March 15, 2008
Mike Abitabile

Monday Nitro
Von Braun Civic Center, Huntsville, Alabama

Nitro is on the air with footage from last night’s Spring Stampede. We see Randy Savage physically manhandling Kimberly Page while Eric Bischoff, of all people, tries to stop him. Tony Schiavone says he hasn’t agreed with Bischoff in the past six months, but he does now. Heenan says Bisch knows what will happen if Savage hits Kim. The fans chant “We Want Sting!” and Savage pie faces Eric to the ground! Bischoff is back up and he shoves Savage! Wow, that’s gutsy. Savage responds by slapping Bischoff hard and the nWo is in to break it up. Cue the music!

We go live in the arena with Tony and Larry. Tony says there is obvious turmoil inside the nWo and Larry blames the combination of greed, egos and lust for power. Tony now shows us some still frame pictures from last night including images from the DDP/Randy Savage match itself. Savage beat up the ring announcer and used a chair and ring bell on Page. Savage piledrove Mark Curtis and beat him with his own belt. Nick Patrick showed up with Kevin Nash smiling. Patrick then made the count to give the victory to DDP and Nash went nuts and attacked Nick Patrick.

Hugh Morrus and Konnan vs. Alex Wright and Psychosis

No Jimmy Hart with Hugh Morrus and Konnan this week. Alex and Hugh start off. They lock up and High takes control with a knee. He backs Wright into the corner and pounds away. Alex Wright ducks under and reverses an Irish whip into the opposite corner by flipping backwards off the top and hitting Hugh with a leg lariat. This gets two. European uppercut by Wright and he tags in Psychosis. Hugh tags in Konnan and he hits his rolling clothesline then goes after Alex Wright in the corner. Psychosis is back to the attack and lands a head scissor takeover and goes up top for a spinning heel kick. He then dropkicks Hugh off the apron and goes back up top. Huge corkscrew moonsault from the top onto Hugh on the outside! Wow. As Psychosis goes back in, Konnan dropkicks him in the head. He drags Psychosis back to his corner and tags in Hugh who hits a running lariat. As Hugh works on Psychosis and tags back in Konnan, we are shown footage of DDP arriving at the arena from earlier today. He’s got an ice pack wrapped around his shoulder and a black eye. He yells at the camera to get out of his face and says this isn’t over with Savage, not after the Macho Man put his hands on Kim. Back to the action, Konnan power bombs Psychosis for two. Morrus is tagged back in and goes to work on the lower back of Psychosis. He nails a powerslam off the ropes for two and goes to the second rope for an elbow drop but Psychosis moves. Morrus hits Psychosis from behind and Psychosis stumbles into his corner to make the tag to Alex Wright who comes in with a missile dropkick off the top on Hugh. Konnan is in and Alex has a dropkick for him, too. Alex Wright fights off both men and goes back up top for a high cross body block for two on Hugh. Konnan hits him from behind which sets Alex Wright up for the No Laughing Matter moonsault from Hugh for the win. After the bell, Psychosis runs in and gets 187 DDT’d from Konnan and the ref counts that pinfall too. Odd ending.

We now see still images from the Madusa/ Akira Hokuto match from last night. Hokuto retained with help from Luna.

Rey Mysterio, Jr. vs. Lord Steven Regal

Tony mistakenly calls Rey “Prince Iaukea.” Regal hits a palm thrust and a European uppercut then kicks Rey in the head while he is down. He sends Rey to the ropes and face plants him. He snap mares Rey Jr. out of the ring. Regal follows him out and drops him throat first over the guard rail. Tony tells us the nWo is arriving and we go to the back to see Hogan, Bischoff, Dibiase and Vincent get out of a limo. Hogan tells them they need to take care of family business. Tony wonders where the rest of the nWo is. Back to the action and Regal is now stepping on Rey. Double knee jump to the face by Regal sets Rey up for a double underhook suplex, but he slips out of it and goes to work on Regal. Rey hits a dropkick and send Regal to the corner who then goes up and over the top when he gets there. Regal is back up on the apron and Rey charges in but gets punched in the face. Regal goes up top but Rey stops him and hops up top and hits a head scissor off the top for two. Rey is calling for the West Coast Pop and he hits it but can’t hook the legs and Regal kicks out at two. Regal hits a front suplex and locks on the Regal Stretch. Rey gets to the ropes but Regal won’t release the hold. Referee Randy Anderson calls for the bell to DQ Regal. TV Champion Prince Iaukea comes out to help but once Regal releases the hold on Rey, he locks it onto the Prince. Tony tells us Iaukea must defend his TV title later tonight and this is not helping. Finally the entire referee staff comes out to regain order. Regal kicks Rey and Prince on his way out.

Tony tells us we have another limo arriving, so we go to the back to see that. Savage, Liz, Buff, Wallstreet, Norton, Syxx, Fake Sting and Kevin Nash come out. Savage is on crutches and Larry says he looks worse than Page did. Now we are shown stills from the TV Title match last night, where the Prince upset Regal again to retain the title.

More stills from the pay per view are shown. There was no Scott Hall (didn’t I tell you not to get your hopes up for the Outsiders defending their tag titles against the Steiners?) so Kevin Nash spit in Scott Steiner’s face which caused Scotty to go nuts and accidentally hit a police officer who was trying to break up the fight. Because of this, they sprayed him with mace and cuffed him, causing the match to become Kevin Nash vs. Rick Steiner, one on one, for the World Tag Team titles. Syxx removed the top turnbuckle pad, Nash dropped Rick head first on it and Nick Patrick made the three count. After the match, Nash and Dibiase got into a shouting match.

Last week on Nitro, Nash was upset that some members of the nWo were at the Dennis Rodman movie premiere instead of at the arena. We are shown footage from the movie premiere now. Hogan is there (minus the black 5 o’clock shadow but with an nWo shirt on) and he congratulates Jean-Claude Van Damme on a great film. Hogan and Rodman told the cameras that the reason Rodman joined the nWo was to have fun and make money. Rodman says he is coming July 13th.

Kevin Sullivan vs. Hector Guerrero

The lock up and Kevin just pounds away on Hector. He gets face planted and kicked in the mid section. Kevin sends him to the ropes and takes him down with a chop. He kicks Hector out of the ring and it’s time for Jacqueline to go to work. Hector blocked a fist first but he couldn’t hit a woman. Jackie kicks him then suplexes him and throws Hector back in. Hector gets kicked in the face and headbutted. Sullivan throws Hector into the corner and throws him out to Jacqueline again. She pounds away on him and body slams him! She then snap mares him and throws him back in to Kevin. He ties Hector to the Tree of Woe and follows it up with the double stomp for the win. Another set of still shots from Spring Stampede. This one concerning the Mongo/Jarrett vs. Public Enemy match. The Public Enemy get the win with help from Mongo’s Halliburton.

The New World Order is on their way to the ring. For the first time ever, Tony wants to see them because they might fall apart right in front of everyone’s eyes. Hollywood leads the troops including Dibiase, Bischoff, Fake Sting, Vincent and Scott Norton. Then a about 20 feet behind them is the second group, including Nash, Buff, Syxx, Wallstreet and Macho Man on crutches with Liz. Tony mentions the fact that the group is split. He also mentions there is no Nick Patrick. Nash’s group helps Savage into the ring. Dibiase wants to talk first. He isn’t one to beat around the bush. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out there is a problem. The problem will end tonight. Each group is one a separate side of the ring. Dibiase says, one for all, and all for one – 4 life. Either they walk out together or they settle it right now. Hollywood gets to talk next. Hogan throws the belt down and says it doesn’t mean crap without the family and especially without Nash. Word is Nash had a problem with Hogan being at the movie premiere last week. Nash mouths “Don’t point at me.” Hogan says he was scouting talent and if Nash wants to air everything out in public, then so be it. Nash has a mic. He says he has no problem with Rodman and he used to play ball himself. He welcomes him to the nWo. He is sorry if he was grouchy last week but he sat alone in a hotel room on Easter Sunday with Syxx the day before. Ok? Hogan says next Easter, Nash can go on the nWo Easter hunt. Savage is getting jumpy and Hogan looks at him and says “I’m not talking to you.” Hogan wants to know where Hall is. Nash says Hall is 4 life. Hogan says Nash is burning a hole through him, which means one of two things – either Nash and his friends are 4 life or Nash and Hogan need to do this right now. Savage is still jumpy and Hogan takes off his necklace and glasses. Nash says he doesn’t have to love Hogan to respect him. Where he comes from, you’re only as big a man as your word. When Hogan joined Nash and Hall last year, Nash gave Hogan his word then and he’s going to give him his word now. Everyone puts their hands up in the Wolfpac symbol and all seems to be well, except for Savage who is going nuts and wants at Bischoff. The crowd chants “We Want Sting!” Hogan says Sting is going to get stung. Hogan tells Savage that if he and Nash are in this thing 4 life, then Savage and Bischoff can bury the hatchet. Savage says he will go with the flow but Bischoff is on probation with him and he is on probation with Bischoff and he wants to know if that is cool. Bischoff says it works for him. All seems well in the nWo, for now.

Hour number two is on the air! Bobby and Mike join Tony and they discuss what just happened. They all agree everything seems well in the New World Order and WCW better watch their backs again. Tony sends it to Gene Okerlund in the ring who introduces us to the 13-time World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair! Huge ovation. Okerlund says the nWo is like the Hotel California – you can check in but you can never check out. MEEEEEEEEAAAAN WOOOOOOOO GENE! What’s causin’ all this!? Last week the greatest Scotsman of them all, the Hot Rod and the Nature Boy bounded. He says they are ready to play ball and the entire nWo knows it then lists them by name (even calling Wallstreet “Rotundo”). Flair then introduces Roddy Piper. Another huge ovation. Flair holds the ropes open for Piper. The doctor gave Flair a note that says he can come out and play again, according to Piper. Now is the time to strike with the nWo - while they are weak. Flair says Kevin Greene wants to play with them, too. Kevin Greene comes out and shakes hands with Flair and Piper. He tells Mean Gene that he’s got their backs. They are all ready to go and the crowd loves it!

US Champion Dean Malenko vs. Chris Jericho

They lock up and trade reversals. Jericho finally takes Dean down with an enziguri and sends Dean out with a spinning heel kick. A springboard dropkick over the top out of the corner while Malenko was on the apron by Jericho followed by a missile dropkick on Dean when he rolls back in the ring. Jericho gets two out of a backslide. Malenko regains control and power bombs Jericho hard. He goes for the Texas Cloverleaf but Jericho is in the ropes. He sends Malenko to the corner but Dean hopes over the top and Jericho runs in behind him and goes chest first into the turnbuckles. Jericho however jumps up top and superplexes Dean. Jericho gets thrown into the turnbuckle and seems to have injured his nose. Mickie Jay tells Dean who decides to kick Jericho right in the nose! This gets a three count and Dean retains and Jericho is in pain.

This week on WCW Saturday Night, Jeff Jarrett, Chris Jericho, Kevin Sullivan with Miss Jacqueline and Lex Luger and the Giant – this Saturday night at 6:05pm on TBS!

High Voltage vs. Public Enemy

High Voltage mocks Public Enemy on their way to the ring. Public Enemy is accompanied to the ring by a table. Tony reminds us High Voltage got the win two weeks ago over Public Enemy because thanks to the interference by the Horsemen of Mongo and Jarrett. They start right away and the PE sends High Voltage into each other with Irish whip’s out of the opposite corners. Double backdrop on Rage. Double suplex on Kaos. Order is restored and Rock will start off with Kaos. Kaos sends Rock to the ropes but Rage pulls down the top rope and Rocco takes a tumble. Rage beats him up and sends him back in to Kaos. Rage tags in and takes Rocco down with a shoulder block for two. Quick tag back to Kaos. He sends Rock to the ropes, but it gets reversed and Rocco lands a spinning neck breaker. Grunge and Kaos are tagged in and they go at it. Grunge slams Rage and the PE double back drop Kaos this time. They throw Kaos outside and put him on the table. Tenay tells us Chris Jericho might have a broken nose but he did walk off under his own power. Brain says Jericho’s Dad was a hockey player, so what’s another broken nose in that house? Grunge goes up top while Kaos is on the table on the outside. He goes for an elbow drop but Kaos gets up and Grunge knocks himself out after going through the table hard. In the ring Rage hits a Northern Lights suplex on Rocco and gets a clean three count! Big upset. Mean Gene is in the ring to interview the PE. Grunge says sometimes it works for you and sometimes it doesn’t (I guess he means the table). They can live with it because it’s all good. Rocco says High Voltage started something they can’t finish. He challenges them to a Philadelphia Street Fight next week on Nitro live from Philadelphia! Time to go back to their roots and gets extreme!

A few more stills from last night. Rey Mysterio, Jr. took on Ultimo Dragon and got a big win. We then see the trainer taping up Prince Iaukea’s ribs as a result of that earlier attack from Steven Regal.

Harlem Heat vs. Jeff Jarrett and Steve “Mongo” McMichael

The Heat are accompanied by Sister Sherri and Debra is with Jarrett. They show two little girls in the crowd dressed as beauty queens, like Queen Debra. Wow. Mongo doesn’t come to the ring with Jarrett and Debra though. Debra tells the camera she doesn’t know where Steve is, but she doesn’t seem too concerned about it. This is apparently now a handicap match. Jarrett starts out with Booker T, who goes right to work on Jeff. He sends Jarrett to the ropes and hits a shoulder block on him but Jeff gets the upper hand with an arm drag. The Heat put Jarrett into their corner but Jarrett fights out and Stevie Ray tags in. It’s on like neck bone now, sucka. He puts Jarrett into a neutral corner and just beats him unmercifully. Jarrett is sent to the ropes, ducks a couple of clotheslines, tries a cross body block but is caught and gets slammed hard to the mat. Jarrett takes out the Heat with some dropkicks but the Heat regain control with some double team moves while Sherri distracts the ref. Stevie tags in Booker T who has Jarrett down but pulls him up at two. Booker T slams Jarrett while Debra leaves ringside to look for her husband. She returns and tells the camera there might be car trouble. Book hits a scissor kick and tags in Stevie. He goes to work on Jarrett now. Standing jump kick gets two as Jarrett can only roll his left shoulder up, and not even kick out. Tag back to Book who tries to suplex Jeff but Jarrett surprises him with a rollup but it only gets two. Jarrett gets another roll up in the corner but Stevie Ray makes the save. Now they double suplex him and Debra is stressed. Jarrett kicks out at two, again. The Heat are getting frustrated that they can’t finish off Jarrett. Jeff goes for a dropkick but Stevie moves then Sherri and Book work on Jeff in the corner while Stevie distracts the referee. Book is tagged in again and Jarrett tries to backslide him, and he does, but it only gets two. Booker chokes Jeff and breaks at four. He goes for a Harlem sidekick but Jeff ducks and Book crotches himself on the top rope. Out of a force of habit, Jeff goes to make a tag, but no one is there. Book is able to tag in Stevie Ray though. As Stevie Ray suplexes Jeff, Mongo finally arrives and doesn’t look too happy. He ignores Debra and stands in his corner. Jarrett is able to make the tag to him and Mongo is a house of fire taking out both members of the Heat. He dumps Stevie over the top and decides to tag Jarrett back in while he is just about to finally get a breather. Mongo basically pushes Jarrett into a Harlem sidekick and Book get the pin for the win. Mongo says he served them up to Jarrett but he couldn’t put them down. Mean Gene is in the ring with the Horsemen and Debra. Jarrett is mad. He is sick of Mongo. He says he never missed a match and he wants to know where Mongo was. Debra tries to talk but Mongo cuts her off. Mongo says he will get his due and everyone should be afraid of him. Jarrett is mad Mongo didn’t answer his question, but we have to go to break.

Lee Marshall is in Philly, On the Road with 1-800-Collect, site of next week’s Nitro. Lee is doing great at a Nitro party, eating a Philly cheese steak. Everyone is pumped to see Nitro live next week. He knows everyone is waiting for him to make a Weasel wisecrack but he won’t do it. But Bobby did make a small grammatical mistake when he told everyone about the small wooden houses along the river in Philadelphia. All Lee knows is that they are OAR houses, not the other kind of house that rhymes with that which Bobby was telling people about.

TV Champion Prince Iaukea vs. Ultimo Dragon

Sonny Onoo accompanies Ultimo to the ring and the on-screen graphic still refers to him as “Ultimate”. The Prince comes out with taped ribs because of the attack from Regal earlier tonight. Before this match starts, Tony psychoanalyzes what we saw from Mongo before. He thinks Mongo was really in the back and wanted Jarrett to realize you have to go through pain and agony before you can prove you are Horsemen material. They lock up and Prince applies a headlock. Dragon sends him to the ropes and the Prince hits a shoulder block. Dragon goes right to the midsection and Prince is in so much pain he can’t even body slam the Dragon. He does get the Dragon in a backslide for two though. Dragon goes off with kicks all over the body and slams the Prince. Dragon goes up top but the Prince gets the feet up and chops Dragon. Iaukea sends him to the ropes and takes him down again with a chop. Dragon takes control again with very stiff kicks to the ribs. Dragon hooks the legs and gets the win to give us a new TV champion. Tony says Dragon and Onoo should thank Regal.

A few more stills from Spring Stampede. We are shown highlights of the 4 corners match between Lex Luger, The Giant and the Harlem Heat where the winner gets a future shot at Hollywood Hogan’s title belt. Lex Luger picked up the win.

Scott Steiner vs. The Giant

Tony tells us that the Giant had the Heat where he wanted them last night and could have won the match, but he tagged in Lex Luger allowing his friends to get a title shot at Hollywood “later this year.” As Scott is on his way to the ring, he gets jumped from behind by Hugh Morrus and Konnan. The Giant comes to help Scott and beats up Konnan but Hugh Morrus hits him with a chair. That had no affect whatsoever on Giant. Morrus and Konnan bail as Scott and Giant shakes hands and head to the back. This match is thrown out.

We see the same set of still pictures we saw earlier in the night from Spring Stampede concerning what happened with the Tag Team titles single match.

We return from break and DDP is on his way to the ring and he isn’t happy. There is no music for him, but he has a microphone. This is completely unannounced and unexpected, according to Tony. DDP says last night he fought one of the biggest stars in wrestling in the main event of a pay per view. Two years ago, no one would have seen that happening. But he is an anomaly – something that wasn’t supposed to happen. But he did happen, and he happened to Randy Savage. When he found out late last night that Savage had his hands on Kim, if Savage was right in front of him, he would have killed him. He knows Savage is hurt, but so is he. So if Savage has any guts, let’s get it on again, right now! Savage hobbles out on crutches by himself. All of a sudden Hollywood Hogan comes out behind Randy and tells him that he’s got this one for Savage. The rest of the nWo has come out, too. Before Hogan can get to the ring, Sting drops down in the aisle way right in front of the entire New World Order! He points his bat at them then throws a second bat backwards to Page without even looking! Nice throw. Hogan is not happy. Sting makes his way into the ring and stands next to Page as Hogan and Nash try to strategize. And we are out of time!

Earlier in the night (before the Kevin Sullivan/Hector Guerrero match), Chris Benoit defeated Ice Train (here).

Next week… well, next week might be a problem seeing as WWE 24/7 skipped the April 14, 1997 episodes of Raw and Nitro. I’ll see what I can do about that, but I can’t make any promises. If not, I’ll be back with the April 21, 1997 episodes!

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