December 3, 2007
Mike Abitabile

Monday Nitro Spring Break-Out
Club La Vela, Panama City, Florida

Nitro comes on the air with a pre-taped video package of Hollywood Hogan and Dennis Rodman standing next to a poster for Rodman’s new movie, Double Team, which also stars Jean-Claude Van Damme. Hogan calls the movie “sweet” and says that Hollywood Hogan and Dennis Rodman are as bad as they want to be on Nitro. Rodman says “later” … whatever that means. We go live to the beach on the Gulf of Mexico, where the ring is literally floating on a platform on top of the pool at Club La Vela. Tony tells us a limousine is pulling up in the back of the club. It’s a white limo, so Tony doesn’t think it’s the nWo as they usually arrive in a black one. The door opens and it’s Roddy Piper and his band of merry misfits.

High Voltage vs. Steve “Mongo” McMichael and Jeff Jarrett

Tony says all the talk over the weekend by major media outlets has been that Dennis Rodman is joining the New World Order. He mentions what we saw at the top of the show, and Larry warns us that the nWo hasn’t confirmed anything yet. Yeah Larry, Hogan and Rodman were hanging out just for the hell of it. Debra is with the Horsemen. On his way to the ring, Mongo says they are going to pull the plug on High Voltage. Tony mentions the ring is floating and Larry says that is dangerous because wrestlers can lose their footing in an unstable ring. Mongo and Kaos will start. Mongo still has a scar on his head from getting busted open hardway last week. Tony mentions the Horsemen are still 0-2 as a team going into Uncensored against the Public Enemy this Sunday night. Kaos with an arm ringer on Mongo. He reverses but Kaos hits a forearm shot to Mongo. Mongo gets the advantage with a back elbow. Rage runs in and Mongo lands a hip toss and then two 3 point stances to both guys. Rage bails. Mongo sends Kaos into his corner and tags in Jarrett. He lands a drop toe hold and Mongo nails a leg drop. Great teamwork. Jarrett hits a DDT and chokes Kaos over the second rope. Jarrett then sends Kaos to the turnbuckle, but he moves and Rage hits Jarrett from behind. High Voltage double teams Jarrett and Rage tags in. He hits a release Northern Lights suplex and tags back in Kaos. He catapults in with a body press on Jarrett and it gets two. Tony calls High Voltage the top rookie team in this sport. Rage goes to work on Jarrett’s arm as the fans chant for Mongo. Quick tag back to Kaos who suplexes Jeff and goes right back to Rage who goes for a springboard splash but Jarrett got the knees up and takes down Rage and Kaos, who ran in. He throws Kaos out of the ring and hits a release double underhook suplex on Rage and tags Mongo back in. Tony informs us of a change to the Uncensored main event. If a man from Piper’s team wins, Piper gets a cage match with Hollywood Hogan “at some point down the road.” Don’t worry, that’s not the only change. We’ll get to that in a minute. Mongo hits a neckbreaker and calls for his finisher. Larry says not to waste any time. Mongo hits his tombstone on Rage and gets the win. It looks like the Horsemen are back on track.

We go to Mean Gene and he welcomes Roddy Piper and his team to the ring. The crowd explodes. John Tenta and the two other guys who are never named are dressed in gear just like Piper, with kilts. Piper says he’s never seen so many pretty women in one place at one time. Piper explains that, to him, spring break means the last spring in his mattress broke, and then screams “UNCENSORED!” Gene wants to know the game plan for the pay per view. But Piper wants to talk about his critics. He says Howard Stern won’t have Piper on his show. He says Howard is picking on Piper’s team. He then says Howard Stern is hung like a pimple and then screams “UNCENSORED!” Piper says Rodman is apparently with the nWo. He tells Rodman not to pinch his buns because it’s a kilt, not a skirt. Then he says the WWF claims to have no “one hip” wrestlers at their pay per views. The crowd boos at the mention of the WWF. Piper says they are right, they have “no one” hip on their pay per views. That’s why everyone is watching WCW. He calls WWF liars, too. He says when he was there and he beat up Goldust, he had one hip. Piper is tired of the critics. He says his team has guts inside of them. He says he won’t walk away from just them because the critics don’t believe in them. This is his family. And all of a sudden, we hear Ric Flair’s music and the crowd explodes. The Horsemen are on their way to the ring. Piper wants to know why.

Arn Anderson says that the three guys have a lot of heart, but this is a job for professionals, not amateurs. Arn says they have to stick together and they all have a common goal – to take out the nWo. The Horsemen want to help. Piper says this is his family. Flair: “HOOOOOOT ROOOOOD! WOOOOOO!” Flair says Piper broke a cardinal rule – never overmatch yourself. Hogan will stack the deck and Piper can’t do this on his own. He offers the Horsemen to Piper for Uncensored. He says Mongo will turn Rodman into a basketball. Flair then tells Hogan that “the stupid little man wants back in the game!” Flair says Piper is an Icon, and Hogan is a con-man. Flair throws his jacket and Piper takes it and puts it on. Mean Gene: “If you the jacket fits, wear it.” Piper: “The jacket fits just fine.” Piper says it’s time to get smart. These guys may be his family, and they will watch his back, but Piper would be proud to fight with the Horsemen. Everyone shakes hands and hugs. The nobodies seem pretty happy for having just been kicked out of a pay per view main event. Tony is ecstatic and reminds us that Piper will get a cage match with Hogan if someone from his team wins.

WCW TV Title Match: Champion Prince Iaukea vs. Squire Dave Taylor

The Hawaiian Tropic girls don’t seem to like the Squire. We see highlights of Prince Iaukea winning the TV title from Lord Steven Regal a few weeks ago on Nitro. With that in mind, we have pre-recorded comments from Dave Taylor, a close friend to Steven Regal. He says Iaukea will get a lesson in wrestling tonight. They go to lock up and Taylor hits an open hand palm thrust. He follows up with a shoulder block off the ropes but Iaukea hits a monkey flip. We cut to the back and the same hummer limo from last week has arrived. Out comes the nWo, including Hogan, Savage, Miss Elizabeth, Dibiase, Hall, Nash, Syxx, Buff, Vincent and Scott Norton. On their way in, we see a member down again, just like a few weeks ago. They all turn around and check on Michael Wallstreet, who is down and out cold. Back in the ring Taylor sends the Prince to the corner and follows in with a shoulder and hits some stiff European uppercuts. He tries it again to the opposite corner but Iaukea hits a sunset flip for two. Tony reminds us the winner of this match will go to Uncensored to defend the title against Rey Mysterio, Jr. Taylor tries a slam, but Prince puts all his weight behind him and falls on top of Taylor and that gets the win. Larry says the kid is on a roll.

US Title Match: Champion Eddie Guerrero vs. Jim Powers

Dean Malenko has joined the commentators and says we are going to see the real Eddie Guerrero here tonight. He says Eddie is jealous of him. Teddy Long is with Jim Powers. Larry agrees that all the cruiserweights and Eddie should be jealous of Dean. Eddie nails a snap mare takeover and they trade reversals. Eddie grabs the leg and grape vines it. Dean says that he and Eddie came to WCW at the same time and one of them has risen to the top while the other has only stayed afloat. This is why Eddie is jealous of him. Jim Powers takes Eddie over with a hiptoss. Dean: “When all is said and done, one of us will go down as one of the greatest this sport has ever seen. And the other, does a frog splash.” Powers hits a huge clothesline on Eddie. He sends him to the ropes and picks him up but Eddie nails a dropkick. He hits uppercuts on Powers in the corner and sends him to the opposite side but Powers reverses and hits a back body drop on Eddie after he hits the turnbuckle. Dean reminds us the only reason Eddie won the US title is because the nWo took out his opponent for him at Starrcade. Powers hits a suplex on Eddie and gets two. He sends Eddie to the ropes and Eddie hits a leg clothesline and slams Powers. He uses a springboard plancha and gets two, but his feet were in the ropes. Teddy Long comes up to tell the ref about it and Eddie sends Powers into Teddy Long. He then rolls Powers up for the three. Dean says Eddie will do anything for a win and Eddie just proved it. Mean Gene is in the ring with Eddie. He asks Eddie what’s up. Eddie says Dean is the “new and improved” wrestler who has to punch and kick, not him. Eddie says everyone thinks he is changing but he is getting tired of it. He says he will see Dean Sunday at Uncensored.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Sgt. Craig Pittman

Tony says they are proud to bring us Spring Break. Larry says there are too many kids for him. Tony calls him old. Tony speculates that DDP took out Michael Wallstreet in the back. Larry says you can’t say things like that without proof. They lock up and Pittman trips up Page. They lock back up and Pittman grabs an arm bar but Page punches him to break it. Pittman powers Page over with a snap mare. They lock back up and Page hits a knee and an arm bar. DDP applies a headlock. Pittman punches out of it and Page hits a far leg rocker dropper. Pittman drops Page on the top rope and pounds away. He gets aggressive and chokes Page. Tony reminds us Bischoff got suspended last week, but the nWo bounced back by being on every major television network this weekend, concerning Dennis Rodman. Pittman gets a quick two on Page and then nails a bad looking belly-to-belly for two. Page fights back with fists and calls for the Cutter. Pittman hits a head butt to the mid-section and Page gets the Cutter from behind and gets the three count. Page gives himself a self high five and we go to Mean Gene who is in the ring with DDP. Gene says the crowd accepts Page now. Page says they know who the real deal is. He says Savage took him out two weeks ago and….. the power goes out. Page continues talking but it’s dark and we can’t hear him. We hear Tony go “hello?” and he tells us we are having technical difficulties and will return after a break with everything fixed. We do return and the power is back, so we finish the interview. Page asks if Savage snapped so much that he forgot his name? Page won’t forget though. He will make Savage remember his name. He calls Savage a monkey boy. BANG!

Rey Mysterio, Jr. vs. Galaxy

We have some pre-recorded comments from Rey. He looks forward to fighting Prince Iaukea and respects him. He says he will fight Regal if he beats Iaukea. Rey applies a leg lock and chain wrestlers with Galaxy. He hits an arm drag and a monkey flip on Galaxy and goes outside the ring and catapults back in with a dropkick to Galaxy’s back. Galaxy goes outside the ring and almost ends up in the water. Galaxy wants back in and walks the top rope until Rey shakes him and Galaxy crotches himself. Galaxy sends Rey into the corner, sternum first and follows up with a clothesline. He goes for a moonsault and misses so Rey crawls out and calls for the West Coast Pop. He lands it and gets the three, just like that!

Time for hour number two! As always, Mike Tenay and Bobby Heenan join Tony in the booth. Tony recaps the first hour and they are all excited that the Horsemen will join Roddy Piper this Sunday at Uncensored. Club La Vela breaks out into a “Weasel” chant as Heenan explains to us that Hollywood lost to Piper twice and it will happen again. Tony tells us Dennis Roman may or may not be a member of the nWo and hopefully, we will find out later tonight.

We go to the ring with Mean Gene who brings out John Sencio (an MTV VJ) who keeps patting himself on the back. John introduces the 1997 Miss WCW Monday Nitro, Pamela Rogers. John informs us that she attends Tennessee Tech and is studying education and wants to be a basketball coach. Well, in case you are wondering, she did go into education. Unfortunately for her, it didn’t end too well. (More on that here). Sencio tells us to look for Hall, Nash and Syxx this week on “Fame or Fortune” on MTV. They will be the torturers on the show. Pamela gets between John and Gene for a pick. Gene tells Bobby not to do anything he shouldn’t. Tony mentions to us that Gene put his glasses on for that segment.

Lex Luger, The Giant and The Steiner Brothers vs. The Amazing French Canadians, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Roadblock

Colonel Parker is with the heels. Tony says a lot of relatives he hasn’t heard from in years called his this weekend to find out about Rodman. He says the news reports over the weekend stated Rodman would be at Uncensored, but Tony hopes the nWo will let us know more tonight. This is a tune up for Team WCW. Tony then tells us the rules of the main event of Uncensored were explained on the weekend shows. In case you missed it, one man from each team will start and more will enter at different intervals. The last man standing wins. If someone from Team WCW wins, the nWo must hand over all their belts and not wrestle at a WCW event for the next 36 months (yeah, like that was going to happen). If someone from Team Piper wins, Roddy gets a cage match title shot against Hogan “sometime down the line.” If someone from Team nWo wins, they get to go for any WCW title at any time they want. Lex and Valentine start out. Lex’s wrist is still taped up. Valentine sends him to the ropes, but Lex ducks a clothesline and slams Greg. He flexes for the crowd and tags in Rick Steiner. He hits a Steiner Line but then gets hit from behind by Carl Oulette, who is then tagged in. He quickly tags in Jacques and they both drop Rick across the top rope. Roadblock comes in and slams Rick hard. Tony tells us the only issue from the car accident was a bruised eardrum for Rick which has been affecting his equilibrium. Roadblock calls for the big splash from the second rope but Rick moves and tags in Scott. Scott hits a huge head and arm suplex on Roadblock (!) and he tags in the Giant. He hits the huge chokeslam on Roadblock to get the win as everyone runs in and Team WCW takes the others out. Mean Gene is with Team WCW. Lex says the Horsemen always have their own personal agenda – he tells Roddy not to trust them. Lex has three reasons why his team will win – and they are all standing next to him. Giant says Team WCW can’t lose (want to bet?) He tells the nWo to bring it. Rick says he “ain’t never been right” so it doesn’t matter if his eardrum is busted or not. Scott says they are coming after Hall and Nash. Lex says victory would be sweet. Gene says something in the crowd is an inspiration, but they never show us what they were talking about.

Juventud Guerrera vs. Ultimo Dragon

Sonny Onoo is with Dragon. Tony plugs Ultimo Dragon’s match with Psychosis at Uncensored. Juvy runs in to start but Dragon jumps over him. They chain wrestle for a while and Juvy sends Dragon to the ropes but he reverses and misses an ax handle splash. Juvy dropkicks Dragon out and tries to follow him, but Dragon slides back in as Juvy slides out. Dragon distracts the referee as Onoo kicks Juvy in the back, then in the stomach. Juvy goes after him and Dragon attacks from behind. Juvy throws the Dragon into the safety rail and everyone wants to see someone go in the drink. They boo when the two go back into the ring. They trade chops and Dragon lands on his feet after a Juvy back drop attempt then nails some patented stiff kicks. Dragon puts Juvy on his shoulders in a bow and arrow type move and drops down on his knees. He follows it up with a surfboard but releases it. Heenan: “Well, we are on the beach.” Dragon hits a suplex with an assist from the top rope for more momentum. Dragon locks on a chin lock. Juvy dropkicks Dragon out and hits a top rope somersault plancha! He throws Dragon in and goes for a corkscrew springboard kick off the top. This gets two. He rolls Dragon up for two in a victory roll up. Dragon fights back with his running powerbomb. He puts Juvy on the top rope and nails a spinning Frankensteiner off Juvy’s shoulders. He finishes it off with a Tiger suplex for the three count. Sonny Onoo tells us Dragon is the number one cruiser.

Chris Jericho vs. Scotty Riggs

Heenan wants to shove Tony in the water. Please do it. Scotty does the American Males clap on his way to the ring. The lock up to start and Riggs sends Jericho to the ropes. He reverses a small package attempt and Riggs hits a hard elbow. Riggs slam Jericho and gets a two count. He then locks on a chin lock but Jericho reverses it with a jawbreaker. Tony wonders what will happen with the Mongo/Jarrett vs. Public Enemy match set for Uncensored now that the Horsemen are on Team Piper. Jericho sends Riggs to the ropes and belly-to-belly suplexes him over. Riggs crawls out to the apron and Jericho hits his springboard turnbuckle dropkick. Jericho suplexes Riggs back in for two. Jericho hits a clothesline in the corner and Tony tells us Eric Bischoff has hired a team of high priced lawyers from New York to represent him against Turner executives and he will most likely sue. Jericho rushes Riggs but gets power slammed for his trouble. Riggs hits a pair of beautiful dropkicks and goes up top. Jericho stops Riggs and crotches him. Jericho goes for a top rope suplerplex attempt but Riggs drops him down and gets two after a shoulder block. Jericho reverses a side suplex into a bridging German suplex which gets two. Out of nowhere, Buff Bagwell runs in and attacks Riggs with a belt, whipping him. Jericho makes the save and Riggs gets the belt but Buff bails. The announcers conclude that this match has been thrown out, but the ring announcer declares Riggs the winner by DQ, leaving egg on their faces. Whoops.

Mean Gene is at the entrance way with Madusa. Gene says he has known her for many years, then realizes that sounded like he called her old and says “well, not that I think about it, not that many years.” Madusa looks a little….. inebriated. Well, it is Spring Break. Madusa is sick of women coming in to WCW saying they are the number one contender. She is the first lady of WCW. And she is the …. first…. contender … for the WCW women’s title. Sorry about that, she kind of said it really slowly. She wants to fight “Hokito Akita” for the title. I thought it was Akira Hokito? Whatever her name is, Madusa will fight her in any country. She also challenges Luna.

It’s time for 1-800-Collect on the Road with Lee Marshall. Lee is in Savannah, Georgia, where Nitro will be next week on St. Patrick’s Day. Savannah will host the second largest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the country. He says he is on his way to Charleston for Uncensored and the cadets at the naval academy there are being served WOS…. Weasel on a shingle! Heenan: “That did it! Shingle!?”

Kevin Sullivan vs. Hardbody Harrison

What are the odds we get to see Hardbody this week? I’m sure you’ve been reading about him and his legal problems recently. Jacquelyn and Jimmy Hart are with Kevin Sullivan. Tony mistakenly calls the MTV show that Hall, Nash and Syxx will be on “Fame of Shame.” I hope Hardbody stays away from Jacquelyn. Sullivan attacks from behind and pounds away on Hardbody. He throws the kid into the corner and kicks away. There’s a knee lift during this assault. Hardbody gets thrown outside and Jacquelyn beats the snot out of him, and I must mention, she is in an evening dress and high heels! She slammed him! In high heels! Sorry. She high fives Jimmy Hart and sends the kid back in. Sullivan gets a two and Hardbody gets a rollup of his own for two. Kevin Sullivan throws him back out and this time Sullivan follows as Jimmy Hart distracts referee Randy Anderson. After mentioning his name, Tony says he wants to explain why Randy is back, and will do so as soon as Sullivan is done here. Kevin takes the kid all around the club, beating him up all along the way. They go out on the beach and Sullivan and Jacquelyn double team him. Kevin throws him into a clothesline from Jacquelyn and then tosses him down the deck stairs. Kevin picks him back up and they fight back over to the pool and the fans finally get what they waited all night for – Hardbody gets tossed into the drink by Kevin and Jacquelyn! The crowd explodes. Tony says it was a double count out and Mean Gene heads to the ring to interview Kevin Sullivan. Tony mentions that Randy Anderson has been reinstated thanks to WCW executives reversing all of Bischoff’s decisions that could be reversed. Jimmy Hart tells Mean Gene he feels as safe as being in the vault of Fort Knox standing next to Jacquelyn and says her and Kevin are too legit to quit. Jacquelyn says the women in WCW are window dressing, but she is the real deal. Sullivan says Piper is smart for going to a battle unprepared. Huh? He says the Dungeon has destroyed the Horsemen but now the Horsemen have something to focus on. No excuses come Sunday night. Okay.

As we come back from break, the nWo is on their way to the ring. Hollywood leads Savage, Liz, Dibiase, Bischoff, Scott Norton, Vincent, Buff, Hall, Nash, Syxx and Sting to the ring. Bischoff asks Hollywood if the rumor is true. Is Dennis Rodman the newest member of the nWo? Hollywood calls him the real Hot Rod. Last night in NYC, Rodman went through the New World Order initiation. We go to footage to document the newest member of the nWo. Hogan’s got an nWo shirt on his arm and he holds it out for the “newest member of the now, come March 16th,” Dennis Rodman. Rodman puts the shirt on and says the nWo is the team of the future and they both call it “sweet.” Bischoff loves it. He calls Rodman the baddest man in the NBA. Hogan calls him the most censored man in the universe and says Rodman will be there with them at Uncensored. Bischoff says they forgot to give Sting his shirt a few weeks ago when he joined them. Hogan pulls a shirt out of his boot and gives it to Sting but Sting is non-responsive. Hogan holds it over Sting’s chest and Sting still doesn’t flinch. Hogan gives up and drapes the shirt over Sting’s shoulder. Hall and Nash pick on the Steiners and say they are good, but The Outsiders are better. Buff is exercising and stretching in the middle of the ring. Savage is next. Randy and Bisch can’t remember that guys name who was out here before calling Savage out. Hogan can’t remember it either because the guy is a nobody. Bisch asks if Sting remembers his name and Sting, again, doesn’t make a move. Savage says the guy is a loser and he isn’t scared. Hogan ends the interview by saying the nWo rules and that will not change after Uncensored. Tony wonders how Bisch is allowed on the air now that he is suspended. We go to break.

We come back and Mean Gene is with the Public Enemy by the entranceway. The PE pick on the Horsemen for backing out of their match at the PPV. Grunge calls the Horsemen show ponies. He says Flair looks like he is having an epileptic seizure, Mongo thinks he is still playing football, Arn isn’t what he used to be and Jarrett is just riding coattails. Rocco Rock sings the PE song. All of a sudden, Harlem Heat come out and attacks the PE from behind and a brawl ensues. Heenan: “Nail Okerlund!” Tony says this was to be our main event, but I guess they are saving it for Uncensored as PE needed new opponents. It’s a good thing too because, we’re out of time!

Next week, fallout from Uncensored. Which team would win the main event and what would it mean for everyone involved?

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