April 3, 2008
Mike Abitabile

Monday Nitro
Civic Center, Saginaw, Michigan

Nitro is on the air with a limousine arriving in the back. Out of the limo steps a man we just saw on the March 31, 2008 episode of Monday Night Raw, Mr. James J. Dillon. Tony is excited as we go to the theme music and video. We head inside the arena and Tony welcomes us to pro wrestling’s number one program.

US Title Match: Champion Dean Malenko vs. Yuji Nagata

This was before Nagata’s somewhat more high profile run in WCW. More recently, you might remember him from fighting Kurt Angle during TNA’s trip to Japan earlier this year. We start with a lock up, Dean goes behind and Nagata reverses. Dean grabs an arm and rolls through. He gets a leg sweep takedown and a quick two count on Yuji. Back at the neutral position, and Dean gets a drop toe hold into a cross face. He turns it into a head lock and Nagata is up. Dean works on the arm and sends Nagata to the ropes. They trade reversals until Dean again sends Yuji to the ropes. Yuji ducks a clothesline and hits a kick to the side of the head. The crowd is very into this match. Nagata with a snap mare take over and a kick to the back. He then applies a chin lock and the crowd chants “USA!” Just like last week, Reggie White is shown in the crowd enjoying the show. Dean fights up and sends Yuji to the ropes but Nagata holds on to the head and won’t let go. Dean gets back up and breaks the hold with a side suplex. He follows with kicks to the midsection of Nagata then sends him to the corner and follows in with a running clothesline. While this is happening, Tony reminds us that for the first time ever, two former Super Bowl champions will face off in a wrestling ring at Slamboree, when Steve McMichael faces Reggie White. Malenko goes for a delayed standing suplex and gets two out of it. Dean goes back to the chin lock and we see Reggie again. He tells the camera that he is coming for Mongo. We return to the action and Dean has a head lock applied with his legs. Yuji rolls through and sneaks out and kicks Dean in the back. Yuji snap mares Dean over again and punches him in the face. The ref tells Yuji to keep it clean. Dean fights back and sends Nagata to the ropes and hits a leg lariat for a one count. Dean sends Nagata to the ropes but telegraphs putting his head down and gets some stiff kicks for his troubles. Dean grabs the leg during one kick and gets a dragon screw leg whip. He sends Nagata to the corner and backs away from a Yuji kick but Nagata goes to the well again and lands a standing side kick. Nagata follows up with a t-bone Tazzplex. They trade reversals again and Nagata hits a release belly to belly suplex for two. Nagata was trying to hook to the tights but couldn’t. Dean reverses and hits an elbow drop on the knee to set up the Texas Cloverleaf to which Nagata submits! The crowd explodes as Dean retains.

Glacier vs. Ciclope

Larry has some information on James Vanderberg’s past that he obtained from “that busy body” Mike Tenay. Apparently, Vanderberg was the curator at the Museum of Medical Abnormalities in Taipei but was fired for stealing artifacts. Tony reminds us that Mortis and Vanderberg tried to steal Glacier’s helmet recently on WCW Saturday Night but weren’t able to do so. Ciclope charges in to start but Glacier moves and sends Ciclope to the corner. He reverses but Glacier jumps out of the way and Ciclope goes in chest first. Glacier soon finds out that the crowd thinks he sucks as he nips up while he sends Ciclope to the ropes and hits a spinning side slam and follows it up with his Cryonic Kick for the win, just like that. As he celebrates his victory weird music begins to play and some really big guy who looks like he came from Three Mile Island or something comes out. The same guy who helped Mortis at Uncensored is on his way down the aisle. As he gets in the ring, the lights come on and Mortis attacks Glacier from behind and takes him down with a superkick of his own. Vanderberg appears and finally steals the helmet as the two man double team Glacier. The big man hits a Rock Bottom type move and Mortis goes after Glacier’s eye. They then jam the spike of the helmet into Glacier’s eye. The big guy tells the camera that we better believe now and they leave. We go to the broadcast position.

Tony and Larry discuss what just happened then transition into JJ Dillon talk. Tony has found out that JJ was named the Chairman of the WCW Executive Committee by Turner Broadcasting earlier today. Larry thinks the balance of power is shifting as we see clips of the end of last week’s Nitro, when Sting made the save and gave bats to Lex, Giant and Page, then chased off the nWo. All of a sudden, Nick Patrick interrupts live at the broadcast location, so we go back to the arena. He says he has petitioned for reinstatement and he wants to clear up some stuff and will answer questions. He apologies to the WCW employees affected by his actions. He joined the nWo because he thought it would be an opportunity for the little guys to stand up for themselves. But now, he realizes that the people he wanted to make a statement against are in control in the nWo. He says Bischoff is obsessed with power and Larry rolls his eyes. Patrick says he didn’t want to fight Randy Anderson but was forced to do so. He says he will stand up for WCW. He stayed when others left. When he was injured by Randy Savage and he still worked. Larry still doesn’t trust him and sarcastically asks if Nick has a used car he can buy. As they go to break, they remind us that Nitro will be on the air at 7PM next week due to the NBA playoffs.

TV Title Match: Champion Ultimo Dragon vs. Bobby Eaton

Tony goes back to the Nick Patrick speech and says he agrees with Larry and says they can’t trust Nick Patrick just yet. Sonny Onoo accompanies Ultimo to the ring. Eaton goes right to work on Dragon with kicks and a slam. He drops some knees into the shoulder of Dragon and sends him to the ropes. Dragon ducks a front elbow and a back elbow then scoots through the legs and gets taken down with a huge lariat by Bobby. Eaton again sends Dragon to the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Ultimo lands on his feet and hits his rapid fire kicks to the body of Eaton. Sonny Onoo is happy about what he sees. Dragon rakes the face and goes for a kick to the midsection but Bobby catches it and sends Dragon to the ropes. Ultimo reverses it and Onoo grabs Eaton’s foot as he hits the ropes. Eaton yells at him and turns back around into a dropkick which knocks him from the ring. Onoo hits a few kicks to Eaton as Tony and Larry ignore the match and discuss Slamboree. Dragon throws Bobby back in, puts him on the top rope and hits his spinning hurricanrana off the shoulders of Eaton. He then locks on the Dragon Sleeper for the win. Funny bit after the match as Sonny Onoo forces referee Mickie Jay to take a picture of Sonny, Dragon and the title with Onoo’s disposable camera.

We go to Mean Gene in the aisle and he is with Lord Steven Regal. Gene says there is a rumor that Regal has been spending time with Sarah Ferguson to which Regal replies that it was like spending the night with a “ripped out, bloody fireplace.” All righty then. Regal finally gets his chance to get his TV title back at Slamboree. He calls Americans cowards because they can’t beat Dragon, so he will do it himself. He calls everyone xenophobic and says he will bend Dragon like a pretzel.

Meng vs. Chris Jericho

Jimmy Hart is with Meng. Again, Tony tells us Nitro will be on at 7PM next week, live for one hour due to the NBA playoffs. Meng attacks right away and just kicks Jericho. Meng throws Jericho to the ropes but Jericho slides through Meng’s legs and tries to pound away, to no avail. While this is happening, the entire crowd looks to their left and something is apparently happening in the upper section. Tony and Larry ignore it, so I assume it wasn’t part of the show and just some stupid fans. They exchange chops and, not surprisingly, Meng comes out on top. Meng throws Jericho back first in the turnbuckle then sends him to the opposite corner. He charges but Jericho is able to get the feet up. Jericho goes up on the ropes and goes for a second rope missile dropkick but Meng just swats him away. Meng hits a side suplex then just rakes away at Jericho’s face. Meng puts Jericho across the ropes and hits a huge chop. Jericho tries a spin kick but Meng doesn’t flinch. Jericho goes for an enziguri but Meng ducks. Meng then goes for an elbow drop but Jericho rolls out the way. Jericho hits a hard clothesline then sends Meng to the ropes and goes for a moonsault. Meng was supposed to catch him but doesn’t, so Meng picks Chris up on his shoulders (the same position he would have been in it he had caught him) and tries snake eyes in the corner but Jericho slips down and hits a bridging German suplex for two. He heads up top and goes for a hurricanrana but Meng catches him then drops him throat first across the top rope. It’s Tongan Death Grip time and Jericho is out cold so Meng wins by knock out.

A one hour edition of WCW Saturday Night at 6:05 Eastern will include the Public Enemy, the Steiner Brothers and Mortis with James Vandenburg. Tony will be joined by Dusty Rhodes. Don’t miss it!

Public Enemy vs. The Steiner Brothers

Tony reminds us that this is the Steiners old stomping ground so the fans are going to be happy to see them. As always, the PE are accompanied by a table. The Steiners music hits but they don’t come out right away. Larry thinks they are lost (because they are so stupid). We go to the back and it looks like Konnan and Hugh Morrus have attacked the Steiners. Rick and Scott throw them away and head out to the ring for their match. On their way to the ring, Scott high fives and hugs some family members who were standing in the aisle. How completely random to have them standing in the aisle. Mrs. Steiner is on crutches. Sadly, I don’t see the sister who broke kayfabe and called Rick “Rob” at Summerslam 93. Probably for the best that she wasn’t invited. Rick will start off with Johnny Grunge. They lock up and Rick applies a headlock. Johnny sends him to the ropes and gets taken down with a shoulder block. One more time and Johnny goes for a leap frog but Rick catches him and suplexes him over. Rick and the crowd bark while Johnny makes a tag. Rocco wants to do a test of strength but goes right to a headlock and Scott tags in when Rick backs Rocco against the ropes. Scott sends Rocco to the corner but runs into a back elbow. Scott bench presses Rocco off the ropes in response, then throws him into Johnny and takes both PE out with a double clothesline to HUGE cheers. The PE regroups and Scott tags in Rick. Johnny comes in and Rick goes to the midsection with a knee and sends Grunge to the corner and misses a follow in clothesline. Rocco takes Rick down from the apron and tags in. A double back elbow takes Rick down then Rocco slams Rick and heads up top. He misses a huge senton bomb then tags in Johnny as Hugh and Konnan come out and attack the Steiners. Scott throws Hugh into the crowd and hits him with a chair. The PE help the Steiners fight off Konnan and Hugh Morrus! Scott holds Konnan while the PE punch him! All six men brawl up the aisle. As they head into the back, Tony again reminds us of the time change for Nitro next week.

Hour number two is off and exploding on our television sets, according to Tony. He knows what we are thinking – how in the world can they top hour number one? Well, don’t because he promises that they’ll try. Mike Tenay and Bobby Heenan have joined Tony and Mike can’t wait to hear from JJ Dillon. We see clips of Nick Patrick petitioning for his job earlier in the night and the situation involving Hugh and Konnan, the Steiners and the PE. Bobby doesn’t know if Nick Patrick is telling the truth or not. He also says something bad is going to happen to Eric Bischoff very soon – he might even end up selling jewelry on a home shopping network.

We go to Mean Gene in the aisle with JJ Dillon. Gene introduces him as the Chairman of the WCW Executive Committee and mentions he is the original leader of the Four Horsemen, which gets a huge pop. JJ thanks Gene and says he is going to reevaluate every facet of WCW. Tony interrupts and wants Gene to ask JJ what he is going to do about Nick Patrick. Gene does and JJ says it is being taken under advisement. Gene wants to know about the nWo and Bischoff. JJ says that as soon as the meeting ending this morning and he knew what his duties were, the first thing he did was gather a group of lawyers and look at Eric’s contract. He has good news and bad news. The good news is that Bischoff has no authority. He agrees with the ruling of Dr. Schiller from a few weeks ago. The bad news is that Bischoff has an iron-clad contract. There is no buyout clause, so unless he breaches it, they can’t do anything. So, Eric will retain his official job title, continue to receive a paycheck and can continue to come and go as he sees fit. At this point, Bischoff makes his way out smiling from ear to ear as JJ tells us that the contracts that Bischoff finalized before the suspension are valid, with two exceptions. Bagwell and Norton had a window of opportunity to go nWo, so that is fine. But the nWo contracts for Big Bubba and Michael Wallstreet are not valid because the window of opportunity had closed when they joined, so they are still under contract to WCW. In the middle of a sentence by JJ, Eric grabs the mic and says, “Bite me.” Gene is appalled. Bischoff mocks JJ for not being able to fire him. Bischoff says he can’t be stopped and he can do whatever he wants. He mocks JJ, calls him a Marshall and wonders where his badge is. Bischoff wants to know if he made WCW the best wrestling promotion on the planet and JJ says he did. Eric wants to know if JJ and his corporate monks have a problem with Bischoff now trying to make the nWo the best wrestling promotion on the planet, to which JJ replies “Yes, you are a problem” and Eric’s response is again, “Bite me.” Bischoff wants to know if JJ thinks he can fill his shoes. JJ acknowledges that Bischoff is the most powerful and influential person in wrestling. He says it is mind boggling what Bisch has been able to accomplish (and looking back on how things were going down, it really is). JJ says the standard of excellence was set up in Stamford a few years ago. But Bischoff has forgotten that he had help from other people. And that is not acceptable. Bischoff again says “Bite me” then he takes off. Gene says Bischoff may get his and JJ says he will never try to fill Bischoff’s shoes because what’s in those shoes stinks. He’s got his own two shoes and will be accountable for his actions, unlike Bischoff!

We see clips from last week when Reggie White jumped the railing and confronted Steve McMichael. Reggie is here tonight and will sit ringside to watch the following match.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Scotty Riggs

Debra is with Jarrett. Tony tells us this is a return match from WCW Saturday Night and Tenay tells us it seems like Jarrett just snapped after the original match. We see clips from that match. Tony says Riggs got the win because Jarrett kept fighting with the referee, but it’s quite obvious that he got the win by cheating (he had his feet on the ropes). Whatever, Tony. After the match was over, Jarrett went nuts and just beat the snot out of Riggs. He also hit a pair of piledrivers on Riggs and even applied the figure four. Back live, Riggs charges the ring and Jarrett goes right to work as soon as he slides in. He hits a swinging neck breaker on Riggs, then follows it up with a gut wrench suplex. Jarrett hits the Stroke and struts. He sends Riggs to the ropes but puts his head down too soon, so Riggs takes the chance to go to work and slam Jarrett. He kicks Jarrett but Debra is distracting the referee, so Jarrett is able to back drop Riggs over the top (I guess throwing a guy over the top was still a DQ at this point). Jarrett throws Riggs into the ring steps and tells the camera he is going to teach Riggs a lesson. Jarrett drops Riggs throat first across the guardrail and breaks the count. He then throws Riggs back in and we see Reggie again watching on. Jarrett misses a double axe handle off the top then Riggs ducks an enziguri. Riggs sends Jarrett to the ropes and hits a back drop. He follows it up with a pair of running clotheslines and heads up top. He hits a huge cross body block and gets two. Riggs hits a flying forearm off the ropes and Debra is able to put Jarrett’s foot on the rope to break the count. Mongo is on his way to the ring with the Halliburton but Reggie White jumps the railing and grabs the briefcase from Mongo! Mongo backs off and heads back up the ramp. Back in the ring, Riggs goes back up top but Jarrett hits the ropes and Riggs comes down hard across the top rope on the knee which gives Jarrett just the opening he needed to apply the figure four and get the victory.

Hey, did you know that next week Nitro is on at 7PM?

Cruiserweight Title Match: Champion Syxx vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr.

Nash accompanies Syxx to the ring. Syxx and Rey lock up and Syxx applies a headlock. He goes for an arm lock but Rey flips up and reverses it. Tony says they are building to Slamboree at the Independence Arena in…… but he seemingly forgets what city the pay per view will take place in, so Bobby interjects and says “Charlotte.” Tony says he knew that and he was just taking a breath. They lock back up and Rey applies his own headlock. Syxx sends him to the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Rey ducks and takes Syxx down. Rey goes back to the headlock. Syxx stands up and goes for a side suplex but Rey goes over the top of Syxx and lands on his feet. Syxx jaw jacks to him and Rey responds with a huge slap! Rey takes Syxx down with a head scissor takeover. Rey goes to the ropes but Syxx throws him up with a flapjack move and then gives the crowd some quick crotch chops. Syxx hits a quick running leg drop on Rey then an elbow drop. Tony wonders aloud where Scott Hall is, as he has been missing for a while now. Syxx kicks Rey in the corner then hits the bronco buster. Syxx applies an abdominal stretch and uses the ropes for leverage behind Randy Anderson’s back. Rey reverses it but Nash distracts Anderson, which allows Syxx to hip toss Rey over the top rope. While Nash stalks Rey on the outside as Syxx distracts the ref, Tony and Bobby bring up the “Lawn Dart Incident” from the previous summer on Nitro. Rey gets away from the big man so we aren’t going to see anything like again right now. Rey rolls back in and Syxx sends him to the corner. He charges in but Rey moves and Syxx goes crotch first into the middle turnbuckle. Rey hits a huge hurricanrana out of nowhere and gets two because he couldn’t hook the legs. He goes up top and hits another huge hurricanrana but Syxx goes out of the ring in the process. Rey follows up with a somersault over the top onto Syxx. While Randy Anderson is counting Syxx out, Nash comes in from behind and hits a big boot on Rey then drops him with a HUGE Jackknife power bomb. Syxx slides in and applies his Buzzkiller chicken wing cross face and wins by knock out as Rey is out cold. JJ Dillon is on his way to the ring and is calling for reinforcements. He tells Syxx to break the hold, to which Syxx replies “or what!?” Security surrounds Kevin Nash and paramedics are in with a stretcher to take Rey out. Syxx tries to get at Rey again but security holds him back. Nash comes in and attacks a security member as they wheel Rey out and the fans chant for Sting. JJ says this type of behavior will not be tolerated anymore. Nash responds with, “Bite me.” We go to the back and see them loading Rey into an ambulance.

We go to a Lex Luger vignette. He is shown beating up various opponents and racking many people. He also flexes a lot. Let us now go to Lee Marshall On the Road with 1-800-Collect. Lee is in Norfolk, Virginia, site of next week’s Nitro! Lee found out that Norfolk in the birthplace of Wayne Newton and a music historian around there has found some of Wayne’s earlier recordings with the Rolling Rodents, Herman and the Vermin, Earth, Wind and Fur and found out that Newton really broke loose with Credence Clearweasel Revolting. Bobby says Lee is the pot calling the kettle black concerning revolting things.

The following announcement has been paid for by the New World Order. Hollywood Hogan (minus the five o clock shadow) is on the set of his latest movie, McGinsey’s Island, with Robert Vaughn and Grace Jones. Hogan flexes and tells us only he can juggle wrestling and acting. He thanks the nWo and introduces the new Queen of the nWo, Grace Jones, who does the “4 Life” hand signal (and horribly, I might add). Hogan said Sting is hiding and Flexy Lexy wants no part of Hollywood. Robert Vaughn, with a sleeveless nWo shirt over his dress shirt, says something about taking over the world. Hogan says this is the first nWo run movie, and then shows us everyone on the set (directors, producers, cameramen, makeup artists, etc, etc) wearing nWo shirts. Vaughn gives us an “nWo 4 Life” before we go. The preceding announcement has been paid for by the New World Order.

We go back to the arena and the nWo are back on their way out. Nash leads Syxx, Norton, Buff, Vincent and Fake Sting. Nash tells the camera “If you wanna fight one, you fight them all.” Syxx tells them to cut the music and calls Ric Flair “banana nose.” Syxx says that Flair was talking about the new generation of guys not having any respect. Syxx wants to know what kind of respect is it to rip-off “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers? He has no respect for Flair and Piper. If they have any sack whatsoever, they’ll do something about it. He hands the mic off to Nash. Nash tells everyone to be quiet so they can get this done quick. Last week Piper said he had laid asphalt and cut down trees. Nash says that he doesn’t think too much about what Piper said. When he came into the business seven years ago, he looked down the road that was paved by them and saw nothing but pot holes. He says they took what they wanted from the business and left the young guys nothing. WCW was only good for the old timers to push their sons. Hall was here and so was Nash. Hall was ready to become a superstar and they cut his salary, so he went elsewhere. They went to New York and they found punishment for the guys trying to dig the business out of the funk Flair and Piper left it in. Where Nash comes from, the south side of Detroit, you don’t give respect and you don’t get it, you have to beat it out of him. It’s the new generation’s time to shine. Nash and his crew will fly commercial and rent a Taurus while Flair and Piper fly jets and ride limos. They will patch the pot holes left behind. Tony is disgusted. Tony again wonders where Scott Hall is and Nash says they miss Hollywood as we go to break.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Psychosis

Kimberly is with Page and looking lovely as ever. Bobby gets his revenge on Tony while reading ticket on sale dates, noting that tickets for the June 16th Nitro from Chicago go on sale….. then stops, allowing Tony to say “Friday, May 2nd.” Bobby’s response? “I was gonna say that, I took a breath.” Page throws his shirt to the crowd and they lock up. DDP sends Psych to the ropes but it is reversed and Psych hits a nice dropkick. He goes up top and Page hits the ropes, so Psychosis crotches himself. Page hits the Diamond Cutter from the top rope out of nowhere for the win! Kimberly accidentally starts to head into the ring before the ref makes the three count, but then waits until it happens before entering. Savage is in the crowd on crutches with Liz. “Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh!” DDP is looking for him then finally sees Savage. He asks Page if he can feel the madness all around him. If he can’t, he should ask Kimberly because she has felt it! Page gets a mic and says Savage ain’t gonna bait him again. DDP doesn’t have his running shoes on to go get him, he’s got his wrestling boots on. DDP wants Savage and “that bimbo Liz” to hobble their asses down to the ring right now. Liz holds Randy back as he tries to go. We need to step out for a break as Savage leaves. Nitro - 7PM next week!

We come back with bagpipes playing and the crowd exploding. Roddy Piper, Ric Flair and Kevin Greene are on their way to the ring. Rebuttal time. Flair says this will be short and brief. There is nothing to talk about. All three men lay down and Flair says the nWo should come out right now and pave the highway. Here comes the nWo including everyone who was out before and Ted Dibiase. They all stop and give the Wolfpac sign to the entrance stage and Scott Hall makes his way out. Hall is back and will be at Slamboree. Maybe Tony can sleep at night now. Piper keeps telling them to come to the ring. The nWo surrounds the ring while Flair, Piper and Greene form a triangle in the ring. Vincent, Fake Sting, Buff Bagwell and Norton all come in and get dumped. Nash regroups the troops while Flair begs them to come in. He wants Syxx. Flair gives up and goes after Syxx. Everyone comes in the ring and starts brawling and we are …. out of time!

For the next few weeks, I’m not sure if you heard of not, Nitro is on earlier and is only one hour long, due to the NBA playoffs and we’ll continue on the road to Slamboree.

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