June 7, 2008
Mike Abitabile

Monday Nitro
Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee

Nitro celebrates the one year anniversary of Scott Hall’s appearance through the crowd by returning to its regular two hour length and timeslot now that TNT’s coverage of the NBA Playoffs is over. Tony welcomes us to the show as the nWo music hits right away. Eric Bischoff, sporting his Dennis Rodman nWo shirt and black nWo leather jacket, is on his way to the ring. Larry and Mike are with Tony and both thought they saw the end of Easy E last week, thanks to Sting. Bischoff stops at the bottom of the ramp and turns around to introduce Hollywood Hogan! Hollywood is sporting a five o’clock shadow over his whole entire face – this includes above his upper lip where his trademark blond moustache usually is. The announcers assume Hollywood is done filming his movie and his back. You think? On his way to the ring, someone shows Hollywood his old WWF Wrestling Buddie so he kisses it on its forehead! Bisch says he checked already and Sting isn’t under the ring. Hollywood says he’s been partying in the Bahamas with Nasty Nick and Beautiful Brooke on Ted Turner’s dime, thanks to Easy E. But he wasn’t happy to see what Sting did to Bisch last week. According to Hogan, Sting is in deep “doo-doo” now. Wow, what a bad ass heel he is. Hogan says Sting is scared of the Outsiders and can’t keep up with Syxx. Hogan then calls Sting out right now. Hogan wants to tear Sting apart just for Bischoff. Eric says they looked everywhere and Sting isn’t here because he knew Hogan was coming. The challenge remains open, according to Hollywood, but he’s going to look for him. Hogan flexes for the masses.

We now go to the broadcast location as Tony welcomes us to the show. The announcers discuss what just happened and hope Sting will accept the challenge.

Juventud Guerrera, Super Calo and Hector Garza vs. La Parka, Ciclope and Damien

Mike tells us this is Hector Garza’s WCW debut and the first time we have a lucha libre rules six-man tag match on Nitro. Lucha libre rules means there are no tags, which confuses Larry. Mike tells his a new wrestler can come in when his partner goes to the floor. Juvy and La Parka start out. Juvy slaps Parka, who returns with a shove. They trade reversals and Juvy takes him down with a thrust kick. Juvy heads up top and goes for a cross body but La Parka catches him and struts while he is holding him! He sets Juvy up on the opposite turnbuckle, so Juvy goes up top and hits a flying head scissor. Juvy tags in Calo while Damien comes in and takes Calo down with a shoulder block and a clothesline. Calo lands a top rope head scissor on Damien and follows up with another which sends Damien to the outside. Calo jumps through the middle and top rope with a suicide dive and flips over Ciclope then literally lands in the third row! Wow. Damien and Hector become the legal men and Garza is taken down with a clothesline after flipping off the top rope. Garza reverses Damien’s offense into a spinning backbreaker and then hits a dropkick as Damien bails. Garza hits a baseball slide dropkick then hits a moonsault off the second post to the floor! Larry calls these guys insane and I agree. Calo and La Parka are now the legal men and Damien comes in to double team Calo with Parka. They are joined by Ciclope and then triple team Calo. Juvy runs in and gets double teamed by Ciclope, who holds Juvy up, and La Parka, who takes him down with a flying leg lariat. Juvy rolls out and Garza runs in but misses a dropkick so Damien dumps him. Calo is now in and gets kicked from behind by Parka, goes after him then leaves the ring. Garza is back in with more dropkicks and sends Ciclope to the ropes, who reverses it and Damien trips him up from the outside. In the ring, La Parka power slams Juvy and gets two. La Parka goes for a release German suplex but Juvy lands on his feet and ducks a clothesline by Damien, who accidentally takes down his partner, La Parka! Juvy takes Damien down to the floor with a head scissor off the top rope and lands hard himself. He then takes La Parka out and heads up top. Juvy with a huge summersault plancha off the top to the floor on La Parka! Calo hits a swanton over the top to the floor on Damien, and Ciclope flies over the top himself onto Calo. This leaves Hector Garza to head up top for his twisting corkscrew plancha from the top to the floor on everyone! Back in the ring is Garza and Ciclope. Garza catches Ciclope off the top and drops him with a power bomb then follows up with a standing moonsault for the win! What a match. Larry: “If there’s a replay Tenay, feel free to take it.” There isn’t and we go to break.

Alex Wright vs. Psychosis

We return from break with both competitors already in the ring. Alex rolls out before they lock up. They finally lock up and Psych applies an arm ringer. Tony mentions this is Nick Patrick’s first match back since his probationary reinstatement. Alex Wright flips out and reverses then goes to work on the arm. Now Psych rolls out and sends Alex to the ropes and both men flip out but Alex hits a flying lariat to gain control. He then lays the boots into Psychosis and the announcers note his changing attitude. Wright follows up with a stiff European uppercut then suplexes Psych. This gets two. Wright throws Psych into the corner then kicks and punches away. The crowd boos as Alex dances. Alex lays Psych over the apron then drops an elbow on his back. He then throws Psych into the corner but it is reversed and Psych hits a moonsault for two. Psych then goes for an atomic drop and crotches Wright on the top rope then hits a leg lariat off the top rope for another two count. He sends Alex to the corner but Wright slides out and dances. Psychosis goes for a corkscrew moonsault off the top rope but he basically misses and almost lands on the safety rail. That looked ugly. Back in the ring, Psych hits his top rope leg drop and gets the upset win!

We go to Mean Gene at the entranceway with Sonny Onoo. Gene wants to know about the nightmare that Sonny promised for Masa Chono tonight. Onoo says the guy is here tonight and still won’t tell us who it is. Sonny stops Psychosis, who is on his way to the back after his match and says he has a deal for him if he is interested. Psychosis: “Yes, of course.” Onoo says he’ll see him in the back and Chono will get his tonight. At this point, Madusa makes her way down the ramp so Onoo hides behind Okerlund. Madusa says she’d do anything to get a Women’s title match but then sort of backtracks. Onoo perks up after hearing this and challenges her to put her career on the line for a title shot against Akira Hokuto at The Great American Bash. Madusa doesn’t look happy then whispers “yes.” We go to break.

At the broadcast booth, we are shown clips from Slamboree when Ernest Miller came to Glacier’s aid against Mortis and Wrath. Tenay tells us Glacier had arranged for Miller to attend the pay per view as a guest.

Wrath vs. Mark Starr

Mortis and James Vandenberg (who is holding Glacier’s helmet that he stole) are with Wrath. Tony says it was smart of Glacier to have Ernest Miller in the building seeing as he always gets double teamed. Fool me once, shame on me…. fool me twenty times, I’m bringing backup. Wrath stalks Mark Starr and they lock up. Wrath throws him into the corner then hits some kicks and back elbows. Wrath chops Mark Starr and throws him into the opposite corner. Starr gets his feet up and attempts to throw Wrath to the ropes, as Mortis stands with his back to the ring, facing the entranceway, waiting for Glacier. Wrath reverses the Irish whip and hits a titl-a-whirl backbreaker on Starr. Wrath throws Starr to the outside and lets Mortis go to work on him. Wrath comes out and they double team Starr while Vandenberg distracts the referee. Wrath throws Starr back in and heads up top. Wrath lands a flying clothesline off the top rope. He then hits a bicycle kick and follows it up with his finisher, the Death Penalty, for the win. Vandenberg tells Glacier to come get his helmet if he dares, while Mortis and Wrath double team Mark Starr and we go to commercial.

Konan vs. Villano IV

As Konan makes his way to the ring, Tony announces that we will see Page vs. Savage II – No Disqualifications at The Great American Bash. We hear from Hugh Morrus concerning Konan, his former tag partner, who turned on him at Slamboree. He’s not happy and says it’s not so funny taking on the laughing man. Back to the action, Konan shakes Villano’s hand then turns on him with a knee to the midsection and a rolling lariat clothesline. Konan then hits a kick to the face and taunts the crowd. Konan sends Villano to the corner and follows in with a flying kick. He pounds away on IV and doesn’t let up. Villano tries to fight back and hits a hurricanrana then an arm drag on Konan and follows up with a clothesline. He sends Konan to the corner but it is reversed and Konan hits an Alabama Slam as Villano tries to hop out of it. Now Hugh Morrus attempts to make his way to the ringside area but Doug Dillinger tries to stop him. As I am about to make a joke about how Doug looks like Santa Claus this week, Larry beats me to the punch. Security holds back Hugh Morrus while Konan taunts him. He then hits his cradle DDT and locks in the Tequila Sunrise submission for the win as Villano IV submits.

Mean Gene is in the ring with Konan. Gene says Kevin Sullivan is on a self-imposed sabbatical and wonders if Konan’s career is in limbo because of it. Konan speaks Spanish and yells at Kevin Sullivan. Konan says Sullivan had no leadership and it’s taken him too long to take care of Chris Benoit (who?) so he wanted to run the Dungeon himself. Konan says he has no respect for Kevin Sullivan and calls him his “be-az-itch”. Konan calls Hugh the Pillsbury Fat Boy and threatens him if he ever comes out during his match again. Time for a break!

We’re back with Sonny Onoo on his way to the ring. Onoo grabs the microphone and introduces the nightmare of Masa Chono – The Great Muta!

The Great Muta vs. Masa Hiro Chono

Tenay tells us that Chono has been trying to recruit Muta to the nWo in Japan but to no avail. Chono comes out carrying a samurai sword and an nWo shirt. There’s an interesting combination. Chono doesn’t look scared, just angry. Chono goes to the apron and removes his necklace. The bell rings and the two men stall. Muta spits the green mist to a pop from the crowd. Chono goes out after Sonny Onoo so he hides behind Muta. Back in the ring and more stalling. Sonny Onoo yells at Muta to get Chono. Chono again goes after Sonny Onoo. He goes back in and Larry calls it a game of chess. This is getting old fast. They finally lock up and Muta applies a side headlock, nonchalantly. Muta doesn’t follow up and just stands there half-heartedly holding Chono in the headlock. Onoo gets into the ring to yell at Muta. Chono slips out of the headlock while Muta stands there in the same position as if he still had Chono. Muta then spits red mist in the face of Sonny Onoo! They double team him and the nightmare has backfired and apparently The Great Muta has gone nWo! Chono gives Muta an nWo shirt as Onoo cries in the aisle. We go to break.

Hour number two is on the air! Tony is now joined by Bobby Hennan. We recap what happened during hour number one – Hollywood called out Sting and the Great Muta joined the nWo. Brain says Hogan is scared of Sting and the fact that Muta has joined the nWo shows they are worried and need more backup.

The following announcement has been paid for by the New World Order. Randy Savage can’t wait for The Great American Bash. He says DDP isn’t even in the same league as him. He is the man and Page will be exposed. He is going to blast DDP. Gear up because the Macho Man rules. The preceding announcement has been paid for by the New World Order.

In the aisle, Mean Gene is disgusted by the previous video. He brings out Kimberley and Diamond Dallas Page. Page still has the remnants of the crutch with him. DDP says Savage is losing it and is feeling the Madness because of him. He’s proud of himself for getting under the skin of Randy Savage. Page says this is just the beginning. Kim takes the crutch because she keeps mementos from their experiences in WCW. She then shows us some of the hair Randy Savage pulled out of her head. Page says there are two things you don’t mess with – a man’s family and a man’s wife. At the Bash, DDP is going to be an SOB right down to the letter. BANG!

The Barbarian vs. Jim Powers

Teddy Long is with Jim Powers and Jimmy Hart is with the Barbarian. They lock up and Powers gets a headlock on Barbarian who sends him to the ropes. They run into each other and no one moves. Powers gets sent to the ropes again and tries a clothesline but Barbarian doesn’t flinch. Powers tries again and Barbarian hits a body block. He throws Powers into the corner, sends him to the other side and follows in with a huge clothesline. He dumps Powers to the floor and drives him back first into the steel post. He throws Powers back in and they trade chops until the Barbarian gets control. Barbarian chokes Jim Powers then pounds away on him. He sends him to the corner but catches a back elbow from Powers as he rushes in. Powers hits a running knee lift then goes up top. He goes for a body block but Barbarian catches him and power slams him. He sends Powers to the ropes and hits a big boot for the win. We go to break, but WWE 24/7 edited out Chris Benoit running down and wanting to go at it with the Barbarian. Jimmy Hart held his man back and said Chris would have to wait until next week.

The Giant vs. Jerry Flynn, Johnny Swinger and Rick Fuller

Tony says there are many questions in WCW right now – like where was Roddy Piper when the nWo attacked Ric Flair last week, and who is the major star debuting in WCW in late June on Nitro in Las Vegas. Hopefully we get answers soon. Lex Luger is with the Giant as he is still nursing an injury that occurred during a match in Japan. Swinger starts and goes for a leg. Nothing doing. He quickly tags in Flynn. Flynn tries some quick kicks and gets nowhere. Giant doesn’t flinch. Fuller wants in. They lock up and Giant shoves him to the corner and chops him. Swinger and Flynn are back in to triple team him. Giant swats all three men off him! They try again and Giant back suplexes Fuller and Flynn at the same time as Swinger tries a top rope double axe handle. Giant catches him and chokeslams him! He then chokeslams Fuller! And finally hits it on Flynn! Giant makes the cover on Flynn for the win. Luger comes in to congratulate Giant and Mean Gene comes in to talk to them. Gene says Hollywood Hogan and Dennis Rodman have signed an open contract to face any team at Bash at the Beach in July. Luger accepts the challenge on behalf of himself and the Giant. He’s been watching the NBA Playoffs to scout Dennis Rodman. Luger reminds us Rodman humiliated him at Uncensored and now it’s time for payback. Giant still has issues with Hollywood himself. He says Hogan has been hiding but he’s here now and what comes around goes around.

We now go On the Road with 1-800-Collect and Lee Marshall. He is in Dayton, Ohio, where Nitro will be next week. There are a lot of air shows and aviation tributes in Dayton, but officials want everyone to know that Crash ‘N Burn Bobby and His Wing Walking Weasels will not be appearing this year! Bobby: “I wish he’d back up into a propeller.”

The nWo music hits and Syxx comes out with a microphone. He’s happy Hollywood is back and says since Nick Patrick wasn’t reinstated until the day after Slamboree, his decision at the pay per view didn’t count. As for Flair, we see the footage of the Wolfpac taking him out last week. Syxx then brings out the Outsiders. Hall is happy to watch the footage of that “old drag queen” get tossed around. Nash says Piper claims he put everyone to sleep, but the only what that would happen is if they all watched his new movie. Nash says the Outsiders will put the tag titles on the line against Flair and Piper at the Bash. To make it fair, maybe Piper or Flair should put one of their dialysis machines on the line as well.

We see footage from last week when Kevin Greene interfered and attacked Mongo during his match with Jeff Jarrett against the Steiners. His interferences helped the Steiners get the win. Backstage, Mongo and Kevin Greene fought in the locker room. Tony informs us that those two men will now face each other at The Great American Bash.

The Harlem Heat vs. Jeff Jarrett and Steve “Mongo” McMichael

Sister Sherri is with the Heat and Queen Debra (along with the Halliburton) brings out the Horsemen. Before the match starts, we go to break. We return just in time for the bell to ring. Booker T starts out with Jeff Jarrett but wants Mongo. Jarrett obliges and tags in Mongo. They lock up and Mongo applies a side headlock. Book sends him to the ropes and gets taken down with a Mongo shoulder block. The Heat regroups. They lock up again and Book hits a knee to the midsection and a few forearms then applies an arm bar. Mongo reverses but Book punches him and puts on a headlock. They trade reversals until Mongo sends Book to the ropes and takes him down with a clothesline. Sherri tries to get Book up. Mongo brings Book to his corner and tags in Jarrett who hits an inverted atomic drop on Book, who regains the momentum and tags in Stevie Ray. At this point, Kevin Greene joins the booth for commentary and calls Mongo a loser. Stevie pounds away on Jarrett who sends Jarrett to the corner but it’s reversed and Stevie gets side suplexed. This gets two. Jarrett sends Stevie to the ropes but he reverses it and catches Jarrett coming in and hits a falling power slam. This gets two. Kevin says he isn’t scared of Mongo and he didn’t forget what happened at the Bash last year. Now, it’s time to pay. Brain eggs him on. Book tags back in and the Heat double team Jeff. Book hits a side slam but Jarrett moves out of the way of an elbow drop and tags in Mongo. They backdrop Book and both men strut! Mongo puts Book in the corner while Kevin Greene says he trained with Mongo and they were tight, but Mongo turned his back on him for the money. Mongo sends Book to the corner but it is reversed and Stevie takes Mongo down from behind and tags in. Stevie pounds away and sends Mongo to the ropes and takes him down with another body block. Quick tag back to Book who kicks Mongo in the mid-section then hits a scissor kick. Book locks on a chin lock. Mongo fights out of it and charges Book in the corner but he runs into a big boot. Book takes out Jarrett which allows the Heat to double team Mongo. Stevie drops a knee and gets two. Stevie now applies a chin lock. Stevie slams Mongo and tags in Book. Mongo catches him running in and power slams him then tags in Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett hits a dropkick to Stevie and back elbows to both members of the Heat. Jarrett goes for ten punches in the corner on Book and Mongo makes the save before Stevie can stop it. Mongo notices Kevin Greene is at the booth and he takes off from the match and goes after Kevin Greene! They brawl out of the arena as Santa Claus tries to break this up. Wait, it was only Doug Dillinger again. Jarrett locks in the figure four on Book but Sherri distracts the referee and Stevie drops a leg across Jeff to break it up. Stevie holds Jarrett up and Booker T hits a standing side kick to get the win! After the match, Debra and Jarrett are upset with Mongo. Jarrett says this is the last straw. They are supposed to be in this together.

We return and once again the nWo music is playing. Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff are back. Tony says Sting is most likely not here and that’s why Hogan and Bisch can do this. Easy E looks under the ring before they get to it - no Sting under there. Hogan says the nWo belt is on the line right now. He hears the nWo members have Sting cornered and he’s going to get the beating he deserves. Bischoff doesn’t want to disappoint Hogan but Sting isn’t going to be here. All of a sudden, someone comes up through the ring – and it’s Sting. Wait, that’s not Sting, unless Sting is wearing a plastic face mask and cut his hair. Bischoff tells “Sting” to get on his knees and worship Hogan. “Sting” does. Hogan spits on the ground and “Sting” worships it. All of a sudden the real Sting drops down from the ceiling and lands behind Bischoff and Hogan! Sting hits a Scorpion Death Drop on Bisch before he even knew what was happening. Hogan still doesn’t realize it, but when the ring shakes from the Death Drop, he knows something is up and slowly turns around. Sting points his bat at Hollywood and Hogan backtracks but trips over the fake Sting. Hollywood bails and the fake Sting takes a swing at the real one with his bat. Sting blocks it with his bat then drops the fraud with another Scorpion Death Drop! Hogan looks like he’s seen a ghost and back pedals. The entire nWo comes out now and they devise a plan of attack. The nWo surrounds the ring and Sting. Sting points at Hogan the whole time with his bat. Tony says we are out of time. But he then tells us we will stay with it for another minute. Before the nWo can attack, Sting reattaches himself to the cable he came down on and repels back to the ceiling as the nWo gets to him! NOW, we are out of time!

Next week, we continue on the road to The Great American Bash.

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