January 29, 2009
Mike Abitabile

Monday Nitro
Macon Coliseum, Macon, Georgia

This week Nitro starts with a recap of the conclusion of last week’s episode. We then go live inside the arena right to Mean Gene at the bottom of the ramp. He brings of DDP and Kimberly. Gene wants clues concerning who the mystery partner is, but Page still won’t budge because he loves surprises. Kimberly talked to JJ Dillon earlier today and got him to book DDP versus Scott Hall tonight. Page: “Surprise, surprise!”

Public Enemy vs. La Parka and Damien

Before the match starts, we go to Tony and he tells us there was a ton of media coverage thanks to Dennis Rodman’s appearance last week. Tenay tells us everyone wants to talk about WCW. Johnny Grunge starts out with La Parka. Parka jumps Johnny to start then tags in Damien. They double team Johnny until Rocco comes in to break it up and make the save. He then tags in and goes right after Damien. La Parka makes a blind tag and gets a quick two count on Rocco. He slams Rock and Damien goes for a moonsault but Rock moves and tags in Grunge. The PE double back drop La Parka then set Damien up on a table at ringside and put him through it! While the referee is checking on Damien, La Parka hits Johnny with a chair and gets the upset pin!

WCW Saturday Night continues to be the weekend’s number one wrestling program. Don’t miss it this week because Jeff Jarrett and Steven Regal will be there. We go back to Mean Gene, who is now with Eddie Guerrero. Eddie tells us he didn’t have clearance to wrestle last week, so Chavo stepped up and took his place. Chavo comes out and tells Gene he didn’t really offer to take Eddie’s place. Eddie cuts him off and offers to give his Cruiserweight title shot tonight to Chavo. Chavo seems confused but takes the match and Eddie tells him he’ll watch his back.

Chris Jericho vs. Alex Wright

Tony isn’t buying what Eddie is selling. Larry seems to be taking him at face value though. Before the match starts, we see footage from two weeks ago when Alex Wright pinned Chris Jericho with his feet on the ropes. Alex Wright jumps Jericho before the bell rings and takes him down with a shoulder block. Alex then thrusts his hips to a chorus of boos. Jericho tries to fight back with a spin kick then dumps Wright over the top to the floor. Alex walks around ringside yelling at fans. He finally goes back in and goes to work on Jericho’s arm. Chris spins out of it and works on Wright’s arm. Now Alex spins out of it and takes Jericho down with a pull of the hair. Jericho ducks a clothesline then again sends Alex Wright to the floor. He whips him into the safety rail then rolls Wright back in. Jericho goes for a top rope missile dropkick but Wright reverses it and hits his own dropkick as Jericho comes down. He follows up with a snap suplex and goes up top himself and drops a knee into the midsection of Jericho. Instead of making a cover, Wright again shakes his hips and Jericho hits a lionsault on a standing Wright. This gets two but Jericho is able to apply a Boston crab to get the submission win! The announcers didn’t call it the Liontamer yet though.

We go to the announce booth as Tony wonders aloud about Bash at the Beach. Larry mocks Rodman and Tony wonders if the debuting impact player at next week’s Nitro will be the same man who is DDP’s mystery partner. We are then shown footage of Vincent dropping an elbow on Booker T to cause a DQ at the Bash. This made the Harlem Heat the number one contenders, but since it was an intentional move just to make sure the Steiners didn’t win, JJ Dillon made a rematch for this week’s Nitro.

Number One Contender’s Shot on the Line: The Steiner Brothers vs. Harlem Heat

Sister Sherri is with the Heat. Scott Steiner starts with Booker T. They lock up and Scott backs him into the corner then breaks clean. Scott does it again then Book reverses it and doesn’t break clean. He sends Scott to the other corner but Scott gets a big boot as Book comes rushing in. Rick gets in the face of Stevie Ray, allowing the Heat to double team while the referee holds back Rick. Scott fights it off though and bench presses Booker T. Scott tags in Rick as Book takes a breather. Tenay mentions that this Saturday night at the Great Western Forum in California, WCW will present a special Saturday Nitro which you can pay to listen to on WCWWrestling.com. His excuse for no cameras is that Eric Bischoff has managed to keep the cameras away from the event for fear that something embarrassing might happen to the nWo. If he’s that paranoid, why is Monday Nitro on the air every week? Stevie tags in and goes right after Rick. Rick reverses an Irish whip though and back suplexes Stevie for a two count. Tony mentions that Nick Patrick is the referee for this match and that his probationary period is now over and he is completely reinstated. Rick sends Stevie to the ropes but Stevie kicks Rick when he telegraphs dropping his head. Book tags in and goes for a suplex but Rick blocks it and ends up suplexing Stevie instead. Scot tags in and belly to belly suplexes Book. He goes for a cover but Stevie Ray breaks it up. Scott quick tags Rick right back in but Book goes to the eyes and hits a scissor kick to the back of the head. Stevie Ray comes in behind the ref’s back without a tag and power slams Rick for a two. Book tags in and hits a Harlem side kick then tries to drop an elbow. Rick ends up dropping Book hard to the mat then both men make tags. Scott goes crazy on both men with suplex after suplex. All four men come in and the Steiners go for the top rope bulldog but Stevie Ray breaks it up. Booker T hits a superkick on Rick but gets thrown into Sherri who was on the apron. Rick then hits a bulldog off the top rope to get the win as Scott held Stevie out of the ring! We have new number one contenders.

We go right to Mean Gene (again) in the aisle with Buff Bagwell, Scott Norton and Vincent. Buff mocks Scott Steiner’s muscles then flexes for us. Buff says there is a new tag team on the horizon, himself and Norton, and they are calling themselves Vicious and Delicious. Norton says they don’t care and they ain’t scared. They leave before the Steiner’s make their way over to Gene though. Rick wants the tag title shot next week in Vegas. Scott seconds that opinion.

Hector Garza vs. Villano IV

More on Saturday Nitro. Now Tenay tells us that the webmasters will defy Bischoff’s orders and post video on July 1st on WCWWrestling.com. So not only is Bischoff crazy (or psychic) and won’t allow cameras in, but he’s also stupid for not thinking the web guys will take video. And wouldn’t you think he’d be listening right now and hear the plan? My head hurts from trying to make sense of WCW booking. Villano goes right after Hector as the bell rings. Villano hits a bulldog then goes for a power bomb but Garza rolls out. He comes back in but gets backdropped over the top to the floor and Villano follows out with a suicide dive. Back in again and Villano clotheslines Garza. Garza goes for a flying clothesline but Villano ducks and again sends Garza out to the floor. He comes back in but Villano again puts a stop to Garza’s offense. Garza does however gets a pinning combination with a hurricanrana, which gets two, but when he goes for it again, he gets powerbombed. Villano follows up with a power slams on Garza for two then hits a shoulderbreaker. He goes up top and goes for a moonsault but misses and rolls outside the ring. Garza follows out with his top rope corkscrew plancha, which didn’t connect very well and Garza looks to have dazed himself. Back in, Garza hits a standing moonsault in the middle of the ring for the win. Before he hit the move, Tony said Garza was going up top. Larry: “Good call, Ton.”

Once again we go to Mean Gene, but this time he is in the ring. Still, he’s been busy tonight. He brings out Lex Luger and the Giant. Luger tells Gene that every security measure you can think of will be taken when the match happens at the Bash at the Beach to make sure nothing shady occurs. What a novel approach… maybe they should do that with every other match as well? He calls Hogan a quitter for giving up to the Torture Rack. Giant says he’s lucky because he is going to choke slam Dennis Rodman. He also has unfinished business with Hogan.

Hour number two is on the air and Bobby Hennan joins Tony and Mike.

Cruiserweight Title Match: Champion Syxx vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

Syxx comes out by himself. Just kidding, Scott Hall is with him. Chavo is really by himself though, which is weird since Eddie told him he’d have his back. They lock up and Syxx gets the advantage with a headlock. Chavo pushes him off but eats a shoulderblock. He does however land a spinning headscissor to send Syxx to the floor. Syxx is back in and goes to work on Chavo with kicks. Chavo reverses momentum and tries a spinning body block off the top rope but Syxx ducks then hits a spinning heel kick. In the corner, Syxx hits his rapid kicks then a bronco buster as Scott Hall holds Chavo’s head in place. Syxx applies a headlock to slow down the pace. Chavo fights to his feet but gets dropped with a Michinoku driver. Syxx follows up with a few running leg drops. He sends Chavo to the corner and rushes in but Chavo moves out of the way so Syxx crotches himself. Unfortunately, Chavo is so hurt, he is unable to take advantage. They both get to their feet and trade punches until Chavo gets a roll-up for two. Eddie has finally arrived and is standing on the entrance ramp. Chavo is in control and gets a few two counts as Eddie watches on. He then sends Syxx to the floor and goes up top. Chavo hits a top rope plancha and goes back in. As the referee counts Syxx out, Scott Hhall runs in and hits the Outsider’s Edge on Chavo behind the referee’s back as Eddie just watches on, disappointed. Syxx locks on the Buzzkiller, but Chavo is out cold. Syxx retains.

Steve McMichael vs. Konan

Konan still only has one N. I’m trying to determine when he gets the second one, but can’t figure it out. Before the match starts, we are shown footage from two weeks ago when this match was supposed to take place but Kevin Greene attacked Mongo during his entrance and someone hit Konan over the head with a broomstick so we’ll have the match now. Queen Debra is with Mongo and Tony tells us Jeff Jarrett is on Horsemen probation. Konan tries to choke Mongo but he shoves him off. Konan wants to have a three point stance contest. Mongo goes for it and knocks Konan down. Mongo then goes for knee clips and a clothesline. Konan bails. He comes back in and wants a test of strength now. Mongo is for it but Konan kicks him in the stomach when they lock hands. Konan pounds away on Mongo then locks his leg around the rope. Tenay tells us Debra has cut all ties with Jeff Jarrett and is standing behind her man. Konan sends Mongo to the ropes and hits his rolling clothesline. All of a sudden Hugh Morrus makes his way to the ring with a broomstick. AH-HA! Thank god that mystery is solved, now I can sleep again. Konan is distracted allowing Mongo to come up from behind and hit a tombstone for the win!

Lee Marshall is On the Road with 1-800-Collect. He is in Las Vegas, site of next week’s huge Nitro. Lee tells us Vegas is still the home of the Rat Pack but he couldn’t find Weasel’s on Ice! Bobby is not amused.

Back to Gene, who is again in the ring. I hope they are paying him by the appearance tonight. He brings out Roddy Piper to a huge ovation. Gene wants to know if there are any issues between Piper and Flair. Piper says he’s been a little too good for his liking. Not anymore though. When he’s good, he’s good, but when he’s bad, he’s better. He’s here to dispel some rumors. Flair bailed on Piper at the Bash (which Piper called Slamboree). Flair said he didn’t betray Piper, and the Rowdy one believes him. Piper says Flair dates two girls at the same time because when one falls asleep, they both have someone to talk to, which brings out the Nature Boy. Flair again tells Piper he is his friend and he will stand by him. Flair also calls the event Slamboree when it was the Bash and says his decision to chase Syxx was in everyone’s best interest, even Piper’s. Piper says millions of people don’t believe him, but he does. Flair then mocks Piper’s shirt – it may say ICON, but Flair is Flair. Flair tells Piper not to question him which brings out the Horsemen – Mongo and some guy who I’m not too familiar with, though he looks kind of familiar. Debra is with them too. Debra says Jeff Jarrett has lost his scholarship. Mongo mocks Piper’s skirt. Flair tries to dissolve this. Piper calls Mongo a big goof. Mongo calls Flair the team captain which offends Piper. Flair again tries to calm everyone down. Mongo tells Flair that Piper is going to stab him in the back. We cut to a crowd shot before the other guy can talk (nice editing job 24/7) and we cut back with Piper attacking Mongo and the other random guy. He also decks Flair! The numbers game is too much as Mongo hits him with the briefcase. Flair joins in and attacks Piper!

Glacier and Ernest Miller vs. High Voltage

Okay, so someone finally has Glacier’s back. Let’s see if he can finally get going now. High Voltage attacks before the bell but Glacier and Ernest clean house. Glacier then starts with Kaos. Rage comes in off the top rope from behind with a bulldog. The two men double team Glacier while the referee is distracted by Ernest Miller. I thought getting a partner was going to stop that from happening. Rage mocks the martial arts skills of both his opponents then tags Kaos back in. He slams Glacier’s head into the top turnbuckle then charges in with an elbow. We then see Mortis, Wrath and James Vandenberg watching from the entrance ramp. Rage tags in and goes for a somersault plancha but it misses and Ernest Miller tags in. He hits a bunch of kicks and they are all on the money. Glacier comes back in and hits the Cryonic Kick then allows Ernest Miller to hit a spinning round kick off the top rope for the win. Mortis, Wrath and Vandenberg charge the ring while the backs of Glacier and Ernest Miller are turned, but stop short when they turn back around.

Tony introduces a video package concerning Hollywood Hogan and Dennis Rodman. Not much substance to it though.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Scott Hall

As always, Kimberly brings out Page. Randy Savage and Liz came out with Scott Hall so DDP sends Kim to the back, for her own safety. Probably a smart move. Page slaps Hall to get his attention and they lock up. Mike Tenay reminds us that DDP managed Scott Hall before he became a wrestler himself. Hall works over the arm of DDP as the announcers debate if the mystery man will also be DDP’s partner. Hall paint brushes DDP. He then goes to the ribs, which are still taped up. DDP ducks a punch then hits an inverted atomic drop and looks right at Savage. DDP then gets backdropped over the top rope but the referee was with Savage and didn’t see it, so the match continues (WCW still had the over the top rope DQ rule at this point). Then, Scott Hall distracts the referee allowing Savage to throw Page into the guard rail. Hall then comes out and throws Page into the steel steps. Back in and Hall gets a two count and continues to work on the lower back. Savage again gets a cheap shot on DDP behind the ref’s back. Page hits a clothesline out of nowhere but is too hurt to follow up. Both men are down. They fight to their feet and DDP calls for the cutter. Savage will have none of it and attacks DDP from behind causing a DQ. Now it’s two on one. Hall hits his top rope side suplex and Savage gets him in position for the big elbow. All of a sudden, we see Sting in the crowd. This stops Savage dead in his tracks. Macho then calls his bluff and hits the elbow. Sting responds by making his way to the ring as Savage drops another one. Tony wonders if Sting is DDP’s partner. When he gets to the ring, Hall and Savage take off. Sting stands over DDP and drags him to the corner. Hall and Savage strategize then decide to divide and conquer. Savage goes up top and comes flying in but Sting hits him with the bat! Hall rushes in and gets some of the same, and….. WE’RE OUT OF TIME!

Next week, the big Nitro emanating from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in finally upon us and just who will the debuting impact player be? We’ll find out soon enough.

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