February 19, 2009
Mike Abitabile

Monday Nitro
O-Rena, Orlando, Florida

This week, Nitro comes on the air with the debut of the Nitro Girls. Kimberly leads them out and introduces them one by one then they run to the ring and do a dance routine. Man, that went on just little too long, but Tony liked it. He welcomes us to the show and runs down what happened just twenty-four hours ago at the Bash at the Beach. Most importantly, Lex Luger and Giant getting the win when Hogan submitted to Luger’s Torture Rack. Tenay mentions that all the mainstream media has been talking about today has been Dennis Rodman wrestling last night. Tony introduces stills from last night as “Sting” came down at the end of the match to attack Lex Luger and The Giant. Either that’s not Sting, or he grew about a foot. The announcers think it was Kevin Nash (and it most obviously was).

Alex Wright vs. Price Iaukea
Pre-recorded comments from Alex Wright air as he makes his way to the ring. He is 100% German beauty and every man is jealous of him. Apparently, all the ladies came to see him dance tonight. Prince wants to shake hands, but Alex slaps him instead. The Prince goes right after him but Alex hides in the corner. Alex then opens with kicks and European uppercuts on Prince in the corner then dances for the crowd. All of a sudden, the crowd pops HUGE and we see the Giant making his way to the ring. He walks right in to the middle of the match and chokeslams the referee, Prince Iaukea and no less than six arena security guards. Alex Wright smartly bails. Giant’s got a mic and says he’s tired of the nWo and more specifically Kevin Nash. He knows it was Nash dressed as Sting last night and he wants a piece of Kevin Nash right now. Doug Dillinger and his staff come down to escort Giant out of the arena as we go to break.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
Footage from last week’s tag match between Vicious and Delicious and the Guerreros is shown before the match starts. Eddie left Chavo for dead, which has lead to this encounter. Eddie shoves Chavo and Chavo shoves him right back. Chavo sends Eddie to the ropes and they trade reversals until Eddie hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. They exchange more reversals and Eddie heads outside so Chavo hits a plancha off the top rope to the floor on Eddie! Chavo then throws Eddie into the guard rail then back in. Chavo goes up top but Eddie bounces off the ropes causing Chavo to get crotched. Eddie lands a superplex from the top rope then taunts Chavo. Chavo reverses a rush and sends Eddie head first into the top turnbuckle then gets two out of a Northern lights suplex. Chavo gets another long two count with a bridging German suplex. He slams Eddie and goes to the top rope and goes for a frog splash but Eddie got his knees up! Eddie hits a snap power bomb then hits a frog splash of his own to get the win over his nephew. After the bell, Eddie goes back up and hits another frog splash. He goes up a third time but Hector Guerrero comes out to stop this so Eddie shoves him down.

We go to Mean Gene in the aisle who brings out DDP and Kimberly to another huge ovation. Gene tells us that he was shocked to see the mystery partner turning out to be Curt Hennig, and even more shocked that he left DDP high and dry during the match. Page says he met Curt six months ago in Minneapolis at a bar. DDP says his first choice as backup would have been Sting. His second choice would have been Luger or Giant, but they were busy last night. So he got Hennig to watch his back, but he apparently screwed him, so now DDP is pissed. Page says he’ll get even. Bang!

Back from break and more Nitro Girl dancing on the ramp. Gene brings out the Harlem Heat, who are by themselves after firing Sherri. Booker T says they aren’t worried about the nWo and says they will beat Hall and Nash tonight. Stevie says they are going to turn this into a ghetto street fight.

Vicious and Delicious vs. The Steiner Brothers
Vincent comes out with V&D as Tony again pimps the mainstream media coverage that Rodman brought them. Scott and Buff start out as Tony points out that the Steiners now have the tag title shot they deserve by beating Muta and Chono last night and will get it at Road Wild in August. Buff arm drags Scott then flexes while Rick mocks him. Scott responds with a hip toss. Buff tries to tell referee Nick Patrick Scott had the tights but he’s not falling for it. Scott hits the ropes, Buff ducks then hits a textbook dropkick on Scott and puts himself over to the camera some more. The lock up and Scott hits a huge Steiner-line on Buff to get the crowd into this. Buff is up and slaps Scott which only sets him off. He backdrops Buff then benches him and hits yet another Steiner-line and dumps Bagwell to the floor. Scott tags in Rick and we cut to the back to see Konan getting out of an nWo limousine with Syxx, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash who is walking gingerly and has a “bad back.” Apparently Konan has indeed joined the nWo. Back to the action, Norton is in and beating on Rick Steiner. Now Buff runs in and it’s breaking down. Vincent sneaks in and hits Rick from behind allowing Norton to hit a tornado DDT behind the referee’s back. Patrick restores order then Norton tags in Buff. He chokes Rick then slams him and gets two. Buff goes up top but Rick catches him with a belly to belly overhead suplex. Scott tags in and goes bonkers with suplexes on both men! Scott hits a double underhook powerbomb on Buff and puts him on his shoulders but the nWo attacks! Muta, Chono and Vincent join Buff and Norton in the beatdown, but the Steiners fight them all off and clear the ring!

Don’t miss WCW Saturday Night this weekend. You’ll see Harlem Heat, Hugh Morrus and Syxx. Also an important statement from JJ Dillon!

Back to Mean Gene in the aisle again. Gene says he talked to Raven last night and they show the clips. Raven rambled about dreams he’ll never see. Gene now talks to Raven live and he supposedly has some sort of an announcement. Raven rambles some more and says the only announcement is that there is no announcement. Stevie says that Raven promised him if he signed a contract with WCW, but Raven cuts him off, spits in his face and slaps him. We go to break.

Back from break with another dance routine by the Nitro Girls.

Super Calo vs. La Parka
Brain joins us for hour number two. The announcers wonder if this is really La Parka this week or if it’s DDP again. Yeah, because Page has big issues with Super Calo. To confuse people even more, La Parka and Kimberly, who was still on the stage, exchange glances. Calo and Parka exchange reversals until Parka takes Calo down with a clothesline then does some dancing. All of a sudden Randy Savage runs in and attacks La Parka under the assumption that it’s DDP. And then, from behind, DDP comes out and attacks Savage. He got him again! All of a sudden, Curt Hennig shows up and knocks Page out with brass knuckles around his fist. Savage then hits the big elbow off the top as Hennig takes off. The announcers ponder Hennig’s allegiance. Seeing as he left and didn’t stick around to help Savage, they feel it’s just a personal issue with Page.

Gene grabs Curt in the aisle and Hennig tells us Page is a loser. He calls him a mark and says the locker room rumor is he can’t last 30 seconds with the “hose bag he calls an old lady.” Now Flair is out to try and get Hennig to join the Horsemen again. And just like last week, Hennig leaves with Flair, but he doesn’t look happy about it.

Hour number two officially begins with the standard fireworks. Lee Marshall is On the Road with 1-800-Collect in Jacksonville, where next week’s special Tuesday Nitro will be taking place. Pat Boone was born in Jacksonville and recently refused to sing “Whipping the Weasel.”

As the nWo music hits, Tony confirms what Lee said, Nitro will be on Tuesday next week. Nash is wheeled out in a wheelchair and is accompanies by Hall, Syxx, Buff, Vincent, Konan, Chono, Muta, Norton and Eric Bischoff. Easy E tells us Nash is injured and asks Nash himself if he was a Sting imposter last night. Nash says he would never stoop that low. Nash has an announcement to make to the world. Nash welcomes Konan, who he calls K-Dawg, to the New World Order.

Non-Title Match: Scott Hall and Syxx vs. Harlem Heat
Hall and Syxx wheel Nash down to the ring and the rest of the nWo goes to the back. This is a non-title match but Tenay says the Heat could care less about titles right now and they have revenge on their minds for all the games the nWo has played with them recently. Booker T starts with Syxx. Book gets the upper hand to loud cheers but Syxx takes him down with a spin kick and follows it up with a quick leg drop. Syxx chops Book in the corner but Book pretty much takes his head off with a Harlem side kick. Hall tags in and so does Stevie Ray. Hall throws a toothpick at him, which sets Stevie off so he just pounds away on Hall in the corner like there’s no tomorrow. Hall reverses an Irish whip to the corner then hits a bulldog off the second rope. Stevie fights back and tags in Book. He tries a cross body block but Hall catches him and hits his fall-away slam for two. Hall goes to work on the arm and paintbrushes Book, which annoys him to the point that he gets up and hits a side kick and a flying fist. Stevie Ray tags back in and slams Scott Hall. It gets two. Booker T tags back in and hits a scissor kick on the back of the head of Scott Hall which also gets two, only because Hall got his foot on the rope. Now Book paintbrushes Scott Hall and pounds away on him. Booker T hits a super kick and gets another two. The announcers pounder why Book didn’t tag Stevie in and conclude they need some form of guidance since they recently fired Sherri. Behind the referees back, Nash, who is obviously fine, pounces and hits Booker T from behind allowing Hall to hit the Outsiders Edge for the win as Stevie Ray was pounding away on Syxx on the floor.

More Nitro Girls dancing. Tony still likes them.

Masa Hiro Chono and The Great Muta vs. Public Enemy
Vincent brings out Chono and Muta. The PE has their table with them. Chono and Muta attack the PE on the outside before the bell. Chono hits a kick to Rocco while Muta works over Grunge. All four men enter the ring and PE slam Chono and Muta together then give each ten punches in opposite corners. The nWo bails. Chono goes back in to finally start the match with Johnny Grunge. Chono kicks him then chops him in the corner. Johnny fights him off with a swinging neckbreaker and tags in Rocco Rock. Muta tags in as well. Rock hits a flying headbutt off the ropes but Muta reverses momentum and tags in Chono. Rocco ducks a Mafia kick and hits a moonsault off the rope and tags in Johnny. Muta comes back in and hits the handspring back elbow! He drops a few elbows then each man tag in their partners again. Rock takes down both men but Grunge gets misted! Chono follows up with the Mafia kick to get the win!

United States Title Match: Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Ric Flair
Queen Debra is now with Jeff Jarrett. She caused her husband to lose to Jeff Jarrett last night and is now backing Jarrett. They lock up and Flair goes to work with a headlock. He hits a shoulder tackle then Jarrett ducks and backdrops Flair. Ric is back up and chops Jarrett down! Jarrett comes out of nowhere with a clothesline and a dropkick sending Flair to the outside. Jarrett follows him out and backdrops Flair on the floor! He throws Flair back in and heads up top. Jarrett hits a cross body but Flair rolls through and gets a two. Flair goes up and over the top in the corner but gets hit with a dropkick by Jarrett on his way back in. Jarrett wastes time taunting the crowd instead of making a cover and then chokes Flair over the second rope. Jarrett then hits a huge superplex on Flair from the top rope. Jarrett grabs a leg and goes for the figure four but Flair kicks out of it then reverses it into a small package for two. Jarrett challenges Flair to come at it and he sure does! Chops! Flair goes low as Debra tells the camera she got tired of being in Mongo’s shadow WHILE THE MATCH IS GOING ON BEHIND HER. Flair breaks a sleeper as Debra’s rant brings out Mongo. They trade barbs on the outside as Flair locks on the figure four. Mongo enters the ring and attacks Jarrett. Now Some Guy comes out as well and it’s a three on one Horsemen assault until Jarrett bails with Debra. Jarrett retains by DQ and that ending sure didn’t make much sense, from a logistical standpoint.

Mean Gene is in the ring and brings out the man who is now the face of WCW, Lex Luger. Gene wants to know what is going through Lex’s mind right now. Luger has had low points and high points, but last night will be one of his finest moments. Gene mentions that Luger racked Savage, Hogan and even Rodman. Luger announces he is cashing in his title opportunity against Hogan (that he won at Spring Stampede) at Road Wild in August. This brings out the nWo - Hall, Buff, Norton, Syxx, K-Dawg, Muta and Chono and they surround the ring. Tony mentions that they know Giant was escorted from the building which is why they can get away with this. And now, just like last night, another bogus Sting comes through the entranceway. He’s got on a long, black wig and a Sting plastic face mask. He pulls off the wig and mask to reveal that it actually is STING. The nWo reconsiders and …… we’re out of time!

Early on in the night, Chris Benoit defeated Mike Enos a day after sending Kevin Sullivan into retirement. This was, as always, removed from the 24/7 broadcast.

Next week, Nitro will air on Tuesday and you have to wonder how the nWo will respond to everything that went down on this week’s episode. 24/7 actually skipped next week’s episode, so I’ll be working off an original VHS copy of the show.

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