiners car hit an embankment and flip over. Nash: “Oh man. Hmmmmm.” Syxx: “Should we stop?” Hall: “Is anyone around? Let’s go!” We cut back to the arena and Tony tells us he are going to break and will be right back and that the nWo has gone too far this time.

We are back and the broadcast team is speechless. Tony says there is no question the Outsiders are responsible and Tony thanks them because they just showed the world they performed a criminal act. We see the end of the clip again when the car flipped. They are confused how the Outsiders would think that tape would absolve them of the blame, when, in reality, it will do the opposite. Bobby calls them liars. Tony is annoyed that a company the size of WCW hasn’t been able to figure this out until now and he says this is out of the realm of wrestling and will have to be taken care of legally.

Kevin Sullivan vs. Doc Dean

Miss Jacqueline and Jimmy Hart are with Kevin. Sullivan attacks from behind and just goes nuts on Doc. He hits a clothesline followed by a body slam and pounds away in the corner. He dumps Doc outside and Jackie’s got him. She pounds away and throws him to the guardrail and follows it up with a huge clothesline and a body slam of her own. The crowd is amazed. She throws Doc back in. Sullivan throws him to the ropes and Doc hits a sunset flip that only gets a two count. He gets a small package on Kevin for two but gets side suplex for his troubles and sent back out the wolf. She pounds away some more and suplexes him on the floor! She throws him back in and Sullivan ties Doc to the tree of woe. Jackie rubs his shoulders again for motivation and he drives the knee into Dean’s mid-section. He follows it up with a double stomp and gets the win. After the match, Jackie drops four elbows on Doc Dean for good measure.

United States Title Match: Champion Eddie Guerrero vs. Konnan

Tony tells us Hollywood Hogan has just arrived at the arena and we will hear from him tonight. Heenan says the preparations at Alcatraz will only help Piper. Tony hopes it helps him focus. Konnan annoys Eddie and hides in the corner. He drives a knee into Eddie and follows it up with a bench press slam. He goes for another but Eddie rolls out and hits a spinning head scissor takedown. They leave the ring and Konnan throws Eddie into the guard rail and hits a drop kick. He throws Eddie head first into the steps. Tenay tells us Eddie helped train Konnan in his backyard and they were teammates at one point. Konnan’s idol growing up was Eddie’s brother, Chavo Guerrero, but Konnan thinks Eddie and he are from two different worlds because Eddie didn’t grow up on the streets. Konnan locks in a headlock and Tony reminds us that Eddie will defend his US title against Chris Jericho at Superbrawl this Sunday night. Konnan runs to the ropes and hits a dropkick to the face of a sitting Eddie Guerrero and puts the headlock back on. That gets a two count. The announcers discuss Prince Iaukea’s upset win from earlier tonight and still can’t confirm whether or not Rey Mysterio will get a shot at the TV title at the pay per view, or will fight Regal in a regular match. Eddie fights to his feet and breaks the headlock but Konnan clotheslines him down as he started to get some momentum. Konnan slams Eddie and goes up top. Eddie hits a dropkick as Konnan comes down and chops away in the corner. Konnan gets the upper hand again as he drops Eddie head first on the top turnbuckle and puts the headlock on again. He hits a sit-down powerbomb on Eddie and gets a two count. Back to the headlock. Huge “Eddie” chants. Tony can now confirm Prince Iaukea will defend his newly won TV title against Rey Mysterio, Jr. at Superbrawl. Additionally, if Konnan wins here, he will win the US title and defend it against Jericho at the pay per view. Eddie hits a clothesline and punches Konnan to the mat. He hits a brainbuster type suplex and calls for his Frog Splash. He goes up but Konnan gets to his feet and tries to superplex Eddie off the top but he shoves Konnan and hits his frog splash. Before the ref can count to three, the Faces of Fear make the save and double team Eddie. Chris Jericho makes the save to show he is friends with Eddie and it will be a fair fight come Sunday. Tenay also mentioned Jericho doesn’t want Eddie hurt at the pay per view. They shake hands.

The Giant vs. Top Gun and Johnny Swinger

Since Giant will be facing the Outsiders two-on-one at Superbrawl, he will get a tune up facing two guys tonight. Top Gun distracts Giant from the outside and Johnny Swinger attacks from behind. This doesn’t last long as Giant just dominates and hits a chokeslam on Swinger. Top Gun runs in and gets one for his troubles. Giant pins them both and gets a double three count. Giant spray paints “Hall” on the back of Top Gun and “Nash” on the back of Swinger. Gene comes in the ring with Lex Luger and his cast. Heenan wants Giant to spray paint “Stupid” on Okerlund. Luger has a piece of paper that he keeps waving around. Giant says he thinks he isn’t facing the Outsiders alone. Luger found a doctor and has an official release to wrestle with a protective device. Okerlund wants to read it; he even puts his glasses on. Luger is saving it for Bischoff though. And, speak of the devil, here he is. He says Luger is 167 hours and 54 minutes late. He reiterates he needed to have a release by the end of LAST WEEK’S show. You know, he is right, that is what he said. He won’t allow Luger to wrestle at Superbrawl. Luger calls him pathetic. Luger says Bisch can’t stop him from attending the event and buying a ticket to do so. Bisch says Luger will be fired if he tries to wrestle. Giant and Luger head towards Bisch but he runs.

Tony tells us Piper has headed to Alcatraz to prepare for his match and we are going there live via satellite. We see prison gates and Piper is locked in a cell lying on a cot. He says “Not even Taz does Alcatraz.” He says he worked hard for 28 years to get a family. He was on the street at 13. He says he’s been dead inside and you can’t hurt a man who is dead inside. He’s coming to Superbrawl dead inside because of Hogan. He says he isn’t doing a wrestling promo to sell tickets, although I beg to differ. He wants to know what happened to “take your vitamins and say your prayers.” He says Hogan walks around in spandex because he wants to be recognized. Piper has tried so hard to get a family and he is proud of them. He never complained about his hip injury in seven years, but it took Hogan five minutes to take it all away. Piper flips the cot over and lies on the ground. He’s staying there for seven days and seven nights and he isn’t creating the world – he’s destroying Hulk Hogan. He says Hogan picked the wrong guy. He’s going to teach Hogan that pain is a four letter word. He wants to take a walk on the wild side. Piper: “What’cha gonna do when Piper is through with you, you piece of garbage!?” Piper hits the ground and does push ups.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho hits a spinning heel kick and Jarrett fights back by dropping Jericho on the top rope. Tony reminds us both men are in matches at Superbrawl. Debra has made her way out to ringside to cheer for Jeff. Jarrett suplexes Jericho and uses the top rope for more emphasis. Jericho fights back with a side suplex and a drop toe hold into a pin, but gets two. Tony makes a good point about the World title match at the pay per view – if Hogan had left well enough alone, he wouldn’t be in this situation. Jarrett gets a backslide on Jericho for two and follows up with a clothesline. Jarrett hits a top rope body block but Jericho rolls through and gets a two. Now Mongo makes his way out to find out what Debra is doing here. Jericho hits a double underhook suplex into a backbreaker and goes up top. Debra tells Jericho not to hurt Jeff Jarrett, but he jumps anyways and misses. The ref is with Debra as Mongo rolls into the ring and nails Jarrett with his briefcase, after thinking about which one to hit. Jericho rolls over and gets the three count. Debra yells at Mongo for not doing what she told him to do, but he doesn’t want to hear it.

We go to the announce location and Tony tells us we have so much to do that we have gone way passed the 10pm hour already. He runs down what we’ve seen tonight and they discuss Piper. They are cut off by the nWo music and here comes Hollywood with Bisch, Trillionaire Ted and Liz. They head to the ring for an interview. Hogan puts the belt on Dibiase’s shoulder and flexes. Bischoff says everyone loves Hollywood. As usual, Liz doesn’t look happy. Bischoff says everyone is scared of Piper, except Hogan. Hollywood says that the nWo-ites know Piper is nuts and totally crazy to step back in the ring with Hogan. He again mocks Piper for hiding behind his kids. All of a sudden, Sting and Savage step out of the entrance way and stand on the stage. Bisch and Hogan see them but keep talking. Bisch says Piper is history. Hogan says he’s like a god here in Tampa. He put Tampa on the map, just like Venice Beach, Madison Square Garden, Portland, Oregon and WCW. Sting starts walking to the ring but Savage grabs his shoulder and stops him and they head to the back again. Hogan: “Don’t worry guys, we have a deal.” Any last words for Piper? Piper is done and he never wants to hear “Hulk Hogan” ever again, it’s now “Hollywood Hogan.”

By the way, this week’s Chris Benoit related removal was a win over Roadblock which took place somewhere between the Randy Anderson/Nick Patrick and the Kevin Sullivan/Doc Dean matches, according to the Wrestling Information Archive (here).

Next week, fall out from Superbrawl VII!

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