February 27, 2009
Mike Abitabile

Monday Nitro
Jacksonville Coliseum, Jacksonville, Florida

So, in case you missed my recap of last week’s episode, for some strange reason, WWE 24/7 skipped the July 21, 1997 episode of Raw and the July 22, 1997 episode of Nitro. This annoyed me because I was looking forward to seeing Bret attack Vince at the announce table on Raw, but it’s cool because a friend of mine was able to get me copies of the original episodes. As usual with my non-24/7 recaps, anything Chris Benoit related is still included, so I will recap it.

Also, you might be wondering why there are two different dates for the airing of Raw and Nitro this week. That’s because this is a special Tuesday edition of Nitro. I’m not sure why it was bumped from Monday, so if any of my readers can help with that, feel free to drop me an email.

Tony welcomes us to a “very special Tuesday edition of WCW Monday Nitro” which completely contradicts itself, but we’ll move on. The Nitro Girls are shown dancing before we go to the booth. Tony promises us that Ric Flair will announce the newest member of the Four Horsemen tonight and Curt Hennig will wrestle for the first time in WCW.

They are interrupted by Jimmy Hendrix’s Voodoo Child (which is usually edited off 24/7) as Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff make their way to the ring. Easy E wants to conduct his interview with Hogan while lying down on the mat. All righty then. Hogan claims he is the reason people watch wrestling and the reason the guys in the back are in this business. He says no matter what, he is the man. He then accepts the challenge of Lex Luger from last week and says he will defend his title against him at Road Wild. He says he will break the Torture Rack, if Lex can even apply it.

K-Dawg vs. Tsubasa

K-Dawg makes his entrance as Hogan is leaving so they exchange pleasantries. I guess we are going to have to wait even longer for Konan to get his extra N since they are calling him K-Dawg now. K-Dawg attacks to start and pounds away on Tsubasa. He hits an elevated DDT then applies the Tequila Sunrise for the quick submission victory. K-Dawg then beats him up some more after the bell.

TV Title Match: Champion Lord Steven Regal vs. Ultimo Dragon

We return from break with both men already in the ring. They lock up and exchange reversals. Tony reminds us this is a rematch from Slamboree when Regal won the title from Dragon. Regal goes to work on the arm but Dragon is too quick for him and is able to hit his combination lightning fast kicks. Dragon goes up top but Regal reverses it and slams him to the mat. He then sets Dragon up on the top turnbuckle but it is reversed with a sunset flip off the top by Ultimo! Regal goes for his Regal Stretch but Dragon kicks him in the face then locks on the Dragon Sleeper causing Regal to submit. Ultimo retains the TV title.

Gene’s in the aisle and brings out Ric Flair to HUGE cheers. According to Flair, tonight is the night the wrestling world has waited for. Arn, Mongo and Benoit have helped Flair decide who will be the newest Horsemen. And it is……. Syxx? Syxx comes out and confuses the announcers who think he really is the newest member. I’d call them morons, but we already established that they are at the top of the show when they basically called the show “Tuesday Monday Nitro.” Syxx says there is no 4th Horsemen and calls the group ancient history. Flair says he almost lost his job due to Syxx (he’s shooting!) but says he’s going to leave, then nails Syxx in the chops! When Syxx gets up, Benoit is standing in front of Flair. Syxx says they wouldn’t be pulling this crap if Hall and Nash were here. Benoit says they can find out if he’d like. We go to break without a 4th Horsemen.

More Nitro Girls. Don’t miss WCW Saturday Night this weekend with Chris Benoit, Meng, Jeff Jarrett and the nWo.

The Great Muta vs. The Giant

Tony says he’d love to see Flair and Benoit take on Hall and Nash tonight. Hmmm… I think I just figured out why 24/7 didn’t show this episode. Giant is pissed off. Muta looks nervous. He charges in but misses some kicks and Giant grabs him by the throat and goes for the chokeslam right away. In response, Muta mists him! The referee calls for the bell as Randy Savage and Vincent run in. Muta and Vincent hold Giant for Savage to attack him. Giant fights them off but still can’t see. Lex Luger comes out to make the save and check on Giant but since he can’t see, Giant almost chokeslams his best friend thinking he had to protect himself from the nWo. Lex yelled in his ear in mid-air and Giant let him down when he heard his voice.

Dean Malenko vs. Steve “Mongo” McMichael

Lockup to start and Mongo takes control with a shoulder block. They lock up a second time and this time Mongo takes Dean over with a hip toss but misses an elbow drop. Tenay says there are rumors of Dean Malenko being in the running for the 4th Horseman spot. Mongo kicks away on Dean then hits a standing power slam for a long two. Malenko tries to pound away on Mongo in the corner but it is reversed and Mongo hits a falling slam and goes for another power slam but Dean slides out and hits a release German suplex. He sends Mongo to the ropes but telegraphs putting his head down so Mongo kicks him in the mush then hits another power slam. And now Jeff Jarrett comes running out to distract Mongo and Debra is with him! Mongo leaves the ring and chases Jeff around the ringside arena and back into the ring. He finally catches Jeff but Jarrett drops him throat first across the top rope which allows Dean to roll Mongo up with a small package to get the win!

In the aisle, Gene is with Dean Malenko. Jeff sneaks up from behind as security keeps Mongo away from them. Jarrett wants to form an alliance with Dean Malenko. Dean says he works alone, but on the other hand, he isn’t an idiot. He knows there is strength in numbers. Debra says she’ll take Dean to the top. Malenko says he’ll give them his answer when he’s good and ready.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Hector Guerrero

Brother vs. brother here. Eddie charges at the bell but Hector ducks and Eddie gets taken over with a head scissor. Eddie blocks a second one then kicks his brother in the head. Eddie gets dragged out of the ring then begs off. A chase ensues and Eddie kicks Hector as he enters the ring. Eddie goes for an abdominal stretch but Hector reverses it and rolls Eddie around on the mat. Eddie responds by biting Hector on the forearm! Eddie charges into the corner but Hector moves and sets Eddie up on the top. He hits a superplex to get a two count. Eddie goes to the eyes but Hector is able to take Eddie back out to the floor with another head scissor. He throws Eddie back in and Eddie kicks the ropes into Hector’s crotch as he was coming back in and follows up with a power bomb and the Frog Splash to get the win by pinfall.

After the match, Dean Malenko sneaks into the ring and attacks Eddie before he could see him! He hits a sick snap power bomb then goes for the Texas Cloverleaf. Hector is up and tells Dean to release the hold. He refuses, so Hector attacks him! Eddie then shoves Hector into Dean, who now takes his frustration out on Hector. Instead of returning the favor, Eddie bails!

The Nitro girls dance some more as hour number two begins! The Brain joins Tony and Iron Mike as Mean Gene brings out JJ Dillon. Dillon announces he wants to sign Raven to a WCW contract. Stevie Richards appears out of nowhere and tells us that he has signed with WCW himself already. Stevie says JJ has to go down to Raven, who is in the front row to get the contract signed. JJ presents Raven with the contract and says everything Raven wanted is in it. Stevie says he negotiated the whole deal and Raven is almost making as much money as he is. Raven rambles then tears up the contract. JJ is offended. Raven hits Stevie in the head. Stevie tells Gene he meant well.

Lex Luger vs. Scott Norton

Buff Bagwell and Vincent are with Norton. A lock up to start and they both struggle for control. Norton lands a cheap shot then charges but Luger hip tosses him over. Lex is then distracted by Vincent and Norton attacks from behind. He takes control and works over Lex in the corner. Lex fights back though and finally takes Norton down with the loaded forearm! He then attacks Buff and racks Vincent after he ran in, which caused the DQ.

After the match, Lex grabs a microphone and mocks Hollywood. This brings out Hogan who in turn, mocks Luger. Luger then chases Hogan, Norton, Buff and Vincent into the back.

In the back, Hall and Nash arrive. K-Dawg beings to tell them what happened earlier, but when they see the cameras, they leave.

Lee Marshall is On the Road with 1-800-Collect. Nitro returns to Monday next week in Charleston, West Virginia. There is greyhound racing in Charleston but no weasels. Tony tells the fans to send in videos of their Nitro parties and the best one will get a chance to have the Nitro Girls attend their party.

Mortis and Wrath vs. Psychosis and La Parka

James Vandenberg is with Mortis and Wrath and Sonny Onoo is with Psychosis and La Parka. Tony has just been handed a note informing him that Hall and Nash have accepted the challenge from Ric Flair and Chris Benoit. Yup, now I know why this episode was skipped by 24/7. In the back, we see Flair talking to Curt Hennig who tells Flair he is “considering it.” Apparently, it was supposed to be Curt announced as the fourth Horseman earlier tonight. In the ring, Wrath starts the match with La Parka. Wrath kicks Parka then hits a huge back elbow. Psychosis tags in and so does Mortis. He slams Psychosis into the turnbuckle then sends him to the opposite corner. Psychosis tried to jump to the top but missed his footing and falls to the floor. D’oh. Psychosis gets back in the ring however and he hits a dropkick which has Mortis bail to the floor. Psychosis follows up with a suicide dive over the top and La Parka comes flying out with a corkscrew plancha! Wrath comes over and he catches Psychosis coming over the top with a plancha then drops him on the floor. Mortis then suplexes Psychosis back in while standing on the middle rope. Innovative. He then slams Psychosis and goes up top but misses a top rope senton back splash. Sonny Onoo goes after Vandenberg as it breaks down in the ring as all four men begin brawling. Psychosis goes for a hurricanrana but Wrath catches him then power bombs him while Mortis hit him with a neckbreaker to get the win! Nice double team move. After the bell, Parka hits Wrath with a balsa wood chair and Wrath doesn’t flinch. Wrath kicks La Parka in the face as we go to break.

Buff Bagwell vs. Booker T

I apologize in advance for all the words starting with B in the following match recap. Norton and Vincent come out with Bagwell however Book is by himself with no sign of Stevie Ray. Tony wonders why that is. Buff and Book lock up and Buff takes him over with an arm drag then flexes for the camera. They lock up again and Book applies a head lock. Buff pushes him off then gets shoulder blocked. Buff fights back with another arm drag but Book bounces up and hits a side kick! Buff slaps him in return which only gets Booker T upset so he hiptosses Buff over the top. Book throws Buff back in but Bagwell attacks. He slams Booker T then goes for a splash but Book gets the knees up and takes Buff down with a back elbow. Buff then drops Booker T over the top rope, throat first and gets in the face of referee Nick Patrick. Buff hits a clothesline and gets a two count. Bagwell then shoves Nick Patrick so he shoves him back and then gets Buff to beg off! Book hits a flying forearm then an atomic drop and an inverted one as well. Book backdrops Buff but Norton comes up on the apron and clotheslines him behind Nick Patrick’s back. This allows Buff the change to hit the Buff Blockbuster and get the win! After the bell, it’s a three on one beat down and the announcers again wonder why Stevie Ray isn’t here.

I’ll tell you who is here though - Rey Mysterio, who is with Gene in the aisle. Rey is on crutches and this is the first time we’ve seen him since Kevin Nash and Konan beat him up badly last month. Gene says Rey is rehabbing the knee, choosing not to have surgery. Rey doesn’t know how long he will be out of action but tells us the therapy is working. K-Dawg comes out and kicks the crutches out from under Rey. La Parka, Psychosis and the Villanos make the save. Rey says K-Dawg will pay.

Curt Hennig vs. M. Wallstreet

Wallstreet is in his Anti-WCW shirt, as he still hates the organization even though he isn’t allowed in the nWo. Wallstreet takes Hennig down with a fireman’s carry but Hennig gets up and slams him. He follows up with a hip toss then reverses a suplex attempt into the Hennig-Plex for the quick win. DDP runs in through the crowd to a huge ovation and trades blows with Hennig! Curt takes control with a knee lift but DDP reverses the Hennig-Plex into a Diamond Cutter! Security is in to break it up. Tony says this is a preview of what fans will see when these two face each other at Road Wild.

Tag Team Title Match: Champions Scott Hall and Kevin Nash vs. Ric Flair and Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit in the main event? Yeah, that’s why 24/7 skipped this episode - they don’t like to edit out main events. The Steiners will get the winners at Road Wild because they were in line for the next shot before this match came about tonight. Syxx is with Hall and Nash. Before the bell rings, Flair struts and gives us a “WHOOOOO!” He starts with Hall and takes him down with a fist and some chops. Flair then knocks Nash off the apron and dumps Hall to the floor. The Wolfpac regroups and Hall goes back in. Benoit tags in and Hall works over his back but gets dragon screw leg-whipped and taken over with a release Northern Lights suplex. This gets two then Hall tags in Nash. In response, Benoit tags in Flair, who Nash takes down with one hand. He works on Flair in the corner but Flair kicks in him the knee and tries to chop the big man down to size. Nash fights back and slams Flair with a side slam and gets a two. Hall tags back in and continues to work over Flair. He hits his fall-away slam which gets another two. He puts Flair in his corner then distracts the referee, allowing Nash the chance to work him over. Syxx takes the opportunity to slap Flair. Nash tags in and drives an elbow to the back of the neck of Ric Flair. He chokes Flair over the second rope and Hall gets in a few cheap shots before legally tagging in. Hall punches Benoit, which brings him in, but Randy Anderson keeps him out of the ring. Nash tags back in and continues the assault. Nash hits Snakes Eyes on Flair then Hall clotheslines the Nature Boy behind the referee’s back. Hall tags in and walks into a Flair sleeper! Hall breaks it and applies his own sleeper. Flair reverses it into a belly to back suplex and is able to tag in Chris Benoit. He suplexes Hall and goes to work on Nash, who comes in illegally. He hits the top rope head butt on Hall as Flair goes after Syxx on the floor. Benoit goes for a cover but Nash breaks it up. He tries for the Jack Knife on Benoit but Benoit fights his way out of it! Unfortunately, he can’t avoid a big boot by Nash and that gets the win for the tag champs. On the floor, Syxx locks the Buzzkiller on the bad shoulder of Ric Flair. Mongo comes out and pulls him off. And now the Steiners come out to taunt the tag champs but….. we’re out of time!

Next week, we return to 24/7 versions of the show and we’ll see what happens next on the way to Road Wild.

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