December 19, 2007
Mike Abitabile

Monday Nitro
Savannah Civic Center, Savannah, Georgia

As Nitro comes on the air, we are shown video highlights from the end of last night’s Uncensored main event match. We see Lex Luger face down in the mat with Hogan, Savage, Hall, Nash and Dennis Rodman standing over him. Rodman spray paints “nWo” on Lex’s back (and, might I add, does a pretty bad job of it, as the O is on his trunks because the N and the W were so big). We hear Tony say that the nWo can now vie for any WCW title they want starting on Nitro. So yes, Team nWo won the main event. I know, we are all equally as shocked. We go live to the arena as Tony wishes us a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and confirms what the clips already showed us. He is with Larry at the booth. Tony does say that there is more to the story and it is a great time to be part of WCW and they will show us why later tonight.

Psychosis vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr.

Tony mentions that the second largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the country (behind New York) is in Savannah and they are happy to be part of it. On his way to the ring, Tony points out Rey doesn’t have the TV title around his waist, meaning he did not defeat Prince Iaukea last night at Uncensored. Don’t forget to log on to right now to get the play-by-play for tonight’s episode in Japanese and Spanish. They lock up and Rey goes behind. Psychosis tries to roll out but Rey holds on. Psychosis reverses into a headlock but Rey breaks free. To the ropes and Rey gets a sunset flip for two. We go to the back to see the international play-by-play location. Sonny Onoo and Ultimo Dragon (without his mask, but with his hand over his face) are taking care of the Japanese commentary while Pedro Morales and Miguel Alonso are the Spanish team. Back to the action and Rey and Psychosis are doing a test of strength but Rey gets out of it with a dropkick. Tony tells us we will see Chris Benoit later on tonight in singles competition (oh, I beg to differ). Rey leap frogs over a running Psychosis then hits a running head scissor to take Psychosis out and follows up with a hurricanrana off the ring apron! Rey then kicks away and throws him back in. Psychosis puts Rey up in a shoulder breaker position but runs him into the turnbuckle instead. He leaves Rey on the top and charges in by Rey sits up and moves. Psychosis goes out and Rey hits a somersault plancha over the top! He sends Psychosis back in and lands a SICK West Coast Pop for the win, as Psychosis landed right on the top of his head! Damn. After the match, Rey tells the camera he still wants the TV title.

Mean Gene is at the entrance way with Arn Anderson who has some unfortunate news for us. He is by himself, without the Horsemen and Gene tells him to tell us the information. Arn first wants to say last night was historic because it was the night Sting came home. I guess that is what Tony and Larry were talking about in the booth before. Arn was glad to see it. But he tells us his health hasn’t been too good. He suffered an injury back around Halloween Havoc. The fifth, sixth and seventh vertebrae in his neck will have to be fused. This injury is causing paralysis in his left arm. He put this off until he saw the Horsemen could pull it together and last night proves to him they have done just that. He has to cross one other bridge though. He talks about how last Saturday night, Kevin Sullivan’s son, Ben Sullivan, told Kevin that his father was dead to him. Arn feels bad about this and wants to start again with Kevin Sullivan after his surgery because life is too short. He says he will be back.

We are shown still photos from last night at Uncensored. While DDP was being interviewed by Mean Gene, Kimberly came out crying and spray painted. Randy Savage then came out and talked about nude photos of Kim in Playboy magazine. DDP was irate but was attacked from behind by Savage. Kimberly tried to protect DDP so LIZ spray paints her some more.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Maxx

Maxx comes out to the Dungeon music but there is no Jimmy Hart. Larry says Savage doesn’t have the guts to go face-to-face with DDP. For those keeping score, they don’t mention the history between DDP and Maxx. Page comes out and he is not happy. DDP pounds away and locks on an arm bar. Maxx muscles out and hits a clothesline. He hits two horrible looking elbow drops for two. They pound away at each other and DDP goes up top. He hits a body splash and calls for the cutter. Maxx reverses and locks on a full nelson but DDP hits a jaw breaker then the Diamond Cutter out of no where for the win. Mean Gene then meets Page at the entrance way for an interview. They finally admit Kimberly is DDP’s wife. DDP is steaming. He calls Liz a bimbo and says Savage went to the real world. Page says Randy was born to be a chalk outline. He calls Savage a dead man walking. Page goes to leave and we hear Macho Man’s voice. He is in the crowd and Okerlund points him out to DDP. He is with a smiling Liz. Randy tells Page that he is a superstar and an icon, while Page is the wrestler with no name. If Page wants a match, sanctioned or not, it could happen. DDP wants it right now. Liz says later, but Page says NOW and heads to the stands where Savage is, but Randy grabs Liz and takes off!

Hugh Morrus and Konnan vs. The Renegade & Joe Gomez

Tony tells us we will see Sting’s return to WCW at Uncensored later tonight. Jimmy Hart is with Hugh and Konnan. We hear Eric Bischoff tell us to hold the phone. He comes out with Hall and Nash and their tag title belts. They head to the announce table. Larry says Bisch doesn’t have any authority but Tony still wants to leave. Larry tells him not to move. Easy E just wants everyone to know that the tag champs are here and will wrestle tonight. Hall throws a toothpick at the camera and they leave. Well, that was pointless. Hugh and Gomez start out. Hugh kicks him and pounds away. He throws Joe to the corner, which gets reversed. Joe goes for a running knee but Hugh moves and the Dungeon double team his now injured knee. Konnan is tagged in and continues to work on the knee. Hugh comes back in and they make a wish with Joe’s legs. Hugh continues to work over the leg. Gomez won’t give up. Quick tag back to Konnan, who also works on the leg. Tony tells us Spring Stampede returns this year, for the first time since 1994, and we have some matches on the card we will discuss later. Another tag to Hugh who, you guessed it, goes back to the leg. Gomez is sent to the ropes and is clotheslined. Back to the leg then makes another tag to K-Dawg who locks on a half crab. Konnan turns it into a spinning toe hold and gets some extra leverage from Hugh. This brings Renegade in, but now referee Mark Curtis must attend to him so the Dungeon switches spots without a legal tag. Hugh goes to work on the leg. Man, I am all for ring psychology but this is getting ridiculous. Hugh misses an elbow drop which finally allows Joe to make the tag. Renegade is in like a house of fire. He slams both men and quickly tags Gomez back in. What the hell? They dump Renegade and Konnan hits his rolling clothesline to set up the No Laughing Matter moonsault for the win. Renegade tried to make the save, but Konnan stopped him. Renegade comes in to check on Gomez and apologize for his stupidity.

US Title Match: Champion Dean Malenko vs. Scotty Riggs

This obviously means Dean Malenko defeated Eddie Guerrero last night at Uncensored to capture the US title. Tony: “Scotty Riggs of the American Males.” As if there is still a tag team or something. He’s the only American Male! We see stills from the Buff Bagwell/Scotty Riggs Strap Match from last night. Buff won by tagging the final corner with his butt. Larry: “He used his brain.” Now we see stills of the US title match. Syxx interfered and tried to steal the belt. This caused him to drop his video camera, which Dean picked up and hit Eddie with to get the win and the belt. Tony says it may sound underhanded but it was a no DQ match. Dean goes behind and throws Scotty to the ropes. He reverses and hits a nice dropkick followed by a body slam for two. Malenko lands a swinging neck breaker and a baseball slide sends Scotty to the outside. Dean goes out and drops Riggs across the steel guard rail, chest first. Riggs crawls back in and Dean throws him to the turnbuckle. He follows in with a running clothesline. Riggs tries a backslide but Dean pops out and hits a sunset flip. Riggs sits down for two. He back drops Dean and hits another nice dropkick. It gets two. Dean gets elbowed but drops Riggs across the top rope and quickly rolls him up for three to retain his title. Dean tells the camera he wants the cruiserweight title, too. Tony calls him greedy.

Tony tells us not to miss WCW Saturday Night this weekend. The Steiners, Dean Malenko, Kevin Sullivan and Jacqueline and Lex Luger and The Giant will be there! It has been the place to be for weekend wrestling for 23 years and counting.

Lex Luger and The Giant vs. Knuckles Nelson & Tarantula

The graphic again refers to Luger and Giant as the tag champs. It’s been over a month, you might want to fix that, guys. Tony mentions Lex almost took out the entire nWo team last night. Larry says Team WCW was one man down from the beginning, as The Outsiders took Rick Steiner out earlier in the night. Giant and Tarantula start off. They lock up and Giant powers him back into the corner. He throws him to the opposite side and follows in with a clothesline. Giant throws him to Knuckles, who doesn’t want to make the tag. He finally does and Giant hammers away on him. A big head butt follows. He hits a huge chop on Knuckles in the corner and heaves him out. Giant kicks away in the corner and chokes Knuckles with his huge foot. Tarantula runs in and they try to double team. Giant responds with a double clothesline and then choke slams Knuckles. He then tags in Lex who power slams Tarantula and racks him. Giant pins Knuckles while Tarantula gives up. If Hall and Nash want some opponents, here are two, says Larry. Lex and Giant meet Mean Gene at the ramp for an interview. Giant is happy Sting is home. It makes the light at the end of tunnel brighter. Lex agrees. He believes in Santa, the leprechaun, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Sting restored his faith in mankind last night. Lex is proud of the Giant and Steiners after what he saw from them last night. They may not have won, but it’s okay because Sting is back. Gene shows us stills from last night. Sting appeared out of nowhere and attacked Hall, Nash and called out Hogan. Lex couldn’t be happier.

Tony wants to show us some more clips from Uncensored. We see stills of Glacier fighting the debuting Mortis in a Martial Arts Match. Glacier was able to win with the superkick but another mysterious man interfered when it was over and attacked Glacier.

The Ultimo Dragon vs. Bobby Eaton

Dragon has his mask back on, and he is joined by Sonny Onoo. Tony says that Sting pointed his bat at Hogan last night and that is very symbolic. They lock up and break. Dragon rolls out to talk to Onoo. He goes back in and they lock up again. Eaton backs him into the corner and sends him to the ropes. Dragon ducks two back elbows but Eaton hits a big clothesline. He throws Dragon to the ropes and hits a back elbow. Bobby tries to go up top but Dragon punches him and heads up himself. He lands his top rope hurricanrana, spinning off the shoulders. He hooks a leg and gets the win, just like that.

Before Ultimo leaves the ring, the nWo music hits and here comes the entire nWo. I see Hollywood, Savage, Liz, Buff, Vincent, Ted Dibiase, Scott Norton, Syxx, Bischoff, Hall and Nash. By the time they get to the ring, Dragon is gone. Hall does his shuffle while Buff looks on smiling. Hogan flexes for us. Bischoff says another big win for the nWo, thanks to the newest member, Dennis Rodman. Hogan says the entire world bows to them. They rule all and will rule for all eternity. Bisch asks Macho to kick DDP’s butt. Savage says okay, they can have a match. I assume it’s at Spring Stampede. Now, the Outsiders have something very special they want to say. Nash says they will do The Steiners a favor and give them a tag title match at Spring Stampede in two weeks. Man, that’s a quick turnaround for a pay per view, no wonder they are making matches by the second here. Nash says the Outsiders are “just toooo….” And Hall says “sweet!” then gets pelted with a soda right in the head. Direct hit! Larry: “Good shot!” Bisch tries to cover with: “And his hair is still perfect.” We go to break.

It’s time for hour number two! As always, Mike Tenay and Bobby Heenan join Tony in the booth. Tenay says the nWo may have won last night, but six months worth of questions about Sting’s allegiance have been answered. Bobby says the nWo needs the power to drive. Let them drive he says, because they will crash very soon. We see clips from earlier tonight concerning DDP and Savage.

Jeff Jarrett & Steve McMichael vs. Alex Wright & Mark Starr

Debra joins the Horsemen at ringside. We see stills from the Texas Tornado Match between the Harlem Heat and Public Enemy last night. Tony says it was so wild that a toilet seat even got involved. Mongo and Jarrett got involved and helped the Heat get the win. Remember, before the Horsemen were inserted into the main event, Mongo and Jarrett were going to fight the PE at Uncensored. Jarrett and Alex start out. Jarrett puts on an arm bar but Wright cartwheels out. He hits his leg clothesline. Jarrett sends Wright into the ropes and Mongo hits him from behind. Jarrett chokes Das Wunderkind on the top rope and tags in Mongo. He leg sweeps Alex as Mongo hits a leg drop. Mongo hits a sidewalk slam and tags Jarrett back in. He sends Alex Wright to the corner and charges in. Wright moves and makes the hot tag. Starr hits a clothesline and goes after Mongo. Big mistake as Mongo takes out Starr with the three point stance, setting him up perfectly for the figure four by Jarrett to get the submission win. After the match, the Public Enemy run out and attack. Debra hits Johnny Grunge with the briefcase! The four of them brawl up the aisle until the PE bail. Mongo, Debra and Jarrett go to talk to Gene by the entrance ramp. Gene confirms these two teams will fight at Spring Stampede now. Debra says she would never brag, but she thinks Jarrett makes a great Horsemen. She also says she is beautiful and rich. Jarrett says Mongo and himself are a winning combination. He proved Flair was right for wanting him to be a Horsemen last night and he’ll do it again at Spring Stampede. Mongo dares the fans to boo Debra. He calls the PE losers. Debra isn’t one to gossip, and we didn’t hear it from her, but Johnny’s girlfriend should be an artist because she is good at drawing flies.

Time for Lee Marshall On the Road with 1-800-Collect. He is in Duluth, MN gearing up for next week’s Nitro. Lee says it is 19 degrees in Duluth. The event is sold out. So is the event in two weeks in Saginaw. He found out Duluth is the birthplace of Bob Dylan. He is about to break into a rendition of “Rainy Day Weasels”. He tried “Mr. Tambourine Weasel” but didn’t know the words. Bobby calls Lee and idiot.

Scott Norton vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

Norton throws Chavo to the turnbuckle. Chavo hits a dropkick but Norton just pushes him off and nails a sick clothesline. Tenay reminds us Norton is part of the nWo Japanese contingent and is headed back there to continue the battle with New Japan Pro Wrestling very soon. Chavo tries to pound away and nails a dropkick to send Norton out. Chavo tries a slingshot cross body block over the top but Norton just catches him and throws him back in. Norton goes for a short arm clothesline and Chavo goes for the legs. Doesn’t work though, as Norton just swats him away. Chavo goes back to the knees and hits a top rope dropkick that doesn’t do much. Norton sends him to the turnbuckle hard. Chavo tries a sunset flip but Norton just picks him up and choke slams him. He finishes it off with a huge power bomb.

They show a pre-recorded video with Hulk Hogan and Dennis Rodman. Hogan, again, calls Rodman the real Hot Rod and says he passed the initiation. They say Sting was stung and bewildered. Hogan calls it 4 life. All right.

Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Outsiders vs. Bunkhouse Buck and Mine Enos

Tony, reacting to the Hogan/Rodman piece, says Sting was anything but stung. Syxx joins Hall and Nash at ringside. Tony tells us last night was six months to the day from Fall Brawl when Sting turned to the black and white. Hall says to cut the music. He says they are the guys who say it and then do it. Fun Fact: Mike Enos was wrestling when Scott Hall made his way through the crowd on Memorial Day 1996 to start the entire nWo angle. Tony tells us this match was supposed to be Public Enemy vs. Bunk and Enos but the nWo can wrestle whenever they want now that they won at Uncensored. I thought it was that they could vie for any title they wanted. I guess that expanded. So Bunk and Enos backed up into a title shot. Hall and Buck start. Tony says the Steiners have accepted the Outsiders challenge for Spring Stampede. Hall applies an arm ringer. Buck sends him to the turnbuckle but Hall gets the boots up and hits a bulldog off the second rope. Buck gets his feet in the ropes at two. Buck goes to tag Enos, but he doesn’t want the tag. So Buck turns back around and gets a right hand to the head from Hall. Hall makes a tag to Nash. Nash throws Buck the corner and hits knees and elbows. He pounds away and throws Buck into Enos, who is now forced to tag in. Nash tags Hall back in. Tony says the Steiners should the tag champs right now. A kick to the gut of Enos, followed by Halls patented fall away slam. Enos hits a standing lariat but Hall kind of no sells it. Hall sends him the ropes and Buck kicks Hall in the back. Hall responds by punching Buck. Enos hits a power slam and gets two. Enos locks on a sleeper but Hall is able to hits a side slam out of it. Both men are able to make a tag and Nash attacks Buck. He hits the snake eyes in the corner on Buck then a side slam on Enos. Big boot to Buck followed by the Jackknife power bomb. Hall then hits the Outsider’s Edge on Enos and this gets the win, even though Buck was the legal man. Hall tells the camera that was too sweet and calls out the Steiners.

The Steiner Brothers vs. Harlem Heat

Scott and Booker T start off. Book gets a knee to Scott’s midsection and follows it up with a Harlem side kick. He sends Scott to the ropes, but he reverses and bench presses Book! Scott makes a tag to Rick. Tony wonders how Rick is doing, what with the equilibrium problems caused by the car accident and the attack last night. I guess he is okay because he hits a Steiner Line but Booker goes to the eyes and tags in Stevie Ray. He kicks away at Rick when he comes in. Stevie gets power slammed off the ropes and kicks out at two. Rick sends Stevie back to the ropes, but it is reversed and Book kicks Rick in the back. Stevie follows it up with a power slam. The announcers again put over Sting’s WCW allegiance. Hennan: “I was the one that always said you could trust Sting!” Stevie tags Book back in and he hits a sideslam. He goes for an elbow but Rick moves and tags in Scott. Release belly-to-belly on Book and it’s breaking down. Rick takes Stevie out while Scott works on Book. All of a sudden, the entire New World Order, including Hollywood Hogan, run out and attack all four WCW guys. Hall and Nash double team Rick Steiner, while the nWo destroys Scott Steiner and the Heat. Lex Luger and The Giant make the save! WCW clears the ring of the nWo and all six men stand tall! Out of nowhere, there is a pop from the ceiling and Sting repels to the ring! He stands with WCW and again points his bat at Hollywood Hogan. Hogan looks worried and screams that Sting is pointing at him as we fade to black!

By the way, Chris Benoit defeated Billy Kidman after the Outsiders match and before the main event.

Next week, we continue on the road to Spring Stampede.

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