February 20, 2008
Mike Abitabile

Monday Nitro
Civic Center, Roanoke, Virginia

Nitro starts with clips from last week, more specifically, when DDP came right into the lion’s den, through the crowd, to try and get at “Macho Man” Randy Savage (who was wrestling Prince Iaukea for the TV title). The only problem was that the nWo was surrounding ringside. Tony promises us Page is here tonight as the Nitro music hits. Tony welcomes us to the “hottest ticket in western Virginia.” He is with Larry as we cut to the back to see Savage, Liz, Nash, Syxx, Scott Norton and Mr. Walstreet exit a limo and head towards the arena. Tony wonders aloud where Hogan, Bischoff and Scott Hall are. As we cut back to the arena, Larry says that is a good question.

Lex Luger and The Giant (still World Tag Team Champions, according to the on-screen graphic) vs. Rick Fuller and Roadblock

Larry wants to know where Scott Hall is, as he wasn’t here last week, he wasn’t around over the weekend, and he isn’t here tonight. Tony thinks it’s a trick and Hall is going to jump someone from behind later. We start off with Giant and Fuller. They lock up and Giant powers Fuller back into the corner and hits a HUGE chop. He throws Fuller chest first into the opposite corner then whips him across and Giant runs in with a huge clothesline. He calls for the tag to Lex and the crowd pops huge. Luger comes in with a double axe handle off the second rope to the arm of Fuller. Lex goes for an arm ringer but Fuller hits a well placed knee to the mid-section and chops away at Luger in the corner. He sends Lex to the opposite side and runs in, but Lex moves and hits a side suplex on Fuller. He follows it up with a huge clothesline and goes back to the work on Fuller’s arm. Fuller pokes the eyes and tags in Roadblock. Roady sends Lex to the corner and follows in with a HUGE splash. He then drops a big elbow. Roadblock sends Lex to the ropes, Luger ducks a clothesline and hits the forearm to Roadblock! Instead of going for the tag or pin, Luger gets distracted by Fuller and Roadblock takes advantage. Block sends Lex to the ropes and finally lands that big clothesline. He then drops a big leg for two. Roadblock tags in Fuller who goes to work on Lex in the corner with chops. Quick tag back to Roady. He slams Lex and goes up to the second rope. He goes for a big elbow but Lex rolls out of the way and gets the hot tag to Giant! He goes right after Roadblock, sends him to the ropes and hits a big boot! And another one for Rick Fuller who runs in! Giant goes after Fuller, taking his attention off Roadblock, so Roady jumps him from behind and they both send Giant to the ropes. He responds with a double clothesline on both men! He’s calling for the chokeslam! He gets Roadblock up and Luger racks Fuller at the same time! Pee Wee Anderson counts the pin as Fuller submits. As the bell rings, the Harlem Heat attack Luger and the Giant! As they brawl, we go to break.

We return with Mean Gene in the aisle with the Heat and Sister Sherri. Gene reminds us that this Sunday at Spring Stampede, Booker T, Stevie Ray, Lex Luger and the Giant will be in a four corner’s match and the winner will get a WCW title shot…. eventually. Book tells Gene to shut up and says the Heat get no respect. Now, they will take what they want. Stevie Ray agrees with Book and says they get no respect. Every week, it’s the same people. He is going to take care of the Giant personally. Apparently, according to Stevie, “it’s on like neck bone, sucka.” Sherri says Giant and Luger are going down. Well that interview wasn’t so bad….. especially considering what Booker T accidentally calls Hulk Hogan 6 days later at the Stampede. We head back to the ring for something I have absolutely no recollection of.

WCW Women’s Cruiserweight Title Tournament Semi-Finals Match: Toshie Uematsu v. Meiko Satomura

Mickie Jay (or as you now know him, Mickie Henson) holds up the Women’s Cruiserweight belt. Mike Tenay has joined the announcers for this match. He tells us the women’s cruiserweight limit is set at 130 pounds. As soon as the bell rings, Uematsu comes running out of her corner with a big dropkick. She kicks at the head of Satomura and sends her to the ropes. Satomura reverses mid-stream and slams Uematsu’s arm over her shoulder. Satomura kick’s away and again slams Uematsu’s arm over her shoulder. Satomura throws Uematsu to the corner and follows in with a flying fist. She slams Uematsu and goes up top. She tries to get the fans behind her, to no avail. She goes for a frog splash but Uematsu gets her knees up. Tenay informs us that both of these young ladies are representing the GAEA promotion in Japan. Uematsu throws Satomura to the corner and follows in with a kick to the stomach and backflips out. She screws up the landing the first time, so she repeats the spot and hits it the second time. Satomura jumps her from behind though and goes back up top. Uematsu stops her and arm drags her off the top. Now Uematsu goes up top and hits a huge swan dive splash for the win! According to Larry, the one in the green won it. She is headed to the championship round of the tournament.

Villano IV v. Psychosis

Tenay is still with us and explains that the term is “luchador” not “matador” because it is derived from lucha libre. They trade reversals until Villano locks on a wrist lock. Psychosis rolls out of it and Villano locks on a headlock. Psychosis breaks the hold and locks on a headlock while Tenay explains there are five Villanos, the name is translated to “villains” and the name comes from a movie role that their father, Ray Mendoza, had in Mexico years ago. Larry is speechless. That’s the Mike Tenay we all loved, not the one who makes cartoon faces every Thursday night. They continue to mat wrestle until Villano takes Psychosis over with a head scissor. More reversals end with Psychosis taking the advantage with a clothesline. He then drops Villano across the top rope, crotch first. He lands a “spinning body attack” (Tony’s words) to send Villano to the floor. Psychosis then goes up top and hits, basically a “whisper in the wind” to the floor! They head back in and Psychosis goes back up top and goes for what looked like a top rope DDT, but Villano reverses it into a sidewalk slam for two. Villano them rolls up Psychosis in a sunset flip for two, while Tony tells us there is a commotion backstage and a cameraman has been dispatched. Well, that was fast, literally three seconds later we see Nash, Syxx, Norton and Wallstreet wondering what is up and where the others are. Wallstreet says someone needs to step up and take control and Nash says he is trying. Norton: “It’s Monday night, let’s take control.” Nash: “I wish everyone felt that way.” Larry likes to hear the dissention. Villano hits a modified release Northern Lights Tazz-plex and goes up top. He goes for a moonsault but Psychosis moves and hits a superkick. Now he goes up top and hits his guillotine leg drop for the win!

Mean Gene is now in the ring and introduces Ric Flair! The crowd explodes as the Nature Boy struts his way to the ring. Tony tells us that one of the first titles Flair ever won was the US title, and he won it right here in this building. MEAAAAAAAAANNNNNN GENE! The topic of Rowdy Piper is broached and all of a sudden the bagpipes start to play throughout the arena. Now Piper makes his way into the arena and to the ring. Huge cheers for him, too. Piper measures Flair’s nose and says he must be fibbing again! Piper wants to end a rumor. No truth to the rumor that Flair’s girlfriends call his water bed “the Dead Sea”. Flair wants to tell Piper he is glad he could drive his recreational vehicle off the mountain and to the airport so that his “Hollywood ass” could join us tonight. Flair thanks him for being here instead of at the Oscars. Piper is damn glad to be here. Flair talks about how Piper can’t be found sometimes. Flair rambles about history that even loses me then says he wants to go out with Piper tonight because he is the fastest gun in the West. Piper has known Flair for 20 years and they each know every move the other is going to make. So he has an idea. Instead of arguing, they should stand side-by-side and take everyone on! Flair brings a woman into the ring who says she loves the Hot Rod and they all leave together.

We see clips from last week, again, of the TV title match between Savage and Prince Iaukea. This time we see when they spray painted nWo on his chest.

WCW TV Title: Champion Prince Iaukea vs. La Parka

Tony tells us that if Prince wins here, he will go on to face Steven Regal at Spring Stampede. La Parka charges in to start but Prince moves and Parka hits the turnbuckle. He follows up with a back elbow and sends Parka to the corner. Parka blocks and hits a spin kick. Now Prince is in the corner and Parka chops away. Parka sends the Prince to the corner, but he reverses and Parka climbs the top rope and goes for a back flip (wanting to land on his feet) but Prince follows Parka in and Parka lands right on him. Whoops. Iaukea runs out into a powerslam and Parka goes up top. Huge senton bomb gets a two. La Parka goes back up for a moonsault and that gets two again. Prince goes into the corner and Parka charges but Prince moves and Parka hits his shoulder on the post. Now Prince hits a springboard splash off the middle rope to the outside and tries to send Parka into the guard rail, but he reverses and Prince takes the steel to the back. La Parka sets up a chair and sits Iaukea in it. Parka goes back in and hits a suicide dive through the ropes onto Iaukea, who was sitting on the chair. Back in they go and Parka kicks the Prince in the chest. He tries again but the Prince hits a super kick and goes up top. He goes for a cross body block but La Parka moves and pounds away on the Prince, who goes outside. La Parka sets the chair up against the ropes and baseball slides it into Iaukea’s face. Now Parka sets the chair up in the ring and he uses it to springboard himself to the top rope to dive onto the Prince on the outside. For some reason the bell rings, but the match continues. Back in and the Prince hits another super kick and goes up to. Weird spot as Parka holds the chair in front of him while the Prince hits a cross body block for the win. Tony shrugs it off saying Parka took the brunt of the chair.

Don’t miss WCW Saturday Night this week – Rey Mysterio, Lex Luger, DDP, Public Enemy and Prince Iaukea are in action! Mean Gene brings out Lord Steven Regal. He tells us that he will beat Prince Iaukea this Sunday and take back his TV title. When he lost to Prince the first time, it was because “Dopey the dwarf” (Rey Mysterio) distracted him. After he wins the belt back on Sunday, he wants to fight Rey Mysterio again.

Lord Steven Regal vs. Chris Jericho

They lock up to start and Jericho applies a headlock. Regal reverses out and Jericho reverses right back. They chain wrestle until Jericho hits two back elbows and follows up with a clothesline and a spin wheel kick. Regal bails. When he tries to come back in, Jericho hits a springboard dropkick off the second rope and Regal is down again. There is a commotion in the crowd, but the announcers ignore it, even though the whole arena is looking at it. Jericho hits a Lionsault off the second rope and gets two. Jericho puts Regal on the top rope but Regal shoves him off then kicks Jericho in the head. He follows up with knees to the face and European uppercuts. Jericho rolls Regal up out of nowhere and gets the win! Regal attacks after the match and sets Jericho up top and hits a double underhook suplex from the top. Then he piledrives Jericho and locks on the Regal stretch. Renegade runs in to make the save but decides against it and just backs off. So why the hell did you even come out to begin with!? His partner Joe Gomez comes out and he actually tries to help until Regal piledrives him. Regal goes back to Jericho until a young Billy Kidman tries to make the save but he gets taken out too. Finally, an even younger Lenny Lane tries to make the save, but to no avail. Regal is pissed as we go to break.

Hour number two is on the air! Tony is again joined by Mike Tenay and now Bobby Heenan as well. Tenay is convinced the nWo is splintering from inside. Bobby says the nWo realizes WCW is coming together. We see the clips from hour number one when the nWo arrived, then a little later when they were talking backstage and Nash says he wants to take charge. Finally, we see the highlights of the Flair/Piper promo. We now go to the back and we see Michael Wallstreet with his bags leaving the arena. Well, the balance of power has just shifted drastically now. ::Sarcastic hat off::

WCW Women’s Title Match: Champion Akira Hokuto vs. Debbie Combs

Sonny Ono is with Akira. Hokuto attacks from behind as Combs warms up. Hair mare takedown on Combs. Hokuto chokes Combs with her boot over the bottom rope. Sonny Ono chokes Combs over the top rope while Akira distracts the referee. Hokuto hits a running kick to the chest. Combs hits some sort of gut wrench suplex out of nowhere for two. She follows up with a cross body block for two. Debbie tries to throw Hokuto into the ropes but she reverses and hits a big kick to the chest again. Hokuto then nails a German suplex with a bridge for the win. She will fight Madusa Sunday night for the Women’s title at Spring Stampede.

We now go to Gene with Madusa in the aisle way. She tells us Roanoke rocks. She sounds drunk and says she is going to beat “Hok-toe Akita” at Spring Stampede. Akira charges from the ring and it’s a pier sixer. Debbie Combs and the two ladies from the cruiserweight match try to break it up, to no avail. Sonny Ono is grasping at Madusa’s leg. We go to break.

We return and Tony tells us we have not seen or heard from Sting for the past couple of weeks. Mike and Bobby aren’t worried because they know Sting is WCW after seeing Uncensored. Tony thinks Sting might be the source of the nWo problems. Tony says Sting might be here tonight and Bobby looks up to the rafters, then down under the booth. We then see a video package about the “franchise”, Sting. It goes all the way back to the beginning of his career then chronicles his change after Fall Brawl 96. After that is over, we see clips from last week when Jeff Jarrett and Debra helped High Voltage win over Public Enemy. Tenay tells us that High Voltage will get a shot at the Steiners tonight because of that big win.

Jeff Jarrett and Steve “Mongo” McMichael vs. The Amazing French Canadians

Colonel Parker is with the Canadians and Debra is with the Horsemen. Jacques would like us to shut up while he and Carl sing the Canadian national anthem. Mongo and Carl start off with a tie up but Mongo takes the advantage and goes to work on the arm. He quickly tags in Jarrett who catches Jacques trying to hit him from behind. As Jarrett struts because he is proud of himself, Jacques sneaks up from behind and Carl goes for a clothesline. Jarrett ducks and Carl clotheslines Jacques! Mongo comes running in with a dropkick to take Carl out! Jeff and Jacques come in as the legal men and Carl takes Jarrett down from behind. Quick tag to Carl and Jacques slams Carl on Jeff. Jarrett fights back with a standing dropkick to Carl. Jarrett gets a quick tag to Mongo who hits three point stances to Carl and Jacques. He follows up with a back drop to Carl. At this point, the Public Enemy make their way out and attack Jarrett. They try to double team Jeff with the briefcase until Colonel Parker, of all people, grabs it and runs away with it. It all makes sense because he gives it to Jacques to use while the ref is distracted. Jacques nails Mongo with it and Carl makes the cover and gets the win. The Canadians upset the Horsemen! As they celebrate their big win, Jarrett and Mongo yell at each other. Debra says everyone wants to blame her. Mean Gene makes his way into the ring to talk to the losing team. Jarrett has the briefcase. Debra defends herself. She’s not one to gossip, and we didn’t hear it from her, but Johnny has bad breath and Rocco shaved his head because he had lice. Mongo says he felt the briefcase then when he woke up, Jarrett had the case in his hands! Jarrett is tired of being accused.

We, AGAIN, see highlights from last weeks TV title match and the aftermath. We are reminded that this Sunday at Spring Stampede, Page finally gets his hands on Savage.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Lance Ringo

Lance Ringo is in the corner reading a magazine. It’s the Playboy with Kimberly in it. Page laughs it off and attacks. Stiff elbows and chops in the corner. Irish whip to the opposite side and Page hits an inverted atomic drop. Back to the other corner, chest first and Page hits a side suplex. Ringo ends up choking Page across the top rope then springboards in the ring with a missile dropkick. He mocks Page’s Diamond Cutter mannerism and Page takes control again. He hits the Diamond Cutter out of a fireman’s carry for the win!

Mean Gene is in the ring with Page, who now has his hands on that magazine Lance was reading. He puts over the fact that his wife is beautiful enough to be in the “Nude Celebrities” magazine. He is proud of his wife, but he isn’t proud of Macho Man and Liz and what they did to Kim at Uncensored. He won’t forget it. Mean Gene wants to know if Kim will be in his corner at Spring Stampede. Before he could answer, Savage and Liz are in the crowd. Savage says Liz finally told him that his name is Diamond Dallas Page (to go along with the whole joke that Savage doesn’t even know who Page is). He says Page will never get the Diamond Cutter on Savage. Savage wants to know if Page is a gemologist or something. Savage doesn’t care if Kimberly comes or not (double entendre!). At Spring Stampede, we will see if Page has any family jewels. Page tells Savage to bring his bimbo because he is bringing the lady, Savage should bring the tramp!

The Steiner Brothers vs. High Energy

Tony reminds us that the Steiners will finally get their tag team title shot this Sunday at Spring Stampede (or not). Scott and Kaos will start. They lock up and Scott goes behind. Kaos hits a back elbow and sends Scott to the ropes. Scott reverses and hits a pump handle suplex and tags in Rick. Tenay says High Voltage reminds a lot of people of the Steiners when they first broke in. Rick barks and kicks Kaos in the mid-section. He sends the kid to the ropes and hits a Steinerline. He follows it up with a release German suplex. Kaos heads out. Rick follows and Rage attacks him from behind. Rage throws Rick head and ear first into the post and Scott checks on him because, don’t forget, Rick still has equilibrium issues steaming from the nWo attack at Uncensored. Back in and Kaos tags in Rage. Kaos drop toehold’s Rick and Rage springboards in with a legdrop to the head. Quick tag back to Kaos who hits a neck breaker. This gets two. Snap mare and elbow drop by Kaos, who tags back in Rage who tries to come in with a summersault plancha, but misses. This allows Rick to tag in Scott, who is a house of fire. He takes down both members of High Voltage and hits a huge release belly-to-belly suplex on Kaos and benches Rage. Scott pulls the Steiner Screwdriver out of the mothballs and uses it for the win!

We head to the both so the announcers can plug Spring Stampede. But Nash and Syxx come out of nowhere and kick them out of the booth. Heenan says they don’t want any trouble and takes off with Tony and Mike. Nash says he sat back for two hours and is about to puke. It’s time for the nWo State of the Union address. He doesn’t know what is going on. He says Scott Hall is taking care of business more important than professional wrestling. He says Hogan, Bischoff, Dibiase and Vincent are all at the opening day movie celebration for Dennis Rodman’s movie. He tells them to get focused if they are watching. He’s getting pissed off. We don’t want to get him mad. Nash says he doesn’t care that the Steiners won. He will be there Sunday and he will fight them himself if Scott doesn’t show up. He says the guys in the back who don’t make the height requirement only breathe because he allows it. He threatens the cameraman. He’ll fight WCW by himself as long as he has air in his lungs! Nash and Syxx throw the chairs and we are out of time!

For those wondering, Chris Benoit faced Hugh Morrus before the DPP match and won (here).

Next week is fallout from Spring Stampede!

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